Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 6 (The End)

Our friends are still in Barcelona and this time, I'm safe, because I've eaten some Fondue and my stomach is about to burst. I'd say it's the weakest of the 6 episodes, in terms of friendship moments, but also in terms of food porn. But who cares. These people ... so lovely.

Episode 6 - FINAL episode

Hee-bon is crying inside Sagrada Familia, while the others go to Starbucks after a while, and appreciate the church from the outside. Also, a guy tries to steal one of their pads, but the PDs are alert.
Then, it's time to eat! Why not go for some Asian. And order 5 bacon-cheese burgers, haha. Cute moments, like when they closely watch Hee-bon eat a huge sushi (she almost chokes).
All but Seo Hyun-Jin get into a black car ... there is not enough space in it! She gets to sit in another all by herself - and also goes somewhere completely different. As always, I'm flip flopping between feeling sorry for her and being annoyed. In the other car, Doojoon is imitating voices again - he really seems to have a special talent for it!
They arrive at their next destination: the FC Barcelona football stadion! Doojoon is such a fanboy ... awww. Hyun-Jin is looking at some other churches, like the Barrio Gotic. Sorry, no further coverage of her. I just can't like her - everything she does appears fake and show-offy to me (for example, she sits in a café and sings to music..). At the stadium, they're suddenly missing Hee-bon.
She's at the museum, stanning all things Messi.I think she wants to have him all to herself, that's why she split from the group :))) They look at the stadium from all possible angles and heights (haha, so boooooring)
Time to meet up with Hyun-Jin again on the Placa de Catelunya ... wait, some of them have changed in the meantime. They walk through the Gothic Quarters ... and enter a Xurreria. Who is counting calories for them?
Next up: Tapas. Is this dinner? Pre-dinner? After-lunch? In any case, it's a competition. The teams: Doojoon and Yool vs. Hyun-Jin and Ji-hoon. Kim Ji-hoon is particularly interested in a Tapas called "Bikini". Boy, get yourself a girl-friend. Doojoon is using some translator app ... in addition, he is spying on his competitors. They also order different beers. It's a VERY clear win: 6:1 fro Ji-hoon and Hyun-Jing. Even Yool voted for them :D
Awwwww, it's Yool's birthday!! Hyun-Jin sneaks away to buy him a special cake in a shop nearby. He is moved. Not the worst thing to do on your birthday, fly to Barcelona and hang out with Kim Ji-hoon :D - after that, he goes back.

For their final destination, the friends go to San Sebastian, famous for its beaches, like Playa de la Concha. Wow, those beaches are crowded... Time to separate the men and the women for a bit...
Kim Ji-hoon is clearly a bikini-fan, because he won't stop saying "aigoooooo, aigooooo" as he walks along the beach. The women climb El Torreon, with a viewing platform on top. Excellent for spotting the oppas waaaaay, way down!
Aww, our boys love the beach. Kim Ji-hoon's attempts to put his foot sand-free into his shoe deserves a special prize.
Next, the girls go to the Monte Igueldo Amusement Park. The camera men hand them their cameras and smile. Looks like fun! Of course, the only one not enjoying it is Hyun-jin.
Afterwards, the girls go to chill on the beach as well. Some girls find out that they're filming for TV and go all out dancing. with Hee-bon.
Without the girls, the boys are going to eat. The girls go to a similar (but different) place ... and then, they all go to the next! Oh, I'd like to do that too, those little sandwiches and other fingerfood looks delicious!!! 3-4 places after, Hee-bon has got lost and is alone again.
Well, everybody but Hee-bon manages to meet up at a café. Ah, here she is. They're so mean .... they (well, Kim Ji-hoon, actually) tell her to close her eyes and try and (I guess?) chop an imaginary baguette into even pieces... and while she does that, they all get up and walk away.
And that's a wrap! We're done! 


Overall, this was a great variety format - friends who travel the world and eat yummy stuff. Most of the cast was absolutely endearing and I would easily have watched more if there had been. I'm not sure why they seemed to run out of good stuff in this episode, maybe everybody got a bit tired. 
Yes, and while we're at it: Kim Ji-hoon, what about ... you know, acting in a drama? It's been a while.