Birth of a Beauty - Episode 5 (A Wooki-Short-Cap)

Tae-hee's turn to face the truth and take some action. Nice: So much brooding Joo Sang-wook. Never has he looked better, hotdamit! And then, they take action together: Even nicer, cause FUN. Apart from the main couple's interactions, the story remains super boring. All those evil people ... *yawn* 
JoAnne: Look at that smile, though. And he has a good hollow at the base of his throat. You want to lick it. Well I do, anyway.

Episode 5

Express marriage: on! Team good (=Sara, Tae-hee, Geum-ran's mother and her friend Isn't that Geum-Ran's sister? Or am I confused? (no, she's just a friend)) rushes there to prevent it. Tae-hee is first. He tries to talk sense into his "sister": her groom is a bad guy. Of the worst sort. But she doesn't listen: She knows he likes her, so it's only natural he would want to insult Kang-joon: whom she loves. And who gleefully insults Tae-hee as insignificant nobody. Which is a good thing, cause hot-brooding Joo Sang-wook.
It's a known fact that elf ears predict early onset erectile dysfunction.
Lafer: All the crap writing that was going on last week is forgotten in the blink of an eye as I watch the gorgeous tortured face of our dear Tae-hee.
Sara is pensive in a chapel when she hears her mother shouting outside. She's next on the list of people unhappy about this alliance. Since she gets physical towards the Evil Family, security gets involved. So does Sara who beats up the security guards with her judo skills. Tae-hee comes to help her and everybody flees.
Not sure I like their outfits here. What. I'm TRYING.
Sara can actually take out two security guards? JoAnne, you're missing prime commenting material here. And you missed a great chest kick done by Tae-hee.
becca: She took those guys DOWN. So. Satisfying.
Time to come up with a new goal, since they couldn't even prevent the marriage. Her plan: to send him off to Cuba. That's where hot young men go. Ah yeah? *books ticket*
I have a fleeting suspicion that watching this might have made this make more sense, but I don't really care. There's also the chance it wouldn't. And that seems likely, based on what the people who ARE watching this say.
I actually thought she was going to be the one going, you know, get over the old love by immersing herself in hot young men.
Why couldn't they go TOGETHER, is what I want to know. Oh, right. Her mom. *shrug* Okay, she can come, too. She deserves some fun with the hotblooded young men. ;)
What, he doesn't want to go?! Damn. Instead, they gather their forces and show each other what they have collected on the Evil Family No 1. Operation "Prison" begins. Beauty? Not enough. They need housekeeping in addition. Whatever you say, show.
I wonder when she had time to make all the charts and game pieces to go with her elaborate plans. Of course they are nothing compared to HIS setup.
Shhh. Logic is not our friend in this show. But while we're trotting it out, how does he live with her without anyone seeing him come and go?
Sara is going to kill them with food and good housekeeping. The coat she left? They think all the stuff inside must be for her skin. Oh my God. They are idiots!! *cackling* Sara walks all over the house and collects all the evidence she needs to expose their crimes to each other. Gambling, pyramid scheme, adultery. Send a picture of his cheating wife to Bad Dad? Check. Place a bug in the newlyweds' bedroom. Check. Drop one of her own earrings on the bed. Check.
Sara is kind of bad ass. I do still like her.
No grass is growing under her feet. She's making a list and checking it twice and accomplishing things in break neck speed.
So she can be smart when she wants to be. I like it.

While she handles Kang-joon's household, Tae-hee is being HOT on a motorbike and vows to take everything Kang-joon has in terms of status away from him. *drooooooools*
Is SWAT vest kind of arrangement? Bring that home, Wookie. *winks suggestively*
Yeah....I may be daydreaming about a certain person in leather on a motorbike tonight.
I refuse to say anything about this, on the grounds that I might incriminate myself. I don't want Kakashi to kill me.
He infiltrates the company and sets up his hacking gear in a (rather luxurious) toilet. He hacks into Kang-joon's email and sends a wedding-care to all employees. Full of viruses.
When I was in grade school, visiting the bathroom - I would sit in a stall and imagine converting it into a tiny apartment. I would always eat out at restaurants, of course. I imagined this would be a genius move, building stall-sized apartments for young city-dwellers on first-job salaries.  Then I got taller and realized the flaw. (Have you seen this apartment? I want it.)
I like how no one questioned him walking in and out of the company in full gear. But he can come fix my internet issues any day. Or night.
I will neither confirm nor deny that I feel the same way.
On his way out, he bumps into Very Evil other Han. They don't recognize each other (because Grandma only got the bastard grandson in at the age of 15, it seems). Grandmother hung up banners all over the company, looking for "Dong Geul". Which used to be Tae-hee's nickname as a boy.  Tae-hee's reaction to the banners is ... "why does grandma look for me"? How lame, show. Could you please explain why Tae-hee is living in hiding?! The Very Evil People start Operation "Company Take Over" in earnest.
Yawn, except for wanting to know why Tae Hee knows who he is and does nothing.
This is what fast forward was made for.
Grandma's no peach, either, you know. I'm kind of enjoying watching them plot against her.
Yeah. Then this. Team Good Guys is ready.
Genuinely adorable. Both of them.
I must be suffering whiplash from the back and forth serious evil to cute. I wasn't particularly enamored with this part.
Roll with it, roll with it.
The newlyweds are back from the honeymoon and now - their hell can start. *more cackling* Let them buuuuurn!! The house is in disarray as Bad Dad punishes all the women for their misdeeds. Nobody cooks. Enter the Queen of Deadly Housekeeping, Sara. Who is now opening a restaurant (since she's a chef (no, she isn't)) and giving the dumb Sisters jobs there. But first, she'll teach them how to cook. In this house.
And Chae Yeon sees no problem with this arrangement? Whatever happened to the Daughter In Law as Slave? Why isn't Chae Yeon having to do this stuff?
Obviously the mother wasn't friends with the crazy mother-in-law from Goddess of Marriage.
Explanation for JoAnne: Chae-yeon refused to cook since it's her first day and she didn't want to start a bad precedent and become their servant.
Naturally, Kang-joon is wondering what's up with what - and gets bitchslapped in the process. Why she is there? To make them divorce. In three weeks. Things start to go downhill fast for him from here. 
Can we line up to hit him?
I keep looking at his face and thinking you are one ugly dude. Which he probably isn't in a different drama. But here - yeah, I just want to smack him, too.
SIGH. He used to be such a cute (and HOT) puppy. I'm gonna rewatch Dr. Champ to heal the wounds he's giving me in this show. I am.
Tae-hee's turn next. He hits Kang-joon in the stomach for breaking his computer with a virus. Hehehe. Definitely not Kang-joon's week, this. The earring on the bed doesn't help, of course.
Up the ante, leave a panty!
You know, I'm a little confused as to their method to get Kang-joon sent to prison. But I'm sure that will be made clear. Or not. But they're having a ball doing it.
Mess with him first, then have him hauled off in handcuffs. Works for me.
Team Good Guy is very happy about their success. They decide to celebrate.
Tae Hee makes me happy, he does. Punch Elf Ears Dick Head again!
Yes, bring out the champagne! This could be one of the great drunken, realize-you're-attracted-to-each-other scenarios
Over food and drinks, she tells him she's glad about their success - but not happy. She lost the hope to ever be, since she lost it all. As for him: he always put Chae-yeon's happiness first. If she wants him after her divorce: he will gladly have her.
Tae Hee! Look at those pictures up there! You two are perfect for each other! Perfect!
And then, Sara gives Tae-hee chocolates she made. Just for him. She worries about him. She knows that his love for Chae-yeon will end badly. That person is evil, just like Kang-joon is evil. And she doesn't want him to feel the same pain she had to feel. He has to eat a lot of dark chocolate against the certain heartbreak. Her words and her heartfelt kindness towards him touch him deeply. And his heart ... it flutters.
...perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect for each other............
This part actually makes sense because she is used to being a loving and caring person and doing for others. And I'm all about the fluttering.....
For the first half of this scene, I was convinced those chocolates were drugged and she was going to try and lock him in a warehouse or send him off to Cuba or something while she destroyed Chae-yeon. So that he wouldn't have to watch and suffer. I must say, I'm a little disappointed that didn't happen.


About half of the people in this drama don't interest me at all. The same goes for the Evil Family storylines. This is a 20 episodes drama, which is of course much too long for this non-story we're being told. That's why we have to deal with several plots and sub-plots. There's not only one, but two  murder-conspiracies. There's not only one evil couple, there's two. That said, Kang-joon and Chae-yeon are about 20 times more interesting than Evil Han and his mother, and they're already dead boring. There's no mystery and absolutely no suspense. I'm glad they brought in some romance at the end though. If there's nothing else, give me a conflicted hero.
So.BORING. but man, look at that man's face. Not that he is boring, no, no, no. Everyone else but Han Yi Seul.  Half the people?  More like 90, 95 % of the people.
There is potential, I know there is, but I'm beginning to wonder if it is worth watching an hour of drama for 10 minutes of cute.
I'm enjoying myself. This show certainly isn't at the top of my to-watch list, but when it's on, I'm having fun.

What I liked: 
Joo Sang-wook in a turtle neck. Joo Sang-wook in motorcycle-hacker gear. Joo Sang-wook's fluttering heart expression.
Kakashi's genius screen shots and gifs.
There were several cutish funnyish moments between the two of them. And the last scene was good.
When they beat up Kang-joon!!! *fistpump* Also, watching Sara mess with the evil in-laws.

What I didn't like: 
The writing. I don't think this drama can be saved, unfortunately. For Joo Sang-wook! Hwaiting!!
This show is crap. Utter crap. Crap with two perfect little nuggets of corn.
Uhhh, the entire script? 20 episodes? I'm crying...
Is it just me, or is Jung Kyeo-woon always shot from the same angle? It's a very bad angle, too.

Uhm ... shit. none.
Ha. I smell a theme.
"He's a bastard who dared humiliate a genius like me. Of course, he's also an evil guy who killed his wife." (His delivery of this made me laugh)
"Oh this is what was happening? Great! I'm pissed off anyway." *kicks security guy*