Stalking an Asian Star - Attempt No 3

If you know me well, you know that I am the world's worst stalker of Asian stars. I have tried twice and failed spectacularly. 1) I managed not to see Lee Jun-ki even though he pranced around in Switzerland for days (details about Adventure 1: here); 2) I managed to dress up as Santa for Kim Ji-hoon who did not even come here in the end (details about Adventure 2: here). Oh, and about a gazillion other Korean stars come to Switzerland regularly and I miss them. Case in point: There is a picture of Joo Sang-wook sitting at a spot which is 300  meters from where I work. Kyuhyun (though not one of my biases) filmed a whole MV at the university I work at and I never even noticed a thing. Etc. Etc. Etc. 
Not suprisingly, also being the type that likes success far better than failure, I have sworn off stalking Asian celebrities. And then, I hear that Kai Kai is coming to Milano for Men's Fashion Week. Confirmed schedule, locations, times, and everything. On a weekend. Fook me. Milano is so close. And trains there are so cheap.  
Of course, I had to cautiously voice the question on Twitter whether one should consider going. And immediately, all the Jing's Consorts on Twitter started planning. And I was in the middle of it! How could I have ... you know, not booked a hotel and a train ticket?!

Anyway, the short version of the story is that we (moonlil, Eleanor, Caitlyn) are going to Milan (where we will meet fernweh922). This time, I'm also bringing my husband and my daughter. We come in numbers, Kai Kai. You will break my curse, I know it! 

Details of the stalking operation have not yet been discussed. When will we gather at Piazza Vetra on Saturday? How much earlier should we be there? When is the show over, when can we expect him to come out? Will we attempt to see him when he goes in AND when he goes out? (there seems to be a café at the corner of that street, I google-streetviewed the location). If we see him on Saturday (be it once or twice), will people go back on Sunday? (I will need to catch a train around the time of his second appearance, so I only have ONE chance). Where will Kai Kai stay while he is in Milan? When will we know? If we find out, will we go there too? Should we bring socks for him (he never seems to have any) or bitter chocolate? In the form of a watch? Will we scream his name? Should we make banners? Should we get his autograph? A picture with him? Should we group-hug him? Should I train my daughter to jump in front of him with ... i.e. a rose in her mouth?

Let Operation Kai Kai begin!