Unkind Women - Episode 14 (The SJR only version)

Somebody gets to ride Rim's motorbike in this episode!!! Woah, I know somebody who is going to be jealous... Apart from that: MANY Rim-goodies for you! 
This director really likes looking at Rim from behind Mari's right shoulder.
I guess the Hair Cut Wars have ended

Episode 14

Now that they've agreed on his look, Mari brings Rim home to meet the family

JUST in time, Mari stops Rim from asking them what they think of his hair

Is it MY fault your mother got that horrendous perm? NO! Mari has to agree.

Still, she says that hair is off limits as a topic. Rim panics a bit.

What can I talk about....what can I talk about...

I give up! This is hard! I have no ideas!

Rim hops on his bike very coolly, but miscalculates the distance and sits on his balls

His doctor is inappropriately happy at the prospect of treating his injury

His friend is suspicious - usually office visits don't require you to go home with the doctor

It's okay, though - the specialist Rim sees believes he can shake those little guys right into shape

You know what? I DO feel better! You worried for nothing!

Apart from some lingering balance issues, Rim seems to be doing quite well now.

Come on!  Hide your stringy hair under this helmet, and let's go for a ride!

Mary was afraid to get near Rim's injured areas but he's fine - see, feel them!

Mary did worry she'd get him worked up, but as Rim says 'That's the POINT.'

They go out for a nice dinner, and Rim is mortified to see that his bank balance is zero

Mary had to pay for dinner, and her mother is a bit irritated

'You bitch!' Rim's doctor screams. 'My Rim can do no wrong!'


Man, I thought the Rim-bits would never end!
There were a lot of Rim-bits in this. Probably more than you expected. Hopefully my captions cleared that up for you.