My Beautiful Bride - Episode 3 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Oh, you clever, clever drama! There are flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks ... and we never quite know whose memories they are and whether they are true or just imaginations. Also, almost everybody has a second, potentially real name and nothing is as it seems. I still have no clue what's going on, but this is another 100% episode. Everything is there and it's damn near perfect. How will I ever be able to watch a normal KDrama again after this one? 
Wait then! This is a trap! I can't have you ruined for KDrama, I NEED YOU. But oh my goodness, this is good. It might almost be worth the sacrifice.

Episode 3

Ooookay, there's a dead and naked Song Hak-Soo with a cut throat in the trunk of Joo-Young's car. How the friggin hell did it get there?! And when?! And why?! He was put on dry ice (hence no smell) and I'd laugh at Do-Hyeong's dumbstruck face if it were remotely funny, but it's not. The woman on his arm is Joo-Young, right?
Right, but WHY is he dumbstruck? Because Song Hak Soo is dead? Because he's dead and in Joo Young's car? Because he's dead and in Joo Young's car and Do Hyeong got caught with him? Because some stranger is dead in Joo Young's car and has Joo Young's tattoo on his arm? See? There's no telling with this story, either. It could be any one of those things. It could be OTHER things we can't even imagine yet. We just have to keep watching, and remember to breathe once in a while.
And then, in the "what previously happened"-bit that starts playing, there's additional information (very clever, show!), like that she said "I am not who you think I am" after he gave her the ring, but he said "You are exactly whom I think you are". Anyway, we're back in the here and now, and it's not looking good for sweet Do-Hyeong who finds himself in an interrogation room. At least they're also holding scumbag Park over night. Whose name, by the way, isn't Park Joon-Beom but Park Tae-Gyu. The police has no clue what that means and neither do we.
Why does that have to mean anything? DOES it mean something? Don't criminals often use made up names? Does one of our folks know that other name, for some other reason? We just don't freaking know anything that's going on except that awkward robot is the new preferred hotness. Also, re the additional info - it is a very clever way to feed us intel, I agree. And I love that there is so much more to their story than we realize, but we can still feel like (so far) in the end, it's really just this: he adored her, she adored him, and they were happy together. I want a Do Hyeong! I'm with Trot. He's near (if not at) the top of my 'Marry' list. Jang Hyuk is generally always there too. Great, a buffoon and a robot. But both hot and both loyal.
So this is what our detective power couple thinks happened: Song Hak-Soo got out of prison on parole one day before Yoon Joo-Young disappeared. He went to Do-Hyeong's place and told him all about Joo-Young's colorful past. That bit about Song having a rather close connection to the missing woman is complete news to young female detective (who is in the room when they started their ramblings) and she has nothing better to do than go blabber about it to Dumb Face. Seeing how irrelevant these two are, this is likely irrelevant as well.
Seriously, why are they here? They aren't even really Exposition Fairies and they're certainly not comic relief. *waves hands* kkeojo!
Yoon-Mi asks Detective Park whether he believes that Do-Hyeong killed Song. He thinks it's plausible. She is less convinced: The cut on his throat looks like it was done by a professional. And the ice? Most likely there to mask the exact time of death. An ordinary man like DH would not have been able to do that. Well, here's the problem though: Do-Hyeong isn't exactly ordinary: He's got a motive (jealousy / possessive rage) and he's got the training.
And he is certainly not ordinary.
Yoon-Mi goes in to interrogate him even though he might be dangerous: She is convinced she can handle him. As soon as she addresses him, Do-Hyeong demands to know who the dead person is. Yoon-Mi isn't fooled. She is convinced he has met the dead person before - but he denies it. She shows him a picture of him (since corpses look different than their alive counterparts). Oh. I think he DOES recognize him! Cause when she asks again whether he ever met him before, Do-Hyeong asks back whether she thinks he killed him. By the way, maybe now would be a good time to get a lawyer?
Here's what so good about Do Hyeong: if you didn't know better, you'd think he was a bit simple-minded and naive. But with just a tiny bit of info, how he appears to us changes DRASTICALLY even when nothing about how he's showing himself changes at all. Is his silent patient sitting the mark of a man who's caught in something he truly doesn't understand, or is this a man biding his time and looking for his opportunities? I think we've all (watching) gotten to the point of understanding that it's the latter - but the others in the story don't know this yet. They might suspect, but they definitely underestimate him all the same. And what's more, I think we watchers are well on the way to knowing that we have NO idea what this man is yet capable of doing.
She says yes, he's a suspect: seeing how the body was found inside his car. "Is that all?" he asks. Hmmmmmm... He thinks he is held in custody for another reason - which has to do with why they think HE of all people killed this man. And why they think he came to see him before he killed him. Most probably already linking this all to his beautiful bride, Do-Hyeong gets loud now - which gets Park Hyeong-Sik to intervene. Oh, he's protective, this sunbae! Who else gets "Damn, this guy can be really dangerous"-vibes from DH?
Me, me, me! He is now awkward robot assassin. Side note: how do actors know they can make their faces be scary, the ones that normally don't look scary? How do they know what to do to make that switch? I have no idea what I look like when my face is changing expressions. Do you?
Detective Park thinks it's interesting that Yoon-Mi kept Song's relationship with the missing fiance a secret from Do-Hyeong, and he guesses it's because Yoon-Mi feels guilty about the whole thing. Which she doesn't have to in his opinion. But what are they to make of Do-Hyeong? They still think he's hiding something (me too!) but they have no evidence. It seems they can hold him for 48 hours though, during which Detective Park wants to go find that evidence. Meanwhile, Do-Hyeong is put into a cell, near Park Joon-Beom (I'll keep calling him that for the time being)
See? What is he thinking? Is he making a plan? Remembering Joo Young? Feeling scared or lost or hurt? What's going to be the situation between him and Park Joon Beom? (Love love love the actor, by the way. Another who's been a big surprise to me, having this whole other side.)
The detectives swarm out and ask a bunch of people about Do-Hyeong and Joo-Young and get ... absolutely nothing. Except for: he rode a bike and she drove a car! that's not normal! Or: it was doomed from the beginning, he was far too nice to her! They also ask people at the bank. DH's friend gets really worried when (stupid) Detective Park mentions that Joo-Young went missing. DH's boss is quite impressed to hear that DH lived with a girl. Nobody has ever seen Song Hak-Soo before.
Since I've assumed from the beginning that the bank is part of the Shadow/Fixer realm, somehow, I'm not sure I believe that.

Time for another round of interrogations and a change of tactics. Yoon-Mi tells Do-Hyeong who the dead guy was: A loan shark problem solver, a dirty scumbag. And Yoon Joo-Young was connected to him. His face goes all kinds of funny when he asks how exactly they were connected. In the way that he is thinking, the police woman says. So he really knows nothing about his fiance? She never went abroad.
See? Again! Funny because he didn't want THEM to know about that, or funny because HE didn't know about that? Or, what's more likely to me: he's thinking FINALLY, you get it. Now go look.
A flashback starts playing in his (?) head ... when she ran after him with the umbrella. "Do you know me?" she asks. And another scene starts playing, one with a younger, very drunk Do-Hyeong. He bumps into a woman in the street and ... throws up, while clutching her shoulder. He stares at her - her being Joo-Young, dolled up. Two other, quick flashbacks, one with an almost kiss between them, one with a woman turning away quickly, and then him, crumbling some money in his hand. But back in flashback level one, he just stares at her while the rain falls and answers: "No". So he lied?
I think so. I think he knew her immediately. But is this it, then? Their initial meeting? It doesn't seem that way.
In the present, Yoon-Mi asks whether he really knows nothing. "No", he says. "Everything. I know everything". (Hmmmmmm .... ) But Yoon-Mi is quite convinced he knew nothing about his woman. (Whereas he now knows that she knew Joon-Young from before). She will ask him one last time: has he ever met Song Hak-Soo before? To which he replies: No. But where is Park Joon-Beom? He needs to see him! He lies about not knowing Park at all, which makes Yoon-Mi quite suspicious of him - cause that man's name isn't Park Joon-Beom. Do-Hyeong calling for a Park Joon-Beom = extremely suspicious, quite clearly a liar. Hmmmmmmm...
This is where I start wondering about stuff even more, because when he says he knows everything, is it EVERYTHING? That she informed on Song Hak Soo? Because in that case he might know who Yoon Mi is, and have been aware of her from the beginning. Maybe not her face, but her name. He acted like he didn't know who she was that first time in the police station...but did he go there ON PURPOSE because she was there, and he was counting on her connection to Joo Young to help him? And if THAT'S the case, has it been his plan for her to 'uncover' info about him all along, so it just looks like she's investigating when really he's putting stuff in front of her? And then with Park Joon Beom - it could be that he has no idea of the connection between Hak Soo and Joon Beom, and he's just wondering why someone he knows from work has a connection to his missing girlfriend...but I wonder. And in that case, if he already knew of the connection, then he's always known who Park Joon Beom is, even when he was visiting him at Seryo, as a bank officer. In other words: how much is he manipulating events, and for how long has he been doing it?
Right then, one of the field detectives calls her. He has found a certain woman - a hostess. Yoon-Mi goes to see her at her workplace (I've seen this woman before ... was she in Cruel City?)(I was wondering the same; she wasn't Hot Driver's girlfriend, was she?); they are old acquaintances. She claims she has lost all contact to Joo-Young (Yoon-Mi calls her Joo-Hee!), but she does know about that "first love" ... and flashback. The bar girls are eating fish cake in a street stall, talking about some customers they will see later. Joo-Young/Joo-Hee gets up and starts walking towards their workplace - when she bumps into the very drunk Do-Hyeong who throws up on her.
WHY KOREA WHY STOP WITH THE VOMIT. Do you not realize that I vomit when they do?  Unless I am very, very lucky? And even when I am very, very lucky, I still have to fight the urge.
And the time stands still for them. For her? And a brief flash-flashback to when he was in high school, looking at her just like he is looking at her now. (Hmmmmmm... does this mystery come down to high school?) But BAM goes Joo-Hee's friend and pushes Do-Hyeong away, hysterically going on about how expensive Joo-Hee's jacket is. He staggers and falls, but now, his friends are rushing in to help him (Banker friend Shim Han Joo is there, so it seems they go way back). He is going to the army in two days and that's why he is completely wasted.
They totally recognize each other. What happened to him as a kid that he pretends he knows no one from then? And also, I now feel like Shim Han Joo is probably okay. Mostly okay. Started okay, at least. Oh my God it's Cruel City all over again.
Joo-Hee rushes away (embarrassed? Shocked?) but stops again only a few steps away. She looks back at him and his friends (they are helping him on his feet). "I'm taking a day off", Joo-Hee says and runs after them. They go to a noraebang and party some more. At the end, they leave Do-Hyeong in a room alone with one of the girls. Well, he is completely out - and she is quite annoyed, trying to shake him awake. After hiding in an adjacent room all this time, Joo-Hee comes into the room now - and claims she's Do-Hyeong's girlfriend. Pissed off girl leaves even more pissed off.
I think Joo Hee was embarrassed, yeah. Shocked to see him all of a sudden but worried that he'd recognize her and know she was a bar girl. I'm guessing that other girl in the room is one of his current friend circle, and maybe likes him? She seemed pissed that Do Hyeong had a girlfriend that she didn't know about.
When Joo-Hee is alone with Do-Hyeong she reaches out a hand to touch him ... but does not. "So handsome", she says dreamily. We all nod in agreement. And: "Do Hyeong oppa, do you remember me? I bet you don't. It doesn't matter, as long as I remember". And then, she gets braver, touches his brow ... gets up. Sits back down. Bends down for a kiss. His eyes flutter open.
So I'm guessing their initial meeting may have been intense and perhaps related to something significant in her life but perhaps not in his (or vice versa) and that it was brief. He may have been someone she was always aware of, while he only noticed her during this one particular event, and then maybe after that she was gone or he was gone, and they weren't running into each other and developing more of a connection.
She quickly brings some distance between them, turning her back, as he stammers "What happened"? She lies that she works here, that she's a present from his friends, but that time is up now and she needs to go. Oh damn ... this is horrible. He tells her to wait - how much does she charge per hour? She turns around, to look at him. There is no recognition there from his part, right? After she tells him the price, he gets the money out of his wallet and asks her to stay for an hour. She stammers that she's done for the day and runs out. In the corridor, she wishes him farewell, quietly and half-crying. 
He doesn't seem to recognize her now, but he definitely did in the street.  So I don't trust his lack of expression. But why would he pretend? To allow her to save face? That's an awful lot of social skill awfully fast for a guy who was puking drunk delirious a short while before.
We see Do-Hyeong sitting in his cell, quietly, while Joo-Hee's hostess friend says she told her that he was her first love. And then, the flashback starts playing again from the moment he offered her the money - but this time, we see what happened inside and with him. Her rebuttal seems to ... what? hurt him? Is he sobbing?! I didn't notice tears? Anyway, he crumbles the money and runs after her. She is gone, though. He returns the next day, dressed in army garb - and waits in front of the club all day long (or is this some other time? When he is on holidays? Not sure). In another voice over flashback, we hear he joined the special ops to "impress somebody". Cut to him in his cell. Remembering? DAMN, show. WHATISGOINGON.
Oh I'm dead I'm dead look at him standing there in uniform. Ten years in the Army, folks. A whole lot of my sexual attraction DNA is built on uniforms and he looks GOOD in uniform (SO FUCKING GOOD!). I was wondering if he comes back and waits there often - like, was that one day we saw, or a bunch of days running together? It seems very definite that he made a decision to go for her, back then. He ran after her, he searched for her later he always, always knew her past. And he's been letting her live that lie for as long as they've been together. Because it didn't matter to him, he loved her...and it mattered to her that she look like a good person in his eyes. Wait. So he knows her entire family is lying to him and he does not care, because she wanted to start over and he loves her and wants her to have what she wants. SWOON. And remember he said he needed that two years for 'and stuff.' I now believe that's totally related to his pretense on her behalf.
At the police station, they are now viewing video files from a parking garage. And find Song Hak-soo! So he was there and met Do-Hyeong (Park thinks). Detective Park does some backtracking (this whole sequence is filmed as if they were there with them, it's quite cool). Song took the elevator. And entered the bank. He sat down to wait. He took out his phone and called someone. He got up again and left the bank, smirking. Back to the car and away. No Do-Hyeong (yet). From the bank, he took the car and drove ... until the traces of him disappear. There's a CCTV-free zone.
This was really cool and very confusing at first because I looked away at the beginning... so I had to rewind to make sure it really was what I thought it was. And it was, and it was cool... but in reality, we all know that what happens next is a HUGE assumption, right?
It's like this: Once you have found the person you're looking for on CCTV, you can trace them through the city easily. You just check footage from the cameras in the direction of where s/he is going. You also know the approximate time they are caught on tape. This is basically the final version of that investigation - all the CCTV bits they have pieced together
Yoon-Mi joins Detective Park where he lost Song - but finds somebody else on tape from a nearby camera. A bike riding Do-Hyeong. "They met", she says. Damn. They met. And she finds his bike (on another tape, I'm guessing) in front of a café - which has CCTV. And there they are: Do-Hyeong and Song Hak-soo, meeting. Ooookay, at this point, I'm kinda wondering WHAT ELSE Do-Hyeong is hiding from us. trotwood! Don't marry him!
Ah, so she saw him on video, didn't just make that internal leap in the intersection? And then went to find video for the rest? Okay, less of an assumption. Still wickedly cool. (Yes - they lost Song, but Miss Boxer was smart enough to check the videos all around this area for Do-Hyeong as well) And now we know that Do Hyeong is absolutely the best liar in the world. Although it COULD still be this: He met this guy, who he doesn't know except that he has a connection to Joo Young that she wouldn't want known. They parted, and he still really doesn't know who the guy is, exactly, but all of a sudden he shows up again - only this time he's dead in the trunk of the car, and Do Hyeong has no idea how or why. It could still just be that. Somehow though, I suspect not.
Interrogation room. Yoon-Mi has looked friendlier. *snort* She asks Do-Hyeong what he discussed with Song Hak-soo - no more need to act, they know. Also, she found out that both him and Joo-Young received a call from the same number (a burner phone). He and the now dead Song met at the café at 6.30. Half an hour later, Song called Joo-Young. She left home around 7.30. This is what Yoon-Mi thinks happened: Do-Hyeong followed Song and saw the two meeting. He lost it then and killed him (and her? Is she implying that?). She even grabs him by the shirt and yes, now she accuses him of killing her out of jealousy. Do-Hyeong shouts that this isn't the truth, that Joo-Young isn't that kind of woman - and then, her sunbaes come in and break them apart. 
Whatever the story is, I feel pretty sure that Do Hyeong did not kill Joo Young and would never kill Joo Young. I doubt he killed Hak Soo. And I am pretty sure Joo Young is alive.
Noooo, look at how broken he looks :(((( To rub it in, Park says: "Kim Do-Hyeong, you're done for".
He's worried about his sweet's killing me! I think maybe he really doesn't know what has happened to her and that he is aware that there's a whole huge other part of this story that he realizes now he didn't know and he isn't sure how to solve that puzzle . However, it could also be that he's fully aware of the stuff we have no clue about, and he's stressing because he's running out of time to save his girl.
Yoon-Mi is now convinced he killed his girlfriend (and feels all the more guilty about things for it). They release Park Joon-Beom (short comic relief when he dream about his lady love Mi-Sook and hugs a fellow cell mate in his sleep), but Yoon-Mi has first wants to know whether he knows Yoon Joo-Young (another comic relief scene when he swallows his spit instead of spitting it out because of her) addresses him in front of the police station). He does not know a woman by that name but he does remember that Do-Hyeong was also looking for that person.
So wait. His number was in her phone. No, no - it was on a piece of paper. So when Do Hyeong called him, he really didn't know who he was calling, and perhaps still hasn't made that connection. So it's possible that while working for the bank, neither Do Hyeong nor Joon Beom were aware that they had Joo Young/Joo Hee in common. But when Do Hyeong SAW him just recently, he realized it, and he's wondering why they know each other? Or did he always know they knew each other, but he doesn't know whether Joon Beom is either involved in this situation, or perhaps may know something that could help him find Joo Young.
He tries to hail a cab when his phone rings. Oups. It's Seo Jin-Gi (Ryu Seung-Soo), looking for him. His voice is calm, but he is displeased that Park left his office. Understatement. He wants him "shut up" and it's quite likely that all of Park underlings die right then and there.
Oooh this will be good to watch. He's usually not a great person but a not great person who's not particularly good at being bad, either. So watching him be really bad will be a treat.  
Another interrogation, this time by a rather smug Detective Park. He shows Do-Hyeong video footage - of when Joo-Young was last seen in the elevator. He came home 20 minutes later. 20 minutes after that, he drove out. And didn't return for THREE DAYS. But then, he reported her missing and went home. With the crib. TT_________________TT What he did during those three days? "I was looking for Joo-Young". 
I just have this feeling that he's involving the police very deliberately to help him. Isn't that what everyone does, JoAnne? But it's different. It's more like he's FEEDING them info, so that they can go places he can't and fill in gaps, and when they give him more info, he'll go off and do his thing again without them. I don't know if he knows the info he manipulates them into finding out but he needs them to act on it, or if he honestly doesn't know it and needs them to find it. Either way, ahhhh, this is so good.
Nope, goes Detective Park. When he found out that Joo-Young was missing, he called Song back and wanted to meet. Even though Do-Hyeong protests that he never called that guy, it seems Park has proof that he did. For 10 minutes. Okay, so he wanted to meet: because he wanted to kill him. Song would have met him anywhere, because he thought he was just a measly banker. Wrong: Do-Hyeong is a military trained assassin. But then, he couldn't get rid of the body for three days and decided it's smarter to report Joo-Young missing. For show, he brought home the crib. But then, he got unlucky and was pulled over for drunk driving. Haha, WTF, that's the worst theory I've ever heard. "I need to get out", says a scary Do-Hyeong, "I need to find Joo-Young."
Maybe he really was just dumbstruck at the body in the car and didn't plan on being arrested by the police...but that theory they have is just stupid. Although in fairness, we know more than the cops. So for them it's pretty reasonable. And I do still wonder if maybe he's telling the truth when he says he doesn't know who Park Hak Soo is. Maybe he never knew about that part of Joo Young's story, or maybe he hadn't yet realized that THIS guy was THAT guy.
But there is no evidence, still. Desperate means in desperate times! Detective Park breaks into Do-Hyeong's apartment (asshole). They search and search... and we get another flashback from Do-Hyeong, who was led back to his cell. It's when Joo-Young called him that day, to tell him she was "going to do as he said" and that she wanted chicken. We see him ride home and get that phone call again. He picks up - it's Song Hak-Soo, calling him from the bank, where he went to look for him. Who is this? Song says: "Joo-Young's oppa". "Joo-Young does not have a friend like you", is DH's answer. "Okay, then should I say I'm her husband?" Song asks. 
Then, the meeting at the café. There is no aggressiveness though. Song just wants to know whether Joo-Hee ... sorry, Joo-Young is happy. Do-Hyeong is quite certain she is. Song says to tell her that he knows everything - what that everything is, is between him and her. Do-Hyeong offers him money (lots of it from the looks of it), quite like the chaebol mamma. But Song does not take it. All he wants for Joo-Young is her happiness after all. Hmmmmmm... He came to have a look at Do-Hyeong. There is something they need to do together, something that has to do with the bank. Hmmmmmm... But Song thinks this is quite enough for one meeting; he will tell him about that other thing at a later time.
So do you think he was doing menacing nice, or do you think he actually does want her to be happy and will leave her alone, but he's also going to make Do Hyeong do something for him, sort of like a dowry in his mind?
Yes, that sounds about right. 
And then, Detective Park sees a sprinkle of blood in Do-Hyeong's kitchen. And the fluorescent blue dye reveals: LOTS of blood was spilled in that kitchen. Cue scary serial killer glance from Do-Hyeong. I have goosebumps.
SHEEEET again! DID he kill Joo Young in the kitchen? (I thought it was suspicious that he rang his own door bell and then made a big show of calling for her in every room.) But no. He couldn't have. There's no way he would, right? Well then, did Joo Young kill Park Hak Soo in the kitchen, and then run away? And Do Hyeong either found the body and the blood, or just the blood. Which he cleaned up, either way? Then the question becomes this: did he put the body in the trunk and was he dumbstruck at being caught? Or did he get rid of the body, and he was dumbstruck because someone FOUND it, and put it back? Meaning, someone knows what happened? And he has no idea who? Or he knows who, but not how? Maybe someone ELSE killed Park Hak Soo in the kitchen, the body has been in the trunk the whole time without Do Hyeong knowing, and that person kidnapped Joo Young.


Oh wow. *takes deep breaths*. No, I don't believe that Do-Hyeong killed Song Shadow or Joo-Young. But. At this point in the drama, Do-Hyeong could very well be the Master of all Shadows. We simply don't know a thing about him! Only that he lies to the police (but why?) and that he is very much in love with Joo-Young. I think! But what is up with that "first love"-thing? Does he remember meeting her as a bar hostess? He recognizes her in the rain and choses to lie? To protect her honor? Or does he remember when they first met, which is probably in high school? What did he do back then to make her fall in love with him? When did he tell his friend that he wanted to "impress somebody" and that's the reason he went into that special ops military unit? (When do they get to chose? After basic training? Then, that episode when he is waiting in front of the bar is not before his duty but either in the middle or after).
Oh, I assumed that was during duty. It definitely wasn't before. I'm with you, though. I'm certain he didn't kill Joo Young, I don't think he killed Hak Soo, I do think he always recognized her but allowed her to pretend, I have no idea why he pretends not to know anyone from then, and I absolutely want to know what happened back then.

Hell. This keeps me up at night, wondering.
Yeah. You may not have noticed, but I have a lot of theories. So, me too.

I also liked a lot that we were introduced to the next step of evil - and that that evil comes in the form of marvelous Ryu Seung-Soo. Did he climb the ladder? He looked like a mere lackey in episode 1, when Song walked in. Or has he always been bigger and badder than Song? How is Shin Gook Bank involved in all of this? (It's clear it's money laundering and tax fraud stuff, but is there more?)
I know, I am thrilled to have him on board, and very curious about the connections and history.

As for JoAnne's "DH is an undercover agent"-theory ... it's not entirely implausible, but I am not convinced either. It seems like an awfully complicated plan to get a woman to fall in love with you (again) to get to those Shadows. But who knows!
Yeah, I wasn't serious about that, really. I never intended to say that he was using her as part of it, at least. It could be a coincidence. Like this: he IS working to expose something, and it just so happens that she has a connection to it, this person from his past that he had feelings for. He was in place before he met up with her again, remember, and SHE found him, not the other way around. Perhaps he is doing the job because of what he found out about her past (sort of revenge-like, against the people who corrupted her?) but didn't expect to meet up with her again. At this point we know less than squat about what's going on. AND I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT.