Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 13 (A SqueeCap)

To consummate or not to consummate, that is the question. What is consummate en masse is TEA and not only does it make me thirsty, it also makes me edgy cause why would you drink tea from your dangerous enemy! Stop drinking tea, people! POISON!!!
S@ki6: gulping tea down right now.

Episode 13 verdict: A quiet, sad episode. But don't be fooled, there's lots of poison.

Episode 13

At the Consummation House, Wang So has entered the "bridal" chambers ... and informs his wife that she may blow out the candles a bit later. She can sleep in the bed. He will sleep elsewhere. No consummation?! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Yeo-won asks him to be at least her drinking buddy tonight - 5 years ago, on their wedding night, he left her all by herself.
So is she angling for guilting him into sex, or getting him so drunk he forgets himself?
She's angling for a connection of some sort. Seriously, everyone else should just go live their lives while Yeowon becomes Queen with SeWon as Prince Consort.
Merry times at Chunghae Trading Company ... all the sadder are Shin-yool's quiet tears. The only person to see them is Wang Wook. Because he is a creepy stalker, he follows her into the house uninvited. Alright, maybe he isn't all bad, because he forces her to drink and eat something (pretending it's out of concern for his own safety, cause poison!!). She sees through him completely, but he is in no mood to receive her thanks. He wants to leave, but she tells him she now understands how he must have felt when he had to let go of the love of his life.
I love that they had this very understated, starkly honest, painful conversation.  Before I remembered that this was KDrama and they do this sometimes, I thought to myself oh, they'll be friends. But no, I know this is just an interlude. She won't go to him, and he will eventually be an ass about it.
Elf went back to looking hot. Other than that he was annoying. 
Oups, this is actually quite mean (sure, not deliberately, but still!) ... she confides in him about how hard it is for her, asking how he ever endured this. He told her that time and other people can heal wounds. As time passes, she will be able to forget Wang So - just like he has forgotten his love (wait ... I'm a bit confused here. He doesn't know about the marriage, does he? He must think she's only sad because of the Consummation Night).
That was my take on it, too. Basically everyone is thinking about those two having sex. Eww, that's his SISTER.  Oh wait, she's So's sister, too. Wow I completely forgot about that.

In his heart, he wishes it were him, that person to heal her wounds ... but he doesn't care if it isn't. Shattering all his dreams (for good, I hope!), she says that there are memories that can never be forgotten. And he asks: does that mean you'll go against my sister?
Uh, your sister is a murderous scary person. Everyone should go against her.  I bet I just pissed someone off, though...
I don't mind her being a scary person as along as she's intelligent and puts up a good show as opposed to say, Minjung, who made me cringe. 
Wang So has stayed to drink with his wife. The mood isn't very merry. He asks her if she has ever considered using her rather considerable abilities for the good of the nation instead of for her family. He finds the latter a waste. She answers by posing him a question of her own, looking quite excited/eager: What will he do when the throne calls to him, sometime down the road? Will he take the opportunity to shape the world according to his dreams?
Did it ever occur to him to ask her this 5 years ago? Seriously, they could've discussed a decent arrangement instead of a hated roommate set-up. 
He can't answer that question, he says. Not because he's afraid, as she suspects, but because he has never given it any thought. Fine ... she will give him her answer once he gives his. That amuses him and he asks himself what their relationship might have been had they talked like this earlier. They might still have been on different paths - but they might have looked into the same direction, she thinks. He acknowledges that with a nod. Yup, it's the truth - but I like how these two don't resent each other at this moment. In fact, this might be the beginning of that alliance Saki has been talking about.
I would be deeply grateful if that were true. But I think she'll continue to be nice to So's face for a while, because in the end, he really has no choice. Unless she dies, she's his wife. Forever.
Yes, this is the alliance I was talking about. And Western TV royal arranged marriages show the talk about who is responsible for whom and the direction they are going in on the wedding night. E.g. La Reine Margot - Henri IV got Princess Margot to promise not to betray him - and Gunpowder, Treason & Plot. In fact, James VI was gay and he still had an alliance and enough of a relationship with Anne of Denmark to produce multiple children with her. They had a common goal. But Korean tv loves to show husbands and wives with nothing at all, which is unfair for the wives since the husbands are allowed women outside marriage. 
At Chunghae, Shin-yool sees Wang Wook to the gate - and they have a very similar conversation. To him, it feels like they're on the same path, but are facing different directions. But he quickly adds that it's important to him that they're on the same path. Interesting. Well, not what he's babbling, but that he's a dick, but not entirely. 
Pretty much my tweet while watching this. First, 'Wang Wook is a dick.' Then, 'Oh wait now, don't go confusing me with un-dicklike behavior.'
He's gone from purple to grayish lavender: anyone else notice?

Princess Yeo-won has had a few too many - she's nodded off. Very carefully, Wang So picks her up and puts her on the bed (look for the BTS of this scene if you have the chance, so cute!!). He lingers for a moment, looking at this sleeping beauty, before he turns around and leaves. Slowly, she opens her eyes ... and a tear escapes her eye. Sadness? Loneliness? Regret?
A tear? Are you sure?  Because I stared at the screen. I did not even blink.  I wanted to know if there was going to be a tear, but I didn't see one.
I just want her to take over the kingdom and marry SeWon. 
DAMMIT. There it is, how did I miss that?
Wang So goes to his own room and stares at his half of the jade butterfly. Shin-yool, at the Trading Company, does the same.
Yeo-won invites Shin-yool over for tea again. We're still being territorial: Yeo-won tells her rival that thanks to her, they were able to share a room. When Yeo-won passes some tea to her, Shin-yool notices a golden bracelet on the Princess' arm. When Shin-yool lifts the cup to her lips, Yeo-won asks: Do you think you'll make it out of here alive? Gaaaaaaah! I knew all that tea drinking couldn't end well...
I fully expected Yeo Won to see her noticing the bracelet and brag about the 'gift' from her satisfied husband.
She's not that sort of person. She may be evil, but she's the epitome of chic.
She's exactly that sort of person. Remember the request for assistance in selecting a date for the consummation?
Yeo-won drinks some tea herself and then declares that Shin-yool won't die. Yet. And then, the attack: Does she know that a prince's first marriage needs to be sanctioned by the king? Shin-yool doesn't say anything, but her slightly shocked expression is telling. So she did know, Yeo-won continues, then she must also know that going against that law is a death sentence. However, she will cover it up for Shin-yool - in return, Shin-yool vows to end it all with Wang So. For realz and for surez. No matter what he may try to do.
Whatever. We know this won't last. True love!
Yeah, I yawned at that declaration. 
At home, Shin-yool researches poisons in that book she got from the country-doctor. And she finds the poison that affects the King! It'll end with nosebleed and veins that burst.
Well, that's gruesome.
Always a nosebleed. Wouldn't it make more sense to cough up blood or vomit it? In La Reine Margot, the king actually bled from his skin pores from his poisoning. It's so much more interesting than a nosebleed. Heck, I get nosebleeds all the time. It's just dry skin, really. 
I hope we don't get to see that. That poison can also be turned into a solid state, in which it will resemble gemstones. Oups ... that bracelet. There were green stones there.
Wasn't it green poison in Night Watchman, too?
Green is a colour of Paradise. Perhaps the poison is aiming to send the victims there. 
Wang So has returned to Chunghae and demands to see the Assistant Head - who summoned him. They're all ... are you sure you don't want to see Kaebong? But Shin-yool comes in, unveiled, and tells them that he knows that she's a woman. The family is confused and will certainly stay confused until she also tells them why the mood between them is so frosty.
'Sorry, he knows I'm a girl and we're totally in love except NOW he's gone and had sex with his wife so everything is off.  Oh by the way never tell him or anyone I'm the girl he married because we can be put to death for that.'
If only things could be simple. 

She takes him to the VIP room and is all business ... but he wants to tell her something. She tells him to not come here anymore, unless he has to. In her head, she thinks she should never have come to Goryeo. She should never have searched for him, like he told her that night. And he thinks to himself that he knows she's his bride and he knows what she's afraid of. But no matter what, he will protect her. Always.
Really? How? Are you going to kill Yeo Won? I mean, I enjoy the character very much but I could totally get behind that plan.
Not really the history, but this doesn't really seem a sageuk, more a regular show in Goryeo clothing.
They've been saying all along they're going to play fast and loose with the history, so why not petition for something in our favor?
Speaking out loud again, she also tells him not to look for Kaebong anymore. She'll not dress as a man again. He wants to know what happened for her to be that cold - and guesses she heard about him sharing a bed with his wife. But she must know that he has not slept with her. She tells him that's non of her business and anyway, he has bigger problems to solve: the King has been poisoned.
Every cheating man EVER says that he doesn't sleep with his wife, though. They must have known that even back then, surely?
Wow, that completely shocks him. She tells him about the symptoms she has observed and the effect of the tea she gave him, which proves her theory right. Wang So must find out how it is given to him and what it is exactly - cause there is no antidote yet. Wang So leaves in a hurry, while she thinks to herself that Yeo-won is the one that made that poison and that she, Shin-yool, will expose everything. *biting fingernails*
Well that's one way to get the wife out of the picture, sure.
Hmm, let's see. YeoWon won't go down so easily. At least, I hope not, and I hope the her manouvering is interesting to watch. 

Wang Sik-Ryeom informs the king that he has appointed someone to oversee the move to the West: Wang Wook. Ah, and by the way: Chunghae Trading Company will also be involved in the construction. Oh, and the Leader of the Righteous Men? Must be a prince, cause they're the First King's secret warriors. If that prince is Wang So, then the First King clearly wanted Wang So on the throne. Just go away, Uncle Hairline!!! >.<
Uncle Hairline, you fuckwit. *makes eye contact with Quirkstine*
He's definitely annoying. Seems like this character wasn't even really necessary.  Or, they could have fewer scenes with him.
Wang So is announced that very moment. He is his old Goryeo Gun self, but I doubt he really fools people with this still ... Uncle Wang leaves and the sickly King immediately does what fuckwit (hee) Wang told him to do: He demands to meet the Leader of the Righteous Men to see whether they're his men or just a bunch of thieves. If the Leader turns up, all is good. If he doesn't, they'll be declared outlaw and he will arrest them.
Just get anyone to show up, fools.
Sick, crazy king needs to be handled with finesse, though. So is the best bet. 

Ji-mong enters - with that poison specialist that Shin-yool got the book from! They pretend to be doing a normal check-up on the King because of his cough, but they're obviously checking for the symptoms that Shin-yool has seen. And indeed, the physician can confirm: it's poison. Wang So promises to get him the poison, and the physician promises to do his best with regard to an antidote.
Oh, clever. Was it Ji Mong who thought of this or Wang So, I wonder. Wouldn't it be cool if behind the scenes, Ji Mong and Shin Yool were partnering up? You know, for the good of the nation?
At Chunghae, Shin-yool instructs her foster parents. Lives are on the line ... So So's and theirs. If they succeed, all will be well. If they fail, they will die or will at least have to shut down the company. She tells Gang-Myeong to look into a specific gem, the poison and its potential antidote. This is what he finds out: that gem is hard to find in Goryeo, but he said he would pay any price. Not much luck about the poison, either. Nobody knows much about it or an antidote.
I would expect no less.
Also after the poison: Eun-chun and Ji-mong. The latter is checking bathing water, food, clothes ... and finally realizes it must be on the scrolls. At the very same time, Wang Sik-Ryeom introduces Wang Wook to the last two of the Western Traitors - as the man in charge of the move and as the next king. Where is Se-won, by the way?! 
Funny - I was waiting for a moment where that might be a good question - you know, at a boring part or something - but you beat me to it!  *claps*
SeWon needs to do more, if only because I'll enjoy it.
OH, so will I!
Wang So goes to the Trading Company ... reluctantly. But looking OH SO FINE, damn. He meets Shin-yool in the VIP room and tells her that the poison is on the public appeals scrolls. He brought it with him in a little box. He informs her they're working on an antidote and are trying to track down who is responsible. He is also very sorry he brought her into this royal fight. Ah, but she did it for profit, is her answer. And by the way, Wang Wook is in charge of moving the Capital to the West.
So here's the thing. She promised to have nothing to do with Wang So. He was told to have nothing to do with Shin Yool. Yeo Won said in no uncertain terms that she would be watching them like a hawk.  If the gesture had been popular a thousand years ago, she'd have done that thing where you point at your eyes and then at someone else and then repeat it. And yet here they are, all 'la-di-dah, just gonna have a meeting, nothing special, right here in the broad daylight' What's up with that?
I don't get it either. Some longing looks across the street while they separately, yet totally in sync, work for the same goal, destroy YeoWon, would've made more sense and even been romantic because it would've shown their OTP-ness. 
Oh, I get it: They both don't give a fuck about Yeo-won and her threats. Got bigger things to work out. Like: LOVE and POISON. 
She talks about more tea for the king, but Wang So isn't listening. It seems to pain him a great deal when he asks her whether it's Wang Wook that knows about their marriage in Gaebong. She lies ... nobody knows. She also tells him to continue dealing with her brother from now on, when Princess Yeo-won comes in. Wang So explains he came to get tea, but that doesn't fool Yeo-won. She takes Shin-yool outside and tells her how that separation from Wang So will be made sure - if she marries Wang Wook. O___o FOOOOok!
Ooooh. Did NOT see that coming. I gotta give it up for Yeo Won here. Very smart.
Although her next steps were a bit clumsy.  
Speaking of the devil, here he is, all fired up and protective of Shin-yool. They end up inside, all four of them. Awwwwkward. Two brothers, both in the position to become the next king, two women, wives to one of the brothers (one secret, one official) but also sister and love interest to the other.
Yeo Won looks pretty comfortable. Everyone else wants to die. Can she just do sageuks forever?
Honey Lee totally should do sageuks forever. She looks amazing. 
Did I say awkward? It turns 100times more so when Yeo-won says let's discuss Wang Wook and Shin-yool - in front of everyone, since they're all here. Shin-yool wants to spare Wang So's feelings by saying this is a matter only for the three of them, but he won't have it. Yeo-won says she wants to pair Wook with Shin-yool, but she says she is not interested in marriage. It's Wook the princess asked, though, but once again, he isn't the dick he could be - and says he has never thought about it. He will do as he wants.
Grudging respect for these two. I think she's more likely to be evil and enjoy it than he is. More likely to be evil at all, I think, but neither IS evil. Well, she is poisoning the King, but you know what I mean. Both could just as easily have been really decent people. But I suppose that's an argument that ends up claiming they're actually MORE evil because they could easily have been good. Whatever. Where is Se Won?
Having SeWon around could help us get past the cringe of all of this. And since everyone is willing to kill someone or ruin someone to get what they want, or let it happen, no one's that good, so no point judging YeoWon. (Is my bias showing a lot?)
No more than any one else's
He takes Shin-yool out to discuss business. Wang So also excuses himself ... but before he leaves he tells Yeo-won that it's time for Wang Wook to break free of her arms. "As long as I won't let go, neither you nor Wook will be able to escape me", is her answer. Woah, sista!
Tsk, tsk, tsk - it's important to let others have a turn, Yeo Won.
That was crazy second female lead territory. And it's tribal Goryeo: Wang Wook wouldn't ever think of being this rude or breaking free from his older sister then. 
Wook is impressed with Shin-yool's courage since she's obviously not afraid of his sister - he suspects Yeo-won might know Shin-yool's weaknesses and/or she must be preparing herself to strike back. Shin-yool doesn't tell him anything, of course, but he has obviously made her an official partner in this whole moving business. To see her often.
Yeah, he's so totally still hoping. Give it up dude. You're up against Jang Hyuk! This is not going to happen.
I prefer Limnium but there's something to be said for taking "no" as an answer. 

At the palace, Wang Sik-Ryeom becomes aware that the source of the poison has been discovered. Ji-mong has the secretary read out the scrolls to the king now.
How, he puts two and two together from just that? Hey, ah, wait: doesn't that mean Ji Mong is now being poisoned?
That happened in La Reine Margot too: the king was poisoned by a poisoned hunting book. He died horribly horribly. I'd stick a picture in here, but it'd be getting off-point. And repetitive.

Quickly, Wang Sik-Ryeom sends a lesser assassin out to get the poison back from the secretary (who was the one who put the dust on the scrolls). Eun-chun follows him too, but is too late - he only finds the body of the secretary. Stabbed. Damn, those bad guys are careful.
Oh, yes. [I seriously need to find this actor in other things.]
There are no other things. He has done some commercials and had one musical theater role. We got him at the beginning!
The king is really looking sick - everybody notices. The Queen Dowager asks the king to give Wang So a government position ... the King shows signs of jealousy. He calls Wang So though and hears about his reconciliation with the Queen. That, he seems to find amusing ... but he bursts out in anger again because the leader of the Righteous Men hasn't appeared yet. Tomorrow, after midnight, he will send away all the guards, he informs Wang So. The leader better appear then.
Hmmm. Late at night, secret rendevous... sounds kind of romantic.
Eun-chun is vehemently opposed to Wang So going, seeing how unstable the king is. He might lose his head, right there, on the spot. But Wang So thinks it might give him new energy and stability.
I do love these brothers. I hope everything ends okay with them, as far as their relationship goes.
All of this leaves Wang So sad and frustrated ... and he finds himself in front of the Chunghae Trading Company once again, wishing he could see his Kaebong-aa.
He's like that old horse that the farmer rides to market. Even with the farmer passed out in the wagon at the end of the day, the horse knows where to go.
Who is the horse in this scenario, Wang So or Gaebong?
He's horse, she's home.
This sounds weirdly romantic. 
Inside, he is denied access to Shin-yool altogether - Gyu-Dal comes to meet him. But Wang So hasn't come to see the Assistant Head - he wants to see Kaebong. When he hears that someone has come in, Wang So turns in joyous anticipation: Kaebong-aaa! But it's not him. It's her. A very quiet, sad looking Wang So asks Shin-yool to convey a message to Kaebong.
Ah, this hurts.
Still meeting. They're not supposed to be meeting. 
Yeah, but why would Wang So care about that?!

And then, he pretends to talk to Kaebong. And my heart breaks TT____TT He tells his blood brother that he knows everything. He also knows that s/he won't give up that easily - that s/he will find a way to come running back to his hyungnim. He himself is trying as well - she is not alone. He will find a way - and he will come running back as well. Until then, he will treat him like the Assistant Head. And since he knows Kaebong's heart, he will not be hurt by her coldness. And then, he turns to Shin-yool and repeats: "Don't be hurt".
Which means he's gonna do some stuff. Probably with Yeo Won.
I don't want him to do any stuff with Yeowon: she has to be with SeWon! They can be YeoSe! Or Won2!
I didn't mean THAT kind of stuff.  Just that it will look like it.
Is there anything that Kaebong wants to tell So So? There is: Kaebong knows that So So is suffering. He is sorry he cannot console him and be by his side. But she knows that he will succeed - all the answers to all his questions are already in his head. That makes him laugh - his Kaebong knows so well how to relieve his burdens.
I'm sorry I didn't hear you. Jang Hyuk's face got in the way of my ears.
And with that, he turns to leave. He briefly stops next to her though and lightly touches her hand as if to say "We will get through this. Have faith".
So this director saw Healer, then. He knows what we like.
As soon as he is gone, she is overwhelmed by her love for him (I know that feeling - but for other people) and changes into Kaebong gear, hoping to still catch him... but he is gone (TT_____TT). The wrong prince appears behind her. He has come to learn about the Trading Company inside out, hoping to stay with Shin-yool all night. He ends up reading ledgers with Baek-Myo instead.
What the hell, Wook. This is as lame as your confession ending in a hug.
I get the feeling he's never been in any relationship before, which is silly, since in Goryeo days, they would've been married off at age 13 or whenever puberty hit to get the clan more babies. 
It is past midnight and Wang So is entering his brother's room - dressed as Righteous Man. The King beckons him to step closer. with a shaking hand, the king reaches for his mask - probably already knowing what he will find. When he sees his brother's face, the worst fears of the King seem to have become true: the one he trusted the most has turned on him too. Treason. Of the saddest kind.
I can't speak.
Very calmly, Wang So apologizes for deceiving the King. But he isn't himself right now - he has been poisoned. And who else but Wang Sik-Ryeom would dare do that? Wang So falls to his knees and begs the King to give him the order to punish the traitors. The King is beside himself though: he runs to his sword, rips it out of his sheath and lifts it above his head.


Oh wow, this drama manages to always speed up towards the end of each episode - yes, it does its "cliffhangers" really well! I must say, I am very impressed with the performance of Ryu Seung-Soo as King (I didn't know this actor (though he's been in tons of stuff)). He is scary and pitiful at the same time and manages to make me feel compassion. I'll be sorry to see him go!
I first noticed this guy in Wonderful Days, and really liked him there. I realized I'd seen him in other things, just not really paid attention - but he's someone I look for, now.

The other character that got an opportunity to shine this episode was Wang Wook. I had already given up on him, but hey! He isn't simply evil. Nope, he is truly in love with Shin-yool, but in a second lead, selfless kind of way, it seems. But what is more interesting is his rebellion against his sister. Be careful, missy, or you'll soon find yourself without a single ally.
I'm very interested in seeing where THAT goes, yes I am. I wouldn't be unhappy if the four of them banded together and put on one public face and then behind closed paper doors they just lived the way they wanted to.
His rebellion doesn't make sense to me as I mentioned above because of the times and the culture, but never mind. 

The scene between the OTP in the VIP room was once again really, really well done (mainly thanks to Jang Hyuk's acting). Goryeo Gun is fun, but sincere and earnest Wang So has me on my knees on the floor, shouting "King, my King!". I love that there is no ounce of noble idiocy here. Her life is on the line (and his to a lesser degree), so of course she'd step away from him. But of course she can't and doesn't really want to and that is why his little speech to Kaebong gives her hope. That's why they function so well as a pair: he gives her strength and she gives him strength. Both cling to hope and the belief that not everything is lost. There will be a way.
I do like that very much about them. Their love is a rock that they cling to in a rushing river.  Let's hope it doesn't somehow turn into something tied around their necks, dragging them down into the water.
Got nothing here, sorry!