Bad Guys - Episode 11 FINAL (A "Farewell You Great Show"-Cap)

I really didn't want to write this last recap. It's like when you're reading a good book - and the last few pages come up. And you do not want to finish reading it because once you're done, you're done. It's over. And I really don't want this show to be over! It gave me everything I want from a show: a great story, great character to love and hate, and this certain heartache, which comes with things you don't want to lose. But damn ... it has ended and so I must write this.
I refuse to believe it. You don't end a show on an odd number!! It's like unlucky or something. I'm pretty sure.
I wasn't in any hurry for this to be over, either. It wasn't perfect, but it was perfect for me.  Season two begins when, writer-nim?  Soon? Tomorrow is not soon enough, so make our wishes come true!

Episode 11: Into the World again (Final)

It's that fateful night in which people are going to die ... Commissioner Nam is getting out of his car, but there is someone else there (wherever there is) - someone who blinds him with his headlights. Have you guessed who it is? Yes: Prosecutor Oh. He isn't smiling or smirking one bit when he asks: "What should we do? Have you eaten?" And Commissioner Nam isn't smiling one bit as he looks at his unexpected guest and nods his head ever so slightly.
They're at the fishing place? In a tent. Oh has "made a little something", but Nam refuses to eat or drink anything. He can't with people who make him uncomfortable. And he urges the younger man to just get to the point and get this over with. Oh doesn't hesitate and starts the conversation with the statement that he's been single for four years. Is he hitting on Nam? (sorry, bad joke). No, he had a wife who was killed by a serial killer.
And suddenly it all makes.... actually. Not really.  I'm still bitter that this show is ending.
So he and Dr. Kim both lost wives to a serial killer? The same one? Was it the one that got caught earlier? No. And it wasn't Jung Moon, either. How many serial killers does that one town have at any given time. COME ON. 
Nam thinks he knows what this is about: it's about him getting the murderer of his son killed in prison, while Oh played by the law when it came to his wife's killer. And now, he wants him to abandon Oh Goo-tak and his band of bad guys, or else.. But no, that's only half of what Oh is talking about. In fact, he wants to tell Nam what happened after he put the killer of his wife behind bars for life. He went to visit the killer three months after the sentencing, hoping to see a man suffering - like a man who has lost everything. Like himself, in fact. But ... the killer just looked fat and happy.
Tends to happen. Kinda fucked.
Right then and there, Prosecutor Oh had an epiphany: why was he the one suffering when that person was the criminal? Because this guy was not really punished for what he did. The law he so believed in before? Too limited. He would have to punish the guy himself, so that he would feel the same agony and pain as he had felt. So - he killed the killer's wife. And that changed the serial killer into a shell of a man - just like he had hoped. Prosecutor Oh knew then: prison was no punishment. The real punishment was going after people these killers loved.
...... Wow. Who's the Psycho now? Also just a tad worried about the psychology of writer-nim. Choooookum
His reasoning is quite biblical, in an Old Testament kind of way. It's not psychotic, but it is harsh. And where does it end? I'm glad we generally have moved away from that kind of thinking.
Fuck. No wonder he hates our Bad Guys with a vengeance. He is utterly mad, this one. He tells Nam that he is going to kill him. Why? Because he is important to the Bad Guys. Without him, they will be in big trouble. Oh shit. And then, Oh-The-Fuck knifes Commissioner Nam - twice.
I'm sure there's a logic to this somewhere...Somehow. But doesn't make sense though. Coz didn't he already set the bad guys against each other? *confused*
The very existence of this unit would be an affront to his way of thinking. These are bad men who are being given a second chance at life, when their victims will remain dead and the families of those victims will continue to feel the pain of their loss. I absolutely understand why he would hate them and the men who brought the team together. I don't support it, but I understand it.
And with that, we're back with our Bad Guys: Tae-soo who is begging Goo-tak to convince him he isn't behind the recent hit order on Jung-moon and the subsequent attempts to kill him and Woong-chul. Is that really the time to shut up, Goo-tak??! Not far from them, Woong-chul is pleading with Jung-moon to fucking remember something. But he can't .... he just can't. And with that, Woong-chul pulls back his arm to strike and Tae-soo pulls the trigger. And then, there were two? 
But but who will save the chief? Coz even .... *distracted by the opening credits* Who's Bou Bou? (Minute 10.47)
Poor Nam. You know this is it for him. He worked so hard all his life and for what? A dead son and an awful end, alone. It doesn't seem fair.
But no. Of COURSE NOT! Both simply can't kill those men, maybe because they're unsure of their guilt (as they claim), maybe because the bromance is strong in them! They end up in Woong-chul's small car together, which is ... quite funny, considering. Somebody smuggled "the awkward car ride" into the DarkSmurfSubs, too. Thank you :D. (By the way, who knows why Jo Dong-hyuk's hand is always in bandages? Is he hurt?)
Phew! Seriously. Such relief. Bwaha Oh Gu Tak still has to get in the last word eh?
Didn't we hear that there were a lot of on-set injuries? His hand, MDS's leg, etc?
Goo-tak has to be a bromance-spoil-sport and actually threaten Jung-moon that he "will die by his hand" anyway. Stop it already. Seriously, just shut up. Then, a phone call ... it's Nam. A dying Nam. Time for some philosophy about men and beasts and that important question: what they are, him and Oh Goo-tak. He also warns Goo-tak not to investigate into his death - and to live like a human. And goodbye, Nam.
Fuuuuck. The sad dying music. He will not be saved. Where does that song come from? It's like the song of death or something. Also...suddenly the phone is on speaker? Why does it look like everybody is listening?
The guys change car and go to Nam's death place immediately, after tracking his cell phone signal. Haha, never heard of a man's last dying wish? Of course, this is exactly where Oh the Fuck wanted them, he arrives withing seconds with sirens and ... thugs? Huh. There's that guy who was with Jung-moon in the basement, too! Prosecutor Oh wants to arrest them under suspicion of murder, but Goo-tak catches Oh's hand. There's a wound. One that is typical for stabbing someone with too much force. Caught you, scumbag!
You learn something new every time you watch a kdrama eh?
Because it couldn't possibly be anything else in the world.
But now, scumbag is sending his minions to do the work. We don't know what Mr. Creep's name is (apart from something something Cha), so let's just call him Mr. Creep, alright? It seems that Tae-soo recognizes a fellow AAAA-fighter, because he steps in his way and they fight, briefly. But then, Oh sends all of the thugs towards them. According to Psycho, their chances are "not very good". You don't say ... Him and Goo-tak run off, while Woong-chul takes on everybody except Mr. Creep, who is fighting with Tae-soo. Oh, and Goo-tak shoots a few in the leg. Nice. Goo-tak and Psycho manage to get to a car (is it Oh's?), pick up their two brethren and then drive off.
*singing* "Bad Guy Bad Guy Whachu gonna do, Whachu gonna do when they come for you?" You know that was just a gratuitous fight scene to show off Tae-soo and Woong-chul's fighting. Not complaining.
I would have loved a sideline chorus of commentary on form, etc, from Goo Tak and Jung Moon.
Prosecutor Oh gets Mi-young to locate the ankle monitors but when they get to the place, there's only ankle monitors and no Bad Guys. And then, it's time for Mi-young to grieve over Nam's body, remembering their relationship. Afterwards, she tells Prosecutor Oh to catch the people who did it. Does she believe him?
I dunno. She's pretty obtuse. I like her watch though (proof enough that I don't care about her being sad)
Such a badly-written character.
Prosecutor Oh informs the police force about the murder - and the murderers. The reason he gives them? Well, Commissioner Nam learned of all the illegal activities Goo-tak and his three Doggies were involved in. What I like to see is that Mi-young is getting active at the crime scene herself: It seems she doesn't trust Oh after all. She wants to get the black box memory card from Nam's car, but that is gone - into the hands of somebody working for Oh.
Wanted posters go out. The Bad Guys' pretty faces are all over Seoul: Newspapers, TV, walls, you name it. Prosecutor Oh allows live ammunition - and thinks they will have caught or killed the guys within 4 days.
I'm still confused about his motives. So he's wants the bad guys destroyed because...?
They are an affront to his belief system. Murderers must be punished, not rehabilitated.
Mi-young finds out that Oh has destroyed the black box memory card from Nam's car. And she tells him what she thinks: those men? They are NOT the killers! Her proof? They were somewhere else at that time. Their ankle monitors told her that. Ouch, Oh the Fuck seriously dislikes her snooping around. He tells her to go home and stay quiet if she wants that promotion.
Jeesh Lady!! Trust no one! It's like a simple enough commandment. If your trusted superior dies under strange circumstances... Trust No One. Doesn't she watch TV?
While Goo-tak artfully dodges anybody's view outside, the three criminals are in some abandoned storage room and Tae-soo summarizes what we all know by now: that Jung-moon was kidnapped, fed a weird drug and woke up with blood on his hands. He doesn't remember anything, but he was handed over to "that guy with a knife" (=Mr. Creep). And Mr. Creep is one of Oh the Fuck's guys. Ergo: Everything is connected (awwww, my smart Tae-soo). And to find out how, they need one of the three scumbags. The easiest target: Doctor Kim.
Season Two gets them out of prison permanently. Season Three has Jung Moon and Woong Chul working with Tae Soo as Private Investigators who also solve crimes.
Goo-tak is back and he has a serious issue with Jung-moon still, since he is quite certain he killed his daughter. But Tae-soo steps between them and tells him to quiet down - or should he lose his temper too? Guess who he'd kill first ... and then, Tae-soo shows us he is quite the philosopher himself when he tells Goo-tak: "Don't always choose death. First find a way to stay alive. Once we've found how to stay alive and have uncovered the truth, there will be plenty of time left to kill each other".
Are you sure it's anger over the daughter and not over getting tazered?? I'm pretty sure getting tazered pissed him off.
Like he didn't have it coming.
They're going after Kim, but the villains are a bit quicker: Oh is trying to hide him away. But our Bad Guys are way smarter and prettier than Oh. They cause a blackout in Kim's hideout and scare the already scared guy so that he leaves the building voluntarily. And look who is helping? Mi-young! Because Smartypants Jung-moon called her and told her that they didn't kill Commissioner Nam, but Oh did. And since everybody only wants the truth, the whole truth, they're one team again.
They tie Doctor Kim to a chair and starts torturing him a bit. Including with a hammer, Tae-soo's most loved tool. He can't speak though: it'll be his death. When the hammer is moved from the feet to the head though, he is willing to speak. There's nothing more frightful than a professional assassin with a hammer. I'm tempted to write "please hammer me, too", but ... no, that would be going too far.
Hahaha I'm sure Jo will say it for all of us. I did giggle a little when he got hit in the foot. His expression was clearly "Oh f#$K that HURT!!!"
No, I agree with Kakashi. While I may harbor a wish to be pounded by that man, it would not be with that particular tool. That tool should not be anywhere in evidence.
And here comes the truth, the whole truth, FINALLY. Prosecutor Oh Jae-won was in charge of Dr. Kim's wife's case. She was killed by a serial killer too. But after the initial joy of seeing the culprit in jail, Dr. Kim's life turned upside down again and he became a drug and alcohol addict. For two years. And then, suddenly, Oh appeared. And he said he had a very interesting case. A psychopath who needed treatment: in Dr. Kim's clinic. And hence, the human experiments started. They gave him an anti-psychotic drug who is banned from use due to severe side-effects. Have you guessed? Memory loss. And loss of consciousness. Add hypnosis to that and you have a puppet.
They made him look at pictures. Of women. And ordered him to kill them. But ... he did not. You cannot force a person to do anything under hypnosis they would not do in a normal state of mind - so Jung-moon turned away. Instead of him, Creepy Cha and Prosecutor Oh killed those women. And framed the poor Psycho-kid. (Yes, yes, JoAnne ... you said it from the beginning). Oh wow. So many lives destroyed ....
oooooh! Relief. Such Relief. Still not sure whyyyyy tho
Jung Moon is A GOOD BOY.
Jung-moon loses it and Woong-chul drags him outside. Tae-soo follows and leaves Goo-tak alone with Dr. Kim. How were these victims chosen? Dr. Kim tells him what we already know: They were all family members of murderers (and ... the police didn't notice that "little" detail??!). But ... why Goo-tak's daughter? Simply because they needed Jung-moon back after his release. They were afraid their crimes would be uncovered. And because Oh Goo-tak was so sure that Jung-moon was guilty. They wanted Goo-tak to become a beast - and even kill Jung-moon himself. And goddamn - they almost succeeded.
OMG really? That's why?! Jeesh! of all the convoluted crazy eye for an eye logic.
Drunks sitting around drinking have a lot of time for thinking. But  you know, they're drunk... so it gets kinda weird.
Oh Goo-tak staggers to the rooftop where Jung-moon is silently railing against his fate and starts a lengthy apology. It is tough to hear him say that it was his own bad decision that got his daughter killed. Can't somebody tell him that it wasn't his fault?! Well, the thing with his daughter isn't his fault - but he IS at fault for destroying Jung-moon's life. Well, the other two are much MORE at fault - but Goo-tak became blind with hatred himself and made Jung-moon suffer for it.
I can't say they're all equally at fault. Goo Tak put him behind bars by refusing to consider any other point of view and using evidence to suit his preconceived notion, but Jung Moon wouldn't have even been under suspicion were it not for the Oh-Kim plan, so I really think the fault lies with them primarily. And Goo Tak began to doubt his belief, so took him out of prison to observe - but then Oh-Kim got involved, and again it began to look like Jung Moon did it, so Goo Tak made another decision based on faulty information. At least when Goo Tak did what he did it, he did it sincerely. Those other two used Jung Moon like he wasn't a human being.
He gives Psycho his gun and tells him to do with it what he wants. Jung-moon takes it ... and for the second time in two days, Goo-tak has hiw own gun pointed at this face. Jung-moon says that he can't feel what Goo-tak is feeling - since he is a psychopath. He wanted to learn about that thing called emotions; and he did over the last few months. And because he has learned, he understands why Goo-tak is feeling apologetic. But forgive him? Never.
And I say this was handled badly. I don't think he's a psycho at all. He does not fit the medical definition in any way, and that statement he just made is ridiculous because he obviously DOES have and always HAD had recognizable emotions as well as relationships we can suppose were loving.
The gun hovers at Goo-tak's temple for a long time, but then, Jung-moon puts it down on the railing. Before he walks away, he tells Goo-tak that there is a thing to do: catch that bastard that killed his daughter and framed him.
Our Bad Ass ahjussi can't be kilt he has hyeong super powers.
At this point I sincerely believe that Nam is our one sacrifice, but I could be okay with Oh Goo Tak dying to save any one of our boys, but especially Jung Moon, as a particularly meaningful sacrifice/reparation gesture.
It's time to start Operation "Butterfly's Dream"! In which they will make Oh the Fuck wake up from his dream and realize he is not an elegant and noble butterfly, but an ugly and filthy human. The method? They'll use Dr. Kim as bait. And Mi-young as a little helper again. And indeed ... Oh the Fuck has wiretapped Mi-young's phone and thus becomes privy to a conversation between her and Goo-tak, in which our Squad Leader tells Miss "I-Want-A-Promotion" that he has uncovered the whole truth about Mr. Prosecutor - but will not talk over the phone, but tell her in person. Hehe.
So, just so I'm clear. The wiretap was after Dr. Kim's capture? and what prompted the sudden suspicion of Mi-young? 
I'd say if she didn't have them before the black box was destroyed, she damn sure had them after that point. But I agree that she went back and forth too easily. Bad writing for her, again.
And now for the hardest bit in this episode. Tae-soo asks for some time from Goo-tak ... since they might very well die during this mission. He has something to say to "that woman". Oh my beautiful killer ... He goes to her apartment and waits for her. She is quite happy to see him (who wouldn't ... and she clearly likes him, too) but he falls on his knees and tells her that it was him who killed her husband. He killed him and made it look like an accident. And he tells her every gory, terrible detail of how he did it.
Because she told him she wanted to meet her husband's murderer, to ask him why he did it, he is telling her this. The answer to that: he killed him because he couldn't forget about her. Because he had developed feelings for her (after being saved by her that one time). And he is so very, very sorry. Without ever expecting her forgiveness. DAMN. That's ..... DAMN. Alright, for my peace of heart, I'm assuming he is lying to her. Right? No? He is protecting her?
Woah woah woah. That doesn't make sense. Because if her husband had been alive when she saved his life Wouldn't he have been with her at the hospital? Is that not when he started having feelings for her?
We had the timeline a bit wrong. She didn't save him after he murdered her husband, in a huge coincidence. She saved him, and THEN he murdered her husband. But there are some things that don't fit. One is that she always said her husband was murdered, not that he was killed by a drunk driver. You can say that's a murder, sure, but most people will say 'killed by' in that situation. And you can't really ask why, since it isn't a deliberate decision to kill that particular person. And two, that quick scene where he's walking through the hospital and sees her mourning her husband's death. What was that? Is that what made him turn himself in? How could it be? He was covered in someone's blood the night he turned himself in, so whatever happened THAT night was what made him decide to change. It's sloppy, this part.
But now that's done and over with, our four Bad Guys are ready to "chew that bunch of bastards to death". Can't wait! They go to the Incheon docks - 5.30 hours before the meet-up. Yup, professionals practice! The killer, the thug and the genius get it all right - who will turn up where, when, and with what kind of helpers.
Let this be a lesson to you kids... Always plan your plans.
These are role models! Practice makes perfect, pay attention to the details, trust your instincts (which are really just the micro-observations your brain was making while you were off ignoring things), and finally - and I can't stress this enough - be the acknowledged genius of your particular field. That's all it takes, really. Simple stuff.
What Prosecutor Oh wants: his hands on Doctor Kim, who knows much too much. Goo-tak tells Mi-young on the phone that our Doctor is on a boat named Hermes. And so they lure Creepy Cha and his band of thugs on the boat, where Woong-chul takes on the majority of the thugs. On another part of the boat, Tae-soo (wearing his black gloves!) takes care of some others. But his real target is Creepy Cha.
Damn, Cha is good! But thankfully, Tae-soo is better! Eeeeeeh, Adrenaline ... Things are looking a bit rough for Woong-chul, but then, Tae-soo starts helping him ... and the smile on Woong-chul's face is just so sweet. I will miss you guys :(
When Tae-soo just walked up to the guys with that swagger *shiver* I'm wondering if the fight coordinator is this Cha dude. Their fighting styles aren't so different. That back cracking move though.
That noise. *shivers*
When all the little birds are out of the nest, big mama bird is all alone ... and can be lured away. And lured away he is, Oh the Fuck! By Jung-moon, who is dragging along someone with a black hood. Doctor Kim? He follows them to a guard's house on the docks, where he finds the hooded figure tied to a chair. And as so many other character in this show, Oh gets a bit chatty with the hooded figure as he tells him he always knew he was weak etc. He lifts his gun ... to shoot. That's Jung-moon's moment to speak up! He is sitting on a couch to the side. Don't tell me Oh hasn't seen him there?!
Blinded by bloodlust?
Per K-Drama rules, the following is true: Korean men are handsome and tall (usually), interested in fashion, emotionally damaged but secretly desirous of an all-encompassing love, geniuses at work, and severely hampered by a lack of peripheral vision.
A bit of philosophy from Psycho, too: "To sin is a human business, but to justify sins is a devilish business". Oh quotes some more Tolstoy back, about thinking to change the world and not oneself. He wants to change himself to then change the world: and he totally believes that what he did was right. Because he is just as psycho if not more than our dear little Jung-moon. But when he then lifts his gun to point it at Jung-moon's head, Dr. Kim takes off his hood ... and isn't Dr. Kim at all, but Goo-tak.
I knew it wasn't Dr. Kim but but was really convinced it was Mi-young
One little hit and Prosecutor is on the floor. And many more hits from Goo-tak until Jung-moon catches and holds his arm. He shakes his head ever so slightly. Enough. And here comes the surprise ... they caught it all on (candid) camera, operated by Mi-young. Time to arrest Psycho Oh.
Smile! You're on Candid Camera!
Well, all is well that ends well, no? Not quite. Since Commissioner Nam passed away, our Bad Guys won't get their sentences reduced. Oh well ... at least they had fun (and ... isn't Jung-moon completely innocent??!). Plus, Goo-tak faces some prison time himself for ... I'm not quite sure, but I guess for putting Jung-moon in jail with fake evidence?! Was it fake? It was real evidence, it just wasn't the whole story. Mi-young suggested to them that they flee after the case is over, but of course they won't. Cause they're men. Not beasts. So they willingly let themselves be arrested after everything is over.
There's a time jump of sorts, after which Mi-young is talking to the new Commissioner about the reinvestigation of Jung-moon's case. It's possible he will be released. Only 'possible'? Hello, he didn't do anything wrong! Also ... she knows there is another serial killer is involved with this case (flashback to Pipewrench telling Jung-moon he didn't kill that one woman). That woman also wasn't killed by Oh. It's a serial killing within another serial killing. The new Commissioner thinks there's no way this can be solved. But Mi-young knows better: it can.
Cue the Bad Ass music!
So in Season Two there are FOUR mad dogs, and Mi Young is a less-crazy Goo Tak?
Strut-strut through the prison ... and looks who's there? Mad Dog. And he's being released again.
Someone please for the love of God cut his frigging hair.


YES! What a great show. Great story, great acting, great cinematography. No live-shoot with OCN: it pays off. I think it's safe to say this show is already among my all-time favorites and it almost hurts to say this, but ... I think it beats TEN. Since it did really, really well ratings-wise, it most definitely will get a Season 2. And since Yun Jung Hoon really doesn't want to do Vampire Prosecutor 3, writer-nim is free to do Bad Gyus 2 over the holidays. Perfect. Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself, of course.
 *Chanting* Season 2! Season 2!
Season Two or we'll send Tae Soo after you.

The show wasn't without flaws, of course not. They never are. There are many little plot holes (non gaping, I don't think?) and things that don't quite add up. We mentioned all that stuff through-out the recaps, so I guess I'll just point out some of the bigger things? Like character flaws. The weakest character was Mi-young (and I've been saying that all season long), which is a shame, because Kang Ye-won could have done much better, had she been given a bit more to work on. I get that they needed someone reasonable there to keep the cray Guys in check, but why make her so bland? The loyalty stuff with Commissioner Nam was quite interesting, but in the end, it didn't really serve any purpose either, because the character went nowhere. Her realization that Team Bad Guy wasn't to blame for the murder was ... well, simply too quick and not explained at all. A shame really ... the one thing I liked though is that OCN (once again) didn't give us any romance between the leads ... cause that would have been out of place completely.
Mi-young. *sigh* totally wondering WHY she was given such top billing going into the show when they knew she was just going to whisper at the beginning and the end of every scene she was in. 
The writing for her and the misuse of the 'psychopath' bit were my two biggest complaints.

The second (big) weakness was Prosecutor Oh. As soon as he arrived, it was clear he was fishy. So it wasn't such a big surprise when he was revealed as big villain. Also, it kinda feels like cheating if you introduce the main villain so late in the game (but that way, the show kept us guessing much longer). The reveal in this episode also felt ... rushed, somehow. I would have liked our Bad Guys to uncover that truth, without Oh going on crazy-overdrive and practically revealing himself.
It's just that all along I thought they were going for a bigger reveal, built up from all the crimes along the way. Oh was completely disconnected from any of that. His only connection was Jung Moon.

As for the rest of the main characters ... 1A++. I love how each and every one of them got a backstory and enough time to actually explore that backstory. My favorite was Tae-soo (and that's no secret), but I seriously don't know what to think about his confession. What human being would kill somebody in that terrible way just because he liked his woman?! It's completely out of character for this character. I agree. Make this my biggest complaint, actually. Sure, he is an assassin - but we got to know him as an assassin with an assassin's ethics. NOT like the one that went rogue and couldn't get over the fact that everybody else changed. There is no way he was a total beast when he was younger, killed somebody in such a terrible was for such a reason and then, all by himself, realized he had done wrong, and turned himself in to repent. He went to jail to kill Jung-moon tho. Nope. He was in jail already when he was hired to do that. For me, it only makes sense if he needs to hide something very unpleasant from that woman, something that has to do with her husband. I think (I hope!) this will be explained in Season 2.  
Agreed. He's totally hiding something. The way he faltered over that last bit.
I would love for this to be true because somehow, of all the things we know these men have done... killing that man for that reason seems the most horrible. Perhaps because it's Tae Soo and we've turned him into some kind of rehabilitated angel... but it was just a horrible thing to think anyone could do that.

The one topic they carried through the 11 episodes was the question of when someone is a beast and when a (hu)man - and we've seen several versions of beasts and humans. And we've seen beasts turn to humans and humans turn to beasts. The moral? Live a good life. Peace out. Over.
I learnt other things like writer-nim has a pretty twisted mind and likes the same movies that I do. That when in doubt blame hypnosis and it's always good to get on Jo's good side because she will defend the heck out of you when you're suspected of killing 15 people.
My poor good boy! I do agree with Kakashi that the core of this story was an observation of the shifting lines of good and bad within a person, and I found it interesting that my feelings towards certain characters could be manipulated over time.  
I wondered often if these were people I could forgive in real life. I knew Jung Moon was innocent of the serial killer accusations and I understood how he could 'break' like he did over his parents... I might have some worries, but I'd trust him. Woong Chul I'd trust completely. Tae Soo I feel like I could trust... but I don't know if I could forget his crime(s) enough to be comfortable around him. He was the best AND the worst, for me.