My Love Eun Dong - Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Dewaani: The puzzle pieces are starting to come together as both Eun Ho and Jung Eun start finding things out. While this means that their worlds are starting to come together, it pretty much means that all the other players' worlds are starting to fall apart. This doesn't look like it's going to be pretty, well everyone is still gorgeous looking, but you know what I mean.
JoAnne: I'm only going to look at you from now on, Oppa. EunDong-ah, hwaiting!

Episode 5

As Jung Eun and Jae Ho lie in bed, the phone rings. It's Ji Eun Ho. You can see the pain flicker across Jae Ho's face as he realizes who's calling. Jung Eun quietly steps into the living room to talk to Eun Ho as he confronts her with the knowledge that he knows he never texted her about the song and the first kiss connection. As she's trying to figure out that it can't be so, he says desperately: "Who are you? Eun Dong-i?" At the mention of her name, she's like a deer in the headlights. He wants to meet right now but she says it's too late. Too late to meet now, and maybe too late for them. She hangs up and you can tell Eun Ho wants to run over right away and meet her. Now.
He's always been impulsive and impatient, this boy. It can be endearing, but the stakes are high now, and he should take care.
As the realization hits that Eun Ho is right, that he never told her, her mind fills with a fragmented memory of the movie date and the first kiss, as if trying to force its way out of her fractured memory. Eun Ho is himself visibly shaken by their interchange. He isn't really sure what to do with this knowledge. I know, go and meet her. Find out. Figure it out! As Jung Eun comes back to bed, Jae Ho pretends to be asleep, but then tells her that Eun Ho has no manners to call this late (I totally agree my man, but he's totally desperate). He asks her not to answer in the future. She says she won't.
I love the tension between them, the way it plays out. It seems quite realistic.
In the morning, Jung Eun rushes around cheerfully, getting a reluctant Ra Il to wake up and get out of bed as well as then helping Jae Ho out of bed and into his wheelchair. Jae Ho pauses her and tells her he likes her name, Seo Jung Eun, and reminds her that she is his wife and Ra Il's mother and to never forget that. Oh but shut up, that's too much. Her face shows that she knows what this is about, but she puts on a smile and says he's being rather random. As she goes to the kitchen sink, she hears a text message come in. It's Eun Ho and he  wants to meet today. He needs to see her. He'll work with her schedule. He'll stop by the apartment. Dear Eun Ho, don't let your desperate show so much. She thinks he's crazy, but replies that she'll text him soon. Then she turns off her phone. Smart woman.
Honestly.  He gives NO thought to other people involved, and one of them is a child. I know this is the selfishness and singleminded-ness of a person who's been searching for years, but still, it's a bit frustrating. It's like he has compassion for her but only in so far as getting her memory together. There are other people, too.  He doesn't even acknowledge that.
Yeah. Maybe it's the adult in me, but I'm like, dial it back a notch there buddy.
On the train ride to work, she replays her thoughts over and over and some more memory fragments flood into her brain. This time she sees a truck crashing into a car. She also remembers Dr. Sis's encouragement to find her memories and figure out how she met her husband and their whole love story. Not only will this help her know her past, but also help her to live with the reality of taking care of Jae Ho for the rest of their lives together. Jung Eun though feels scared, as if there is something she shouldn't know in her past. Embrace the fear! Easy for me to say behind the safety of my screen.
I like that she is cautious.
At work Jung Eun cheerfully welcomes the latest customer. It's the not so cheerful Seo Ryeong, obviously here to gather some intel. She tells Jung Eun that she's shopping for some clothing for her ten year old nephew, but is Jung Eun married? does she have children? Once she establishes the facts, she covers by saying that since she's single with no kids and knows what they wear, can she please choose. Um, last time I checked you don't have to have a child to know what clothes to buy. She pretty much almost glares at Jung Eun enough to slightly discomfort her. She muses that Jung Eun looks too young to have a 10 year old and that she must have loved her husband a lot. It's very apparent that she's being rather rude and personal, but Jung Eun admits that it's something like that.With a parting shot, (after Jung Eun has already rung everything up) she says that Jung Eun can keep the clothes for her son because she just remembered that her nephew was actually a niece, but she'll be sure to come shopping here often. After she leaves, Jung Eun muses that she is a little crazy. I can't say I disagree. Desperate and a little crazy for sure.
Do not like.
Meanwhile back at casa Eun Ho, he's hurriedly getting ready to go out when he receives a phone call. Seo Ryung has invited him out to lunch. I sure hope everyone has unlimited minutes with all the phone calls they make. As they eat, she talks about his new drama with the writer that made her first fall for him and that his acting was so awesome and cool that she just couldn't help falling for him back then. He tells her that it wasn't acting because that was his story. Seo Ryeong looks like he's kicked her in the stomach because she realizes he must be talking about loving Eun Dong. She asks what he likes about her so much and he counters with the question of what she likes so much about him. Touché. He tells her to find a good man and marry him quickly, but she interrupts to ask him what he's going to do if he finds out that Eun Dong is married and whether she then stands a chance. He vaguely answers that life doesn't always turn out the way you plans and it doesn't mean that your heart changes. She adds: What if she has a child? With a sort of heavy-hearted firmness, Eun Ho answers that even if she has a husband and child, he won't feel any differently about Eun Dong.'s He says that even if his feelings won't change, there won't be much he can do about the situation. Seo Ryung is realizing that there's no room for her, but I'm sure she's still going to try to weasel her way in somehow.
She's tiny.  You can take her, Dewaani! Get over to that set!
K. Will do.
At home Jae Ho agonizes over his lost arm and wrist motion as he mentally wills his weaker arm to clench a baseball. It must be agonizing to feel so impotent to stop Eun Ho from entering Jung Eun's life again and protecting his family. From his reaction to the situation, he seems to know that Eun Ho and Eun Dong share a past that he wasn't so happy about. How much he knows, we still don't know. He heads over to Jung Eun's computer and starts to open the files she's working on for Eun Ho's autobiography. Before he can read anything, Jung Eun gets home and lets him know the car is waiting for them. All she sees is Jae Ho staring out of the window.
I do have sympathy for him - he lost the girl, he lost his body, then somehow it worked out that he got the girl must have felt like enough, to him?
On their way to the drama shoot, manager-nim explains to Eun Ho that Writer Seo was in a serious car accident before and that her husband is now paralyzed and in a wheelchair, and not only that, but her frontal lobe was damaged and all her memories prior to the accident are gone. He's only just found out because his noona didn't think that he'd give the job to someone with brain damage. It's like a light bulb of relief goes off in Eun Ho's brain because it gives him a reason why she doesn't remember him. He wants a picture of her. No, he must meet her! Dong Gyu wonders why Eun Ho is so obsessed with that writer. Don't we all Dong Gyu, don't we all. Dong Gyu says that if he wants to meet her, he should but Eun Ho says she won't meet him. Dong Gyu immediately assumes that Eun Ho probably offended her, even though he protests that he didn't. Dong Gyu offers to call her to set up a meeting and let Eun Ho gaze at her from afar. Eun Ho likes this plan and tells him to call her immediately!
Everything is palli palli with this guy.  Sheesh.
Hopefully not between the sheets.
Jung Eun answers and says she'd be happy to meet, but not today as she's busy. Jae Ho, listening to the phone call, is not so happy with this idea of Jung Eun having anything to do with Eun Ho, so he asks who was calling. When Jung Eun says no one, he presses further until she replies it was Eun Ho's manager. Jae Ho angrily asks why she said it was no one then. She doesn't answer. You could cut the tension with a knife.
Or, you know, someone's throat.  (oops, that was later episodes Jo sneaking in.)

Like an angsty teenager, Eun Ho asks Dong Gyu if they're going to meet and when. Dong Gyu laughingly says that he's already heard everything, so why's he fussing so much. Impatiently Eun Ho wonders why she's so busy and Dong Gyu reminds him that she doesn't exactly have an easy life. Eun Ho then wants at least a photo of her face in the interim but Dong Gyu says that if he asks for one, she might not want to meet with him either. Eun Ho pretends that it's for the book, but he obviously didn't think that one through because, as Dong Gyu reminds him, Writer Seo is a ghostwriter. Eun Ho's like, oh yeah, that's right. Poor Dong Gyu. He says that the time he spends with Eun Ho exhausts him and Eun Ho pretends to swat him. Oh these two. They're so adorable together #bromance
After an intense round of physical therapy, Jung Eun and Jae Ho head out to dinner at a nice restaurant. As Jung Eun decides on their order, he asks how the autobiography is coming along. When she says she's almost done, he asks if that means she's also done with Eun Ho. She says that for those two people (Eun Ho and Eun Dong), they're just getting started. He says no, they're also done. He then asks if she's met Ji Eun Ho. When she says no, he says that she shouldn't meet him. As she stares questioningly at him, and asks him why he doesn't want her to meet Eun Ho, he tells her he doesn't like it and it makes him feel bad. She reassures him that she wasn't planning on meeting with him anyway. And what with him and the CEO saying she shouldn't meet Eun Ho, that she feels like she's done something bad and her feelings are hurt. Jae Ho says his feelings are hurt too. With a rather forceful "Don't meet with him under any circumstances", he tries to soften his remarks with a cop out excuse that in Korea, you don't want to do anything against the contract. She smiles, breaks off a piece of bread, dips it in oil, and hands it to him without saying anything else.
Hope it's big enough to choke him.  (Sorry, she's still here.)
At casa melancholy, Eun Ho stares out over the Seoul city night skyline and thinks about the the files he sent the writer declaring his hope that if Eun Dong reads the book, she will know that his feelings are unchanged and that he still loves her. And that he is even more certain than he was ten years ago of the words that he never said to her then. As he says the words, we see Jung Eun typing: "My beloved Eun Dong-ah, you were always my reason for living. Those ten years I spent without you have become the purpose for my life. I'll wait for beloved Eun Dong-ah." Jung Eun can barely type as tears fall down her face. She types "The End", but for the both of them, this is only the beginning.
For us, too.  How long is this, again?
It's a 16 episoder, so not so long then I guess?
Even though Eun Ho is only going to try and see Writer Seo from a distance, he tries to find the perfect outfit as if he's going to the prom. Dong Gyu makes fun of him for wanting to look super great and wonders if he wants to be swarmed by fans. Eun Ho, you would look good in anything, really. You could wear grungy sweats and we'd all still notice you. I was going to say he could wear nothing and we wouldn't mind, but you know, that's not exactly inconspicuous., anyway.
At physical therapy Jung Eun cutely says hwaiting to Jae Ho before she leaves, and he asks her if today she'll stay with him during physical therapy. It's obvious he doesn't want her to meet Eun Ho's manager. She reminds him that she has an appointment but that she'll be right back. He's not really happy about it, but there's not much he can do.
There is nothing I can say that is not mean.  Later episodes Jo needs to go away.

As Dong Gyu sits waiting for Writer Seo to show up at the coffee shop, we see Eun Ho all wrapped up in a scarf and sunglasses, doing his best to blend in. As Jung Eun heads up the stairs to where Dong Gyu is waiting, she receives a phone call from Dr. Sis. Jae Ho has pushed himself too far and passed out during therapy and that she needs to come right now. She rushes out before Eun Ho can see her but still calls to let Dong Gyu know she's not coming anymore. Once Eun Ho realizes this he stands up and loudly vocalizes his frustration. The scarf slips and he's swarmed by fangirls. We'd totally be doing the same ladies. We'd totally be doing the same.
Nah, I'm the idiot frozen by the window, stuttering.
As they escape the swarming fangirls, Eun Ho says they need to head to the hair salon. When Dong Gyu doesn't immediately catch on that he doesn't want to get his hair done, Eun Ho says that he wants to talk to Dong Gyu's cousin. She pretty much freaks out when Dong Gyu calls to let her know they're coming and starts to completely redo her hair and make-up, which unfortunately means that Eun Ho arrives mid preparation. He's all charm and graciousness and asks to see a photo with her and Writer Seo. She quibbles that she never looks good in photographs, and wonders why he wants to see one of her. He explains that he wants to see Writer Seo's face. She lets him know that she knows Jung Eun really well and can tell him anything he wants to know. 
She's a cutie, seeing her everywhere these days.

He checks to see whether her name is really Seo Jung Eun, that she's married, all of which Mi Soon affirms adding that she even has a son and that when Jung Eun and Jae Ho met, it was love at first sight. With each bit of information, Eun Ho's face and hope fall, but he still asks if she lived in Chuncheon when she was younger and whether she attended Seoul University. Mi Soon says, nope, that Jung Eun lived in Seoul all her life and moved to the US in high school and graduated from a community college about four years ago. She adds that Jung Eun and her husband were in a car accident and that her husband is now disabled She also let's slip that Jae Ho and Jung Eun can't even have sex because of it, but Eun Ho is so distracted that he doesn't even register, or even care because he can't make sense of how all the information is just not fitting together. He was so sure that he was getting somewhere with finding Eun Dong! 
I can see where this would put him off the scent.  Who would be crazy enough to make up an entire life for someone with amnesia?
Jung Eun rushes into her husband's hospital room to find him all strapped up and in a neck brace. Dr. Sis reassures her that it's nothing serious, just some strained muscles and that he was just trying to do more than he could handle.
It's a warning from the heavens, Jae Ho.  You are not man enough for this job.

As Dong Gyu drives Eun Ho home, Eun Ho smells something new. He asks if Dong Gyu has changed his lotion recently. When Dong Gyu says that the writer with the pretty face and eyes gave it to him, Eun Ho says that that woman is so weird and is totally confusing him. Then he's like: What about my gift?

Back at the hospital, Ra Il lies next to his dad and massages his hands. When Jae Ho tells him to go home and help mom and do his homework, Ra Il says he would rather stay at the hospital and sleep there by his dad. You can tell that these two love each other a lot and have a really great relationship. Ra Il also tells him that he's going to grow up really quickly so that he can help his dad. I can already feel my heart hurt in anticipation of potentially painful times up ahead. Jae Ho can barely hold back the tears as he looks at his son with so much love and warmth.
For this...for this alone, almost, I do have sympathy for Jae Ho
With the release of Eun Ho's book, everyone and their mother's aunt is reading it, including Seo Ryeong and Hyun Byul, though those two don't seem to be so happy about what they're reading. Seo Ryeong's attempt at a stone-faced read is impossible she ends up throwing the book across the room with a shriek of frustration. Hyun Bal huffs and puffs and sighs his way through part of the book before slapping down on the coffee table in front of him. When Jung's Eun mother confronts her husband about the fact that they've fabricated Jung Eun's memories from before the accident, and that they need to tell her, he says never. She keeps on slipping between using Eun Dong and Jung Eun and exclaims that it's all because of him and wonders if he would have done the same if Jung Eun were his biological daughter. She says they're going to get punished that that they should tell Jung Eun that she's Eun Dong. He reaffirms his never stance and storms off. At least mom seems to have somewhat of a conscience.
Right...just no back bone.

In his hospital bed, Jae Ho also reads the book, and looks rather gloomy. When Eung Dong comes back in after emptying his urine bottle, she laughs and remarks how it's funny that it's not her story, and that she didn't really write it, but she feels too embarrassed to even read it. Jae Ho can only blankly stare at her. He says that she should try and write her own story and when she smiles and says that's her dream, he says he will support her wholeheartedly. Jung Eun, however, says her head is empty except for a few mundane things like list of cities, how to fold paper cranes, and make curry rice. She doesn't have the confidence to try because her memories are gone and writers use their own experience to write from. When she wonders if it would be difficult to get her memories back, Jae Ho looks like he would love to jump out of the hospital bed to run away from the question, but he can't, which is something he can't really forget. With deep emotion, he tells her that he's sorry. He's sorry that he loved her, but she says he has nothing to be sorry for. She leaves to go to work and he's left looking like he's about to cry.
I wonder how it would feel to be both literally and figuratively powerless to jump out of the path of the train speeding toward you?
On set Eun Ho notices that the drama writer, Park Jung Eun has the same name as his ghostwriter. Before he can get too wrapped up in his thoughts, Dong Gyu ushers over one of Eun Ho's biggest fans - the wife of the Japanese minister. She practically pees her pants when she see Eun Ho (which is probably what I'd do too if I were to meet him). After she gets her Kodak moment with Eun Ho, he's told that she wants him to call her Eun Dong-ah, just once. Awkward. Dong Gyu, smiling through his teeth tells him just to think of it as acting, which he then rather painfully and awkwardly and in that gravelly-honey voice of his proceeds to do. She's over the moon, he's not so much, especially when she elaborates and says she's jealous of all the love he has for Eun Dong, so she named her recently adopted dog Eun Dong instead. Ha.
That was not creepy at all.
Cut to Mi Soon asking if perhaps Jung Eun has feelings for Eun Ho because she seems to really avoid wanting to meet him. Jung Eun says it's not that, but she's worried that she might have become too emotionally invested in the story and that she's so worn out and heartbroken over their love story. She even mentions how she completely understands the feeling that Eun Dong describes to Hyun Soo as her heart feeling cramped when she thinks of him because she feels it too. Mi Soon dismisses this all as just being a bit too wrapped up in it because it's Eun Ho who is super hotte and handsome (dang right he is!) and proceeds to gush about him. Isn't that what we all pretty much do?
I remain cool and collected as always, of course.  *squees mentally*
Right after Eun Ho gets done filming he wants to head to his old stomping grounds, Chuncheon. As he sits and eats his mother's cooking, she nonchalantly mentions that she's read his book. He apologizes for being a bad son to her and she counters with a retort as to why on earth did he think she had two religions for. She also wonders what he's going to do with Director Jo and he says that she's going to get over him once he find Eun Dong and marries her and has a bunch of kids. Mom isn't super happy with that answer, and joins the steadily growing list of people intent on asking him what he's going to do if he finds Eun Dong married and has a child. He says it's not possible and she starts praying to God and sarcastically thanking him for giving her such great children who never listen to her and instead follow their own hearts all the time. All he does is change the subject and ask her about the clothes she bought Min Ah. She wants to know if Hyun A knows that the clothes were from her. She says that the child is pretty and that she saw her a couple of years, but when Eun Ho says he'll bring his sister home, she pretends she doesn't care and that he can do whatever he wants. Oh just reconcile with her already mom, you know you want to.
Honestly do not care about this...
On his way home, Eun Ho calls Seo Ryeong to tell her he's coming over. She rushes to prettify herself, but they head to a lake in a park instead of where ever else she seems to be expecting. Doesn't she think it's a little odd that he's calling her up in the middle of the night? As he tells her that this is where he saw Eun Dong last, his personal Bermuda Triangle, she cottons on pretty quickly that he's here to tell her to call it quits. He replies yes, and then goes on to tell her how awesome, pretty, chic, cool, and opinionated she is and that's why he wants to be friends with her. Man it totally reminds me of this song Beautifully where a man basically friendzones someone by telling them they're awesome, just not in a romantic way. She reiterates that she'll wait, and it's her one-sided love, so she's going to do with her feelings what she wants. She storms off crying and calls a mysterious someone and goes to meet them at his apartment. It turns out it hotte lackey guy. Oh this is interesting! I guess he doesn't just spy on people for her. Man, her infatuation with Eun Ho is even screwier if she's sleeping with lackey guy but pining for Eun Ho.
Here let me screw your brains out before you go take photos of the guy I love.
The next morning, Jung Eun receives a phone call from the city office who helped her find the halmeoni, they would like their Eun Ho photographs if possible. She heads over to Eun Ho's agency and Dong Gyu hands her en envelop full of Eun Ho autographs. Do you have one to spare for me perhaps? Because she's not going to come around much anymore, he wants to snap a commemorative selca and they cutely pose while a menacing Hyun Bal skulks above them. The minute Jung Eun leaves, Hyun Bal comes down from his lair and makes sure to delete the selca from Dong Gyu's phone. Dude. Stop messing with Fate and let the man keep the selca already!
He'll get his. This is the KDrama law, and it is right and good.
The office lady is super happy with her Eun Ho autographs, yup, I would be too. She shows Jung Eun the room where Eun Dong gave Korean literacy classes to the Korean elders. As she chatters away, Jung Eun starts hearing and seeing slivers of memories of the room in the past. Eun Dong dictates the seasons of the year and Eun Dong's mind spins, stuck in it's own time warp as the memories flood her consciousness. Her reveries are interrupted with the office lady bringing a large photo album out to show her photographs of the class. As Jung Eun stares at the photo of Eun Dong and the class, more memories of a younger Eun Dong telling Hyun Soo that she misses him are intermingled with phrases from Eun Ho's book voice files that he'll wait for her. The puzzle pieces are slowly clicking into place. 
This would seriously freak me out.
As she sits on a park bench trying to reconcile her thoughts and the idea that perhaps she needs to embrace whatever these memories are trying to bring to her attention, her phone rings. It's Ji Eun Ho. With trepidation she answers. He thanks her for her hard work on the book, and she tells him that she hopes he finds Ji Eun Dong. They both pause for a moment. She then adds: I'm sure it will all work out. The phrasing strikes a chord with him and her. She doesn't seem quite ready to voice the idea that she might be Eun Dong, but both their emotions belie that there is perhaps something going on behind all the niceties and pleasantries. Maybe. So much uncertainty! So much charged emotion!
So much hotness in this photo below me!
Once the phone call is over, a reporter comes over to chat with Eun Ho about his book and how he and his wife have been reading it and talking about it and that Eun Ho really is the epitome of love. He mentions that he really loved the part where Hyun Soo went in the dead of night to milk some goats and then brought some fresh goat's milk over for Eun Dong to drink because she has such weak bones. But it wasn't until later that Hyun Soo found out that Eun Dong was up all night on the toilet with diarrhea from the unpasteurized milk. At the mention of this story, Eun Ho looks completely dazed and bewildered. He is completely surprised that that story was in the book because he was pretty sure he never told Writer Seo about it. The reporter muses that it sounded like Eun Dong wrote that part herself as well.
And then Jung Eun didn't notice during editing? Come on.

Eun Ho rushes home to read his book, which he hadn't before, and finds the goat milk story. As he reads he reassures himself that he didn't tell Writer Seo because he didn't want to include the story and make Eun Dong embarrassed. He immediately calls Dong Gyu and asks for Writer Seo's address because he...wants to send her some fruit to say thank you. That's actually a good excuse there Eun Ho, well except I guess the agency could do that too. Once Dong Gyu texts him the address, he's out of there like a flash.
Eun Ho parks in front of Jung Eun's apartment and gives her a call. Jae Ho and Ra Il are reading a story together and just being all cute with Jae Ho making animal sounds and making lots of different voices for each of the story characters. Mid-vacuum, Jung Eun sees her phone ring, and answers Eu Ho's call. He tells her he's in front of her apartment and that he has to see her now and that he'll be waiting. Jung Eun can hear the strain in his voice and she sneaks out the apartment to meet him, carefully making sure that Jae Ho doesn't notice her leaving. As she walks along the sidewalk towards Eun Ho's direction, he catches a glimpse of her face and knows immediately that it's Eun Dong. He doesn't even waiver. He's sure. Jung Eun is Eun Dong and there's no question in his mind that he's right. The knowledge completely overwhelms him and his eyes well up with tears as he softly calls out her name. Eun Dong-ah. She calls his phone and he answers, a tear falling down his cheek.
This face.  Oy. I cried for that boy.


Dun. Dun. Dun. He knows! The knowledge of course has pretty much devastated him. Just look at those eyes. The crying, intense Joo Jin Mo eyes. I'm really glad that he knows and that she's on the verge of knowing. This of course means all sorts of conflict and pain and tears, but it also means that Eun Dong can have a chance to have her memories back. While not all our memories might be pleasant ones, to lose memory is to lose oneself, and Jung Eun can't really move forward and pursue her dreams without fully understanding her past. Whether or not she ends up with Eun Ho is a moot point for me as far as her memories go. I want her to have them for her sake.
Me too, but, but, but...the earlier she finds out, the worse and the longer we have to wade through crap to get them together at the end.!

My heart aches for Eun Ho who now has to face the fact that Eun Dong is married and does have a child. He can't stay swept up in the romanticized version of his past. He also has to step forward into his future and do some growing up and soul-searching. When it was all hypothetical, he could envisage loving Eun Dong even if she were married, but it's a different story when confronted with the real deal. I want him to move forward well though and not make me hate him by behaving stupidly, rashly, and by hurting others. Well, of course there will be some hate.
Yeah but not for him.

Jae Ho is still someone who I cannot dislike. He has made a life and family with the woman he loved. And I do believe he does love her. Yes, there is a rather giant lie involved, but he does seem to genuinely feel sorry about it. He definitely seems to carry some guilt for it. I also love his relationship with Ra Il, which we got to see a lot more of this episode. And it's apparent that Ra Il also really loves his dad as well.
All true.

As for the chorus of crazies surrounding Eun Ho and Eun Dong, some I love (Dong Gyu and his cousin), others not so much. I think that what I don't like about Seo Ryeong is that she seems more intent on possessing Eun Ho rather than loving him. Love cannot be forced. I get that he's charming as all get out and that he hasn't done much to tone it back, but he's told her no. And no is no is no. I just don't really understand her I guess.
No guessing from me. Don't get her. Don't like her.  Don't want her.  Sirro!

And as for Eun Dong's parents. Their logic can only have come from watching too much Kdrama.
Yeah how are you going to make that work, show?