Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) Episode 7 (A Rut-Is-A-Jerk Cap)

Shuk:  This episode was mostly about our main couple, which is good, but I want to beat Rut senseless in order to beat some sense into him. Stop picking on May, and behave like a real man!
becca: Okay, setting aside the part where he's a terrible impostor (not to mention really mean to his not-wife), you'd think Rut would've come into this with more of a plan. Didn't he originally set out to find little bro's would-be murderer and not to bully his new bride? Hate her if you must, Rut, but be clever. Keep your head down and try to understand what's really going on here before you start butting heads with everyone.

BeccaNote: Shuk gave me free reign to put in ALLLL the gifs that I want this episode. She'll probably regret it, but I don't care because I'VE GONE MAD WITH POWER.

Episode 7

Tippy and May are walking through the farm, still in their workout clothes. May wonders if the two cousins will argue, especially when Chard’s behavior falls under the purview of Goon. And also because Watit doesn't know the first thing about farming (HA! if only she knew!). Tippy points out that he’s gotten more interested in the company since he returned from Bangkok, and his interest in the farm could only ease Uncle’s mind.
Of course, once RealWatit comes back, he'll be wheezing over his piano again, totally uninterested in the farm, so maybe we shouldn't get too used to this? Wait. Is Rut going to reveal himself after Wheeze comes back? I always assumed the plan was for him to quietly disappear, but now I'm not sure. Either way, this is going to be a mess. Especially once Rut sleeps with bro's wife. (Because we know he's going to, right?)

May is worried that her husband will get stressed and have problems, but to Tippy, he's so much stronger than he used to be. May thinks back; Chard was being insufferable and nasty, but Watit stayed so calm, he seemed like a different person.
Using your brain! Keep doing that!!
Sure enough, our “different” guy is having a conversation with Evil Goon and Henchman. FakeWatit explains last night’s carousing. And Uncle’s rules for the employees prohibit alcohol, gambling, drugs, and all illegal activities when living on the farm premises. By the way, I really want that table. And the deck. And the whole place, actually. Plus, several employees left the property without permission, which is also against the rules during the workweek.
This show has THE prettiest scenery and sets. Plop me down anywhere in this show and just let me soak in the beauty. Except Goon's bedroom. That is the only truly ugly set in the show because it is a visual representation of his ugly soul and only bad things happen there.

Goon hasn't said a word, but Henchman demands to know if Watit plans to fire him. Rut is calm about it; if he breaks the rules enough to get fired, then he gets fired. Goon finally breaks in; he will handle it as a warning for now. But Fake Watit is dissatisfied. Since this is the second time, and much more egregious than before, the minimum responses should be suspension and pay cut. After FakeWatit leaves, Henchman looks like he going to follow him, but Goon says no need.
I much prefer meddling-in-Goon's-business Rut to bullying-nice-women Rut. But mostly, I miss early-episodes Rut and his adorable little family.
Janpeng runs to tell the horrid housekeeper the newest gossip, and she asks FakeWatit the moment he’s back at the house with May. They are shocked to know Chard was suspended; Koon is probably angry at Watit’s decision, and won’t take the virtual slapdown easily. Watit appreciates her candor, unlike another woman nearby who won’t admit that she worries about Koon too. The housekeeper snarks back, and the two of them share smirks at May’s expense.
Dammit, Rut! No matter how much you think you hate her, is it really necessary for you to badmouth her in front of the help like that? How is this supposed to help you find your brother's attacker?? FOCUS, MAN.

I just want to paddle Rut! He has no idea how difficult he makes her life with his stupidly stupid offhand remarks. Seriously, if everyone sees him treating his wife with disrespect, does he not think everyone will treat her that way??? A wife deserves a husband’s protection, even if only in public. Jerk.
This this this. Everything you just said, exactly.

She follows him to the bedroom to ask the same question I did, only much nicer, of course. He tells her that she must have a guilty conscience (no, she has a terrible husband). She sincerely begs him to stop making it harder on her to live there. He throws it back on her as a reason for self-reflection.
She stands up and faces him. She had hoped that his love for her would make it bearable for her to live away from her home, but all he ever does is hurt her feelings. Oof.
I do love the look on his face after she says that, though. It's these little moments, when he realizes what an ass he is, that keep me from truly hating him.

She walks away to the bathroom, and he almost calls out to her. He reaches out his arm, but she’s already gone. How about a little self-reflection yourself, buddy-boy? Nope, dumbass is still convinced he’s right and she’s wrong. I’m giving him a new nickname, becca.
Whatever it is, I support it.
At Flower Farm, Mai is getting ready for school; Mom tracks him down with Rin’s study guide in her hand. She comments that the handwriting looks like a girl. Flower Boy admits it’s the troublemaker. At first she would put him down and insult him, but since the incident, she follows him around and bothers him with stuff like the study guide. Mom knows the score, and tells her son that the girl must be trying to make it up to him. Nope, he thinks she is pretending to be nice because she has to, but no doubt she still has a rotten personality underneath.
Aww, but you know you two started off on the wrong foot. Literally running into a girl does tend to bring out her bad side. I think it's time to give the girl a second chance, hm?

Mom tries again. Maybe this girl has genuinely changed; a shadow crosses his face, then he shrugs it off. He doesn’t care about any friends right now anyway, and he’s used to everyone’s avoidance of him at school. That earns him a Mom-pat. She offers to switch his school, but from his point of view, that would negate his sister’s sacrifice so close to his graduation. He’s going to tough it out, get that diploma, and then come back and take care of the family. Awww.
I love Mai so much. He's such a good guy.
At school, test time is up. As the papers are collected, the teacher announces a 30-minute project for groups of five. Rin leaps up and is the first to head out the door. Flower Boy already knows his likelihood of finding a group is bad. Nevertheless, he leaves the classroom.

Outside the door, though, Veggie Girl is waiting for him, and invites him to her group. He doesn’t want to, but she reasonably points out his current friendless situation. Then he will just do it alone. Come on, Mai, don’t be a bonehead like your fake brother in law! No dice, he hands her back the study guide and tells her not bother with him. Poor Rin looks so frustrated.
At breaktime, Maitree is as usual, sitting alone. The girls show up, but Rin shakes her head and walks away to a different table. It turns out he received special permission to do the project alone; Rin’s given up on him right now. Now even her girlfriends have sympathy for him!
It's just so saaad. He has no one. Again I ask, what happened to his friends who were also in the fight? Did they change schools, or are the shunning him like everyone else? I want to punch everyone who shuns Mai. Idiots, all of 'em.

She is still staring at him though. Su Su, Rin! Hwaiting! LOL, now they are both changing seats to avoid eye contact, but somehow end up sitting as close as they can be and still be at different tables. Their backs are to each other, but they keep stealing glances. Her behavior makes him smile.
Yes! This is the cuteness that I need! Keep it up, you two.
May is sighing among her beloved roses when Evil Goon finds her. *hisssss* He invites her to lunch in the city while he runs some errands. She’s sufficiently hurt by JerkWatit’s behavior that after a moment, she agrees.
*rolls eyes*

I kind of don’t blame her; she was raised in a house full of love, and Goon is the only person in that entire farm who (at least on the surface) doesn't wish her ill. We all know she wouldn't go with Evil Goon if she had any happiness staying home with her husband.
She has Tippy! Tippy is nice to her and takes care of her and doesn't try to rape her.

Together, they go inform JerkWatit, but he puts the kibosh on it. No way is his wife going into town with Goon, especially since he was going to take her out for lunch himself. In fact, he’s already reserved a table! Goon invites himself along, but that only earns May the trouble when JerkWatit wrist-grabs and yanks her away from Goon. Naree witnesses the exchange with glee, happy to  see a take-charge Watit.
So here's a question: who dresses Naree?? I mean, don't you think those barely-cover-a-thing skirts are a little excessive for a place where you supposedly work?
It turns out JerkWatit’s idea of a restaurant is an open-air market and street food. She calls him out on his tissue-paper thin excuses, and Rut finally says something sincerely. Can she please stay away from Koon? When she asks for a reason, he says he doesn't want her to end up with his cousin. She’s exasperated but not angry; she visited how many temples to make a vow for their marriage? Clearly she is just asking for a bit of trust.
Yes! Open, honest communication is good. Keep doing this.

He squashes that with caveman tactics. If he tells her to do something, he expects to be obeyed.
*sigh* One tiny step forward, three giant steps back.

Rin is working on her part of the project at Veggie Farm. Actually, no, she’s stalking Mai’s FB page. Hee hee, he still hasn't accepted her friend request. Wat catches her. He’s got a meeting in Chiangmai, and plans to ask a certain no-longer-scruffy guy to lunch. Does she want to come along? Rin is happy to meet up with her big brother.
Aww, she looks sooo happy! You know why? Because he's a really good guy around her! What happened to that guy? Did he get shaved away with the scruff? Let's hide Rut's razor.
It’s after lunch, and May is having a dip in the pool. Goon walks by and decides to compliment her on her backstroke. Not really, but he is ready to chat. She wonders why he is back so early from his supposed errands, so he makes an excuse. Just when JerkWatit walks out and sees them. As his usual modus operandi, he misunderstands the situation and swaggers over to teach May a lesson. Sheez!
This whole scene makes me uncomfortable. From Koon's leering to JerkWatit's posturing. I just want to pull May out of there and take her far away.

He strips down to his skivvies and cannonballs into the pool, breaking the fourth barrier by splashing the camera lens. Then he tries to kiss her in front of Goon, upsetting her and pissing off Goon. Naturally, when Goon leaves, he drops he act and pushes her away from him.  He warns her to learn who the husband is. She climbs out of the water, closely pursued by him. He grabs her as she’s putting on her robe, claiming she wore the bathing suit only to seduce men.
If Goon weren't a would-be-rapist/murderer, I'd feel pretty bad for him. It must be horrible to watch the person you (ostensibly) love being manhandled by a caveman.
That earns him a slap; she yells that that he has become a nasty person. He yells and blames her for his behavior, and when she tries to leave, he bodily tosses her into the pool. Okay, I’m done, Rut. She needs to leave, now, and not come back until the real Watit comes back. I have lost a lot of respect for you. YOU DON’T EVER BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR ACTIONS! That’s what an abuser does to justify his physical and emotional attacks. Becca may need to take over until you change, because right now, you really disgust me.
Sometimes the only reason I gif some of this stuff is so that the good people at home can see what a little shit he can be. I assure you, I do not enjoy it. Where are Rin and Mai? I need cute little faces to gif!
ShukNote: Okay, I've calmed down some, mostly because I've watched ahead and have seen some slightly better things.
BeccaNote: I'm kind of amazed that we keep watching lakorns, considering how twisted and abusive they can be. I watch in horror, but somehow I still madly ship the (completely dysfunctional) OTPs. It makes me question things about myself, Shuk. As a self-proclaimed feminist. As a tries-to-be-decent human being. It really does.
The meltdown when the lead guy realizes what a ass he has been, and the amount of groveling afterwards to get back in good graces puts some balm on the scars. Plus, beautiful scenery, and I'm not talking palm trees.
Evil Goon jumps on his motorcycle and roars off to the nearest bar. Naree sees and follows. There, the fuzzy glasses pile up as he broods. A bar girl in a slinky red dress makes contact, then heads to the bathroom to freshen up. Naree is staring from a booth, and quickly gets up to follow her.
Stalker. How many times must I tell you: counseling first, and THEN maybe we can open the discussion about boys. Maybe.

In front of the sinks, she challenges the stranger girl. Red doesn't care for Naree’s possessive attitude: why can’t she hit on the guy? Naree goes ballistic and it turns into a momentous screaming hair-pulling match, ending with Naree poised over the prone woman, threatening to smash her face with the heel of her shoe.
That escalated quickly. Let's add anger management sessions to our to-do list, okay?
By the time Naree shows back up, the bar is closing. She pays the bill and drags a thoroughly drunk Goon home. She first dumps, then jumps Goon on his own bed. It’s okay from Goon’s point of view; his Alcohol Eyeglasses interpret the woman in his bed as May.

He gets the rude awakening the next morning, when he wakes up with the blonde caressing his face. She’s all smiles, confident that he now sees her value as a life partner. Instead, he leaps off the bed like his butt is on fire, tells her he won’t be forced by cheap tactics, and May will always be in his heart. When he leaves, Naree swears she will keep everything she wants.
I'm too distracted by the fact that they slept in towels (that, magically, did not come loose during the night) to comment on anything else. I mean, I understand that you can't show some things on network television, but whatever happened to grabbing a sheet as you go?
At Veggie Farm, Uncle is visiting his son. He asks Veggie Mom if he should bring in a special nurse to ease her burden of taking care of Watit. But she, silly woman, refuses. She wants to spend as much time as she can with her son, and save Uncle money. He accepts, but wishes Watit would come back so each boy can live back with his own family.

Breakfast is almost silent between our ‘married’ couple. JerkWatit smiles at May’s mutinous face, and asks her if the food is any good, since she’s barely eaten. But May is still smarting from the previous night, and just snarks that the food is good, but the company sucks. JerkWatit tries to keep her there by asking about his morning meds, but, hey, he has hands, he can get it himself.
May heads to the kitchen, where she plans to spend all day, starting by anger-chopping a poor, defenseless carrot.
Wat is wandering around a fruit stand outside the Citrus Farm and calls his boss, who right away thinks something is wrong. But the guy is just inviting him for a meal. Rut knows that eyes are on him, and comes up with a plan to meet at the far edge of the orange groves. Rut takes a final look at May before sneaking out of the house.
I wonder if spending a little time with his friends and family would make Rut a little nicer. It can't make things worse.

Outside, Janpeng is dance-sweeping. (I've decided that I like her.) JerkWatit sees a bicycle in the garage, and asks the servant to borrow it for a little exercise. She is surprised that he knows how, but tries to stop him because of his health issues. Evil Goon walks up, and she is quick to tell him.
Henchman is gambling again in a small shack when he receives the phone call from his boss. Please remember that gambling is illegal in Thailand. Evil Goon hatches a plan where Henchman eliminates his love rival.

Indeed, Rut is riding along when a pickup truck tears up the dirt road, and chases him off into the grass.  Rut is forced to jump off the bike or be run over. At that time, Chard finally ties a bandana around his face, and climbs out to confront him. A secondary thug whacks Rut with a stick, knocking him out. The Evil Pair drag him under some trees, surprised that he isn’t going into cardiac arrest yet. But they still plan to kill him.
At least they have follow-through.
Note: this gif has been sped up purely because it amuses becca
Meanwhile, Wat is waiting at the location, and wondering why Rut hasn’t shown up yet.  He tries to call him, just as Chard and Thug are rifling through Rut’s pockets. He jumps up and starts fighting – he was fake-unconscious! Well at there’s one thing he is good at pretending.
Shallow note: I like Toomtam action scenes.

The fighting isn’t going so well for our hero; he manages to knock Chard to the ground, but he has a knife, and manages to to slice Rut across the abdomen. You know what that means, Sud Sai Paan lovers!

Wat sees the fight and yells out as if he is bringing a group of guys to the fight. Chard spooks and runs; I have no idea what happened to the Redshirt.  Anyway, they’re gone, and Rut is bleeding pretty badly.
Pish! 'Tis merely a flesh wound!
May is wondering where her husband is, and tries to call him. Horrid Housekeeper is chastising Janpeng for not telling anyone about Master Watit. HH is ready to tattletale to Uncle and get everyone in trouble. Naree snarks that she shouldn't be part of everyone; after all, his wife isn’t even worried.  May bites back that she had no idea what her husband was up to. She calls his phone again, worried that he’s not picking up.
Uh… she's frantically trying to reach him. How is she not worried, Naree? Shut your painted trap.

They find out from Naan, the male worker, that Master Watit was seen heading for the rear of the farm.  May and Naan head out to look for him.

According to my translator, they are at Dental and Health Clinic # 44? Wat screams as the needle comes down, but it’s Rut’s butt getting the piercing. He has bandages around his knife wound and his left arm is wrapped up. Wat comments that in most lakorns and movies, the main lead fights a slew of bad guys and emerges unscathed. Rut snipes that this isn't a lakorn!
Hah! Then why are you such a jerk, huh huh?? Explain THAT! On another shallow note: nice screenshots, Shuk.
But how did Wat know where his buddy was? Wat smiles cheekily. He was driving around, saw the other truck, and while checking it out, saw the fight in the field. Wat assumes these guys were some type of thief, but Rut soberly says they were sent to kill Watit! They talked over him while he pretended to be unconscious. Wat is all for his boss quitting this thing and hightailing it back to Veggie Farm, but Rut can’t do that. He has a debt of gratitude to Uncle, but, more than that, he wants his younger brother to have a happy, fulfilled life. Wat just hopes his friend doesn't end up the same way as his brother.
You mean, incapable of winning the girl's heart because he's being a jerk? Yeah, I worry about that, too.
Chard has a glass of alcohol before telling Evil Goon that he failed. Goon is not happy, and the two discuss how his weaksauce cousin was strong enough to fight back and win over them. Since Chard’s face was covered, Watit didn't recognize him so that’s good. But he must have gotten some really good drugs in Bangkok, which is bad.
I still don't understand how FakeWatit didn't recognize him. I mean, it's not like Chard wears the same clothes every day. Add in the permanent scowl, and a bandanna really doesn't disguise much.

At the main house, May and Naan are back from a fruitless search, but JerkWatit walks up with his bicycle just when she is talking to the servants. Everyone freaks at the blood; May helps him back to his room and then stares at him lying on the bed. He gets uncomfortable under the stare; why is she looking at him so strangely?
Two words, buddy: Shirtless Toomtam.
She tells him that he’s a victim of karma, as a swingback from his bad behavior towards her yesterday.   He figures she is sad because he isn't dead yet; that earns him a quick glare, but she pulls back and gruffly says she was kidding. Because, no matter how angry she gets, she still doesn't want anything to happen to him. He looks like he doesn't believe her. She blows out a huff of exasperation; does he want something to eat?
Aww, come on, Rut! Look at what a nice (and maybe too-nice) person she is! You treat her like dirt, and she doesn't want you dead! How can she be evil?

He actually wants something a good wife should provide. JerkWatit wants May to give him a towel bath. After all, he is all dusty from that fight, and he should be treated by his spouse. She offers to send for Naree. LOL. She thinks this is similar to her college volunteering days. Treating patients? No, taking care of stray dogs! HAHA. As she heads to the bathroom, he calls out to make sure she doesn't get bit. These two…
Pfft. And see, now I'm back to kind of liking them. The cuteness gives me whiplash, but I accept it happily.
Anyway, she grabs a bowl of warm water and a cloth, and starts with his arms. He spends the time looking at her with a half-smile. Things get a little awkward when she starts rubbing his chest, and even more so when she starts on his neck. They end up looking into each other’s eyes.
*turns to squeeglets* Kids, can you say "sexual tension"?

She gets a little nervous and puts down the towel. Rut grabs May’s hand and sincerely asks her, how did she feel when he went missing? I wonder if he is asking for himself or for his younger brother. She honestly answers that, yes, of course she was worried when she didn't know where he was. He asks whether he can really believe her.
I don't think even Rut knows if he's asking about himself or his brother. The lines have become so blurred, it's messing with his head.
She pulls her hand out of his embrace, and for a moment he looks to grab it back. She sighs; it doesn't matter if he trusts her or not, she is happy that he is safe. She takes the tray to the bathroom, leaving him to think.
Now don't you feel a teensy bit bad, Rut? Hm?

In the bathroom, she wonders why Watit has become such a stranger. I think he is affecting her, too. She dumps the water but accidentally knocks over his washing things. She realizes he is neither wearing his glasses nor his contact lenses. Oh Rut, even after this time, you still suck as FakeWatit.

He’s back in a singlet, reading the paper when she shows him the holder with the lenses in it, wondering if he forgot a little something that morning? JerkWatit gets that “Oh Snap” look in his eyes, but avoiding May isn't an option.
Don't let him wriggle his way out of this one, May! You watch him like a hawk and figure out the truth!
He stutters trying to come up with an explanation. Oh, yeah!  He still had a bunch of daily wear lenses from Bangkok, so he is using them for now until he runs out. Oh, and the box they were in has been thrown away, and the rest are packed away in his personal things, where she can’t see them.  She tries to check his eyes, so he uses the opportunity to pull her in so close they touch noses.
*distracted* How did it take me so long to notice what a nice neck this boy has? I don't think I've seen a neck this beautiful since Aaron Yan in Fall in Love With Me.

May squeals and struggles and closes her eyes. He teases her for a bit before letting her loose. She calls him crazy and runs. Crisis averted, Rut!
I'm just going to stare at these gifs for a while. Dysfunctional characters aside, these two have a great chemistry.
At Flower House, Rin is on a rampage, since Wat didn't take her to see her oldest brother. Mom admonishes her to lower her voice. Wat saw Rut while she was at school, so she couldn’t have come with him anyway. Mom promises next time. Wat tells them both that he is good and happy and misses them both. Flower Girl decides to text some pics instead. They include Watit in the background, his ventilator clearly visible.
Well that can't end well.
Rut is reading in bed when Rin texts him. He smiles at his phone before heading to his side office to chat. He promises to see her next time. She will send pictures. He’s okay with that, but later.
Aww, I miss these two being adorable together.

While they are chatting, May comes into the office. He gives the excuse that he’s moving his phone notes to his laptop. She nods and heads off to bed.
Naree’s phone is buzzing too, but there’s nothing good at the end. Evil Goon asks her to meet in his bedroom. She couldn't be happier, going right in for a cuddle when she arrives. Goon stays aloof, and pumps her for information about Watit. She reiterates what we all know; someone helped him, and he’s fine. No asthma, no heart troubles, all vital signs were normal. He even exercises every day. Goon is frustrated by the whole situation. As he should be, the evil turd.
Oooh, let's flush him down the toilet!

Boobs is wandering around the market, yelling at employees for no discernible reason. She bumps into Rin, and immediately is excited.  If Rin is there, then Rut is home! She will pick up the next order of cabbages herself and see him! Rin derails that train of thought; P’Rut hasn't returned yet. But Boobs is suspicious. I guess she knows what a pest she is, since she automatically assumes Rin is lying and that Rut is hiding from her.
At Veggie Farm, the eyelashed Isuzu arrives.  Boobs drops off early and gives the driver the money for the vegetables. She warns him to keep anyone from knowing she is on the farm and goes off on her own for a Rut-hunt. Wat and the driver do business, but he doesn't have change. He tries to head back to the main house, but the driver keeps stopping him. Wat’s a bright guy despite the hairstyle, and cottons on to what happened.

The house is locked tight when Boobs arrives, but she decides to climb into an unlocked window. She has one foot on the sill when Wat catches her and drags her down. She doesn't believe Wat either when he says his boss isn't there, so she heads back to the window. She stops short when Wat voices the opinion that Rut will never see her again if she breaks into his home. And by the way, in Shuk's neck of the woods, that's called Breaking And Entering and it will land you in jail, little screechy miss.

She walks off towards the fields, closely pursued by Wat. He tries to stop her and they tumble together among the cabbages; Wat accidentally kisses her cheek. No Wat!! I want you with Tippy!!! They get into a tussling match that crushes a few more cabbages, then she throws one and storms off.
So… is our Bestie Ship sinking, then? I don't like that. I want Bood to go away and stop messing with my secondary ships!
At Citrus Farm, May and JerkWatit come up on Goon in the orchard. Goon pretends to be happy seeing his cousin up and about. He comments how much stronger Watit is, since he returned from Bangkok. FakeWatit takes a step forward as a challenge. People can’t be weak forever, at some point in time they have to stand up and fight. JerkWatit warns that despite his heart problems, he will no longer be a pushover, and anyone with bad intentions needs to be aware of it.

While wandering the farm, May and Rut find workers spraying weedkiller under the orange trees. He has them stop immediately. Goon shows up, wondering why Watit is even interested in farm operations. May steps in, believing as well that the weeds should be mowed to keep them in check, and that they shouldn't use anything that might damage the soil.
Goon tries again to stop FakeWatit from stopping the workers. This isn't a pet project; there are thousands of acres of citrus groves that need to be maintained. But Rut doesn't care; the farm has a reputation of organic farming and healthy fruits, and that’s more important than saving time or money using dangerous products. Goon has to watch May walk away with her husband. You think he would be used to it.
Bored. But I guess it's good that May and FakeWatit are in agreement about their disagreement with Goon.

The workers hurriedly pick up the sprayers and cans and load them into the truck. Henchman wonders why and scoffs when Goon tells him. We find out that Evil Goon receives kickbacks from the weedkiller companies, and our evil pair wonders if that annoying Watit will stick his nose anywhere else.
Ah, of course they're dirty businessmen, too. Y'know, I do kind of appreciate how lakorns let villains be truly, flat-out evil.

May and JerkWatit end up at her garden. He mentions that people who like flowers are gentle with good hearts. May is charmed, until he finishes with a zinger. Sometimes pretty flowers hide nasty thorns and poison. She sighs, tired of all this. Does he or does he not remember what happened before he collapsed? Koon was sick, she went to go visit him, and things got out of hand, and he misunderstood what happened. That’s it.
Dammit woman, stop protecting these boys' so-called brotherhood! Nothing can save it now, so just go ahead and tell the truth about Goon's rapey tendencies!
She walks away from him, hurt that she is always the bad guy, no matter what. Suddenly, he sees a snake at her feet. When he calls a warning she steps back and he foot lands on the cobra. Rut must have some experience, as he manages to lower the snake’s head, capture it and throw it away from them.  Personally, I think it’s a good time for a shovel to prove that opposable thumbs are more important than fangs.

In any case, May is down, with bite marks on her ankle. Rut quickly uses his bandage as a constricting band above the wound, and sucks out the poison. He calls Wat and tells him to send a doctor to Citrus Farm main house. She wonders who Wat is, but there’s no time to chitchat; he picks her up and carries her out of the garden.
Hero-mode activated. Until the next time he gets insecure. We have a very fickle hero.
Everyone is there as the doctor gives May positive news. Thanks to FakeWatit’s quick thinking, the poison was minimized and quickly counteracted. She is expected to make a full recovery. When it’s just the two of them, they share a nice gentle moment, and May sincerely thanks him for saving her.
Be nice to her more often, Rut. I think you'll like the results.

He assists her to the outside table, but there’s nothing there but Western food. The servants agree to make some local food, and scurry off. Rut helps May to a chair before sitting across from her. She starts grilling him about this unknown friend Wat: Where is he from? How did you meet him? Are you close? Why didn't he come to the wedding if you are good friends? Rut starts absentmindedly nibbling on the farang food while coming up with answers. They met at uni, yes they are good friends, but he had to be in Bangkok the day of the wedding. He promises to introduce him at a later date.
Hm… I'm all for bringing Wat around more often, but I worry that his lies are so poorly constructed.
Janpeng is ecstatic that their master now prefers local food over that bland Western stuff. And it’s amazing how well he eats with his hands! Her gushing is interrupted by the annoyed housekeeper, who hates her dancing, too.
Yeah, well we don't like you, horrible housekeeper. So there!

After eating, May is sitting on a couch when Goon runs in; he had just heard about the cobra bite. May assures him that she is okay. He apologizes for not helping her. Just then, her husband shows up. Please, Rut, do not assume she followed Goon, she’s got a friggin’ snake bite on her leg!

Nope, JerkWatit turns it into another grab-and-growl session, draping his arm over May, and acting all cutesy towards her, even to a cheek kiss. He says he wants to play some more in their room, and picks her up to carry her, despite her protests. I would feel sorry for Goon, if he wasn't a psychopathic killer and all around bad guy.
Yeah, there is that minor detail.

After Episode Extra

It’s Tippy! Or Gam Wichayanee Pearklin, to be exact. She tells us things will get spicy in the next episode.
Oh really? *wiggles eyebrows*

Final Comment

My love for Rut took a beating at the beginning of this episode. He seems to really want to know how his ersatz wife feels about Watit (or more and more, about Rut himself, I think). But along with that insecurity comes that cruel streak that comes out with the equivalent of kicking a puppy. And I know that final scene won't be good for May once they are alone in their suite. He will soon learn that hurting the person you love only rebounds and doubles the hurt you feel yourself. Snap out of it, JerkWatit!
And when you do, feel really really bad about your horrible behavior! If I don't see a full-blown meltdown and some major groveling, I'm not giving you May! (Who am I kidding, I totally will. And this is why I question myself while watching shows like this.)
Our younger pair really needs to get over their initial bad first meeting. Okay, we all understand that Maitree got a raw deal, and Warin can be annoying and stalkerish. But they still are a couple of great kids who need to be good to each other.
Agreed. She knows what she did wrong (though she doesn't know all of the consequences), and she's trying very hard to make it right, even if she still messes up sometimes. As for Mai, he needs a friend who will stick by him right now. And as stubborn as she is, Rin can be the person.