블러드 Blood - Episode 10 (A FakeCap)

kakashi:  I know for a fact that JoAnne slept through half of this episode (Twitter is my witness!). Let's see how we will manage this fake-truth game then :D
JoAnne:  Ah, but I was an unreliable narrator:  I actually slept through ALL of this episode.  It had nothing to do with the episode, though, which I enjoyed very much.  Yes, I mean that.  Although I do have a lot of snark about it, at least I did when watching - I kept imagining how I would caption various screen shots, a la Unkind Women. (Which, by the way, is now my favorite thing to do - relieved of the burden of providing the screen shots, which I HATE doing - as we discovered during the short and ill-fated run of Night Watchman.)
Shuk: I don't even watch it before I comment; its so much easier on my blood pressure.

Episode 10

It's the reveal - uhm, nonreveal: Everybody used to be one happy family. Mommy, Daddy, Mentor, and Pad Pampire aka owner of many sexchairs. Coveted by many, now including Miss Administrator, who impatiently searches the internet for a place to order them.
They didn't even TRY to make this photo look real.
Vamp Doc certainly is happy. Sexchair? Or coffee? And Pampire should know better than access those files at work. Although maybe he doesn't care since he's already been outed. 
She is interrupted by Uncle Rita - who is angry with her again. How could you have betrayed me and the good name of this hospital - with this!! He throws a few pages at her ... it's a vegan cook book that she has compiled in her free time. Yes, "free time" - she was totally doing this on WORK time! Fie! But this is not a tone she accepts: you! she screams back, you don't work AT ALL! You rich self-loving bastard! And you never look at me! And I know that smirking bastard Jae-wook is a Pad Poy! Sack me if you want to, I'm so done with you!
Actually, I sort of forgot to tell you about a couple things Lady Admin was doing. One of them was this - she provided details undercover so that a friend of hers could write an article about the new things happening at Taemin Cancer Hospital. Uncle is pissed, because of course he knew it was her right away.
He tells her he only gave her the job as recognition of her 20 years of service and that she isn't qualified for it at all, and if she does one more thing to piss him off she'll be out of Taemin Group - not just the hospital. 
Blood is thicker than water, but children's platelets are thicker than that. She warns him that he is reaching the Moral Event Horizon, but too late, he's ready to spin.
Oh, yeah, another thing you wouldn't know from just watching - he's been trying to divert her attention to work on a hotel they're starting up/converting over, I guess as some sort of luxury accommodation for hospital patients down the road? I don't have a clear memory of why they have a hotel, but they do. The final thing I forgot to mention is that the doctor that got thrown off the roof the other day was an internal medicine doctor at the hospital, and Jae Wook had him falsifying medical records - in return,he'll be made Chief of IM. But then the patients start dying mysteriously outside of the hospital and the doctor thinks it's a bit risky so he doesn't want to do it anymore. And then he blackmails Jae Wook, which is clearly not a good idea.
In the corridor, Uncle Rita runs into Rita, who once again immediately lays into him about everything. He is shaking with rage and disappointment. Another of his women is turning against him?! But then, she notices his twitching hand - and because she is a doctor (sometimes), she realizes something is wrong. He pretends it's nothing, but she isn't fooled.
She wants to know why he cancelled the group meetings. He says he just thinks they're a waste of time, time that could be better spent elsewhere. Then he complains bitterly about the two women thinking only of themselves, and not of him. He stops short after that, realizing that, um, he hasn't TOLD them about his issues, but yep, Rita notices what's happening with his hand.
Just wait until he starts dancing the zombie dance from "Thriller".
A talk with Miss Administrator confirms it: Uncle Rita is very ill. Who knows how long he will remain Uncle Rita if he doesn't get treatment. So they must forgive him his anger management issues ... it happens when you're really sick with the Weird Hand Syndrome.
Lady Admin hadn't noticed anything, she says, but she will schedule a doctor visit. I think Ri TA asked that it be with someone outside the hospital but I might have been dreaming that part. She lies that the spat with Uncle is minor, just like the ones they always have, and then they reminisce about Ri Ta's parents, because Lady Admin was close to them. Mom treated Lady Admin like a little sister, and Dad always said Lady Admin was cool as a cucumber.
Hmm, I wonder what how Auntie will save the day in the end, since she is the highest staff member who has a good head on her shoulders AND hasn't taken a dive off the parking deck.
FINALLY, Ji-sang rips the bandage off ... and storms into Jae-wook's office. Where Uncle Rita is as well. He storms out again. What a performance. *slow clap*. The two men think so too and smile happily at each other.
Later that day, Ahn Jae Hyun receives his Actor Certificate confirming that he has mastered the skill of: Angrily Storming Into a Room and Then Storming Back Out Again.
*extra credit for prop manipulation (the bandaid)

With a minor in Prop Destruction As Emphasis.
In a phone conversation with excited friend, Ji-sang discusses the chances of all those coinkidonkies in his life. Everybody is connected! Everybody is fated! Fate is everywhere! Where will this stop? Is ... his father really his father?
So cynical. First they agree that they should keep it at Jae Wook does not know that they know that he knows the others, and they are pretty certain that he does not know that they know that the article even exists. And then further, discussion around the ramifications of them not knowing whether he himself even knows the article exists. But anyway, the POINT is that Jae Wook's story never rang true with Adorable Friend and now it rings even less true. They speculate also that Mentor discovered the vampires and isolated the virus - so now it's important to have Scruff's data. And then Adorable Friend points out that Pampire can now see what his father looked like, since he doesn't remember him and Mom didn't keep anything around. *sniff*
Time for another Scooby Gang Meeting! Soon! Before everyone starts dropping like flies.
Rita Friend wants to know whether they did it, but Rita is appalled. Of course not! KDrama leads never do it. When Ji-sang walks by hotly (we even get slo-mo), friend stares ... and notices that the bandage is gone and he is perfectly healed. Is he ...... is he ....... he knows a very good plastic surgeon, Rita says and walks away. But hey, this is the beginning of the big reveal.
Ri Ta tells friend she's nuts there were never sutures. Lies! She's a lying liar who lies! But it was the plan that the two not-yet-lovebirds concocted in the bedroom that morning and I for one am REALLY glad we are done with the nasty-ass bandaid.
Time to confront Scruff about his father. Why didn't he say so before? He'd have gone with him to have that drink! Ji-sang says. And by the way - these are my parents (he produces picture proof). They also knew your father. And they're most likely the ones that gave him all that material you're studying now. And maybe we're even related, says Ji-sang, because you never know with Kdrama. Birth secrets are very common!
Ji Sang says that they should collab on the research.  Scruff could have ALL the credit, but Ji Sang probably has some info that Scruff might find useful and it would totally be to his advantage to have Ji Sang on board. Scruff says the research is practically a family heirloom and he needs to think about it. He vaguely remembers the names of Ji Sang's parents, but doesn't really remember them.
Everyone should play nicely in the sandbox by now, including you, Dr McScruffikins.
Rita, Friend, and the three useless doctors hear that the vegan cooking competition has been cancelled. They're shocked. Scruff is trying to get Ji-sang to go out with him once again, but we all know that Ji-sang is already in love with Rita, so that's not going to happen. Don't cry, Scruff! Friend comes running in and tells him about the shocking news. They're devastated.
They're talking about the parking garage doctor, what a shame it is, how happy he had seemed recently.
I thought they were whining that their lattes didn't have enough foam. Stupid cardboard doctors.
Jae-wook shows Uncle Rita how well the drug is working on a patient that used to have violent shakes and is now calm and docile like a zombie. Yes, looks desirable to me, that state. Indeed. Uncle Rita is very happy and promises Jae-wook his niece's hand in marriage. The hospital will be his! If this works.
So yesterday, they showed him how the antigen attacked a tumor. Today, they show him how it is rebuilding the something-sheaf surrounding nerves that have been damaged by Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This has DIRECT application to Uncle Eeevil, but Jae Wook wants him to still wait a bit longer for more data. I finally figure out what they're doing.
I just cannot fathom the Google-Fu efforts of the writers. Please spend more than 13 seconds on research! G-B syndrome causes muscle weakness and paralysis, not seizures. It's a little hard to have violent muscular activity when the nerves themselves can't send a signal to act. Pfui.
Scruff has a lot to process now, but at least Friend is still with him. He decides to go on the offensive together with her and takes blood from one of the special patients, evne though access to them is totally forbidden. Security reacts almost immediately. Rita and Ji-sang have come up with that concept where they walk through the hospital and pretend they're on a date, which is cute - but then, security rushes past them. Of course, they follow.
This is all exactly right.
Security has come to stop Scruff, by force if need be! He tells them to piss off and they really want to go hit him, when Ji-sang appears and does a few cool moves that stops them. It's four doctors against 5 thugs now, which seems fair. But still, security doesn't want to let them pass. This makes so much sense, really! Security in a hospital that is trying to stop doctors! Into this whole commotion, Uncle Rita walks, with Vamp Doc and Jae-wook in tow.
Well I'm with the good guys, just so you know.  Fighting on the side of the patients!  Freedom and justice for all!
Uncle Rita goes up to Scruff and orders him to hand over that sample of blood. Scruff, you lose. Unless you're smart and you have another sample on you that you haven't given over. Well, they do! But Vamp Doc sniffs it out and takes THAT from them as well. After that, they even get a lecture for inappropriate behavior, would you believe it? Jae-wook pretends to be the good guy again and tells Uncle Rita to go easy on his colleagues. It is bad what you are doing, Rita says, angry and confused. No, it is not! counter Uncle Rita. We will do great things. Very great things. VERY great things.
Pretty much, yes. Lying sacks of...
I loved the part where Uncle Parkinson is completely blase about all of the 'unfortunate' situations and problems that happen all over his hospital, and wonders why they pick on the IP ward. Um, so you know your hospital is inadequate and defective across all disciplines. "Meh, accidents happen all over this place, why can't you doctors do your doctoring right?"
After this unpleasant incident, Rita and Friend shout at each other, because Rita thinks Friend is damn stupid for putting the sample into her breast pocket. Cut it out, say the man, this is not the time for bitch slapping. We need a plan. Should we get pizza? Rita asks.
The pocket argument was funny.  Rita thought it should go in Friend's bra, but Friend said that it would have stuck out.  The two men make horrified and embarrassed noises and the women realize they're discussing their bras in front of them, and stop.
I like that Pita covered for the ice-box temperature in Pampire's office.

Jae-wook meets Ji-sang in the corridor and wants to know how he is doing. How are the urges? Care for a little something on the sex chair? Ji-sang is visibly tempted, but he is feeling strong today, because Rita was nice to him earlier and he tells Jae-wook no thank you. When he walks away, Jae-wook notices the lack of bandage ... it gets him thinking. Do people know what Ji-sang is?! Rita in specific?
He hopes exactly that, that Ri Ta doesn't know much.  You are so good :)
The zombie patient who walked away is doing worse and worse - but they keep shooting him full of drugs. So they believe there is progress but this is how Uncle Rita will turn up? Great.
I'm not real sure what they will do with this guy - they can't seem to get rid of him.

Sad Father is getting worse ... he only has a few more days to live. Intern Girl is about to tell Ji-sang something important, when Rita comes over in a jealous-stupidity fit and wants in in the conversation. Stop acting altogether, woman, it might be better. They go to the lounge area together (for some PPL) and Ji-sang hears what this father's biggest wish is: to walk his girl down the aisle and give her to a good man in marriage.
To her credit, Ri Ta is on board with the idea immediately.  This is something they can do.
Her fakey posturing and facial expressions are getting on my nerves.
Outside, Rita is acting coy with Ji-sang, asking him what he thinks about walking, hands, and aisles. And then, she smiles at him sexily. Or so she thinks. Well, it certainly worked on Ji-sang, who really has never had anything with any girl before and is therefore hormonally on fire, so he goes by her office before going home. Great opportunity for her to pull a series of super-stupid faces in an attempt to be cute.
It actually is cute how they are so quietly giddy with excitement to have found each other again. Especially him. I like his little tiny smile way more than her behavior. But her smile is pretty, too. She has the prettiest face and nicest smile, for a person who is incredibly annoying.
He is taking her out to dinner! Another opportunity for faces. I hate those faces. They talk about his experience with girls and she finds out pretty quickly he has zero. OMG, she says, you better practice before you put hands on me! I am a man eater and really don't take anyone into my bedroom. I have certain standards! Well, says Ji-sang (he is cool like that), that may be, but I don't see anyone queuing up, do I? She giggles and puts a vegan Kimbap into his luscious mouth.
I loved this part!  She starts her 100 Questions with 'Do you drink blood?' 'No! Do you think I am a monster?' 'Well then, what do you eat?' I think it was milk and albumin, but I'm not sure. She rattles off foods she loves and shows some sincere sympathy that he can't really taste food. Then she asks if he poops, and he says rather heatedly that of course he does - if something goes in, it must come out. This part got a bit loud and the other diners were giving them looks...but they just laughed in their new love kind of way. She shoved food in his mouth because if he's with her, he's got to eat when she eats.
When she gets home, she is not alone in the parking garage. Get your pepper spray out! But Pamp is just watching her ... for now. She goes into the elevator and takes it up to her apartment, wondering what she just escaped from.
In case anyone wondered, I do not think that was Ji Sang, following her home in that cute-stalky way that some Kdrama heros do. I think this was a pad pampire.
Maybe he hates Audi's. Or cars that are like Audi's but not really because of a single piece of gray ducttape.
At Pamp-House, Ji-sang is asking Friend for advise on girl things. So, how can he learn how to... well, there's always Luvvy, says Friend. But now, there's more important stuff ... like finding out how Jae-wook is related to all this. Ji-sang remembers the conversation they had in the church, about cleaning and stuff, and realizes that this may be about love and that kinda stuff. So .. did his mother ... with ... Surely not, says Friend, she was not that kind of person. Don't worry.
Oh, you. Mostly, Adorable Friend is really perturbed that Ji Sang would confess his secret so easily to Ri Ta. But when Ji Sang explains that she is THAT girl, the girl in the forest, well, Adorable Friend is a romantic...
But doubts remain... always. Why does he not resemble his father? Why? Also, it's time to watch that video of his mother again, he hasn't seen it in so long... But then, he realizes something... (not sure what)
His mother says that they moved because they were being chased by vampires who wanted to use the virus for bad purposes. After a second, Ji Sang makes the connection of bad purposes with Jae Wook, that it might be him.

Rita is happy (yes, the hormones) and it's time to do some Samsung PPL and write down questions for her new love-interest. What is his favorite color? His favorite food? What movies does he like? How many kids does he want? Does he like her with her hair up or down?
The question she writes, giggles over, and then erases is this:  Do vampires transform when they kiss?
Does she secretly want to kiss a bat? Or enjoy his claws?
Ji-sang takes to watching Jae-wook from all kinds of different corners. Jae-wook thinks that's a bit weird, but he gets a warm fuzzy feeling nonetheless. Liver cancer girl is still being bratty as hell, but since she is facing death, she has toned down a bit. She also has a crush on hot-doctor Ji-sang, which ... well, girl, you can do better. Look at his ears!!!
That's true. I don't think a person with a compromised liver could support the obvious extra work of keeping fat earlobes alive.
Awwwwwwwwww, this is the part that JoAnne slept through. So Rita has bought a white dress for a girl ... it's for Sad Girl, who gets to play wedding with Ji-sang for her dad. They decorate a room with I love You balloons and everything. And it's not creepy at all to pretend a little kid is married off, not at all. There is the sick nun and Intern Girl plays the organ. And very generously, Rita lends her lover to the girl. Yes, yes, I know that people were moved to tears by this but THiS IS WRONG, even if it's just symbolical.
So here's the part that might change it a bit for you, maybe: It wasn't supposed to be about marrying her off (however symbolically) to a good man. It was just supposed to be the march down the aisle. Which for the dad of course is kind of silly because it's his very young daughter. But for the daughter, I was thinking, you know, someday she will march down the aisle, and she will remember this, and maybe smile and feel like her dad is with her in some way. But then 1) Ri Ta screwed it up by adding Ji Sang to the mix in a very misbegotten idea of romance and 2) Poor Dad collapses, thereby guaranteeing HORRIBLE memories for the little girl. As a side note, the dress is one Ri Ta's mother bought for her birthday around that age, and Ri Ta was passing this obviously treasured article of clothing on to the little girl, which I thought was nice.
I didn't get any of it, and latex balloons are usually prohibited in cancer wards because of the power and possible allergens. Just saying.
They push the father down the aisle in a wheel chair, the girl by his hand. The mother is pushing. Many tears. And then, the father collapses, while hugging his little girl. Seriously, show. WTF, but not in a good way. He ain't dead yet, but not far from being dead. Briefly, they discuss whether that vampire drug wouldn't be good after all, but no. No. The good wins.
Ji Sang is swayed a bit for a moment, as they reflect on his healing powers and how that could be seen as a blessing...but you're right, they only think that way for a second.
Next up: the nun. As she is getting sicker, she gets less and less evil. That happens to people, I've heard of it before. She tels Ji-sang to never lose sight of the goodness, especially not in the 2nd half of the drama, when the angst will start. Angst and noble idiocy - it has worn the strongest ones down.
We must bite it to death with strong vampire teeth.
And yet it rises, phoenix-like, from the rotted corpses of many a failed script.

Administrator is wearing white and looks like a corpse. Even Scruff is a bit turned off, but doesn't let on. He asks her how she is feeling and she admits that she isn't feeling well. She will see a doctor soon. Also, meeting with her secret informant is becoming more and more difficult as security tightens.
They talk about the failed attempt to get the blood samples. She thinks that there is a way to get blood samples out of the ward, even if it didn't work that time.
What about that knife/blood vial combination from Bad Guys? Then all you would have to do is stab the patients, no problem.
At the very sick father's bedside, Vamp Doc appears. She has a proposition to make...

Oh hi, says Jae-wook when he next sees Ji-sang, you know, that patient of yours? The one whose little girl you fake-married? He is now my patient. Mmmmhhhh, juicy human experiments. GREAT. The family is full of joy - there is hope! Daddy may not have to die! And they would do anything for that hope. In such situations, good or bad doesn't matter anymore.
Sort of. In the most important ways, yes, that's what happened.
My video player died right at this moment, much like my tiny tiny bit of hope that they would not throw every damned plot bunny at us.
Ji-sang, however, is not ready to accept that. In bad-ass slo-mo, he walks to kick some ass ... Rita tries to stop him, but he is too scary. So she lets him go. When Jae-wook gets out of his car at home, Pamp Boy is waiting for him in the parking garage. Vamped out. Attack! Jae-wook doesn't defend himself at all... and that is so suspicious, you stupid Pampy Boy! Stop this! Now!
Yeah, why did he not fight back?
Parking garage, CCTV, Wounded Gazelle Gambit. In that order, more than likely.


Whatever this drama is trying to offer, it isn't working on me. Maybe the only thing I can barely get interested in is the question of desperation vs. goodness and how far I myself would go if my loved ones life would be on the line. What holds us back from going to the dark side? I'm not sure.
Usually the argument in vampire stories come down to the question of saving your soul (and dying) or eternal damnation (and living) - thus, depends on how much you have faith in God and trust in his plans.  In this one, it doesn't so much seem that Jae Wook wants vampires as he does the ability to eradicate disease.  But even that is playing God, of course...there is a very interesting line in medical ethics, though, where you have to decide how much is too much.  Of course, Jae Wook is evil - killing people, unethical experimentation, etc etc etc - but he has become very twisted in the pursuit of his goal.  I don't know if his goal is all that evil...although it does raise questions of overpopulation!
And sexchairs. Why do vampires get all the good ones??
Shuk. This picture?! It's just CRUEL TT______________________TT 
[evil grin from my dramachair]