Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #22 (RAWR)

I don't know how many of you drop in on OT, but this week was kind of an old home week for us because we did - first time in a long time. It was so much fun to see old friends who aren't on Twitter, and new people just discovering dramas, and the whole thing just felt like a massive party.

DramaBeans is where most of us met and became friends, and spending time on Twitter came about because we wanted to keep our OT conversations going longer. We're going to try to make a point of visiting now and then.  It felt good!

Digitally altered to protect identities of squeecappers

(Kakashi: I use third level subheadings)
(JoAnne: Imagine Gong Hyo Jin saying 'Oh my God' to Jo In Sung.)


SHE KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWS. That is all. Next week is going to be awesome. We can't be far from crime-fighting Scooby Gang shenanigans NOW.
Much of this week's episode annoyed me. For example her reaction after finding out who he is. Why would she cry???? Yeah, yeah, I know the drama wants to make us believe she is sad that he "lied to her", but ... it doesn't make sense. She knows who Healer is and that he has to keep his identity secret. And she knows he is totally into her. What's her stupid problem?! And I was also annoyed by his "I'm now going to die"-act after his Sabu gets killed. Why would he get depressed? I don't understand. Please explain. I will get back to you with an answer. 
She probably feels exposed and embarrassed to have put herself out there to him, even unknowingly, plus maybe feeling a little stupid having had him right there under her nose all that time. Teacher only came back at his insistence and threats, and then died because of it. He's feeling guilty about that, he's regretful about arguing with him and losing the short time they had remaining, and he's afraid that getting closer to the girl he loves puts her in danger.
Ah, but see, that's one of my issues with this show overall. It uses too many clichés. Cause the "I feel so guilty for the death of my XY" is such a common stupid trope in KDrama. Like it's HIS fault his idiot teacher (by the way, I hated the way he acted that role) took the blame for him. Bleh.
Lafer: When Santa delivers on my wish for more drama watching hours, this will be the first one I watch. And I usually like EVERY drama better if I'm marathoning it. But I guess I was kind of a naughty girl last year because so far, no wishes have been granted. Sigh.
Oh my love, I'm all yours

Valid Love

It looks as though Tee Hae has given up on trying to get Il Ri back, due to his changed family circumstances.  The irony is that those circumstances force him to spend more time than ever with both Il Ri and Carpenter Kim, who is proving more each day that he's a good soul - just one who'd been cut off from other humans for a long time.  I don't know...the black humor right now is really appealing to me; otherwise the horror of what's happening to his family would be overwhelmingly sad.  This is looking more like a Woody Allen movie than ever, fortunately with a far less annoying schmuck.
My mom wants to WHAT?  With WHOM?

Kill Me, Heal Me

Shuk: Ji Sung's wardrobe coordi deserves a pat on the back, for all the outfits right down to Perry Park's white leisure suit and shiny shoes. But what's with the ugly sweaters on Park Seo-joon? Was that green sweater too large, so they decided to stitch her into it?  Anyways, this is my new SK Drama crack. A big thumbs-up. Ji Sung is rocking it out of the park, and now even I am getting confused over which persona is hotter.
Lafer: Yes, once again, Ji Sung does not disappoint (like he could, lol). The story is holding my interest, but for the moment I'm watching more to see him transform from personality to personality. I do like his chemistry with Hwang JungEum, but I wish I liked her a little more in general. As an added bonus, I find Oh Min-Seok as the mean hyung really appealing!
Hwang Jung Eum may ruin this for me if she doesn't tone her act down a bit. Except for her, it's settling in pretty well - although we still haven't met 4 of the personalities and that could blow it, too. I have sympathy for both Do Hyun and Se Gi. Perry seems fine with things so far, so I don't spend much time thinking about him.
OK, forget Oh Min-Seok. My heart is pounding for Ji Sung (although that almost kiss scene went on forever. So what if I did fog up the screen a little.) But he looks better than ever! One of the rare guys I actually like with a little hollowness in his cheeks. As song as he doesn't lose those arms and legs...…
becca: So… I've seen five episodes, and I'm losing interest a bit. I think I'll give it one more episode to try and convince me before I drop it.
I'm disliking the portrayal of Ri Jin enough that I may do the same.  I'm sure I can pick up enough from recaps.
Meet Suicidal Teen

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

JoAnne: I picked this up, curious - I love a good coming of age story in any language, and this one promised a musical competition and one of my favorite little baby idols from B1A4, Jinyoung. I think to myself 'It's one episode a week of pretty, musical fluff.'  I deeply loved Dream High (the FIRST one, the FIRST one), What's Up, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Monstar...this is right up my alley. They gave us 2 episodes at once last week, and I watched them together. The production values are good and the acting  isn't bad at all, and I like the conceit of putting them in an actual true competition from a few years ago, mixing in actual contestants.  'This is going to be FUN!' I think.

I am almost immediately Team Hyung rather than Team Jinyoung, first surprise of the day, and the love triangle is actually rather sensitively drawn, second.  And then, before you can say OMGLeeMinKi, we've got gangsters, 'betrayal', a truck of doom...and a birth secret!  Despite the terrible theme song, the music in the show isn't bad and picks up a lot for me in episode 3.  So far it's only on Viki and subs are slow, so you might want to save up for a marathon...it's too late for me.

To meet Hyung is to love him (plus a little Hyun Sik for good measure)

We Got Married

Kakashi: So ... I'm kinda waiting for the right moment to drop this. There's various reasons: a) mary no longer commenting (I mean .... come ON! if she's losing the interest to squee for oppa, then you know how I must feel!), b) it feeling repetitive and uneventful and c) me not even being such a huge Rim fan. Oh, and d) him sometimes annoying me a lot. And e) this show annoying me a LOT.
mary: I just want Oppar back in a drama. I'm very kamsa to you for continuing to recap it, though I wish you won't be too hard on yourself and say goodbye to this show already. It's ok to stop recapping, kakashi!
JoAnne: I... somehow haven't watched the episode from last weekend yet. (Oh right - I was sucked into Season One of Hannibal.) I'd be cool with ending the honeymoon with, you know, the actual honeymoon. We have Unkind Women coming up, after all.
Lafer: With all the controversy about Kim So-Eun's interview and Hong Jong Hyun really dating Nana, I'm just waiting for something to come out about Nam Goon Min/Hong Ji Young. But I agree, the whole show is getting very annoying. I honestly only want to know if NGM/HJY are seeing each other in real life or not. Because if not, I am never watching WGM again. #Don'tLikeBeingPlayed
becca: As I've said before, I'm more bored than annoyed these days. I've never really cared for variety shows anyway, so now that this one has settled down and the shiny newness has worn off, I've lost interest. I think Nam is bored, too.
And now, it's the next Sunday and I have neither recapped last week's ep nor have I downloaded this week's ep. Have I, maybe, dropped it already?
Perhaps you have...

I'm sorry, what was that about getting bored...

Dr. Frost

Kakashi: I really wanted to continue watching - it's an easy watch, perfect for accompanying i.e. exercising - but I really haven't had the time. The only thing I watched this week was Healer.
JoAnne: Still haven't gotten around to even looking for an episode.
becca: I was never interested in trying this show.
You did mention he had short legs...

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Shuk:  Hyun Bin has already softened a bit from his MS days, but the first episode (the only one I've watched as of this typing) has got me on board for at least 4 episodes. Already, though, there seems to be a corporate takeover waiting in the wings (big YAWN), and that may be the deal breaker for me.
JoAnne: I am on board, although I'm still angry about that stupid gorilla and I think leaping off a building to go after someone falling through the air is pretty stupid. I'm very curious to know why Seo Jin thinks Robin is the bastard and why everyone is so afraid of him. I mean sure, it wouldn't be GOOD to have your boss/son dissassociate, but this seems more than that.
kakashi: I want to check this out. Somewhat, I feel a bit more curious about Hyun Bin than Ji Sung. It's quite remarkable that KMHM is beating HJM in the ratings though! I wouldn't have thought
I liked this much faster than I did KMHM and it has the added benefit of no screeching, plus more natural humor. I think the ratings are a combination of ahjummas loving Girl Screech, and Ji Sung had a week's lead in the War of Hormones.
becca: Crazy gorilla aside, I did like the first episode. It was a fun watch, and although I heard a lot of negative reactions early on, I think it shows promise.

I...what?  Did you say something? Oh *I* was saying something?

Heart to Heart

Lafer: After much initial resistance, I have fallen deeply for Heart to Heart. I don't even know what made me stick with it for the first 4 episodes because I found the lead so unlikeable, but I'm glad I did AND I'm glad it's a cable show. Because we all know what that means! I am now very interested to see where this takes us.
JoAnne: Now having seen this week's episodes, I am 100% in love, and they salvaged my Thighs ship, dammit, so it's going to hurt.
Shuk: There was so much HealerTalk on DB Open Thread, that I've decided to add this to my watchlist. No guarantees as to when I may squee /commiserate with those of us currently watching it.
kakashi: Somebody just ranted massively on Twitter because of the viki subs. So apparently, this is a viki exclusive but the subs are slow? And not only that, people seem to just copy paste stuff. The quality must be terrible. Is that so? 
I didn't find them terribly bad, no. But I just finished watching and you wrote this yesterday, I think, so perhaps improvement happened.
Update: After episodes 5 + 6, I can tell this will beat out KMHM. I'm loving it!
He DOES like her

Other Stuff?

JoAnne: Hannibal. Loved it. Empire. Enjoying it. Sleepy Hollow. Have decided to love the first season and not spoil that love with any moments of viewing the second (You smart woman!!) Jane the Virgin. Still awesome, and now expecting a plot twist.
Shuk: Oh man, this show gets nuttier and nuttier, and I couldn't be happier. What is the secret behind the PS theater? And who knew that having an illicit makeout session in the course of an investigation helps you to, um, investigate. The scene, that is. Love it!
Kakashi: Yes, Jane the Virgin deserves our love. It's very, very good! That said, this week's Sleepy Hollow almost made me cry. That's how bad it was. I can't stop watching because it's endlessly fascinating to me that it's possible to mess a show up so completely in just a few episodes. And no, this is not like KDrama - because it once was really good, and now it's the complete opposite.  
Shuk:  I've hated it since Katrina came back. Where is all my delicious sexual tension gone?? WAE???
The way it should be.
Shuk  I've started segmenting shows for Viki, focusing on those lakorns that need love.  So far I've worked to extend the subbing of four different shows.  Now to able to watch them correctly!  Plus, still plugging away on my recaps, chipping at them a little bit at a time. 
For Shuk, who loved it especially
Shuk:  Excuse while I throw up into the nearest Eiffel Tower-shaped ewer. I'm sure it's nearby.