Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #26 (RAWR)

kakashi: Dear Squeeglets, I'm back on the SqueeCapping wagon, yay! But that also means I have absolutely nothing to RAWR about, since I have dropped all but SoGC (and Blood aka the Pampire that Struts the Walk, but that doesn't really count).
Lafer: You go, girl! Even though I'm not watching any of those dramas, I have found some that have managed to keep me addicted to the kdrama world.
becca: I'm watching several shows but only caught up with a handful. In other news: Eric Nam's US tour has been postponed due to all the bad weather along the East coast. Yet another reason to dislike snow.
Shuk: I managed to finish two recap on my own blog, and now I can focus on my new loves Toomtam and View! I'm looking forward to catching up on ScruffCaps for Ngao Jai.
JoAnne: We're just letting Disney Princesses in here randomly, now?
And then: Look what we got, SqueeCappers! A new banner, from Jilly!   
It's pretty!
Oooh, yes! Well done, Jilly!
And she just made another!!!
Me likey them both!
And a thiiiiiird!
I think someone is excited about someone's new drama.
Oh, does she like Joon? I couldn't tell. (She does. I have a folder of gifs that will testify to this.)

Ho Gu's Love

Four episodes in and I love them so much I can barely stand it, those sweet kids. Do Do Hee and Kang Ho Gu are my second favorite OTP of 2015, right after Jung Hoo and Young Shin. I look forward to this more than I can reasonably explain. IF YOU WATCH NOTHING ELSE: watch episode 3 to enjoy Ho Gu saving all the little squids. And after episode 4, if you don't want a Ho Gu of your very own you are missing a heart.  Also worthy of note as characters to giggle over: EVERYONE IN THE DRAMA
I watched the first episode tonight, and it gets a thumbs-up from me. It started slow, but I think last quarter hooked me.
It's not fair to eat the squid, I agree with you Ho Gu


So I hear they makjanged another perfectly fine drama?
Last week, they introduced the fated (and fatal) childhood connection between Hong Do and the doc. It doesn't bother me at all but everyone else is pretty much ape-shit over it.
I feel it is needless. The drama would have been fine concentrating entirely on their personal issues and the challenges of the relationship. Well, I guess this qualifies as a challenge, but I feel it's more of a way to fill some episodes. Hopefully they'll move quickly past it, as the drama has been keeping a pretty decent pace so far. And can't help but love the Pie. He seems to take everything in stride so hopefully this new revelation will be the same.
This week's episodes pre-empted by holidays, so…zzzzz
So… should I keep this on my to-watch list or not?
Oh, yes. I like it I've just been obsessed with Shine or Go Crazy.
Yes, thank you for that.
bye bye, Grandma

Jerkill Hide Me

It's very possible I haven't seen last week's episodes yet.  I don't remember.
Oddly enough, I actually watched episode 10 live-streaming and raw, which I haven't done since A Gentleman's Dignity. I'm not sure why, except I really really like Hyun Bin, and Sung Joon as Bad Guy certainly doesn't hurt either. 
I'm now two weeks behind, I think.
I think that's called "dropping" :)
Do these pants make my hips look big?

Kill Me Heal Me

I think I saw last week's, but I am not sure.
I keep saying I want to marathon this so am getting further and further behind. It worries me a little because this is how I completely forget about dramas sometimes.
Another one I can't stop watching, even though it still confuses me with who goes with what, who grew up with whom, and how much fauxcest do we have to deal with. I haven't seen 14 yet, so maybe something will clear a little.
All caught up. Hot damn, Ji Sung. Have you already cleared the spot for Baeksang?


This is a huge surprise for me. I am really into this drama. The relationship between the women is getting better and better, and every episode gives you enough suspense to make you want to come back for more. I'm hoping that isn't really how things were back then, but unfortunately, I feel acts of cruelty were a large part of life. As for OJH, well, he really isn't bothering me because his part calls for minimal acting at the moment. But boy, without those dimples flashing, which we haven't seen hide nor hair of yet, his appeal is greatly diminished.
I have said this several times already, but I'm going to say it one more time (and then I promise, I'll stop): I wish Moo-myung was played by a better actor. I find the character very interesting, and I think he could be great in the hands of a better actor. Oh just isn't bringing any depth to his portrayal, though. That really is a minor complaint, though, because, as you said, the rest of the drama is fantastic.
Oh gee, snow

We Got Married

I feel the need to comment on this because as much as I want to give up the ship, I can't seem to do it. Nam Goong Min and Hong Ji Young are too much fun and way too real not to follow. The other couples, who I don't even watch, have been rocked with scandals so of course in my intelligent head I know the WHOLE show is likely a bunch of fake crap. Anyhow, it seems I will be put out of my delusional misery sooner rather than later, as it's rumored that NGM/HJY's end is imminent. Please, just let there be some kind of statement one way or the other, like "we've been dating and are planning a wedding" or "no, you idiots, it was all an act." I will accept it and move on, and then I will never, ever, touch this show again. Send me poison letters if I do, squeecappers!

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

Things are moving along at a nice pace. We have a friend who despises Ray simply because she likes Hyung, but I think this week even she will have to admit that Ray is a good guy. He's definitely not THE guy, that is clearly Hyung, but he is a good guy. Also, now that Woori has been rejected by Jang Goon, who thinks his odd expression indicates that he might perhaps lean more towards the testosterone-y side of the pool?
I've only seen up to seven, so… haven't gotten there yet, but that wouldn't surprise me. We all know Hyung is endgame - it's clear as day, but it breaks my heart. Why? Because Ray is a really, really good guy, and I love him. I love Hyung, too, but to be perfectly honest, he frustrates me. Either be honest and work out your problems with everyone, or commit yourself fully to the martyrdom and be the bad guy they think you are. This back and forth, hot and cold thing is just unnecessary and cruel to the people who care about you. Rant over.
Henry wants to know why she doesn't look like this always


Empire ROCKS. Also quite happy with Jane the Virgin, The Walking Dead, and Fresh Off the Boat. I heart Constance Wu. Now about to watch this week's episode of The Blacklist.
Due to SoGC recapping frenzy, I've seen nothing else. Oh wait, yes, I saw Sleepy Hollow! Nice twist there, show, but I'm not sure it'll save your ass. No renewal yet, I don't think