Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 17 (KimJiCap)

What is going on, you ask? Well, it's quite obvious! I miss my Kim Ji-hoon. Plus, this is the wedding episode!!!!! And the world really needs some cute these days. This drama is so damn funny. How could I not have watched on? Thank you, drama slump!

Episode 17

Trouble at the Jo-house. As mother puts it: "The father is always tired and the daughter is always stripping" (huh?) Ah, this is about wedding dresses - Mijin wanted a sexy provocative one. Yeah, she would :D Mother is outraged. Of course. And brother Inwoo is exhausted because the women fought so much all day.

Kim Ji-hoon! Hi!!!!! He (that is Boksoo) meets his Dooly with the many shopping bags in the park (she changed, too) and they're off to meet the officiator. Later, he gets a cucumber mask from his sister. I'm only writing this so that I can put in a pic of him.
In the meantime, Boksoo's father is trying to get more "friends" to come to the wedding. And then, he has a heart-to-heart with his son. Did you know that only marriage makes a man a man? Oh dear, but Dad is a bit depressed ... being the head of family is too hard, he says. But this lovely man-talk is interrupted by all three women of the family - end of moping. And the Lee as well as the Jo family celebrate the fast approaching wedding of their offspring. There's a lot of sadness there, though - especially the mothers are having a hard time.
And as Boksu's dad tries to take his clothes off inside the Pig Feet restaurant (because he is drunk and ... sad?), Boksu calls his Dooly to thank her for marrying him. *dies* In the background, Boksu's father takes a piss in his undershirt.
Sad mothers be still sad ... BoksuOmma washes the dishes; there is a finality to this act. A new era will begin tomorrow, when her son's wife will move in. And she goes to take a long last look at said son, who sleeps peacefully (but drunk) alone for the last time.
It's the WEDDING!
Okay, this is hilarious. BoksuAppa loudly greets many, many "friends", all from very "lowly" rank ... while the Jos are embarrassed. Ahahahaa, I love how these two families don't mix AT ALL. Nothing fits. No, wrong! Actually, loud, funny, and totally embarrassing Dooly fits right in. Of course she went for the "sexy" wedding dress. And of course her dad doesn't really want to give her away to this "jerk", of which he even doesn't like the smile.
Boksu's mother cries her eyes out, as if she were the mother of the bride. Who is totally pissed off by that. And then, the wedding vows. Boksu says his "yes" much too softly and needs to repeat it, this time loudly, followed by a shouted yes from Dooly.
And now, a kiss! Bokus is a filial son, and he knows his parents will be shocked, but ... ahaha, his father actually edges him on (while his mother covers her face)! A little peck ... a promise of more later.
The wedding is over, Boku's parents fight (she wants to sleep, he wants her to cook), Dooly's mother talks badly about her low and loud in-laws as does BaDIL. Too loud, too much fun, too not-how-it's-done. Our newly weds care less than not-at-all - because they're on their honeymoon! OMG, they're so silly and cute.
They do all kinds of extremely cute things together (this is totally like WGM, but better!) and then, it's time to go to bed. She claims she is not feeling well, and when he hits her on the upper chest to help her catch her breath, they both blush deeply.

The Rest

  • Giha goes to the hospital to confront Joon Myung about his sister - but then, he hears that he is on his way to his cousin's wedding and steps away. Lots of brooding follows. Gawd, this character is annoying.
  • I felt sorry for Dooly Omma who is so stubborn :( She constantly fights with her daughter even though it's clear it's ripping her heart out that she's leaving. She doesn't even spend her last night with her.
  • Grandma allows her DIL to keep the silk cushion - Boksu Omma has won a round! Yay for her! 
  • Inwoo catches the bridal bouquet. Haha.


I forgot how much fun this drama is!!! Those characters feel so real and especially the women in their diversity are really well written. This episode was mainly about the mothers and their difficulties with letting their children go - but it was also about a clash of generation. Several times, her mother says about Dooly that she "has no shame" and also that "she couldn't just sit like a pure and innocent girl". And Dooly? She gives a rat's ass about what people think. She's got a foul temper and a foul mouth - she behaves like a 10 year old, but she's got SOUL. I can't wait for her to move in and butt heads with Grandma.