OperationKaiKai: Success!!

Most people know by now that #OperationKaiKai was a raging success. The curse has been broken! I saw an Asian Star!! Yaaaaay! From here, the moon and the stars :D Who is next? Hu Ge?
I did think about writing a post of my own, but the truth is that I was more of a side-show / support "group" for the Jing's Consorts (there was a possibility that they would faint, after all), who saw him 4 times. They say it much better than me:

Read their post here on WangKaiInternational: http://www.wangkaiinternational.com/2016/01/seeing-wang-kai-in-milano-at-mens.html
this is my favorite picture
What can I add? It was a great weekend. We had:

- fabulous weather! It was much warmer than up north and quite warm for January. And the sky was soooo bluuueee!
- incredible food. Ah, Italy.
- lots of gelato. Little Kakashi had chocolate all over her face all the time.
- tons of fun. Everything was perfect and full of laughter. And Milano is beautiful.
- success in finding cheap designer clothes. Well, me at least.
- success in finding new glasses (that would be husband).
- hurting feet. Haha, next time, I'll just wear sneakers.

And to top it all, it was simply GREAT to meet the other ladies there. Love you all! 
Eleanor here: I'll just add a little note. Even if we hadn't seen Kai Kai (which I am overjoyed that we did), it was so lovely to meet you all. I really just love you all and I am so glad that we met in real life and that we met here on the Internet. 2016 is off to a good start! Yay! And Little Kakashi is adorable. I love her! And it was fun meeting Mr. Kakashi as well and chatting with Kakashi. It really didn't feel like meeting someone in person for the first time. *hugs all round*. And man, I just luff you all so much! ❤❤❤

Memorable Quotes:

Mr. Kakashi: "Who is this guy?"
Little Kakashi: "Poor Kai Kai. Do you think he likes all these women waiting for him?"
Mr. Kakashi: "I don't want to see his face ever again! Put these pictures away!!"
Little Kakashi: "Mommy, I never want to get famous."