Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: So we finally get to the cohabitation portion of the story. It's about time! Can Rut pull this off successfully? He is stronger, more mature, more self-confident, and more aware than his younger brother. Is his attraction to May stronger, though? Will he be able to protect his fake identity and the woman from the evil machinations of the ex-boyfriend bad guy? Let us see!
becca: Just remember: this is a lakorn, so things will get much much worse before they get better.

ShukNote:  I would like the assistance of any Thai squeeglet to (1) identify the song Wat is gyrating to while wearing a towel; and (2) confirm the identity of the third person in the fanmeet picture at the bottom of the SqueeCap. Kop kum kha!

Episode 5

Rut sits among the spider flowers and looks out over Veggie Farm. Mom shows up, worried about her eldest heading into danger. She doesn't want him to go, but he can’t forget his promise to protect his younger brother, and also for Uncle who had supported him all this time. He promises to be careful. All she can do is hug him and hope for the best.
I'm happy that we're finally moving on to to the fake-Watit story, but really, this cannot end well.
At Citrus Farm, Uncle has called a house meeting. He informs everyone that Watit’s condition is such that he can’t come home right now. The housekeeper starts wailing that she can’t take care of her charge. If she wasn't so mean to May, I might feel a twinge of sympathy for her.
So… you're feeling a hypothetical twinge.

He tells the waiting group that Watit is being transferred to Bangkok for rehabilitation for now, and will return to the farm when he’s given a clean bill of health. Until then, no one is to talk about it or ask questions.
Yes, because heaven forbid anyone wants to know how this person who is very important to ALL of them is doing. I get it, but can't he make something up to tell them?

Both Naree and May request transferring with him to take care of him in the city, but Uncle nixes that, and gets angry when May insists, until she is almost in tears. Once she is back in her apartment, she thinks back to the sweeter moments with Wheeze, and looks at her wedding picture. Yep, she’s convinced the Koon situation caused his current condition. I knew it! Totally misplaced, of course. And no doubt Uncle’s outburst didn't help.
Yes, and she doesn't blame Koon, she blames herself. Seriously, Uncle, I know that your head is full of Watit, but couldn't you spare a second thought for what May is going through? She needs someone on her side in this house.
At Flower Farm, May relays the facts (as she knows them) to her mother. Mom is surprised and speculates that his condition must be bad, even though they don’t have any details. FlowerMom tells her to be strong, and to stay away from Koon. Mom also believes that Evil Goon is a good person [cough cough] and will also want to avoid any confrontations in the future. May doesn't believe it either, I think.
Oh, Mom. Mom Mom Mom MOM. Let me explain to you a thing. This guy attacked your daughter. This guy tried to rape your daughter. Your. Daughter. You are not allowed to think this guy is a good person. If you had any brains or maternal instinct, you would pluck your girl outta that house and refuse to give her back until Goon is GONE. You just lost all your points with me. Have fun starting again from zero. *crosses arms*
At school, the girls are eating lunch, and Flower Girl gets another eyeful of Flower Boy’s ostracism by the other students. It’s time for class, but Rin sits in thought as her friends get up from the table. In the classroom she blocks the chair next to her with her purse. Her friends want to know why she is reserving it. The object of her chair-saving enters, takes one look at her, and finds the furthest available desk. She gets ready to go sit near him, but one of her buds restrains her.
The teacher is distracted by his iPad as he enters the classroom, answering his text messages. He hastily puts it down and starts discussing today’s lesson. Rin starts quietly pestering Mai for not sitting up front. No, Rin, no talking in class! He tries to ignore her, but she keeps at it. He finally talks back, and, of course, they get caught by the teacher. He kicks them out of the class, and Flower Boy shakes his head at her as he leaves. She chases after her, still intent on (s)talking to him.

He stops when she asks if it was that horrible to be her friend; without missing a beat he turns and says, “Yes.” Rin, you set yourself up on that one. She finally comes clean. She didn't like him when they first met, but since he helped her, she has wanted to help him as well.
It's a nice thought, but, as we've said many times, she's going about it in the wrong way.

He says it again, “If you want to help me, please do what I ask and stay away from me.” Rather than replying, she forcibly hands him a copy of the classroom notes that she took while he was incarcerated, and skips away before he can return them. Aww. I still think she’s too pushy and doesn't quite understand the depths of his anger at her (since she has no idea May is his sister), but that was nice of her.
It was really nice, especially since he doesn't seem to have anyone else to lend him notes now. What happened to his friends who were in the fight too? He saved one of them from getting shot! Shouldn't at least that boy be on his side? Or did the writers forget about him?
Maybe their character sheets were written on tissue paper, and there was a flu bug going around?
Pimp Dad is mad that Naree couldn't secure a place by Watit’s side in Bangkok. Naree tries to explain that even May isn't allowed to take care of him. Dad wants to know why Naree won’t help him secure financial assistance. Does she like someone else? He will yank her out of Citrus Farm if she does. She protests that there isn't anyone in her heart right now. He’s okay with that, because he has a new target.
I'll admit, I give Naree a tiny bit of slack for being a bad person because her dad is a nightmare. There's a reason why she's so messed up. Also a reason why she has horrible taste in men. From Pimp Daddy to Aspiring Rapist is not a good way to go, though.

Uncle watches as an ambulance bundles up Watit for a trip. He’s now off the ventilator and on a nasal cannula. So I guess he’s breathing on his own, even if he is still unconscious. The doctor walks to Uncle and confirms that he has taken care of the special equipment that his son is going to require.
He’s transported to…Flower Farm? And back on the ventilator and monitoring machines. Okay, medical fail.; someone should have been bagging him in the ambulance. FlowerMom cries over his still body, wondering if the bad karma is left over from her abandonment. Rin hugs her, and they all hope he recovers. Wat wants to know what Phase Two is.
Um… why did they not bring along a personal nurse or doctor? If something goes wrong, will it just be Mom and Rin here with him? They care, but that's a bad idea.
Good point.
Before Project Scruff To Wheeze begins, Rut takes a final thought-stop among his flowers. Rin brings some corn to share. Mom is still awake, but she will make sure their mother rests. Why did her big brother ask to speak with her out here?
He explains that everything is more complicated than it used to be, and asks her to do her best for the farm and for their mother. She’s flippant, but he speaks in a serious tone as tears well up in his eyes. Flower Mom has to deal with the farm, the workers, Rut and Rin, Watit, her emotions, and all their responsibilities. She starts crying too and yells that she will do her best, unnerved by his tears. They wipe each other’s faces and hugs. I sniff. Siblings of the heart are just as tight as any other.
Oof. That scene did me in. And I love how that this is a hugging family! You should all go and hug May and her family, too. They need hugs. You need hugs. It makes sense.
*becca dies from the cuteness*
Goon is putzing around his house when Naree shows up, all flirtatious and stuff. Uh oh, is this the new “target” that Pimp Dad was talking about. *vomits* Apparently it is; the three of them share a meal al fresco. Dad wonders how Wheeze is doing but of course Goon doesn't know thanks to Uncle’s information lockdown. According to Dad, it’s a waste of money to send him to Bangkok. Yes, Watit is a good kid, but blood is thicker than water, nae? Dad claims to also be a victim of Uncle’s greed, because he asked for some money and assets but Uncle wouldn't give them to him. And I’m thinking, the man has the right to distribute his things as he sees fit, but of course, that logic would escaping someone using his daughter as bait.

Anyway, after the dinner, father and daughter talk. PimpDad has the same nasty thoughts as Goon, that is, goading Wheeze into dying by making May a prize to be fought over. Naree doesn't want Goon to end up with May, and will not give in no matter what. Dad smiles a self-satisfied smirk.
You a gross old man, Pimp Dad. I hope you suffer.

At Citrus Farm, May is sad and sitting at an outside table. Goon shows up, but as soon as she sees him, she stands and starts leaving. He begs her to stop and hear him out, but she tells him to pack sand. She will not do anything to disappoint her husband or her father-in-law. Moreover, if Goon hadn't physically hurt her, the family wouldn't be in this state. With that she leaves, even though he continues to call after her. The housekeeper sees this, but we know she already hates May, so her version is not going to be the accurate one.
Which is completely born out in the next scene. May offers to help prepare the fruits for a snack, but the horrid housekeeper says her only job to keep the two siblings from fighting. The other servant is appalled when she spin doctors their meeting as one that May planned while the Master was away dealing with her ailing husband. Kick her in the shins, May. Do eeeeeet! Nope, she just sadly walks away.
I understand the housekeeper being attached to and protective of the kid she helped raise, but… she's still an employee, and she's overstepping her boundaries. She's not privy to every bit of information about the family's private life, so she doesn't have a proper understanding of the situation. She should be taking her cues from Uncle, not jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts.

Tippy is with Uncle as they go over the employee records. It turns out that they have employment information, but no photographs. Uncle decides to take pictures of everyone who works for him, the better to catch strangers on his properties. She looks worried as he also wants background checks on all of them, too. She asks for some time, but nope, it has to be done within the next two days.
Unreasonable Uncle!!
SHUKNOTE: In reality, a thorough background check takes at least a week; about the only thing you can do in a day is check to see if they have any regional criminal charges.

The employees are taking it in stride, but Henchman is worried. He apparently created a fake employment record. Oooooh, so he really isn't Chard, but someone who took a dead man’s identity. (Did he kill the guy first? It wouldn't surprise me.) Oh snap, Goon and Gang really are very very wicked people. Goon admits it’s a little strange, in like that these request are usually handled by the farm manager, who is, of course, Goon.

At Flower Farm, Rut is standing vigil in his little brother’s room. He vows to the unconscious man to try and make everything right. Even though they have never met before, and don’t know each other, Rut is still happy to have a little brother.
Aww, that's sweet. Just… don't go overboard, okay? But you will, of course.
Wat comes out of the shower channeling his inner Idol Boy in a towel, but scowls when Rut doesn't rise to the bait. In fact, Scruff is studying the notes Uncle left on Watit's life. There's a huge piles of medicine bottles in front of him. But they are faked out vitamins, a saline inhaler, and clear glass eyeframes. Sidekick laughs and wonders if Scruff can become James Bond. He starts mouthing the 007 song, laughably still in his towel with a finger gun.
I cannot be the only one who was concerned about that towel.
At Citrus Farm, May is still sadly wandering through the grounds. Tippy finds her staring at nothing, thinking about Watit. It's been a long while since he began treatment in Bangkok, and in that time, she hasn't spoken to him or heard anything from Uncle. In fact, she's convinced he's avoiding her. They are distracted when they see Naree walking towards the house with a suitcase. They hurry to see if she has any news.
So… how long has he been gone, exactly? Weeks? Months?

It turns out, Uncle contacted Naree to return to the farm because "Watit" was coming back. Naree snarks that shouldn't the daughter-in-law know this too? The housekeeper smirks and warns May not to upset her husband again; she calls for a couple of employees to give the house a complete cleaning. Tippy, as always, is her support, and believes everything will be easier once Watit is back.
I am so glad Tippy is here. She's a good person, and we need more of those around here!

Goon and Henchman have heard the news; the flunky wonders if the patient has already spilled the beans on them as the attackers. Goon just snarls at FakeChard to shut up.
And I snarl at both of them to shut up!

FakeWheeze can't seem to fake a response to pollen. Wat is enthusiastic about working on his responses, but I'm just laughing at the training. And, I'm pretty sure Rut hasn't the foggiest notion how to play the piano.
This is the most ridiculous training ever! They should just say that his hands were injured in the attack, too, so he can't play now.

Uncle asks Rut one more time if he still wants to do this, which marks a significant departure from his usual bulldozer tactics. Rut is still willing, so now, it's Makeover Time! Goodbye beard! Goodbye fluffy hair! And leather, and jeans... Hello glasses and Henley! And, amazingly enough, he looks just like Watit!

Aww, I'm going to miss the scruffy look. But he looks much better in Watit's clothes than Watit did.
At Citrus Farm, May is sitting outside in the dark, fretting about tomorrow. Goon shows up, and she tries to get away. Goon feels that Uncle is disrespecting both of them for keeping them (literally) in the dark. May doesn't see it that way.
If I were her, I'd just disagree with everything that rat says on principle.

As she walks away, he grabs her arm and forcibly yanks her back. Time for a punch in the solar plexus, May!! He tells her she's not happy; she needs to divorce that weakling, and he will take care of her instead. Such sincere words from an attempted rapist. Pfui.
Dude. Does he actually remember what happened? He's delusional!

She pulls away. That's never going to happen and he needs to stop bringing it up. And, after Watit's collapse, she has no intention of leaving him. I don't know if Goon realizes his own actions have more or less thrown the pair even closer.
In any event, she knows she is indebted to Uncle, and will follow through on her promise. Goon says to her face that Uncle bought her as a toy for his son. Okay, he stepped over the line on that one. May straightens up and warns him that she will fulfill her duties to the best of her ability no matter what other people say. So take that, Evil Goon!
You tell 'im, May!!

He grabs her once more and barks that it's only money that ties her to her current situation. She agrees; that money protected her brother's future. She finally leaves the pool area, while Koon rages impotently, only able to knock over a chair (which appears to be his trademark) and make a tablecloth disappear. Oh, and look angry.
He needs to work on that tablecloth trick. He knocked over the candlestick. That's probably why he's mad.
Today’s the day, and final check says that FakeWheeze is looking awesome. Mom gives him a final blessing and hug; Rut asks Wat to take care of his family. And then they hit the road.
Aww, bye bye, nice family! Trust me, where he's going, Rut will miss you terribly.

The house people are waiting outside when they arrive. If I had a sip of alcohol for everything NotWatit, I wouldn’t be typing right now. Everyone sees him doing NotWatit stuff, but no one calls him out, from the housekeeper (whom he addresses incorrectly) to May (whom he envelopes in a big old bear hug). Evil Goon shows up, all fake smile and bonhomie, and FakeWheeze decides it’s a good time to mark his territory; Goon’s face falls a little when he sees the hand at May’s waist, but still spits out a congratulations.
Hahahaha, I love seeing FakeWheeze mess with Goon.

Goon asks if he’s not mad at him anymore, and Uncle hurriedly steps in to say there are gaps in Watit’s memory from the ordeal. Well, THAT’s going to help with the gaping holes between Wheeze and FakeWheeze’s behavior. Nice save, Uncle! And now Goon thinks he’s in the clear. May is very uncomfortable with the unfamiliar skinship.
Get used to it, dear. Rut is much more touchy-feely than Wheeze.
Goon asks Uncle privately to clarify the problems with Watit’s memory. His father explains he recognizes people but can’t remember a lot of events. Goon is “sympathetic” (I make quote symbols with my hands); wouldn't it be great if he can remember who attacked him? Uncle is confident those memories will surface someday. Both turn from each other and lower their hackles.
*growling softly*

Outside, Goon warns us that he will make sure Watit never remembers. Inside, the nasty housekeeper looks upstairs; she hates the idea of May and Watit in the same room together.
Goon spends a lot of time talking to himself. Have you noticed that?

May is straightening out the bed pillows with FakeWheeze walks out of the bathroom clad in a towel. She squeals and averts her eyes. He crowds into her personal space while she can barely make eye contact. He offers them to shower together – hey that’s a great way to save the planet’s resources! Save the water!! She breaks free from the circle of his arm and turns just as the towel drops. She screams that he’s crazy and bolts. He just chuckles – he had boxers underneath. Oh yeah, this is EXACTLY how Wheeze behaves. He does wonder why she seems so innocent, but decides she’s just being manipulative. Typical stupid male.
FakeWheeze is an ass, but I can't deny that I am very entertained.
Tippy is laughing as May relays the incident. Tippy admits she probably would have pounced; her bestie’s husband is that choice. But May is serious; Watit is acting completely different from before. Tippy thinks maybe with the missing memories, he feels he needs to show what he still has? Tippy, I like you more and more.
Me too! She's got the right idea.

May feels better for having talked it out, but then spots Uncle and FakeWheeze heading towards them. Another strange happening, since Watit normally sleeps in the afternoon and Uncle knows this. So, eleven minutes after meeting FakeWheeze, May is already suspicious.
Good girl! Be suspicious. Fall for him anyway.
Uncle is giving Rut a tour of farm to familiarize him with the process. Goon and Henchman watch as the pair companionably stroll down the road between the groves.
Rut doesn't even walk like Watit.
Toomtam is awesomesauce!
All hail Toomtam!

At the house, Rut takes off his glasses to rub the tiredness and looks out past the deck, almost at the same location that Watit liked to stand. (Of course, Rut leans against the railing instead of clutching at his hanky. Impostor Fail.) May approaches him, so he pops the glasses back on and turns to face her. She sweetly asks, is he ready for his nap? But his face darkens. FakeWheeze to the fore!
*sigh* Here we go.

He declines, wondering out loud if she’s worried about him, or looking for an excuse to sneak off. In any case, there will be no more afternoon naps; instead, he plans to hang out with his loving wife and keep her from meeting other people. As he says this, he crowds her until she is against the deck railing. But her words stop him in his tracks: Does he remember what happened ‘that day’?
Uh-oh. Couldn't you be more specific, May? Maybe ask if he remembers what happened "that day your bastard cousin tried to rape me and hello! Nobody think it's a big deal that he's still hanging around?" Why haven't they kicked him out?! Did no one tell Uncle what happened?
She protests her innocence about that day yet again, but FakeWheeze doesn't have the lifelong history she has with real Wheeze, so you can tell he’s already painted her with the “Jezebel” brush. Typical stupid male. Oh, wait, I've already said that.
It's okay. It bears repeating.

He smiles insincerely and tells her that he doesn't remember that situation; he was just talking about a man wanted to keep track of a pretty wife. His insouciance has to strike something in her, Watit never ever talked that way, even when upset. Rut, you suck as an actor and a husband, so keep the farm job. Toomtam, you are nailing the character and I salute you.
*falls in line and also salutes*

Naree visits uncle at the house. He hands her all of the “new” medication and tells her to throw out the old stuff. She startled at the differences, but Uncle says the new meds are for his memory, and they are trying new treatments for his heart.
The lunch table is set for three, with all of Watit’s favorite farang food: hotdogs, spaghetti, ham, broccoli, croissants. Goon shows up, all set to be the fourth wheel. FakeWheeze uses the confusion to bow out of the meal, so that it ends up just being Goon and Naree at the table. He grabs May’s shoulder and all but drags her away to the employee canteen for a meal of sticky rice, spicy sausage and green chili dip. You know, all the things that Wheeze can’t stand. [shaking my head]
I'm just glad that we got away from Goon!

As FakeWheeze and May make their way to the cafeteria, he asks if she is disappointed not to eat with his cousin. She promises to avoid that situation in the future.

At the cafeteria, he is happily sopping chili dip with his fingers, but looks up to see May’s scandalized face. Why isn't he using utensils?? He’s nonchalant; isn't this the food the kind you eat with your fingers? LOL he’s even making rice balls with his palms.
I'm wondering what kind of instructions Uncle gave him because Rut doesn't know the first thing about how to be Wheeze!
May is actually happy but puzzled, since Watit never eats Thai food. Now Rut tries to backpedal, but not very hard. After living in the city, he developed a craving for local foods. [snicker] He asks what she would do if they went out for street food instead of fancy schmancy restaurants. She is all for that, which makes sense if all she ever eats out is Italian. Pasta and hot-dogs ad nauseum? Nope!
Hee. I like how bewildered he is by her. In his mind, she's supposed to be materialistic and snooty, but she's more than happy to eat in the canteen with him.

She admits she prefers northern Thai flavors, and I think he’s startled by that. Yes, Rut, she’s not a wilting pampered princess. They both dig in, but he notices several employees wandering around with their trays in their hands. May explains the only available seats are at their table. FakeWheeze fixes that by calling them over and inviting them to sit. He starts sharing their food as well. Now May is REALLY puzzled, and both the servant and the housekeeper are amazed that Master Watit The Fastidious is eating with his hands! Nasty Housekeeper thinks they don’t have any clean silverware, but there is plenty.
Or here's an idea: MAYBE your spoiled little prince is acting like a human being! You know, those things that talk to other people and are friendly?
Pfft. Don't think I didn't notice that.   ^   Of all the screenshots you could use! Bwahaha!

At the house, the meal is virtually silent. Goon is just pushing stuff all over the plate, and Naree offers to cook him something else, or coffee or something. He just looks at her with exasperation and stands. She springs up as well and accuses him of only visiting to see May. He doesn't deny it, and she tells it like it is: May will never return to him no matter the circumstances. He stomps off.
It's the only way he knows how to make an exit.

At the employee cafeteria, the new Watit is giving everyone a rousing pep talk. May is politely clapping. Henchman is still hunched over his food when Goon shows up. He leaves to meet up with his boss. They both speculate that he has changed into a whole new person. You two Crafty Evil Jerks have nooooo idea.
Let's keep it that way, okay? The less they know, the better.

When FakeWatit sees them, he can’t resist another dig, dragging May closer and telling them how much fun it is to eat with his love. Koon is poleaxed and speechless.
*snickers* His brain just can't handle this. It's great.
That night, Rut wanders around the house looking at the various pictures and objects. He thinks that his nong has a cushy lifestyle, so that’s why a woman would latch onto him. She is the only nice person in that house, Rut! At the piano, he hits a few keys, which is where May finds him. She asks him to play the piano for him, but he blusters that he can’t remember who to play. She offers to help, by playing his favorite tune while his hands are on top of hers. He spends more time looking at her than their hands. Clearly this is Scruff looking at the photogenic flower girl from Chiangmai.
Oooh, I see some feelings stirring.

She finally stops and asks him if he remembers, and is surprised that he knows some stuff but not others. This song is one that Watit likes to play for her. I wonder if the real Watit wrote it for her. (I think he did.) In any case, FakeWheeze fakes a yawn, and they decide to go to bed. He face looks like he’s now thinking this isn't a good idea.
May is under the covers in the middle of the bed when FakeWatit comes in, sans eyeglasses. Wait, has all of this happened in one day? [thinking back] Yep. So this is the first time they are spending the night together.
Busy day.

She tells him that he astonished everyone in the household today, including herself. I’m drunkenly swaying in front of monitor thinking the same thing. (*props you upright* Stay with me, Shuk! We're almost to the end.) She starts with his interaction with the employees, who normally are afraid to approach him. He chuckles and plops down beside her on the left side of the bed. She continues; he was friendly and not intimidating at all which is a good thing. He promises that if she likes it, he will be that way every day, but she says however he wants to be is fine with her.
Aww, how can you not see what a good heart she has, Rut?
They smile at each other, and Fake Watit settles in. Except he’s in her space! She orders him to his side of the bed, and he uses the chance to climb over her. She squeals as stops on top of her – how about this position? She panics and bodily throws him, not only off her, but off the bed. LOL
Hahaha! That would not have been my first reaction, but hey, she does still think he's Wheeze. Slightly more understandable.

He winces, but she cheekily says it’s his fault for playing games, and rolls over with her back to him. In his mind, he thinks she is probably much nicer to Loverboy Koon.
No, not really. Guess again, FakeWheeze.
Henchman sneaks onto the main house grounds, crawls under a worktruck and tampers with something. The ominous music tells me he’s doing more than stealing the catalytic converter for the platinum.

Rut can’t sleep, but May is dead to the world. Well, she’s gotten used to sleeping with someone already. Rut keeps stealing glances at her face, finally sitting up to take a closer look. He thinks that her pretty face hides a crafty heart, but he can’t seem to resist getting closer…closer...He aims for her lips, just before her eyes pop open wide.
He starts doing some type of spastic monkey dance. WTH? Does he have Saint Vitus Disease? Nope, it’s Yinglee’s “Your Heart For My Number”! May clearly thinks he’s gone nuts. She yells his name, and he pretends to be startled out of …. Sleep-dancing??? HAHAHAHAHA!!! I think I just laughed myself out of my inebriated state from all his NotWatit mistakes. He claims they must have played that music at the hospital he was staying at. Whups, time for bed! He climbs in immediately, she’s a little more gingerly. And you know he’s calling himself every manner of idiot.
I completely lost it! I was laughing my head of and watching through my fingers because it was equally embarrassing and hilarious. WHAT KIND OF PLAN IS THAT, RUT?? Side note: I wish I could gif every second of this whole scene. I love it. But that would be ridiculous, so you should all just go watch the episode. Now.
The next morning The Dastardly Duo are sharing coffee and biscuits. Goon wants to make sure Henchman didn’t do anything really wrong to the truck, but he assures his boss he just made it so it won’t start. What are they up to?
I smell a rat. Those two get no gifs, by the way.

After Episode Extra

It’s View again, same one as the previous episode. So this time, I’ll add a BTS still from the production!
We like this picture a lot, but we have no idea who the guy on the right is or what he's doing here. Was he originally cast as Koon, then replaced by Navin?
I'm leaning towards it being Freud-Nattapong Chartpong, who plays Bestie Wat. Since Thai shows are filmed long before airing, he would have the time for his hair to grow out from that weird shaved-side hair style that has been prevalent in many a recent Asian drama.
And I think it looks nothing like him. Squeeglets! Help us!

Final Comments

You know, if I was a betting girl I would say Rut can’t keep the pretense for long. Like, at all, really. Still, his behavior is giving us a lot of touchy-feely with May, and that can’t be a bad thing. She is obviously uncomfortable with the New Watit, but their conversation at the employee cafeteria was very easy with a hint of bantering. And that’s something we didn't really see with the Real Wheeze.
Once the lies and misunderstandings are set aside, these two are actually quite compatible. They have similar tastes and interests, and their values are well aligned. Just look at how much they're both willing to do for their families. Their tempers are similar, too - generally easy-going, but with a steely strength underneath.
What's wrong with this picture? You might need GLASSES to figure it out, or a HANDKERCHIEF to wipe the lenses.
Naree’s behavior took a bit of a backseat, in my opinion, to Auntie the housekeeper. I’m not sure why she acts the way she does, but she has a lot more potential to poison Rut’s (and others who are living in the house) attitudes towards May.
She raised Watit and practically worships the ground he walks on, so she feels entitled to act the part of the monster-in-law. Newsflash, lady: not your place. I wonder if it would even change anything if she knew that Uncle was the one who first brought many into the marriage discussion.

And I’m surprised that Uncle hasn't been more active in assuring FakeWheeze’s place in the household. It really seems that Watit is his only reason for existing, and not even Rut can seem to pull him out of that tunnel vision.
I know, right? I'd think he'd be a little more interested, if only to keep Watit's world stable so that he can come back to his life without having to deal with all the damage Rut is doing.

Anyway, our FakeWheeze is in place and already shaking up May’s world. I hope we have lots of fun shenanigans and cuteness before the inevitable angsty misunderstandings gum everything up. On to the next episode!
Shenanigans and hijinks - yes, please!