My Beautiful Bride - Episode 5 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Do we ever truly know a person? And is it possible to change who we are? We find out why Do-Hyeong did not recognize Joo-Young when she stepped out of the rain and it makes my heart break a little. His love for her is so deep and pure it will either make him move a mountain for her or be his early grave. This episode steps up the game (and the amount of blood that flows) and I get this very uncomfortable feelings in my stomach ... should we brace ourselves for the death of characters we care for?
Please, no. These poor loves deserve more than two years of happiness together!  

Episode 5

At high school! Do-Hyeong is on a bike (and I am super amazed at how young Kim Moo-yul looks here, he can totally pull this off). Voice over from chicken guy who seems to be telling Cha Yoon-mi ... Do-Hyeong was "infamous" back then, with a bold personality, and like a ruler. Rigid and straight and righteous (and very weird, one might add). Noticing him in his unintended coolness: the 1st year girl whose beauty shone like the sun.
They both look like kids, it's crazy.
But the it-girl has a secret: a poor family background and a mother who sells fruits on the street. A mother she wants to keep hidden. Difficult, because Do-Hyeong goes to get clementines there! Which makes her confront "Bicycle" (even though he seems oblivious to who she is) and tell him to keep his knowledge of her and her mother all to himself. Which he does, of course. 
Do you think he didn't notice her before that? I sorta had it in my head that she was the reason he went there, to begin with.
Hm ... interesting! Maybe that's why he likes fruit? It's possible!
His answer to her angry glares: he offers her a clementine. She doesn't take it ... but now, he DOES notice her. Everywhere and all the time. And so does she.
They are adorable. I want them to be happy so hard it hurts me.
Being the cool kid that she is, she confronts him about looking at her all the time. He claims he doesn't know why he is doing it - but he knows that he will continue doing it. *DEAD*. And it's not her mom she should be ashamed of - it's her friends. And some more lecturing about in fact being ashamed of herself deep down and having to change her behavior. Offended, she kicks his bike (hard!) and tells him to stop looking at her. Touched a nerve there, our cute robot it seems? 
That's my take on it, too. I loved how he said flat out that he intended to continue to notice her. A boy who knows his heart and follows it, that's good. One who also speaks his mind? Even better.
But he is better not provoked - because now, he goes on the offensive. She is hiding from her friends who linger near her mother's little fruit stand when he grabs her hand and pulls her into the open. He just socially killed her, right?
Pretty much... but I'm thinking if she gets him as the trade off, plus some back bone to be proud of her mother who works so hard? That's a good deal. Maybe not one I'd have recognized at 17, though.
At night, Do-Hyeong goes to look for her all over the neighborhood and finds her sitting on some stairs and she talks ... about how it's true that she's ashamed, that she wants to run away and get a fresh start. He says: "I ... don't know you". Which is his way of telling her that in his eyes, her slate is clean. That he will not judge her by her past, by whom she thinks she is right now, trapped in a life she does not want. 
I love that he GETS her. Right away, before they even really ever talked, he knew what was in her head. Smart boy, and head over heels. A girl should only ever be so lucky, right?
In the present, Yoon-Mi interrupts Chicken Guy's tales and asks why Do-Hyeong transferred from high school? Because of an incident, of course. One involving the almost-rape of Joo-Young. That leader of the pack she's hanging with finds a letter on her (we don't know what's in it or whom it's addressed to) and starts to physically harass her as "just a street vendor's daughter". When she starts pushing back he hits her hard and she goes down. Before they get any further, Do-Hyeong suddenly appears in the door. Even though it's just himself against four other guys, he starts swinging his backpack and his fists at them. Since they're in the gym area, a baseball bat is soon used as well.
Why on earth are kids so vicious? He'd have raped her, and those other 3 would either have joined in or at not bothered to stop him - and she's supposed to be their friend?
Do-Hyeong fights well - and he manages to push Joo-Young out the door, which he locks between them. To all the kids at school, it remained a mystery - why did he help that lowly girl? Yoon-Mi confirms with Chicken Guy that the girl's name was Joo-Young. Yes of course it was.
Why WOULDN'T you help a girl in that situation? Is it less of a violation because she's poor?
Must be a rich-kid-school. One of those Boys Over Flowers ones
Deep in thought, Yoon-Mi goes to Do-Hyeong's apartment (someone is finally fixing the door). As she looks at the kitchen floor, she remembers that Do-Hyeong dodged her question about whether he met Joo-Young in the rain for the first time  ... before lying that yes, it was the first time. But why? Because he wanted to protect her honor? ... and we move backwards through all of their meetings to the fight in the gym. Which gets intercut by present day Do-Hyeong fighting thugs until he lies motionless and bleeding on the hard ground. It seems the drama wants to tell us that he could never help it - he had to look at her. He had to fight for her.
Since the moment he laid eyes on her, there's been one girl for him. He will do whatever he needs to do to make her happy and keep her safe, and he has had that certainty in his heart since he was a boy at school. To be loved by someone like that... what wouldn't you do to be worthy of it? I enjoy watching Yoon Mi's realization that there is absolutely no way on Earth that Do Hyeong could ever be part of anything that would harm Joo Young, that as much as she worries and fears for her, his worries and fears are multiplied ten times over.
In the past, those guys that attacked Joo-Young and herself were all punished. Either by being transferred or by being kicked out of school. Nothing happened to Do-Hyeong though - why? Cause his mother "fixed it". She's a real bitch, of course, telling her son to stop wasting time and stop having romantic ideas of right and wrong.
How did he get such a strong moral code, that's what I wonder. How come he's got such such compassion and love in his heart, coupled with a very real sense of right and wrong, when it's clear his mother operates by different rules?
Daddy? Where is he? Who is he? 
Now he is the one feeling ashamed - because it's true what Joo-Young yelled at him. His kind fixes everything with money. So he went ahead  - and voluntarily transferred out. He finds Joo-Young sitting in a bank - she has always liked it there, a place full of money. But from now on, she will earn her own money. He will not even recognize her, she'll become that hugely successful person! Oh but he will, he says. He always will. But: "Please don't", she tells him. Because nothing she is now will be in the future.
At first I thought she meant she wouldn't want to see him in that future, and I was a little confused. Thinking maybe he pretends because he worries she'd send him away, but we know she knows who he is, and she wanted him around. Then thinking well maybe she really does think he has no idea who she is. But I think they both know the other is pretending, somehow.
So he didn't recognize her, when she almost kissed him at that noraebang. Of course he did, but he played his part and didn't. Okay, that meeting is now a hundred times more heart-breaking. The shame she must have felt! The pain and compassion that he is feeling!
Totally with you on this. She had all these big plans and yet here she is, a bar very disappointing for her personally but also, in front of the person to whom she made the declaration (plus he's the impetus for it!) - to be shown up that way. She must be so embarrassed and sad, thinking she could never measure up. And he must be sad for the life she's living but also sad for her unfilled dreams AND his own. He's been waiting for her, hoping for the day she'd turn up again. 

And another flashback, to right before the fight at the gym. She wants to give him a letter, that letter (yup, thought it was for him) but becomes embarrassed when a group of students approach that very moment. That's why she tells him to come to the gym later. And as we see him running from the noraebang in search for her, he runs through the school to get to the gym. Noraebang-him does not see her - even though she's hiding right there in the stair case, sobbing her eyes out. And as noraebang-him puts the money he offered her back into his wallet, he pulls out that letter. That he got from the gym floor, with a bloody hand.
Ah, her crying on the stairs, so sad. You know she thinks the dream is completely dead, but he's searching for her desperately because for him it will always be her. I wonder if he had found her that day, would she have accepted him? Would they have worked out, if she did? Or would her feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness have prevented them from being truly happy as a couple? It's not just that he's okay with her however she is. That's not enough. She has to be okay, too, or they're doomed.
"Oppa", she wrote, "thank you for saying you don't know me". She will now start over so that he can really get to know her. And she ends the letter with: "Do you want to go out with me?" Noraebang-him has finished reading the letter and tears run down his cheeks. He turns to go back into the club just as she comes down the stairs. She leaves, just as he comes back up with his backpack. A double-miss. Maybe for the better?
Sadly, at this time, I think it IS for the better.
In the high school past, he runs after her as she exits the bank and tells her the answer to the question in her letter is "yes". "Always". *DEAD* There is something SO SEXY about a man so sure about his devotion. But she doesn't want him. Not yet. Because she is going to change. 
I tell you, my swooning at this point had NOTHING to do with recent surgery or general weakness and drugs. It was all Do Hyeong. Yes. Always. It was the always that got me. SWOON.
Back in the here and now. Joo-Young is standing at the seaside, crying. She has failed her oppa. He should not look for her - she has not escaped her past. But as we all know: he will keep looking for her and if it kills him. Always.
Terminator for Love.  'My heart will be back.'

The gangsters are still looking for Lee Jin Sook - and find her. Nope, it's not Paksa's noona! It's Lee Seung-Yeon, looking extremely good in shortish, red hair. They start slapping her around, but she's too cool for those stupid gangsterlings. But when they get out a hammer and a nail and threaten to hammer it into her head slowly, one guy (restaurant staff) cracks and screams: "She's by the pier"! 
How hard would it have been to throw us a bone, Show? We were so excited.
Half of the gangsters are off running to catch Joo-Young while some stay back at the sushi place. This is where Do-Hyeong spots them. And he beats his way in. Hehe. Lee Jin-sook looking at him like "Who is this crazy and sexy guy who likes to fight with cutlery, can I have him?" - I think she's me. Well, she has obviously heard of "The Bank Guy" and realizing THIS guy is THAT guy is even more of a turn on, I'm sure.
The gangsters have reached the pier. There is no Joo-Young. Head gangster screams for them to look for a phone booth - and indeed, this is where Joo-Young went. How did he know?! A drunk fisherman is currently in there, apologizing to his wife for cheating, so Joo-Young is patiently waiting. Back in Seoul, Seo Jin-Gi hears that Joo-Young's hostess friend was able to flee - and orders "Dolpari" to take care of her. Once again, he adds: "You know what I mean?" He then is a little tiny bit aggressive towards Lee El. Why? Nobody knows. #LeeElMustGoAway
Her dress irritates me. Plus how they linger on the crotch shot. I don't want to see her business, folks. Why do you keep pushing it in my face?
Do-Hyeong speeds down the pier (did they make him do this often? He looks so good running, I would have made him go again and again :) No Joo-Young. It's now her turn in the phone booth - and she calls hostess friend! She asks her whether she "found what I asked for" (hmmmmm ... what?) but before she gets an answer, the gangsters have caught up to her. FUCK. They drag her out and beat her (fist to the stomach! That can't be good) and she loses consciousness.
I'm wondering what she's looking for, too, and agreeing with you that the fist to the stomach would be pretty bad.
Jung-hwa (that's the name of hostess friend) immediately calls Miss Cop after this (she is currently standing in Do-Hyeong's apartment) and after hearing that "the bastards" might very well have Joo-Young, she rushes down to Incheon herself. 

The gangsters are dragging Joo-Young to one of two cars. On the way down some stairs, she loses a shoe. And here comes Do-Hyeong! Almost too late, but in time to push a stack of boxes in front of the van with Joo-Young in it. Things happen quickly after that: he beats the three men from that car and gets a good look at his bride. Who is out. So he jumps in the front, in an attempt to drive the van away with her in it, but he is hold back by one of the gangsters. Two more are drawing near now from the front car, baseball bats in hand.
All of his fights are so exciting!
But then, Do-Hyeong grabs the key. That, too, he turns into a weapon, as he starts stabbing people with it (I think he trained with Tae-Soo). O____o he even looks like he's winning until one gangster drives the second car right into him in reverse gear. Gangster boss gets out and starts beating the shit out of Do-Hyeong with a baseball bat (A Warning: we better get used to this). As Do-Hyeong lies there, spitting blood, Daddy Jin-Gi has an urge to talk to him on the phone, about not bothering him any more etc. etc. Do-Hyeong asks whether he is "The Shadow" and realizes that the bad guy knows exactly who he is. Which is never a good thing, is it.
But he doesn't seem to care much about Do Hyeong, which is puzzling. For a little bit I thought maybe JinGi also wanted Joo Young to be his woman.
When gangster boss continues receiving orders (Jin-Gi thinks The Bank Guy is harmless), Do-Hyeong starts to search his pockets for something. And then, when gangster boss turns to leave (Jin-Gi told him to leave Bank Guy alone), he clings to his leg and tells him he'll die if Joo-Young is harmed. But before that, HE will die. One more hit to the head and Do-Hyoeng lies still. The cars drive by, away.
When they're gone, Do-Hyeong sees the shoe on the stairs and reaches a hand for it ... before he loses consciousness.
Cinderella, your prince will find you.
In the car, gangster dude is ogling Joo-Young's shapely leg. Tell me he's going to die! At gangster lair, Seo Jin-Gi stares at his green fish and is aggressive towards Lee El again. Okay, this is the second time, so I'm starting to think this will have some significance. 
Yeah, I'm with you. It's quite noticeable. Are they NOT a couple?

And then, flashback. To three years ago. It's Joo-Young/Hee - planting a recording device in one of the rooms that Song Hak-Soo frequents. Suspecting her and catching her: Seo Jin-Gi! He has also seen her talking to Cha Yoon-Mi. But here's the interesting thing: he actually helped her get the right evidence after that! Which explains why he would really really want her out of the wild right now - if Tracksuit Boss gets her first and hears about this, he's a dead man (Interesting tidbit: it seems she managed to pay back her father's debts by doing hostess work - and she got more money after that from Seo Jin-Gi) 
So Jin Gi wanted Hak Soo out of the way to clear a path for himself, but this still doesn't make a lot of sense. She's been out there this whole time, exactly the same amount of threat as she is right now. So why does it matter to Jin Gi now?
At Incheon, it starts raining and the water mixes with Do-Hyeong's blood. It also wakes him up. He manages to crawl over to Joo-Young's shoe - and cries in the most gutwrenching way.
It's okay.  We'll find your girl.
He manages to drag himself to the phone booth and call Cha Yoon-Mi (who is still driving down there). The smart man has put his own cell phone into gangster boss' pocket when he clung to his trousers and now asks to have that tracked (moment of high tension when gangster boss almost finds the cell phone when he is looking for a lighter, but only just!). Yoon-Mi calls her colleagues and tells them to track their phone (but not why). Upon hearing this, Park Hyeong-Sik gets worried and tells Dumb Face to let him know about the phone location too.

Yoon-Mi is at the pier (finally!) and finds the bloody Do-Hyeong collapsed in the phone booth. At the same time, grabby gangster has a go at that lovely leg next to him. Joo-Young does not struggle ... but gently places her hand on top of his. In her head, she remembers instruction time with Do-Hyeong ... in how to twist somebody's finger in self-defense. Hahahaaaa, take this, you gross gangster! She also manages to strangle the driver with his seat-belt (nice!) and the van crashes - into the wall of an abandoned factory.
I did very much like the seat belt maneuver!
When the gangsters from the front car get there, Joo-Young has gone. She went inside, hobbling with just one shoe and hurting from the accident (and then, it's dark outside and we have ourselves another editing discontinuity, but hey! peanuts). Outside, Yoon-Mi and Do-Hyeong arrive (sirens blaring ... that's not the best of ideas, friends). Ah, reinforcement! Park Hyeong-Sik also appears. Yoon-Mi greets him, tells him to get reinforcement and runs after Do-Hyeong who went inside.
I hope she's finally willing to fully support Do Hyeong in his efforts, not treat him like a criminal.
Seo Jin-Gi makes a phone-call ... and gangster boss discovers Do-Hyeong's cell phone in his pocket. He starts apologizing to his boss because it is taking so long, but Seo Jin-Gi totally knows about "Bank Guy's" phone. Okay, that means that Lee El (who could as well wear nothing seeing how short her 'dress' is) just told Jin-Gi about that phone ... how did she know? Uh-oh .... MOLE!
Right? How did they know about that?
Do-Hyeong beats the shit out of some of the gangsters (I notice he never kills anybody, which is noble, but maybe a bit stupid, given the circumstances?) and continues his search, gangster boss close behind him, it seems. Joo-Young is still looking for cover or something. GODDAMN WOMAN! It's a huge quasi dark factory, just HIDE! Finally, she hunches down somewhere, trying to make herself as small as possible.
In the wide open.
Steps approach. Closer. And closer. She grabs a heavy piece of metal from right next to her ... and attacks! The guy catches her hand. It's Do-Hyeong. They stare at each other ... as he struggles for words.
They took a long time with this, and I didn't begrudge one second.


The stupidity of that factory scene aside (seriously. There are probably 10000 spots you could hide where nobody would be able to find you unless they brought dogs), this was another smartly done episode. It revealed the reason behind his lies about not knowing her (goddamit. So awwwwww. It hurts) and showed us why Seo Jin-Gi can't have Joo-Young in the wrong hands (those being Chairman Kang's hands, I guess). And it introduced new secrets to the old unsolved ones (what is that "thing" that Jung-hwa should have gotten for Joo-Young? And who is giving information to the bad guys that they shouldn't have? And who is (was?) Lee Jin-Sook that she doesn't give up Joo-Young even when they put a nail to her forehead? What is Lee El's role in all this (I'm hoping there is one - undercover agent maybe)?). 
Oooh, that would be interesting, having Lee El be a good guy undercover. But I still think it's silly that ALL OF A SUDDEN Joo Young is this huge threat.
Hmmmm ... maybe there's something we don't know. Also ... how long until the bad guys realize Do-Hyeong isn't "just a bank guy?" I mean he is. But he isn't

We now understand that Do-Hyeong will do anything for this woman. He may respect her wishes of "not knowing her" but he doesn't give a damn about her circumstances. He never has. The question is, when will she be able to accept this unconditional love? She is a woman wrecked by guilt and shame, seeing herself as unworthy. I hope for her (and his!) sake that she gets over this, once and for all. Or do we need to get tissues ready?!
Whatever else this is, it's a love story for the ages!

As for performances and stuff, I can't find any fault with Ko Sung-Hee (I think she's the most hated among this cast, right, due to previous stuff?). In fact, I really like her acting. It's credible to me. My biggest problem is still Lee Si-Young. Those wide-eyed shock expressions ... nope, not working. She seems wooden and quite overwhelmed with acting next to Kim Moo-Yul. Of course, it might just be her character, because it's probably the weakest written one at the moment (especially considering it's a lead character). We know nothing about her - her hopes, her dreams, her issues. As for the rest ... the young detectives are still WTF Why Are They Even Here? Lee El? SO ANNOYING. Ryu Seung-Soo has shown us he does angry well, but I hope he gets some more depth too.
I agree with you on Ko Sung Hee, she is doing a fine job as far as I'm concerned... and Kim Moo Yul goes without saying. Lee Si Young is usually pretty good so she's a bit puzzling this time.  It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult a character to get into and yet she does seem to be struggling. I liked Hak Soo, what little we saw of him (the way he was acted, I mean) and yes to Ryu Seung Soo. Nothing over the top at all.

Finally, as a very special THANK YOU to the universe, we present you ... one of Cass' famous MVs! Using a Park Hyo Shin song.