Rants and Weekly Raves #30 (RAWR)

kakashi: I am still not watching anything but SoGC, which I recap and still love, even though we're in that slightly annoying phase where everything is grave and sad and Wang So STILL isn't the king. I am glad I'm caught up with the Blood Fakecaps and I must say, I really enjoy writing them. The trick is to just let the video roll and write, without pausing once. That saves time and makes for quite impulsive writing. Rim on Unkind Women is very very nice. I love looking at his face.
Penguin! Been busy planning a top top secret operation with lafer and Enz and Enz's friend Patty.
kakashi: As for real life, I've started to learn the drums and it's the bestest thing that has happened to me in a while, because it's an awesome stress releaver! And I need that. The last few week had me so stressed I felt near panicked, and I seriously don't want that anymore. I'm practising once a day and my progress is quite satisfying.
Lafer: Ah, well, many don't know you have that awesome rocker talent. It's not surprising your are doing well with drums. For me it's painting watercolors, and I'm doing a lot more of that than drama watching, I must say.
Shuk: I've been playing drums for decades, even doing a stint for a wizardrock band years ago. Now I mostly do hand percussion which has the added benefit of being more fun than a set.
JoAnne: It must be because Spring is near.... I'm doing lots of other things too. Also it dawned on me that there are 2 or 3 weddings coming up in the next 6 months and I should get cracking.  Probably knitting a Aran wedding blanket, possibly maybe crocheting filet border/insets for a linen table cloth... considering embellished matting for framed invite - silk embroidery or something like that - or possibly doing something Scherenschnitte-y. Dunno yet, but I need to figure it out soon.  All are excellent tension relievers, as well.
Wow, I really want to do those things too, when I'm grown up.
Tatting too. My shuttles and thread came, and I will try again after 35 years.

I have a tatting shuttle and a lesson book and dvd... I did it for about 3 months and haven't touched it since. We should tat together! I wanna make pretty stuff too. 

Kill Me Heal Me is over right?

I'll finish it someday.
Well, it's not over for me, but when I'll finish I just don't know. Most seemed to be happy with the ending.
I finally watched the entire series. I liked the tie-up of most of the personalities. I didn't know that Perry Park was actually the first personality created, though. And, as much as I HATE office politics in a rom-com, I wished we could have had more cousin bromance and interaction. 
I'm going to download this for that one long summer day when I'm bored stiff and there's nothing on tv or Netflix.

Hyde Jekyll Me is over right?

I may not finish this.
((Psst, JoAnne, it's not over at all)) 
And, I haven't watched the last episode as of yet, thanks to Blood Ketchup... err... Catsup...err... Catch Up. But it's my goal the beginning this week.

Heart to Heart is over right?

I'll probably finish this someday.
This has been over for a while and was quite good. I loved almost everything about it, especially the OTP. You should definitely finish this one, MamaJ.

Unkind Women

While it is true that making up a Rim and Mary story based on the pictures Kakashi provides is the most fun I have these days, I'm also still enjoying the story in a medium kind of way.  It's not great, but it's not terrible. They're cute together - very cute - but there's not much STORY to them. I love, love, love the grandma and her sorry/not sorry way of insulting the mistress - even though I like the mistress - they remain the story I'm most interested in, but I don't exactly have a burning desire for even that. I don't know. Maybe I'm just really tired today.
I've been thinking about watching this. Not hard core, just a quick check in every once in a while. Yes. I believe I will. 

Ho Gu's Love

Awesomeness upon awesomeness. I love this drama so much I would willingly change its dirty diapers. Seeing flashbacks to Ho Gu and Do Hee in high school through HER eyes was majorly wonderful. Im Seu Long and Choi Woo Chik deserve special praise for their overall hilarious work, but especially in regard to Kang Chul's confusion. His continued misinterpretation of absolutely every word that comes out of Ho Gu's mouth is comedy gold.

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

Pissed me off this week. We'll see what happens next week.


This continues to be a must see for me each week. The story moves quickly and keeps you wondering how the OTP will escape yet another death sentence. OK, it's not perfect, because most of the time they go right back to where they escaped from, which doesn't really make sense but seems to work for them. And Oh Ji Ho actually had a sobbing scene this week so yeah, I'll keep watching.
People on my T-list are dropping it at this stage. I'm not entirely sure why. Cause of the brutality?
becca: I'm several weeks behind, but I've been following their tweets, and it sounds like they're dropping it because of the writing. Apparently one of our favorite characters had a very abrupt turnabout, and I think there might have been something else, too, but I don't quite what it is. I plan to keep watching.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

I'm very pleased with this drama so far - it just gets funnier and funnier as you go, but at the same time it works on an emotional level, too. You cheer for the kids every little victory, but you grow fond of In Sang's completely alien parents, too. You understand the confusion that Seo Bom's parents have, and the pride they try to hide behind. You spend a lot of time thinking about the relationship that the hired help have with their bosses, and how it's a mix of amusement and fondness more than it is anything else. There is respect, but it doesn't come from the things you might expect it to, and there's far less of it than the bosses think there is.
This is my new favorite. Actually I'm only watching 2 dramas and sageuks aren't really my thing, but IHITTG would stand on its own merit. I agree that it's getting funnier each week. While I was thinking that Maids would be more comparable to Upstairs Downstairs, IHITTG actually evokes that kind of feeling from me as the help become more involved in the story. I am so happy to see Seo Bom's small victories and In Sang's unwavering devotion and pride in her. And his parents? They are so hilarious in their delusional minds. At 30 episodes, though, we have along way to go so I am hoping it keeps up the good writing.

Super Daddy Yeol

I wanted to check this out because Lee Yu Ri won my heart with her 200% devotion to the role of MinJung in Come, Jang Bori. It looked like it might be fun for the most part, even though her character is going to be dead at the end of it. Two episodes in, I am flat out in love with her, with Yeol, with the daughter.. .and soooooooooo many of the supporting roles are people I love to watch: Hacker Ahjumma is here from Healer and countless other shows, Big Kang is here from Jang Bori; the idiot loan shark (Taec's friend) from Wonderful Days is here... the second lead is Seo Jun Young, for pete's sake. Come ON, that alone is worth the watch. Secret Door, Sirius, Tree with Deep Roots, BLEAK NIGHT... why is he a second lead in this? I don't understand. But I like this. I think I'm going to fall REALLY hard for Yeol and Mi Rae.


Empire had an everything plus the kitchen sink finale last night and I cannot wait until it starts up again. I checked out Last Man on Earth and it appeals to the part of me that wonders what WOULD happen if there were only a couple people left and the plumbing broke, or the genetic ramifications of having to repopulate the Earth from less than a handful of residents, and whether you really should continue on obeying the rules when there's no one but you and the rules don't have practical application.  I plan to watch the first episode of iZombie tonight but I'm sort of afraid because either I love it and no one else does and it goes away and my heart breaks, or everyone loves it for 5 minutes and it goes away and my heart breaks.
iZombie? Where? When? Intrigued. I watched the Duff and have a large crush on the guy who played the eventual love interest (his cousin is the guy who plays the arrow... good looks run in that family) so now I'm contemplating watching The Tomorrow People because... well let's just say it's research.
I watched another drama and I actually made it through the first episode. It's the Jdrama Date. At first I thought - wow, I can't handle this dork of a girl - but by the end of the episode I was really interested to see how it's going to go. A lot of people on DB seem to be enjoying it so we'll see.
I am caught up with The Vampire Diaries and I didn't think I'd ever say this about this Season, but the last two episodes were pretty fantastic! That's the kind of writing we know (and used to love) from you, series!
Speaking of failed seasons ... Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a third season! I guess I'm happy? As long as Katarina stays absolutely dead. And away.
Oh, no.  Does that mean I have to watch Season 2? [cries]
Cries with you, but thinks happily of taking breaks for Vikings.
As for lakorn-watching, I recently finished Majurat See Nam Pueng (set in a tea farm), and Hua Jai Chocolate (set in Switzerland). I tended to be distracted by the backgrounds, but I was satisfied with both. Plus, I did a lot of Google Fu action and learned stuff!. For instance, tea leaves are plucked when they are new and in clumps of three leaves, and there are palm trees that grow around the edges of Lake Geneva. A Twitter chingu sent me a link to a lakorn kissing montage video, hence the Swiss lakorn. Also because of that video, I am currently enjoying Pin Anong, which stars Weir Sukollawat and Min Peechaya. Darn that internet rabbit hole!

Becca and I are up to episode 13 of 15 for squeecaps of Ngao Jai. I thought there would be 20 episodes, though, so I'm afraid everything is going to speed up for the last two. [sigh] I hope Thai entertainment doesn't take too many cues from SK. As for my LRSKF, I'm determined to get at least one more recap by the end of the month. I hope.

Looking Forward to...

I'm wondering if we should do a Caption Cap for Falling for Innocence. It seems ripe for that, with those three muggers.
After the recapping craze I'm currently in, I definitely need a break - but I can provide pics/gifs for you and a Caption Cap. :)
Lee Jin Wook is now in talks to star with Ha Ji Won in the Korean remake of In Time with You. While everyone agrees that Gong Yoo is the star of choice, he's busy with movies so I'd be happy with Lee Jin Wook. No matter who actually ends up signing on, I'm looking forward to catching a least one or two episodes of this.
Very old news :) Now it's Rain, and JoAnne has been doing happy Rain dances.
Yes I have! I don't care which one he goes with.
I'm still hoping for a Lee Jin-wook drama sometime soon. Did he definitively turn down Hello, Monster? That looked interesting. Then again, maybe he should switch it up with a rom-com - it's been a few years since I Need Romance 2012, after all.
I'm writing another Kim Woobin fanfic! For when I'm overwhelmed by recapping. It stars one of my Twitterbean chingus as the ice-cream-loving non-celebrity that Woobie has the wonderful luck of meeting. Thanks to online suggestions, pineapples have been added to the plot. We will have to see how the interaction unfolds as this is a sideline project and it will be influenced by whatever I happened to pick up while chatting online. 
Oooh, is there childhood trauma involving pineapples? Also, thank you to Shuk, I'm guessing, for the lovely pics - but this is more along the lines of what I do:
Nobody interested in that couple movie with that jyj guy? *looks it up* Sensory Couple!!? It's got Park Yoochun and my fav hairy policeman ahjusshi Lee Won Jong. Plus a bunch of actresses who look surprisingly (har har) the same. I'm quite excited about it.
... well, it's no longer called Sensory Couple but The Girl Who Sees, Smells, but apart from that, I'm pretty sure JoAnne is looking forward to that one.