Noble My Love - Episodes 9 to 10 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: [dancing] "Signed Sealed Delivered, I'm Yours". Stevie Wonder is a genius! And I am soo ready for some up-close-and-personal interaction. Just in case, I bought a cooling stand for my laptop.
Trotwood: I actually turned the fan on before watching this episode.
Jaehyus: I wasn't that into these two eps, actually.  But anyway, on y va!
JoAnne: I'm fairly distracted lately, so...I have no idea what's coming. So yes, on y va!
Quirkstine: I had to google that but ditto.

Episode Nine - Sweet Yet Scary Date

The handshake completes the transaction. Fuzzy strolls over to give Kang Hoon a Fur Seal Of Approval. He gets ready to toss a pillow at the cat, but Dr Cha stops him. Dr Cha thinks this scenario is familiar. Suddenly, she realizes the CEO Hot-N-Bothered is the jerkface with the overheated retriever. Seriously, Yoon Seo, you really didn't remember him until now?
Sometimes, I lose hope for her. There is no way I would not remember that face even if I hated it. Probably more so if I hated it.
She has a certain ditziness to her...
That's more than ditziness. That is pheromonally challenged.
Maybe there was several weeks in between their first and second meeting so she, in her busy life as a farm vet, forgot about the hot jerk who was being mean to a dog she met very shortly in the city.
 PA Kang gently reminds the pair that this is an occasion for smiling happiness. (I love you PA Kang! Waving my glitter sign at you!) We are all happy, of course, but these two are less than enthusiastic, with a half-hearted and sneering show of teeth.
I dunno, a fake relationship is a bore. I tried one of those services once where a fake boyfriend texts you everyday just to see what it was like to have a boyfriend text you everyday (no, really, this happened) and got my money back within a week because the fake boyfriend on the other end - he was human - was so dull and fake. 
Okay, but most of that cutesy 'oooh, we're dating' stuff is only cute because of lust.  We'd bore ourselves silly if we weren't panting after each other, every one of us!
And it is so obvious that they belong together besides obviously being attracted to each other. Ironically, they are two of the people who actually talk to each other. He is really over bearing, but he also has those moments when it's clear that he really sees her and listens to her in ways that not even her brother does. And we know--even at this point--that he has all sorts of relationship issues with fake people (or why would he be avoiding these dates like the plague)? The only "friend" he has is PD Kang (which isn't bad--he's much better than Weaksauce).
Oh just get on with it, you two. And by “it,” I mean make lots and lots of pretty babies.
DAY ONE: Starting in the morning, they are doing separate tasks. Are they going to break the "seeing each other every day" clause right from the get-go? His day is sophisticated but grouchy; her day is simple and happy.
I love the "showing the the different life so we see what she brings to him" montage. (Quick add this to list of trope, Quirkstine)
She brings her Jaekyung glory. 
Yes, she's cute. She's not jumping his bones, though, so what GOOD is she to me? NONE.
*nods in agreement*
 7:00 pm finally rolls around, and the CEO heads out. But not before he asks his female assistant what happy dating couples normally do at night. Standard answer: meal, movie, coffee. Kang Hoon figures this is simple enough and heads out with purpose, leaving behind his two employees, who no doubt wonder how tonight will happen.
Kang Hoon made a lot of fun of Dr. Cha for not dating before, but he acts like he hasn't either. 
Right?  And as we'll find out soon enough, that's not true. A big ol' Cookie-worthy side-eye for the writer.
Dr Cha is locking up when Weaksauce Friend shows up to give her a ride to dance class. Kang Hoon shows up before she can explain. All three end up at the tango bar, where Sang Hyun is stretching for the evening's lessons. Our boy is introduced as the good doctor's boyfriend, to Second Lead's surprise.
Second Lead should just date one of the Mean Girl Vets and be done with it.
He doesn't deserve that.  Put him with Weaksauce.
Seriously. He doesn't deserve that either. I'm voting for the daughter of the woman's whose dog is dying.
I sincerely don’t give a flying fuck who Second Lead dates. He’s just so boring.
Sigh. In my world, "Boring" never looks like that nor can it dance.
Sang Hyun graciously introduces himself and holds out his hand for a shake. Kang Soon (is this a new name for him now? Because everything about him wants us to say "soon"?) looks at it like there's cheese sauce under his fingernails, but, with a poke from Dr Cha, he gives a perfunctory and brief greeting.
Good Dom.
Good Sub, you mean. Because we all know he’s just masquerading as a Dom.
Kang Hoooooooooooon.  Kang Hoooooooooooon.
"Hoon" - dunno why I used 'Soon' but you may have something there, Trot. :)
From peacocking to pissing contest, Kang Hoon stakes his claim. He pulls Dr Cha into his embrace with a comment about how shy charm.  He pulls her into an intimate embrace with his lips right next to her ear. She is furiously blushing, but he whispers that she really needs to wash her hair more often. Hey, chaebol, she just got off work, you know!!
I remember thinking that if he said that to me at the moment, I would've have kneed him the groin.
Kang Hoon learnt from Julian Blanc's Charm School for Playas.
It's not like a day of work makes your hair stink.
If he said this in his “sexy” voice, I might be distracted; otherwise, I’d rip him a new one.
She protests that the contract didn't imply this sort of close proximity, but he smoothly says it's the clause where they each do what they can to make it seem real. With that, he releases her and saunters away. Weaksauce Friend has hearts in her eyes over the 'loving' behavior.
And we've already established that Weaksauce (I won't even use the "friend" part because I don't see her as a friend) is stupid and shallow.
Weaksauce is an unintentional underminer.
That sauce needs salt.
That sauce is way past its expiration date.
Hey, this is a real thing!
That night, Kang Hoon is in his vehicle outside his home, with a bouquet of white roses that he throws to the floorboard. Why?
Ah, his imagination picture the two dance partners in soft focus, spinning around and swaying in sync. Back in the real world, he tries to call her, but there's no answer. He takes a few calming breaths. Hey CEO, shouldn't you be used to her lack of response to your phone communication?
She does the Rules pretty well...
Oh God I forgot about those!
Shuk version on Duchamp's "Man Calling Girlfriend"
Finally, on the umpteenth try, she answers the phone, panting and out of breath. To an imaginative jealous guy, it sounds like someone is either tickling her or stimulating her in some fashion. She squeaks a bit, then asks the reason for his call. He snaps back that he will call back tomorrow to listen to her heavy breathing, or maybe he should stop by tonight? A dial tone is his answer.
He could've just told her what he wanted.
He could have just realized that people in the middle of sex don't answer the phone.
"Oppa!" A young voice breaks him out of his snit, and his eyes register panic. He sinks down into his carseat and pretends he's asleep. Who is this young girl?
Welcome crazy younger girl who grew up admiring the hero and thinking that eventually she would marry him. (another for the list of tropes)
So tiresome. 
We did not need this.
Seriously. We already had Mrs. Bingley. This just seemed odd. Why does he put up with her?
I’m guessing her parents are either super rich or super powerful, probably both.
Now the man is at an all-night cafe with this adoring (adoring? what about psycho, crazy, delusional!) little chit, but he is in the corner demanding/begging Dr Cha to come to the business and save his butt. He uses the Dom/Sub clause, and texts her the address. It's 10:30, how is she going to get there? Why with Sang Hyun, of course!
He needs to learn to be more direct. Tell this squirt he's not interested and never will be, and that she should find a guy her own age. 
I think he does, though. But it's part of the crazy psycho code to ignore that.
Knowing his personality, I bet he already cut the chit down to size…except said chit ignored it all because she is delulu. He should just have her committed. Problem solved.
Apparently this annoying little prat is some neighborhood richy girl with delusions of growing old enough to no longer be jailbait, and pouncing on our poor hapless hot namja. She even offers to spend the night with him, after all she is a college student and all grown up.
Wow. The other reason why Dr. Cha stands out in this show is because she seems to be the only female (besides Kang Hoon's female assistant and the people who brought in the dying dog) who has any true self respect. Geez. If these are the only kind of women he knows, no wonder he falls for Dr. Cha so fast and hard. (hmm. fast and hard. Why did my mind go to other places, Jo?) 
:) To keep me company.
He's too used to women throwing themselves at his money. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't get as much attention, even with his abs, without that money.
I can pay my own bills. I can't grate cheese on my abs, nor do I want to try. And even if I wouldn't be the same.
My mind is thoroughly in the gutter now, thanks. *imagination runs wild*
She doesn't believe he has a real girlfriend. He says he may even marry this one! Little Brat thinks it's a ploy to get rid of her, since he's never been interested in anyone but Ji Won. Ooh, he has heartache in his backstory?
Hey, Little Brat, if he wants to get rid of you, how about you take a hint and get a life?
She served a purpose though: we have a hint of past hurt. (trope alert! trope alert!)
So. Many. Tropes.
Finally Dr Cha arrives, looking unfashionable but cute. Happyface sneakers and loose tendrils of hair can't disguise her lack of gaiety.  Brat is appalled that this is her idol's girlfriend.
Again, this is Jaekyung. She could be breaking out in hives and gaining weight, and her bone structure would pull her through.
The funny thing is that all of this is exactly why he is attracted to her. Remember, to him, she is something shiny. She shines like the warmth of the sun. Where else does he get any warmth?
You would think he’d get enough warmth from the Hotness that is Kang Hoon’s body but apparently cheese-grating abs don’t generate self-heat.
Kang Hoon waist-pulls her to his side and introductions are made. Brat's first question is how old is this woman? 30? That's practically senility age! Why would her oppa want to hang out with a ahjumma? Our guy tenses for the inevitable confrontation.
My question is why does he not defend her here when he clearly rescued her from the lunch from hell? But then none of the "we do not confront bitches" behavior in this show makes any sense to me.
Why is Kang Hoon such a wuss all of a sudden?
I eggs are so old that 30 and college-aged seem interchangeable, so it's just funny to me.
Dr Cha wants to know why this bit of fluff is outside after curfew. Brat wants to know what this sagging flabby old woman has to attract that Prime Real Estate now smiling into his coffee cup.
Always amazed at the incredibly lovely, slim actresses who are called fat and flabby on TV. Again, this is Jaekyung
 . . . especially considering that when I was in Korea, I truly believed I was the fattest person on the peninsula.
She’s psycho remember? In her eyes anyone and everyone after her Oppa is a hag.
That smile is short-lived, though, when Sang Hyun comes in with Dr Cha's cell phone, which she left in his car. Brat wonders aloud what kind of stuff this ahjumma has to be able to date two men at the same time.
If you have to ask, Brat, you'd better give up and walk away. 
She’s psycho, not blind. Oh right. She’s delusional too. You really should’ve had her committed, Kang Hoon-ssi.

After Sang Hyun leaves, the other three settle down at the table. Brat wonders how she can be one man's girlfriend after spending all night with another. Dr Cha doesn't back down; one day Brat will be an old woman too. And where's the respect accorded to age? Brat becomes a bit more respectful, but still thinks this vet isn't Oppa's style at all.
Oppa can decide his own style, thank you very much.
I find this incredibly boring. Not you guys. The scene.
I, too, thought this went on way too long. The show is short. Why waste time on this? We have already established her craziness and the hint of past lost love. We don't need her for anything else.
She wants proof they are actually dating. How about a kiss? He has no problem demonstrating, but Brat stops him with his lips just short of Dr Cha's flinching cheek. Brat is convinced and almost in tears but she defiantly enters her phone number in Dr Cha's cell and promises that this isn't the end.
I could barely focus I was rolling my eyes so much at her.
Um, Dr. Cha? Just block that number. 
This Brat has terrible manners.

The two thirty-somethings sigh in relief at the younger woman's exit. Kang Hoon still has his arm around Dr Cha's shoulders, and uses the opportunity to pull her close again.
Through gritted teeth he wants to know why she was still hanging with the other guy long after dance lessons were over. She counters that he's a friend and a convenient chauffeur to quickly transport her there. King Kong Kang Hoon will not allow her to hobnob with other men, but what about him and that little chippie that just stormed off? He tries to use the Dom/Sub clause, but she refuses to acknowledge his superiority.
Hurray for you Dr. Cha! I will cheer even if I know this victory will only last a hot minute. Hmm. Hot. I keep getting distracted. Why is Kang Hoon wearing so many clothes again? You don't need to wear a jacket while driving.
She is going home with or without his help.
This is a business contract, so an addendum needs to go in where Kang Hoon provides a car.
*high fives you*
There should also be an addendum for clothing optional events.
*gives you money*

He is absolutely ready to help her home, although she keeps nodding off in his car. As he drives, he steals glances and smiles as her head lolls from side to side to the occasional snore. He pulls over and stops the car, using the chance to look at her face even more closely. A stray bit of hair nearly gets into her mouth; he gently pulls it away, but that tiny movement wakes her up.
He quickly pulls back as she goes into fighting stance and asks why he was in her space. He masks his feelings behind a calm exterior and warns her to never fall asleep with anybody else but him. Why?
Because he finds you incredibly beautiful and lovable when you are sleeping!! Wow, it's like we are traveling on trope train! Still, I don't want to get off.

Because shes ugly and drooly when she sleeps. He wriggles closer until they are almost nose-to-nose, and with a half-smile, tells her that he enjoys watching her ugly droolyness sleepytime.
He's less rude than official loser pickup artists, but still rude.
But everyone knows that when your boyfriend/mate gets all close and snuggly and says 'you drool and it's gross' he's about to put the mack down.
He really needs to work on his compliments but I’ll take invasion of personal space any day from him.
She begins to hiccup as his smile widens.
So, he's happy he got an effect?  Yay.
I've always wondered where the hiccups come from.  Have any of you ever hiccuped when a hot guy flustered you?  Not me.
Nope. Never. I've also never seen this happen to anyone I know.
It's never happened to me either. Mostly I stammer or babble. Very occasionally, I make a fool of myself, in which case, I flee for dear life and bang my head on the wall when the coast is clear. Smooth, I know.
Hiccups are gas, and people can get gassy when they're nervous or excited.

Episode Ten - Green Light - Light is On!

Dr Cha is finishing up with a client; the dog's owner gushes that her pet must be in love because she hiccups when she sees a local male. Hmm, I know they burp and fart, but do dogs hiccup?
Never that I've seen.  And I know lots of dogs.  Mostly, they look hard at me in case I might have an additional treat because "hoomans = nomnom", or jump up with dirty paws and uncut nails (any of my neighbours reading this, please take note) or generally just act happy.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard our dogs hiccup. Then again, I don’t spend a lot of time in our dogs’ company.
Nope, can't say I recall any hiccuping.  But it's hilarious when they're scared by their own farts.
2) Seal has an epic hiccup.
Apparently seals hiccup.
Anyway, our vet looks uncomfortable at the idea that she may be like that bit.. female dog and like her own well-groomed puppy.
I wonder if that male dog insults the female dog's fur and tells her her butt isn't smelly enough to be interesting?
Did you just fart at her?
 Next thing to happen, Little Brat shows up in skintight skirt and mulish expression. Dr Cha throws up her own attitudinal stance.
I thought she was in college. She needs to just go to class and study ways to not be obnoxious.
She's rich and in college.  She doesn't have to do anything.
Next, please.

At D.O.L, the marketing is discussing the previous cat commercial, which does not seem to be as successful as the dog one. As they continue talking, a cell phone goes off. Everyone looks at each other as CEO Hoon grouses about idiots who don't put them on silent. But oops, it's his!
(Psst...she keeps farting.)
He calls a break and answers. Dr Cha whispers that Little Brat is at her clinic - what should she do?
Okay, that's a fair question since Little Brat is from Kang Soon's side. (Hoon)
(see what you started, Shuk?)

Whatever she wants to do to her is fine with him. After all, she is his girlfriend, not the chippy. Dr Cha worries that the little girl is tough. (I've seen some scary kids before.) Kang Hoon laughs and leans over his desk, kind of like he wants to lean into her personal space again. As usual when he's ready to tease [sigh].
More obvious evidence of how into her he is. He talks to her on the phone like she is right there. She seems to warm him over the phone--his whole stance changes, which is why it is so noticeable to everyone around him.
It's the kind of thing that saves the character for me. This I find romantic. 
I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again: he’s welcome to invade my personal space.
Please, Kang Hoon. My space is your space. Come share the very air I am breathing.
His voice deepens as he calls her one tough chick too. That gets her dander up to go into battle.(Another sign that they belong together. A word from him and she is ready to rally. He believes in her and that means something to her) He is still smiling as he puts the now-disconnected phone down, and muses that her telephone manner is still really really bad.
What did she do wrong this time?
If I remember correctly, she didn’t say goodbye and hung up on him. Again.
And yet he now finds it endearing. Sometimes.
That's what happens.

Little Brat La-Di-Ta doesn't drink instant coffee, blah blah. She tries to grill Dr Cha about the who/what/wheres of the relationship. Is this ahjumma trying to land him into matrimony?
Mind your own business, Little Brat.
Oh, if Brat only. It’s her Oppa who’s trying to land Vet Cha into matrimony.
No, really. Please. Next!
Said no bratty rich girl ever.
Dr Cha affects a casual air. Who knows what the future will bring? And why does their relationship have to culminate in marriage? Can't they just have fun for now?
No, they must marry and keep Macarons, and have lots of little Jaekyungs and whatever this actor's name is because now I just think of him as Kang Soon. 
It’s Sung Hoon. Have you not seen the abs pics of him I tweet every few days?
(Yup. It's like you've infested us with something, Shuk). 
Wait, how is this my fault again? Oh yeah, hot namja with assonance name.

The girl is appalled. Why should this commoner old woman be allowed to be with her oppa if her intentions aren't honorable? The convo devolves into a staring contest. Brat snaps first and flounces off the couch.
Who is this girl to question Dr. Cha?
I read this as 'bra snaps first' and thought to myself, 'wow, I didn't remember that.'
She tries to have the last word. The old will never win over the young and fresh! But Dr Cha can't hear her la-la-la-la, and she finally storms out. Dr Cha grins victory.
This has to be the dullest cat fight in kdrama history.
I am reminded of that famous scene from Fried Green Tomatoes, in the parking lot battle over a space.  Young snip steals the spot, then taunts Kathy Bates with 'Face it lady, we're younger and faster.'  Kathy then rams her car repeatedly into Snip's.  'Wise up, girls.  I'm older, and I have better insurance.'
The marketing meeting is still going on, but this time, CEO has no problem answering his phone in front of everyone, although he frowns a bit. But it quickly changes to a smile at Dr Cha's enthusiastic description of the scuffle. It doesn't go unnoticed by PA Kang (Hurray for knowing side glances). CEO realizes this, and schools his face back  into a frown, telling the happy woman that he needs to hang up. But he's still happy.
Yup. Warmth in the middle of the day. It's like someone showed up with a chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven.
Urgh, he just had to say, "good job, tell me about it all tonight."
He had a prior relationship. How can he not know proper boyfriend etiquette???
Maybe the lying cheating bitch never called him at work. Oh, wait. Do we know about her yet?
She's exasperated that he didn't even praise her for the encounter, and even receives a text from him warning her not to disappear that night. She all but sticks her tongue out at the screen.
She's nice. I would've thrown something.
She’s in a good mood after “beating” the Brat.
Tsk, tsk. Throwing things is just as childish as being a bully.

Buuuut, later that night they are both smiling in his car. She's excited for their first date until he tells her it's a movie date. Wow, she sighs, so predictable. I'm still convinced he's never been on a real date, only matseons and set-up parties.
I don't think he's been in any relationship, either.
Writing fail, this one. Or maybe in his past relationship, the girl dictated everything and thus “carried” the relationship. Am I making sense? It’s like she was in the driver’s seat and he was content to ride side passenger and let her make all the calls—where to go/what to do for dates, etc.
Or they didn't do fun things. Or they did a fun thing, and never left the house.
He chuffs; yeah like she's been on a million dates before or something. She hasn't but she's done a lot of internet research. Kang Hoon snorts.
I'm sorry, Dr. Cha. I would've snorted, too. Dramas are MUCH better dating resource.
Exactly, dramas show you what a date looks like! Where's the amusement park and the couple headbands?
And the couple shirts, couple selcas, wide smiles, sneaked glances and skinship galore!
Ice cream shared on a playground in the middle of the night in the middle of the winter.

Now on the defensive, Dr Cha claims she had a boyfriend before. She has! Really really really! But she knows he doesn't believe her. And he knows that she knows that he doesn't believe her.
I know you know I know you know.
You know I know you know he knows she knows he knows, right?
And he takes her to...a drive in?? I haven't been to one of those since the 70's. Oh wait, this isn't about me, is it.
Never seen the appeal. On this other show, I was pleased to see a couple watch a movie on a tablet in the park. 
I love that show.
Drive-ins are a lot of fun and WAY more comfortable than holding that stupid-ass tiny screen up for two hours while you struggle to keep a goddamn ear bud in your ear.
Good excuse to snuggle closer (Ab Ruk Online 2014)
Dr Cha is snacking away at a big bowl of popcorn. Kang Hoon doesn't like snacks; in fact, she notes he doesn't like a lot of things. Still, she leans in and tries to cajole him into trying some. She turns kitten-eyes on him; he swallows and in a slightly hoarse voice he tells her to stop. Getting close that is.
I want her to discomfort him more.
Yes! He needs to be flustered more often.
There's a word I'm thinking of. What is that word...what is that word...FLUFFER. He needs to be fluffed more often. I volunteer.
Later she is laughing like a loon while he gazes at her. Even later, she gets all soft at a romantic scene, while he still gazes at her. Finally, the popcorn is gone while the final happy ending tears leak out of her eyes and he still gazes at her.
I read a whole literary paper on the fantasy about the "male gaze." This scene made me think of that--the idea that we want to be watched adoringly without having to make any effort at all. He is hotter than a funnel cake that Kang Hoon, but we also love him because of the way he looks at her in these moments.
Interesting. Do you have an e-copy of that paper? Or direct me to where I might find a copy? I’d love to read it.
Can I just get straight to the point and have him gaze at me? I'd rather experience it than read about it.

As she licks the final bits of salt from her fingers, he commands her to cry or to eat, but not both at the same time. She snipes that he must be a psychopath for not feeling anything while watching the movie. Dr Cha, I don't think Kang Hoon watched a single second of it. FYI.
Sung Hoon.  Actor's name is Sung Hoon.  It came back to me.  
He calls her extreme, but at least he wasn't bored. They sit quietly for a moment, before Dr Cha pulls out her cellphone to take a couple selfie as their first date. She wants to document their 'relationship' prove how well the Sub responds to the Dom. Just like stamping a bankbook. LOL. He's appalled at the idea; she's appalled at his constipated look on the selfie.
I thought this was hilarious and so something I would do. I actually can't believe he didn't think of it. He was the one taking secret pictures of her after all.
I laughed at his constipated look too.
He’s a dating idiot.
She's messing with her phone when his vibrates. It's PA Kang, and he steps out of the vehicle to continue the call. Dr Cha watches his animated expressions and wonders why he can't be like that during their date.
You just had to turn your face to the side...
Back at the clinic, Dr Cha is starting a date scrapbook. She works out that first crucial page, calling it their Daily Bankbook. But from Day One, she's ready to start adding hearts to the pages. She wonders if it's too much.
Do the hearts count as a Freudian slip?
Yes, yes it does!
No pool scenes, but at least we get a hair-drying moment. Kang Hoon picks up his buzzing cell phone. It's a text message from Dr Cha, which includes the selfie taken in the car. He thinks back to her complaints in the car. Aww, he tries to take a happier selfie, but he definitely hasn't ever done this before. After a quick finger-comb, he tries a snapshot, but drops the phone to the comforter in disgust.
Aww. Look at him trying to become less stiff for her. Wait. Jo, this isn't really a good thing is it? (Wow-my mind goes from hearts and flowers to adult movie in a flash with this one).
Maybe he should go watch some comedies. 
I give him an A for effort, F for follow through. I bet Dr. Cha would’ve loved the pic regardless. Because it would’ve showed that he is making an effort to change for her.
Well, if you are working on being less stiff, follow-through is important. Although effort does matter.
The dating days continue one after another, until finally Dr Cha gets the Nosebleed of Overexertion. Weaksauce chides her for living it up every day, and convinces her to take a day off from dating and have a Ladies Night Out.
I think in TCM, nosebleeds from overexertion are a thing. I was told I was getting them, though nothing as juicy as a drama nosebleed, from fatigue.
Traditional Chinese Medicine? Well, according to Western medicine you don’t get nosebleeds from fatigue. I mean, you can be fatigued and have a nosebleed but they’re both symptoms of something else or it can be a coincidence that you have both.
If you think of being run-down as being fatigued, then yes, you can get them. I got them in high school and again over the last couple years, due to anemia.

Kang Hoon also gets a nosebleed in the middle of the workday, and stuff tissues up his nostrils. While waiting for an email on his computer, he gets the text from Dr Cha begging for a day off. His eyebrows almost disappear into his brow-line. He whines; does she find it exhausting going out with him? A flying nose tissue is his answer.
Girls Night Out consists of the two of them lounging around the clinic with snack foods and magazines. One of the pot lights starts buzzing and blinking. Weaksauce gets the idea of calling "The Boyfriend" to do Y-chromosome stuff.
I. Really. Hate. Her.
Me too.  Friends Times is Friends Time.
Is it too late to implement Plan Ship Weaksauce to Timbuktu?
I'm now ignoring all parts of the drama that are not Kang Hoon/Doc Cha related.
A short time later, a slightly-disheveled-but-always-sexy man rushes breathlessly into the building. Hahaha, Weaksauce texted from Dr Cha's phone that she found another boyfriend. I think his hair is the best in this scene.
Okay, I may have forgiven Weaksauce a little bit for her brilliant idea to use a fake new boyfriend.
Wow, isn't it amazing how Kang Hoon raced over there right when she needed someone tall, just out of the blue?

Next thing we know, he's on a ladder messing with the light. Their relative positions are something Jo can write about.
(*getting out the popcorn in eager anticipation of Jo's comments*)
He can do this much.
If only this were an indie movie or a cable drama...
I never thought about using a ladder. That might have been fun. Oooh...what if he were handcuffed to it?
He grumbles about being called in the middle of the night for something so trivial, but Dr Cha is quick to point out that the Dom has done this to her too. So now they are even. He threatens punishment; she mutters that he's supposed to act like her boyfriend, so he should do things like this.
Touché, Dr Cha!
He did act like her boyfriend; he bitched about being asked to take care of a simple chore.

He's careful about touching the light bulb and acts like the thing will arc like a Tesla coil. She scoffs at his caution, since the bulb isn't even hot.
She or Weaksauce could've gotten on a ladder too...

She continues to be an under-ladder driver, giving instructions until she smacks him and orders him off the ladder. I'm not sure what she smacks but he sure does act like he's been goosed.
Smack him again!
I don't think it's that kind of drama, Quirk.
We could make it one, though.
Especially, if we had those handcuffs Jo mentioned.
She gripes about his uselessness in basic tasks as she messes with the fixture. Ting! The light is back on and shining brightly. Dr Cha claps victory and crows to Kang Hoon. But her foot slips off the rung and she falls headlong into his embrace as their lips touch. First Kiss!
I have to say all I could think about was how many times they had to practice this scene to get it right.
Eh, I don't like accidental kisses. Seem totally weird to me. I'd have preferred they gave in to a moment and then half-regretted, half-loved it because of the hate-love tussle.
As far as accidental kisses in dramas go, this was sorta, kinda plausible? Honestly, I’m more surprised he didn’t kiss her before using some trumped up Dom-Sub thing. He could’ve kissed her to prove to Brat that they’re dating.
They're always ridiculous, but who actually cares?


Just because I love him looking at her from a distance.
Me too! Me too!!!!
Man, if I had set up a drinking game for every time he gives into her or she hangs up on him, I would be totally wasted by now. Even though he was the bully in the beginning, it's clear where the power in the relationship lies now. And it sure ain't with CEO Hotness.
One might say he has taken off his pants.
YOU might say that, Jo. Oh wait, you just did.
Still, Dr Cha has a lot of hangups, mostly because of her ersatz friends, I think. All weak and nasty creatures that they are.
What I don't understand is why Kang Hoon has so many hangups.  So what if he's rich and sought-after?  That could also make him an insouciant, happy-go-lucky type person but instead he seems as frozen as Dr. Cha regarding love.  And it speaks to her charisma that he's unfrozen enough to do as much as he has.
That's why I talked about her warmth. He is attracted to her because of her warmth. Yes, he finds her sexy, but he could have sexy if he wanted that. He responds to her genuinely warm nature. She is literally thawing him out. (waiting for Jo to write about Kang Hoon getting warmed up--no pressure)
Fortunately, Kang Hoon does not respond to thawing like many vegetables do. Limp, wilted, sad shadows of their former glory...oh no, this is not for Kang Hoon. Soon, Hoon. Soon. (you never disappoint, Jo)
I think Jo is too deep in HuGeLand to comment anymore, sadly. 
I doubt there’s a shrink in the world who can shrink away the plot holes in their characters. Just sayin’.

Track the Tropes:

37. “Showing the different life so we see what she brings to him”
38. Male pissing contest. It’s testosterone poisoning that only happens when 2 (wannabe) alpha males get in each other’s space
39. Contract dating hijinks
40. “Crazy younger girl who grew up admiring the hero and thinking that eventually she would marry him”
41. Hero and Heroine play up the bf-gf routine for the audience (of one really bratty kid)
42. Hero watches Heroine sleep.
43. Hero gets jealous (again) and makes the Heroine stop seeing Other Guy.
44. Showdown of Heroine and Psycho Brat.
45. Grumpy Hero gets all smiley at work while talking to Her.
46. Hero watches Her watch a movie.
47. Heroine demonstrates just how clueless she is about the Hero's affection for/attraction to her.
48. Exhaustion-related nosebleed.
49. Man (tries to) replace a broken light bulb for his lady love.
50. The Accidental Kiss