Rants and "Weekly" Raves #21 (RAWR)

We're a little light this week - people claim to have 'real life events' taking up their time. Riiiiiiiight. You're all off hunting the web looking for THIS guy:

He just heard about the comments on DB


JoAnne: Oh, that ending made me so happy. This drama made me happy, period. You can easily recommend it to pretty nearly anyone. If they don't fall for the cuteness of 90% of the cast they may appreciate the redemption of In Ha's mom or the chilling truth behind the kind facade of Bum Jo's mom. They will certainly adore Choi Family, all 3 generations. I for one liked all of that PLUS I appreciated the discussion about media responsibility, the sensitive treatment of family relationships, Hyung's journey, and yes, the fact that Park Shin Hye kissed a boy back. More than once. Also - Kim Young Kwang had a really good role, and he more than proved he can hang.
kakashi: So, apparently, they managed not to screw up the ending? I am very glad to hear that. It's something special in KDramaland. I know it shouldn't be, but it is! 
They really did not screw up the ending. It's a KDrama Miracle!  
Hyung!  We didn't see enough of you, though.

Valid Love

I thought this week's episodes were particularly good. People are starting to really get in touch with what they want and need. Il Ri's trying hard to communicate and she's holding out for real connection. Hee Tae is beginning to understand just how much he marginalized her, despite loving her in his own unthinking way. Carpenter Kim, the poor guy... Over and over, he shows that he really sees her. And if Hee Tae will really see her too, then fine. But if not, then he is MORE than willing to take that job on. I love that Hee Soo has this internal life despite her unchanging exterior, and I'm very curious about that almost-fiance and her story, in general. Mom's dementia, and how that affects her husband - I'm glued to the set for it. The two dongsaengs and their funny courtship - all of it is great stuff. I love this drama. It's honest.

Heart to Heart

I've seen the first two episodes and I'm on board. I love the quirkiness, I love the performances, I love the look of it. My problem, though, shared by many: Lee Jae Yoon as Jang Doo Soo, the infinitely patient, accepting, kind-hearted detective. Okay, yes, the infinitely patient, accepting, kind-hearted detective with the lovely face and body, who will not get the girl. I know he won't. It's okay with him that she's a girl in a helmet. Which, of course, is why he won't get her. It's the hero who helps the girl change who gets the girl, not the sweetheart who thinks she's fine as she is. Dammit.
I hear he has dimples?
He's got dimples, he's got thighs, he's got a square jaw, he's got a beautiful smile...and apparently he's got a fiancee, too. Well, when a show sinks its own ship, it makes it possible to cheer for the actual OTP at least.  And, um...they get busy REALLY fast. 

NB: I googled to get a good pic for y'all.  This is the page that returned to me.  Go ahead. Take your time. Lee Jae Yoon Dimples


We are so close to Young Shin knowing. SO CLOSE. My burning question at the moment is this: when she finds out, will they do the hand thing MORE, or will they do it LESS?  Because the hand thing, I do not know if I can really handle more. Also, does anyone have a GIF of the thing Healer does, where he tilts his head and nods/smiles in pleased acknowledgement of something she says?  I need that. We all need that.
kakashi: I'm all caught up now! Which is a good sign. I find the drama very enjoyable (after a relatively slow start) for the OTP and Yoo Ji-Tae, but I must also say that I don't understand the craziness about this drama. It's solid, it's good so far, but come on! The story is super predictable (even un-original) and there are so many elements that are just standard KDrama fair. I just don't understand why we have to have "fated-cause-we-knew-each-other-as-children"-stories again and again and again. Unless KDrama gets over its tropes and cliches, it'll lose me. That said, I am glad to see Ji Chang-wook shine. He is great. And I still can't believe that Park Min-young has learnt how to act. That's probably the biggest surprise for me.
Healer takes undercover work seriously

Dr. Frost

I decided to give this another chance and got through Episode 1 alright, though I did fight sleep there for a while. I will continue watching to see whether it's yay or nay. What really bothers me at the moment is Song Chang-Eui's bored face (yes, I KNOW he's a guy without emotion ... but come on, without emotion doesn't have to equal bored! Same issue I had with Lee Min-ho in Faith) and Jung Eun-Chae's "quirky" character. I HATE this kind of persona.
I just haven't mustered up the strength yet. I already checked out several new dramas this week!

Kill Me, Heal Me

Surprised Lo didn't show up to talk about this one... It took 4 full episodes, but I'm cautiously on board. Do Hyun is sweet and man... Se Gi does something to me. But the story might be sort of a little bit okay maybe.
Do Hyun racing away from Se Gi