Surplus Princess - Episode 6 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Mary: I'm so sad.
JoAnne: *patpatpat* NOT you, KoKo.
kakashi: I don't remember anything about this episode. I'm glad you'll trigger my memory.

EPISODE 6 It's The End of The World (How apt)

Hani answers her call, but it's Ahn Ma-nyeo on the other side, asking for news. She scolds him for possibly hogging her signal and ends the call, still waiting for Shi-kyung.
JoAnne: You know, she spent so much time watching dramas, I don't know why she doesn't realize that the best thing to do when you're waiting for someone to call is just to go out, randomly, and pick a place, because you're sure to run into them there.
kakashi: Oh, but only if unmyeong, the big fucker, is on your side.
becca: Hey, it's worked for her before.

On Shi-kyung's side, he asks the person on the other line "When did you say the movies were?" and Jin-ah smiles. *grumble grumble* *sharpening pencils*
JoAnne: Oh, write down when the horror movie starts, I want to see that one.
kakashi: Speaking of which: has anyone seen Rim's horror movie yet?
becca: I always forget that happened. I don't even remember enough about the plot descriptions to know if I want to see it or not.
Next morning, Hyun-myung sits in Hani's usual spot. Ah, so Jin-ah DID message him last night, asking him to call. There was a small bit last episode when PoopFace looked really lonely. She was looking at Hyun-myung's pics on her phone, but the subs weren't clear what she did after that.
Hyun-myung is unable to call her because of the crappy signal at SurplusHouse. And now he's worried if Jin-ah is sick. (Yeah, sick in the head!)
JoAnne: Stupid Second! Do not care about her! She's maybe not the wormy poopface that Mary says she is but she's certainly our LFF (Least Favorite Female) so you are not allowed to spend time with her.
kakashi: I don't see why? Haven't we all made mistakes? Like ... left our poor, dumb boyfriends and then regretted it until we didn't?
becca: Wait she messaged him? He tried to call back? I completely blocked that bit out.

Hani comes out of the bathroom and tries to drag him away from her special, strong-signal spot. Hehe. Hyun-myung tells her (again) that her problem is not the signal. It's the guy who's avoiding her. *immature HornDog laughing* Before they get into an all-out brawl, Big calls them downstairs. Emergency!
JoAnne: But I think they should wrestle. They should. And then they should talk about whatever pops up. Get it out in the open, really give it some attention, you know? Just take as long as they need - you can't rush these things. They'll be much closer afterwards. It's that combination of first, physical proximity, and second, attention to detail. Really works out the kinks.
kakashi: Jeeezus, JoAnne. Where is that special place inside your brain that comes up with stuff like this?!
Yep. Emergency. Ahn Ma-nyeo is here to charge them for the repair of Tayoyaki. Cost: $1000 (discounted in consideration of his niece). The guys have no money so Ahn Ma-nyeo demands payment in labor. But they act self-important and say job-hunting is a full-time job. Then we get a montage of their "busy" routine. Waking up late, surfing the net, snacking and doodling... Needless to say, AMN is not fooled and calls them out for their bum lifestyle.
JoAnne: We should totally have a contest and see who hasis the better bum.
kakashi: Yes. I noticed how extremely nice Kim Ji-hoon's bum is in one of those SNL skits.
becca: Korea's Next Top Bum. I might watch it.

They get jobs as part-timers in a supermarket. Ji-yong complains about the manual labor. Ugh. This guy, I swear... Self-aware Hyun-myung says that actually, they are bums. (Good for you, HornDog!) Then he cheers them up by saying that this is resume-worthy experience.
JoAnne: He deserves a reward for having such a positive outlook and serving as a good example. I volunteer to give him a treat.
kakashi: Somebody recently asked why I hate this show. This is why: I don't like ANY of the people in it.
becca: Not even Second?? Or awesome Hye-young??
Ji-yong freaks out when he receives a wedding invitation. He wonders how much he should send and Hyun-myung tells him to just ignore it, since he's an ing-yeo (surplus). Hani thinks she heard "in-eo"/mermaid and panics until they laugh at her for watching too much Disney and corrects her. She pretends to understand what ing-yeo means and laughs with them. (Noted: Hyun-myung mussing up her hair and finding her cluelessness cute.)
JoAnne: The First Law of Seconds states that Seconds will always like The Girl first. The corollary is that Firsts will always like The Girl second. A codecil informs us that Firsts are always liked by Female Seconds, though, so make of that what you will. This drama is just ignoring the rules. There will be fines.
kakashi: tvN did something really smart. They analyzed years and years of First and Seconds and then came up with this very clever plan to always make First looks like Second and Second like First, and then, when people think they've figured it out, they try other combinations like making First look like First and Second like Second.
becca: I still say Second is First. He gets more screen time with Hani, after all. It's okay if I'm wrong, but I'm probably not.
Back at home, Hye-young slaps on a medicated patch on Hani. Mermaid is amazed at the cooling effect and now knows why AMN has tons of it on his back. Hye-young explains what ing-yeo means (finally). It seems to be slang for an unwanted job-hunter. Someone whose talents aren't usable anywhere. Hani asks if she's an ing-yeo then? Hye-young replies in the affirmative, but cheers her up by saying it wouldn't matter if she ends up with Shi-kyung.
JoAnne: Oh, I think she has talents that matter to Shi Kyung.
kakashi: I'm sure we'd have seen more of that if we'd not been cut down to mere ten.

She stops Hani from trying to call Shi-kyung then and there citing that guys don't like clingy girls. (Me: they don't?! O___O) Hye-young's "cool girl" persona is broken when Ji-yong comes up and tells her to stop ordering him to deliver messages to Sun-kyu like "Please stand up straight, Oppa" "You're so sexy, Oppa". Hahahahaha~ no wonder she's friends with Hani!
JoAnne: I thought it was just because they are the only people they don't have to look up to see.
kakashi: okay, I may like these two a little bit and the drama a tiny little bit, like the tiny little bits that they are.
becca: Oh good. I was worried about you for a minute, kakashi.
Ji-yong leaves and Shi-kyung calls. He apologizes for not being able to call earlier. (Hmph. Whatever. *melts at his voice* It is quite sexy-lazy, isn't it?) He says he'll be busy this week, so Hani asks to come visit his office instead. Jin-ah approaches Shi-kyung then for him to sign some documents and he asks her for the schedule of JH's next Blind Taste Test.
JoAnne: I didn't realize they tasted any different.

Heehee look at Rim all happy and giddy over the phone. ^^ He's still in a good mood as he ends the call and signs the documents. Jin-ah offers to take back the movie date since she asked for the date before knowing his condition. Shi-kyung says no, he wants to tell her something important. So to dinner and a movie they go!
JoAnne: Which makes no sense. We know he's going to tell her he's not interested, so why voluntarily spend a long time in order to have the 30 seconds you need to say 'This won't be happening.' Plus if you talk in the movies they kick you out, and bad news while you're eating gives you indigestion.
kakashi: I think he's a nice and considerate guy, JoAnne. First be nice to a girl, then dump her. That's a rule in the Nice Boy's Handbook.
(Why am I so chipper? Because I know he doesn't like her. MWAHAHA. She probably thought his smiley face is for HER, and not because he was just on the phone with his Pervy. I'm waiting for her kokoro to be bitch-slapped to the high heavens when she realizes that that dorky smile is for Mermaid.)
JoAnne: Okay. Fifty Shades of KDrama it is.
kakashi: Who else cannot unsee WGM whenever they watch this?
becca: I started this week! RimKim is sooooo cute!!

During the dinner, he praises her quick thinking. He thanks her for the advice to meet new people because it helped him a lot. (HAHAHAHAHA BITCH HE'S NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU) Then he also thanks her for liking a flawed guy like him. (Flaws where, Rim? Shall I inspect every inch of you, Oppar?) Jin-ah preens at the praise... until Shi-kyung says "but I would like it if we just stayed as good colleagues".
JoAnne: Flaws? Well, he can't talk about how pretty you are because he can't remember your face. And he still has those weird puffball cheeks (which are getting better!). And his pants don't hang properly from his backside because of his bubble butt.
becca: *sobs* It's okay, Oppa! Jilly has been making me work out, and I'm losing my butt, too! (ㅠㅠ)

He gives her a box of PPL Laneige Homme lipsticks to replace the one she used to write on the notepad in the VVVVVVIP emergency. Jin-ah swallows her disappointment. (I hope it gets stuck in her throat and clings there like coconut-infused, sticky poop.)
JoAnne: I think you may have just ensured that I have a second day at home with a problem stomach.

She sits at home and emos that Shi-kyung doesn't like her. And I would've liked her if she didn't end her emo-ness with an, "It's ok. He's not an easy guy. It's not a bad start." What d'ya mean start, Poopface?! It was an end! An end, I tell you! Stop talking like a delusional second lead or I will swim to Seoul and force feed you more poop-binders!
JoAnne: Where most people give laxatives for their humorous effect, Mary gives things to bind you up. I like it. It could be your 'thing.'
kakashi: This is sooooo boooooooring. I'm too old for this shit.

The Surplus Kids eat instant jajangmyun on their break and talk about the special kimchi Hyun-myung's grandma made. Too bad someone ate it all quickly. (It was Hani. LOL) Granny's a really great cook, so the guys cheer loudly when Hyun-myung promises to take them there again for a vacation.
JoAnne: The Fourth Law of Geriatrics, sub KDrama: Mention an elderly person to someone while that elderly person is not present, and be assured that they will die within the episodic arc for that week.
kakashi: Oh yes. This Granny is dooooooomed. Sorry, it's nothing personal. It's a kdrama law.
becca: *waves* Bye, Granny.
Hani shushes them when Shi-kyung calls to invite her for JH's Taste Test. Ji-yong seems a bit emo about her crush until she tells the guys to finish work quickly. She scored them all a spot in the taste test which gives good food AND pays more than the supermarket job. Hyun-myung passes on the offer when he hears it's at JH. (Noted: Hani looking sad that HornDog isn't coming.) *sigh*
JoAnne: There is no Law for this; it is merely acknowledged as Customary and Usual Fuckery, Misleading.
kakashi: Or not. Maybe THEY don't know whom she will end up with? Or ... maybe she doesn't end up with anyone?! Bubbles, remember?

Hyun-myung's idea turns out well because it's PoopFace who picks up the SurplusHousemates in the JH lobby. She's a bit surprised and rude about it. "So it was you three who's supposed to do the job?" but Hani isn't fazed one bit and sasses back, "Yeah! What about it? Huh?!" Plus I don't get her sudden turn of bitchiness, really. These were people she's been close to for three years and she just went and got Upper Class Bitch on their asses after moving apartments.
JoAnne: The new apartment came complete with stick, ready for ramming up her ass. All to ensure she always displays that slight look of pained displeasure.
kakashi: Sorry to say, I know MANY people who sturn instant bitch-dick as soon as they can. And especially when they get positions from which to be able to hand down bitch-dickiness.
becca: See, THIS right here is why I dislike her. I pity her because she's lonely and desperate, but then she turns bitchy or does something manipulative and sneaky, and I'm back to hating her.
Shi-kyung shows up all smiles for Hani. He asks where the fourth part-timer is and Big and Ji-yong make pointed barbs about "unable to come", "personal reasons" while side-eyeing Jin-ah.
HA! Squirm! Squirm, PoopWorm!!! *throws salt and watches in glee*
JoAnne: Listen, guys. I know Mary says it's ok to ship other people with Rim, as long as they aren't Jin Ah. DO NOT TRUST HER.
kakashi: Look at that Smiiiiiiiiiile! (*loves drama a little*)
becca: Am I going to think about that smile-retainer-thing-he-pulled-out-in-WGM every time he smiles from now on?
Shi-kyung leads Hani to the testing room and leaves the guys to Jin-ah. He keeps chatting with Hani with this huge doofus grin on his face. Squee~ Team Leader Kim is pleasantly surprised to recognize Ahn Ma-nyeo's "niece" and her friends. Shi-kyung's smile ramps up to Kokoro-Killer Level 9999 once he realizes that the Team Leader he respects has a good opinion of Hani (or her relative, at least). Waaaah! I swear 90% of my happiness is not because of PoopWorm's constipated look every time she sees Shi-kyung smiling and giggling with Hani. (Which happens the whole time they're together.)
JoAnne: My viewing experience is enhanced by the knowledge that the Real Rim would totally love a Pervy Mermaid. I wonder if he will ask Kim So Eun to wear a costume when Halloween comes near...
kakashi: I wonder what besties Jo Bo-ah and Kim So-eun discuss about him ...
becca: Oh, to be a fly on that wall.
When the food testing starts, Hani writes detailed comments and catches a lot of nuances in the food. Team Leader Kim and Shi-kyung read her evaluations and heap praises on her talents while PoopWorm looks more pained by the minute. *dumps a bucket of salt while she's distracted*
JoAnne: Hey, that was on me.
kakashi: Hey, do fish have very good taste? I didn't know.
After the test, Shi-kyung gives all of them a gift bag and tells Hani he enjoyed her company. Ha! In your face, PoopFace! They say goodbye and Hani reluctantly turns away from the blinding vision that is Rim. Then, Shi-kyung calls her back. She spins around quickly and they are just so cute I want to "smoosh" them. As JoAnne would say. Although I'm not entirely sure if that's a clean term. Clean enough.
kakashi: Hey I have this very nice gif of Rim ... I'll just put it here, okay?
becca: Unni, you can leave Rim gifs anywhere you want! No one will complain.
He asks Hani for some time tomorrow. He wants her to test some of the stuff he's developing by himself. *wiggles eyebrows* Hani of course says yes and bounces up and down, not bothering to hide her happiness. Ji-yong has to drag her away while Shi-kyung also watches her leave with a huge grin.
JoAnne: "Test some stuff he's been developing by himself." Uh huh.
kakashi: A GOOD pick-up line. *Writes it down*
becca: In the midst of the guttering, I suddenly wonder if she's wearing underwear yet.
When they get home, Ahn Ma-nyeo and Sun-kyu are in the yard playing checkers. (I still love the fact that they're besties - their "conversations" are episode highlights.) Hani greets them then bounds off upstairs to tell Hye-young about the not-a-date. Hyun-myung is cleaning AMN's truck (for a $30 deduction haha) and asking about the taste test. Which Ji-yong and Big hilariously try to pass off as totally boring and not worth it. (LOL just a while ago they were exclaiming about eating a week's worth of good food.)
Hyun-myung gets a call that his awesome granny is in the hospital for some surgery. :( (nooooooooooooo (but we knew that would happen)) Ji-yong and him rush over for a visit. He assures Ji-yong that it's a normal procedure. But Ji-yong sweetly offers to cover for Jin-ah's absence by distracting granny with lots of stories anyway. They stop outside granny's room when they hear her and mom arguing with HornDog's uncle. (Hey it's the Poor Granny and President Jeong's Wife from Yoo-na's Street!) Uncle rants about HornDog's uselessness, saying he's a talentless bum. Granny stands by her assessment of her precious grandson: He's a nice, talented kid who will go places because he has huge "family jewels". *cue Ji-yong eyeing HornDog's crotch*
JoAnne: You know, they say diamonds are a girl's best friend... but I'm a simple creature. Happiest with sausage.
kakashi: Oh. Thanks, drama. And thanks, JoAnne.
becca: O_o
They leave the elders to their fighting and stroll a bit outside. Both of them get another rejection text message from a company. It seems to affect Ji-yong more, so when they spot a motivational speaker on the street, he listens to his words and seems hypnotized by it. Hyun-myung, who's an expert at dealing with job-hunting woes, pulls him away.
JoAnne: You know what no one ever actually works in dramas ANYWAY unless they're the hardest working Candy in the universe so just STOP with the stupid job theme. Figure some other reason for the mermaid to be here.
Mary: butt-grabs?
kakashi: Well, they DO dress up nice, line up in the morning, get driven to work in big black cars and ... yeah. Well.
becca: I'm pretty bored with the job-hunting, yes. We've only got three episodes left. This is slowing us down.

That night, Big plays basketball with his hyung, Suzy's boyfriend, when said hyung casually drops the bomb that he's studying abroad. With Suzy. Big throws the ball at hyung's head. LOL. Next we see, Big is fretting in his room while Hye-young tells him to man up and just confess his feelings to Suzy. He has too many excuses: he's just a student, he's not rich enough, not smart like Ji-yong, not artistic like Hyun-myung, blah blah blah. Ji-yong even chimes in and says he's also too negative. That's why he always fails. (He's reading some motivational book.)
JoAnne: I'm motivated alright. To kick his butt.
kakashi: Hey! that's my color!
becca: It's a nice color. I think it washes me out, though. It looks better on you.
Hye-young grabs Big's face towards her, cooing that God must be upset. He spent so much time sculpting and perfecting Big's face that he didn't have time to fix Ji-yong's and that other hyung's. And Big doesn't even appreciate God's gift. Ji-yong says that barb doesn't upset him. He also tells Big to go for it, quoting from his book again, "focus your energy on what you want to do, and the universe will help you get it".
JoAnne: *whispers in universe's ear* Universe: *giggles, blushes, nods furiously* Both: 'Twice!'
kakashi: Does she touch every guy like this?
Me: *nodding* that is an honest-to-goodness truth. Love with all your kokoro, and the world will be stunned at the crazy. Leaving you free to tackle Oppar before everyone realizes what's happening.
JoAnne: Alternatively, the world plays along, lulling the crazy into a false sense of security. Leaving itself free to tackle the crazy before it realizes it's happening.
kakashi: You know, mary, we're expert at crazy. We've been watching Jangbori for over 25 weeks by now.
becca: Yep. These unnies eat crazy for breakfast.

Hye-young takes pity on the poor giant puppy and takes him outside to practice his confession. She stands in as Suzy. He chatters too much while tying her shoelace and talking about their first meeting. She tells him to just shut up and smile and say what he really needs to say. (She's wearing Yoo-na's blouse!!!)
JoAnne: Yoona's Street still has 7508 episodes, right? I know of some actors that will be looking for jobs soon... it could be just bit parts, you know. Or even parts that look important but then just prove to be side characters. They're experienced!
Big takes "Hye-young-Suzy's" hands and sings for her. (I always find that awkward - in a drama OR real life.) Hye-young eggs him on, saying he's got the feel now. So Big goes in for a hug. "Don't go. If you go, I'll miss you a lot." Hye-young gets a moment of awareness as we hear heartbeat sound effects in the background. She can't help but hug him back. That's when the real Suzy and her boyfriend arrive at their meeting place. LOL. They think Big called them out to introduce his girlfriend. Things get worse when Hye-young says they're not lovers! Just housemates! (Suzy: Omo, you're living together?)
JoAnne: Oh, just get over it and start making out with Hye Young. That's what we're here for, Big.
kakashi: Yeah, hurry up a bit. You're running out of episodes.
becca: Do it NOW.

Needless to say, the confession plan is a huge fail. (Depending on your POV, I guess.) Hye-young tries to cheer Big up on the way home, but Big is crying! Aww... poor Big. Hye-young laughs to herself and calls out, "Hey! Park Dae-bak!" Big turns around immediately. "Heol! O__O How did you know my real name?" Hahaha~
JoAnne: Awwww
kakashi: pffffft.
becca: HAHAHA!!

His family's fish soup restaurant wasn't doing well when he was born so they named him Daebak for luck. (It's like writing "The Greatest/Best" on your child's birth certificate.) Big tells her to keep it a secret. Then he complains that he can't change his name, otherwise his parents will cut off his allowance. (HAHA!) Hye-young calls him a huge baby. She offers to change his diapers (LOL) and says babies like him shouldn't even think about love yet. Big laughs at her jokes and she refers to some saying that "when a man cries and then laughs" ...? What? She looks at his crotch and talks about horns. I just thought I'd mention that bit. It seemed very important.
JoAnne: I agree. *Looks expectantly toward commentors.*
kakashi: *nods*
becca: I think the saying is something like, "When a man cries and then laughs, horns will grow out of his butt." Something like that.
Mary: I don't trust the subs. Why would they both look at his crotch instead of his butt? O_o
Moving on!

Ji-yong calls Hani and Hyun-myung over to recommend these excellent Personal Growth Books he just finished reading. Hyun-myung jokes that their pituitaries (I am hearing about those EVERYWHERE this week!! What's up??) stopped working years ago. Then points out that the writers of those books were either arrested for fraud or proven wrong by scientific research. LOL. He also tells Ji-yong he doesn't need that 10,000 hour rule. He already studied 20,000 hours! (Right. All you need to do is APPLY IT, Ji-yong.) Thus, Ji-yong's very short spurt of industry ends.
JoAnne: Who has a spurt next?
kakashi: Haven't we voted him off the island?
Mary: They did an online voting. The netizens want him back in exchange for cutting the Surplus Princess episodes down to 10.

Big and Hye-young walk in and everyone gathers around for news. (Take note Big doesn't look too sad anymore for someone whose grand confession just flopped.) The guys hound Big in his room while Hani follows Hye-young in the bathroom.
JoAnne: I guess it's a good thing they didn't have that typical Korean bathroom where the whole thing is the shower.
becca: I'm glad we've moved past Suzy. She and her short boyfriend were annoying. And boring.
She tells Hani about Big's epic fail and they both wonder how stupid he is to be that cute and yet so loveless. Hani points out that actually, Big matches with Hye-young. But Hye-young doesn't want to be a "cougar". LOL. Her eyes are for Sun-kyu only. Hani talks about Shi-kyung and wonders if she can make it with 80 days left. Hye-young looks at her bubble bath and wonders if it's true. Did Prilly really vanish? Hani remembers that horrible scene and seems to get more depressed. So Hye-young grabs the shower head and sprays her legs. Haha.
becca: 80 days, huh? That's pretty long in drama-time. Are we going to have a time jump so we can get some drama out of that, or is she just gonna find her true love with weeks to spare? That would be anti-climactic.

Hani shriek-giggles under the attack and cries that her dress got ripped. LOL. Hye-young finishes her bath and leaves to get Hani a change of clothes. When Hyun-myung sees Hye-young leave the bathroom, he thinks it's unoccupied so he opens it and goes right on in, catching Hani blowdrying a very shiny, scaly obvious fishtail.
JoAnne: Second has very shapely calves.
kakashi: ... very shapely everything, no?
becca: No mention/sighting of torn underwear. She goes commando, then.
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG... I remember JoAnne paused watching here and called S.O.S on twitter. I was half-tempted to answer her: "It is all things to everyone." Just to get back at her for going all zen-like on me in that horror WTFParis episode.
JoAnne: Ha, I remember you doing that! And now I know why...

Hyun-myung stares at Hani's tail while she's frozen in shock, unable to explain herself. Hyun-myung closes the door and slaps his face, asking if it's a dream. He gets ready to look again when Hye-young tells him to move aside. She's testing her new costume. For the mok-bang. (Me: *clutches kokoro in relief* Niiiiiiiiiiiice save!) The door opens again and Hye-young winks at Hani behind Hyun-myung. Hyun-myung is now hyper instead of scared. He's amazed at the workmanship of the tail. (LOL) It looks so real he tries to touch it, making Hye-young kick him out. Hani worries that Hyun-myung suspects anyway. But Hye-young assures her that Hyun-myung only LOOKS smart, he isn't really.
JoAnne: It's true.
kakashi: he looks smart?
becca: Smart compared to everyone else in the boarding house. And in this drama.
Later, Hani drops by Hyun-myung's room while he looks at his granny's photo. They chat a bit about missing their families. Hani gives him her JH Food Gift bag to give to his granny when he visits the next day. He smiles, she smiles. Then she prances away. Nothing to see here except an explosion of cute. Move along, folks. *herds people away from Hyun-Han ship*
JoAnne: I really do think Second was always meant to be First.
kakashi: You've all been trapped by tvN, people. Be vigilant!
becca: You will be assimilated by the cute. Resistance is futile.

Now for the next bit of evility:

PoopFace does her This Bitch Is Going To Hell yoga pose (sexy!!) and thinks evil thoughts. Then she posts a pic on Facebook. It's the dinner with her holding Shi-kyung's gift and him smiling in the background. She captioned it, "The first step". She waits for someone to comment before deleting the pic. Then she switches to kakao talk and messages the first commenter (Bunny's roommate in WTFParis) to "keep it a secret" and "it was meant to be a private album".
JoAnne: Burn, witch. This somehow seems a step beyond acceptable.
kakashi: So ... on Bunny's roommate in WTFParis in the PervyMermaid. How would you feel if you were the most redundant character in a sea of redundant characters?
becca: It occurs to me that bitches are the only ones who do yoga in Kdramas. Anyone else notice that?

Of course ParisGirl does the opposite. She sends a screenshot of the thing to their officemates and by next morning, everyone is pointing at Jin-ah and gossiping about her dating Shi-kyung. Thus, Jin-ah's Operation, Make Mary Hate You With The Strength of A Thousand Suns: Accomplished.
kakashi: This incredibly cheap and stupid trick only works in Kdrama.
She goes to the lobby to fetch Hani for her one-on-one taste test with Rim, and of course Hani can't help but overhear the rumors. PoopFace pretends to be flustered about her "secret" coming out. She then pretends to be worried about Hani. Because Shi-kyung confuses the girls with his general niceness, but his heart is only for one girl (implying her Royal Poopness). Hani may look disheartened by the news, but she doesn't wilt immediately like your garden-variety kdrama heroine. She tells PoopWorm to stuff that worry where the sun don't shine.
JoAnne: Mary, you seem focused on butts and butt business in general.
kakashi: That's normal. Ask Freud.
becca: Who (whom? I've never figured that out) we hate, if I remember correctly.

PoopWorm takes her to Shi-kyung's personal office/lab/kitchen and as soon as Cute Mermaid and Cute Chef talk it's like PoopWorm doesn't even exist. LOL. Her self-satisfied smirk is immediately replaced with hurty-hurt poop faces as she leaves the two to be cute together.
JoAnne: Looks like Shi Kyung might have kept some of that Laneige for himself.
kakashi: It's called PPL!
Shi-kyung sees Hani's pearl necklace and it reminds him of that underwater kiss again. He asks her if she believes in stuff like aliens... or mermaids? Hani takes Hye-young's advice to heart (re: no man will fall in love with a mermaid) and firmly denies the existence of such things. (Noooooooooooo~ WHYYYYYY? Fook you, tvN!!!!)
JoAnne: Mary, be rational. If she did confess and he did run, your show would have been even shorter.
Mary: But what if she confessed and he didn't run? Because he wanted some more of that souffle taste? Pervy Penguin, c'mon. Back me up here!
She changes the topic by asking if he likes someone. Shi-kyung says yes, there's this girl who makes him laugh *staring at Hani*. She also maybe feels it and thinks, "Who??!?! Is it meeeee?!?!" They do a cooking montage where they both adorably exude the cuteness of puppies and unicorns and marmots and all the nice fluffy things in the world. There's a small beat where Rim leans into her and Jo Boa pushes him away. OMG OMG OMG Hani would NEVER do that in character. So I bet that leaning in, almost kissing casually thing was all Rim. We all know how starved he is for affection now. (See: He Got Married.)
JoAnne: I get the feeling he'd go for a little bit of extra spicy stuff, too. Don't you?
kakashi: No, he doesn't like spicy things (See: We Got Married)
becca: Different kind of spicy, I think. *broad wink*
Meanwhile, CEO Hong drops by Tayoyaki, still determined to try Ahn Ma-nyeo's octopus balls *giggle giggle*. WHY MUST YOU MAKE THAT DIRTY?? *facepalm* She tries the first one and compliments his well-seasoned balls. *giggle giggle* She starts scarfing down another ball and chokes on it. Ahn Ma-nyeo gives her a Heimlich Maneuver and asks her if she's alright. The proximity flusters CEO Hong and it doesn't help that Ahn Ma-nyeo then walks off and lifts those 5-gallon jugs like a Proper Namja. Then he drinks/spills water on himself in that CF sekshi style while CEO Hong watches and clutches her cheeks. Hahaha!
JoAnne: Octopus balls. They stick to you.
kakashi: Are they nice?
becca: I always feel bad for Ahn Gil-kang in this show. He must get soooo hot in that coat all the time. :( *fans Ahjussi*
Shi-kyung and Hani wrap up their cooking session. He's about to ask her for some time this evening when Jin-ah rushes in. (Can we please take note how Shi-kyung seems annoyed by the interruption? YES Also, can PoopWorm please stop cockblocking (is the equivalent for women pussyblocking?) these two dorks?!) Of course PoopWorm uses this opportunity to apologize about uploading "their picture by mistake" and causing everyone to talk about the two of them dating. She words it like it's their secret. While Shi-kyung thinks she's just sorry for causing unfounded rumors about him. Which he doesn't give a shit about. (Because in his mind there's only one Pervy Mermy!)
JoAnne: Definitely not acceptable level of scheming.
kakashi: Just dumb. She must have fish for brain. How would lying about a man's affection win that man's affection?!
becca: I hear it worked in Lie To Me.
Unfortunately, that's not how Hani hears it. :(
kakashi: Fish for brains too.

Jin-ah gets called out for a scolding by Team Leader Kim. And of course Shi-kyung butts in to save the day. (What a very useful butt, that is.) Shi-kyung tells Team Leader that it was him who asked Jin-ah out to dinner. This shocks the employees and makes Jin-ah smile/smirk at him. BAH. Go away, Fox Witch!! Of course, in true kdrama fashion, Hani hears everything. When Team Leader asks Shi-kyung if he's really dating his hoobae, Shi-kyung also answers in true, vague kdrama fashion: "Why? Is it wrong to date a hoobae? Please stop encroaching on our personal lives. If you think it affects our work, then talk to me directly."
JoAnne: Oh, of course the company star has the right to say this. But Jin Ah is in actual danger of losing her job, and methinks she did not plan for this.
kakashi: Kick her out already. That would be a twist! She's jobless like the rest!
(This hurts too much. Let me leave for a second...)

Okay, back! So Hani hears all of that ambiguous crap and has no choice (bullshit) but to assume Shi-kyung is dating Jin-ah after all. So when Shi-kyung goes back to the kitchen/lab, he can't find Hani. Because our poor cute Mermaid is already walking home, crying all the way.
becca: I HATE that dress, by the way. I'm pretty sure my aunt was wearing it in the '80s.
Meanwhile, Big fetches Hyun-myung from his part-time work with bad news: Granny passed away. He rushes to the funeral still in his workclothes. His uncle grabs him and screams at him for being useless and a bum and just doing whatever he wanted. And I just want to punch everything now. Excuse me...
JoAnne: Poor babies, so sad. I will cleanly smoosh you.
becca: Oof. *hugs Hyun-myung* I hate this.
WHERE IN SATAN'S BALLS DID YOU COME FROM, INSIGNIFICANT UNCLE OF NO ACTING PROWESS NOR COMPELLING STORY?!?! (must be the writer's brother) Like, who the fuck cares about him and his anger, Show?! You think you're Yoo-na's Street who can make every character count?!?! You have a Pervy Mermaid, a HornDog, and a Narcissistic Chef w/ Facial Amnesia and you can't even make them count like a kindergartener ticking apples in a box. Just--- just stick to your story, poopholes.
JoAnne: ...'where in Satan's balls'... *stares in wonder*
becca: Please. Let's not analyze that, I beg you. Just ignore it and hope it goes away.

*wheeze wheeze*
JoAnne: *patpatpat* Lift your arms over your head, Mary.

Pervy Mermaid comes home to an empty SurplusHouse and finds a note from Ji-yong telling her about Hyun-myung's halmeoni. She follows them and finds Hyun-myung crying on the steps outside the funeral place. Her pervy worries now seem insignificant next to HornDog's grief. So she just holds him and lets him cry on her shoulder as the episode ends.
JoAnne: (Sniff his hair for me, Hani.)
kakashi: Awwww. That's was nice.
becca: Poor babies.


Don't talk to me. I'm sad. For many reasons.
JoAnne: Want an octopus ball? I keep finding them stuck to things.
kakashi: I like that little red devil cat that appears at the end of every episode.
becca: Oh! I never saw him before, but now I do, too!
Mary: Ooooh... *distracted by tech stuff* Looks like it's an ad for a tvN android app! There's the latest trailers and stuff for their shows.

But everything is in Hangul.

I'm sad again.