Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 3

I came for Kim Ji-hoon (LOVE) but am staying for the group. Well, mainly the boys plus the cute-dorky Park Hee-bon. Whom he seems really close with. I am watching you, woman >.<
This show has a load of charm (I could watch these cute Koreans walk around Paris all day and I'm even warming up to Seo Hyun-Jin) and the right mixture of droooool (Kim Ji-hoon and food. Kim Ji-hoon AND food. Doojoon and his reactions to food) and display of friendship (there is friendly teasing, lots of laughter, and what seems to be genuine fun). And no, there are no subs. But hey, just watch it. It's not that hard to understand what's going on.

Episode 3

I'm making sure I am full before I start watching this - it's a good idea! So, we left them in that restaurant, remember? They eat, they like it ... and Kim Ji-hoon get redder and redder in the face. He seems hot. I mean temperature-hot. Seo Hyun-Jin the super-dork manages to throw a napkin into another guest's whine glass. Nope, it's definitely NOT her day. The Beasty boys are really cute :D
No subs, no subs, no subs ... but then, Kim Ji-hoon starts singing Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Mois, Ce Soir. I scream yes, before I remember that I'm married. The ladies have no clue what he's saying. Which is probably for the better.
Everybody gets up - except for Hee-bon. She drinks everybody's beer and sings a bit to herself. She also tells us she doesn't like Paris at all. Okay, here we go, after a while, they move on. Is what I thought. No, they "rest" on a bench and Hee-bon leans on Kim Ji-hoon. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!
They're making their way back to ... the hotel? It takes a while and it's pretty clear they're tired... But still HANDSOME.
They take pictures of each other (I approve) and Doojoon says that he loves Paris. It seems he says that about every city though, as we see through a few quick flash-forwards :D Kim Ji-hoon and Park Hee-bon are either really great friends or totally a pair. They finally make it to the Moulin Rouge. More posing. But it really seems it's time for bed now.
Hyun-Jin leads them to a bus with difficulty (after leading them to a closed Starbucks)... which does not seem to run very often? Well, she messes up again, the poor woman.  
When they're finally on it - it does come! - it's time to vote who is going to be their guide the next day ... Hyun-Jin or Doojoon? Haha, pretty clear, I think. (I'm not sure how the voting works ... can they challenge their current guide?) Yup, Hyun-Jin is voted OUT. Hahaha. Also haha: Hee-bon falls asleep in the bus, first sitting down (She snores!) and then standing up.
We get to see some skin as people go to bed (I approve) and then it's Day 2!
Doojoon is their guide ... he took great care to choose a very good outfit for that :D My oppa also wears a good outfit. He looks good in anything, I think. But the woman laugh at him. They get their money (I don't understand how that works either, but I'm sure they'll have problems again).
Doojoon not only wears something fitting, he also takes them straight to a ... Korean restaurant. Hahahahahaaaaa. FOOD PORN! And makgeolli.
Doojoon likes it too :D
Time to do some more sightseeing now! Doojoon prepares everything really well, i.e. goes and checks out the subway and ticketing system before he gathers the others. Cute :) They g from Charles Michels to Solferino and then pass a bakery: time to taste some French pastry! Yum! (I know exactly what JoAnne would have to say to this)
Then, they go to the Musée d'Orsay - and then to the Tuilleries (Doojoon: "Tiriri? Tireuri?"), the Champs Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe. Doojoon is a great guide! He even knows stuff about the Obelisk etc.
And then, it's time for more FOOD PORN! Pizza!


This show is extremely cute. And it does not help if you have just eaten before watching. You get hungry again!