The Disguiser 伪装者 - Episode 22 (Recap)

"The Hunt" begins. I love and I hate the Ming Brothers, especially the two older ones. That's some craaaaaaaazy shit they are pulling in this episode O_____________o And get ready to press play again right away after this one ends, because the Operation is far from over.
JoAnne: Will you LOOK at how sexy he is. Just LOOK at him. Rrrrrrrrawr...
Eleanor: This episode. I think I'm still hyperventilating. Can't breathe. Too much tension! 
Yeah, plus... You Saw Wang Kai this weekend! In person!!! 

Episode 22

Poor Ming Tai.... he is sleepwalking on the streets of Shanghai, thoughts chasing themselves in his head. Is his brother really a traitor? But that can't be, his sister would not let him stay at home if he were! But if he is not a traitor, what is he? Ming Tai is sure his Bro is anti-Japanese, but what exactly? KMT? Communist? And what about Ah Cheng and his hints? And Big Sis?! Nothing makes any sense! Ahhhhhh!
Remember the good old days, when he could look at someone's lunch on an airplane and know so much? What happened to that early promise, Mr. Ming?
I really loved this sequence. So far Ming Tai has been pretty unflappable, and considering he was kidnapped by the KMT and turned into a spy, that's saying something. I really felt his pain and indecision and all the tensions and loyalties he's been trying to figure out, come clashing to a point where he can no longer ignore them. 
Ming Tai has stopped in the middle of the street, completely lost in thought, and a police officer is desperately trying to get him to move. When he touches him, Ming Tai comes to and instinctively throws the poor guy over his shoulder. At least he's aware of his surroundings again now, bows an apology and leaves, without saying a word.
Yes because the police are always up for a good body slam. Gets your spine right back into alignment!
Remind me never to creep up on Ming Tai and try and surprise him. 
On their way home, Ming Lou and Ah Cheng get held up by some vendor who has parked his cart in the middle of the street. All of Ah Cheng's honking leads to naught, so that Ming Lou (he seems to be having a headache) tells him to get out and buy some walnuts instead. He does: a huge bag, for the whole family. Before they continue their journey, they talk about Ming Tai and how difficult it must be for him. Ming Lou does not answer, when Ah Cheng asks what will happen to baby bro if he refuses the order...
No walnuts for disobeyers!
My heart just hurts right now with what they are trying to accomplish.
Ming Tai has not gone home ... he has gone to Miss Cheng, seeking comfort and counsel. He asks her whether Ming Lou is a Communist, but she does not know, maybe. And even if she knew, she would need the permission of a superior, she adds. Finally, she calls Ming Lou "grey" - neither fish nor fowl. Ming Tai leaves, non the wiser, but judging from the few words his Miss exchanges with Mrs. Su, Miss Cheng knows MORE than she just led on.
Deceitful bitch. Okay, that was harsh, I admit it. Possibly undeserved. Felt good, though.
I get why no one can tell Ming Tai anything, but at least she could be less wishy-washy about her answer. I feel like she revealed more than she was allowed, but that it wasn't necessarily helpful. I'm worried. 
Ming Tai stands in front of his home, thinking and thinking ... if Ming Lou is grey, he finally concludes, he is either Communist or KMT or ... he could be the Cobra/Viper himself, which would explain why that dude keeps refusing to meet with him. But what if he is wrong??! He needs to know! Now!! And he storms into the house, to unmask his big brother.
Poor lil thing looks so worried. Maybe they'll tell him Santa isn't real, either.
Aw Ming Tai. Clever boy though. Cobra/Viper is a good hunch, but... Ming Tai, do you really think Big Bro would unmask himself that easily? 
Him and Ah Cheng are sitting on the stairs, cracking walnuts. They invite him to join them and he does ... but the atmosphere is tense, because Ming Tai starts fishing for info and voices his frustration about the task given to him, but the other two won't help him one bit, deliberately misunderstanding his intentions.
Pretty soon I'm going to take that hammer and start cracking some nuts, too. 
Ah Cheng's face. Haha. When you can't tell secrets, I guess walnut hammering is a good way to release some tension. Do walnuts have a special significance in this drama? I wonder if we are missing something. Joyce, moonlil? 
They need to cook for themselves, because Ah Xiang is out of the house to take care of her sick mother. Ming Lou assigns Ah Cheng and Ming Tai to cook and when asked what he wants to eat, Ming Tai says "snake". But Ah Cheng says he does not dare cook it and Ming Lou says he fears Ming Tai would not stomach it well. Stop it with the double-meaning, boys! >.<
Hahahhhahahah I didn't even notice it when I watched. Too busy staring at Ming Luscious.
Big Bro and Ah Cheng's expressions XD hahahahaha. I know that this scene is super serious, but at the same time it is written so wittily as as to be super funny as well. 
When Ming Tai has disappeared into his room - he is rather pissed by now - Ah Cheng and Ming Lou conclude that he is onto them... he is testing them. I seriously want you punished for this, you scumbags!!!! Imagine how much Ming Tai is suffering right now??! 
We shouldn't be able to see that bit of skin between your pants and socks, Ming Lou.  Suspenders, or buy socks that are long enough.
There has to be a reason why they can't tell him though. Everyone is feeling pretty crappy about the whole situation, but yeah, Ming Tai has the really rotten end of the stick on this one.
The common cooking is not going well, Ming Tai attacks the carrots as if they were his enemies. Him and Ah Cheng even get into a fight over nothing, which ends with Ming Tai screaming "You are traitors!" and Ah Cheng kicking him out of the kitchen, which results in Ming Tai grabbing a knife, storming out into the living room, and throwing the knife at a basket of fruits in front of Ming Lou. Who does not blink an eye. Haha. Then, Ming Tai cuts the pomelo with vigor and starts speaking about snakes again. He gets nowhere. Again. They could as well have him run against a wall over and over.
Look at that pouty face, ahahahahahahahahahha! It's sort of misplaced here, actually. Now he should be displaying genuine anger and worry, not petulance.
But just in case they aren't spies, he still has to be bratty and a baby. This scene was super funny though. Haha. Poor, pouty Ming Tai. 
Not surprisingly, dinner is no cheerful affair. In fact, they're all so tense that a sudden movement of Ming Tai's almost makes Ah Cheng attack him. Ming Lou and Ah Cheng are starting to discuss about a press event that will take place the next day. And then, everything turns sad and farewell-y, as Ming Lou tells his little brother to be careful when he leaves the house and gives him a new watch as a present. Ming Tai is about to cry and quickly leaves for his room.
How is this a test? If he agrees to do it and fails, then he sucks. If he doesn't agree to do it, he sucks. He can't possibly do it and remain human, either. This is his brother. What do they want him to do?????
This drama is messing with my head!!! They aren't really going to kill off Ming Lou are they?!?!?! I can see them being crazy enough to do that. There is just enough in this farewell scene that has me convinced he's going to die, but they won't do that, will they? Ack! This drama! 
Ah Cheng wonders whether he will be able to follow orders tomorrow ... and Ming Lou tells him to get Guo there as a back-up in case Ming Tai does not show up. Well, that settles the question whether Guo knows "things", doesn't it.
That night, nobody gets much sleep in the Ming house...
So we know that Airplane Wang knows who Ming Lou is. Guo knows too, apparently. And if Trainwreck knows, then Uncle Li must know, and perhaps Mrs. Su. But not Ming Jing? Hmm. Wait though. Airplane Wang and Guo are KMT. They know Lou is KMT, of course. But do they also know he's Communist? What would they be telling Guo that he would think it's okay for Ming Tai to have a job to assassinate his brother/a fellow KMT/the local BOSS? I reject this line of thought.
They can't kill Ming Lou. They just can't! I think that Guo and Wang might know he's KMT,  but I have no idea who knows he's also Communist. 
Early the next morning, they meet in front of the house, Ming Lou ready to go to work and Ming Tai returning after a morning run. Again, it feels like farewell ... even when Ming Lou says that the first who is home is the one who has to cook for all the others. When he looks after his brother's car, Ming Tai's eyes fill with tears. In the car, Ming Lou is certain that Ming Tai will join "The Hunt".
So clearly he never intends to be there of course, but I still don't understand why Ming Lou thinks this is in any way a good test of his brother.
There HAS to be a reason. There HAS to! I have to believe this is going to work out. 
At the spy-hide-out, Mission Leader Ming Tai maps out their operation in detail. His two team mates look sheepish, as he talks about when and where his brother will be. His car will have to pass a sentry post between two events he is attending (the first meeting at Big Boss' residence and later, the press event). This is where they will hit him. Their mission: capture that sentry post, change into their uniforms and use their weapons to kill Ming Lou. And by the way, there is Ah Cheng too. In that car. Guo is in charge of him ... Ming Tai will be in charge of Ming Lou.
I give up, honestly.
Even though Ming Tai is being like this, I'm not convinced he will go through with at the last minute. I just can't see him killing Ming Lou. 
And with that, we're at the first meeting. The room is thick with smoke and Manchun has a coughing fit during Minamida's long speech. She is out of tea, too. Ah Cheng brings her a new one; how nice of him! Ming Lou glances at his watch... it's 12.15.
Yeah, I'm guessing that tea has a bit more than sympathy as ingredients.
Ah! This drama! I really want to know how this plan is going to unfold. 
About 25 minutes later, Manchun is starting to feel weird... it's her heart. She tries to get up but falters ... luckily, a concerned Ming Lou can catch her before she falls. To the concerned people in the room, he says this is not to worry, Manchun has a heart problem, since forever. She just needs some rest! And with that, Ming Lou leads her out the room. Minamida on the other hand concludes the meeting, but reminds everyone of the press event that Ming Lou will hold later. When the room is emptying, Ah Cheng whispers to her: "wait for me downstairs and get ready to go".
And a thousand watchers sigh and pretend he whispers it to them.
Ah Cheng then goes to check on Ming Lou and Manchun (she is lying on a sofa). Ming Lou orders him to tell people that she needs absolute rest and is not to be disturbed. She holds onto his hand and pleads with him not to leave her. He assures her he will, indeed, stay right beside her. She smiles blissfully at that and ... falls asleep like a log. It is now 1.10 pm. Ming Lou gets up and leaves, unseen by anyone.
Hahahahahahaha okay I feel sad for her in a way but the way he uses her like she's a prop just makes me laugh so hard.
I'm just mortally afraid that she's going to wake up and know she was betrayed somehow. 
Ah Cheng steps outside, to inform Minamida about the exact rendezvous point. 2 pm. Scott Road. There's a problem though: her car isn't starting and it can't be fixed. "Let's take my car", Ah Cheng suggests. And off they go!
I'm just bopping along right about here, not a suspicion in my mind. I'm an idiot.
It was at this point that I figured it out! I got so excited! Though I was still curious about a few details of course. So exciting! 
A guy is sitting quietly in front of a window, a gun next to him. It's Ming Lou! It's now ten minutes to two o'clock. Ah Chang and Minamida have arrived at Scott Road and storm upstairs, to arrest Wasp at the rendezvous point. But what is this?! The room is empty! In that other location, Ming Lou has taken position next to the window. He is completely calm.
I'm still bumbling along, wondering where he disappeared to, and why he was there in the first place. It's embarrassing, really.
Minamida turns to point her weapon at Ah Cheng and smirks. So, how does he explain this?! He starts stammering something when he suddenly notices a hot tea cup on the table. That's the proof that he was here! He just left! Minamida has her man check the room and he finds... remnants of a KMT broadcasting station. That's good, because now, she won't shoot our Kai Kai.
I love watching her but that uniform is so.freaking.hideous. that I'd almost shoot her myself just not to see it again.
You CANNOT shoot Kai Kai! Never! Oh those beautiful eyes *sigh*
She wants to know why Wasp knew that they were coming... isn't it strange? She steps over to the window and pushes away the curtains. And Ming Lou takes aim... from across the street, in that other apartment!
Man, all these Ming brothers look so hotte! Damn! 
Ah Cheng steps behind Minamida ... and then, his eyes widen in shock as he screams "Look out!!!!" as he pushes the woman to the side ("saving" her life). But Ming Lou fires! And hits ... Ah Cheng. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Man down, man down!!!! Calmly, Ming Lou turns around and leaves. When Minamida's men get to the place where the shot came from, it is empty.
Hey, wait.
I knew it! Ah Cheng! Ah Cheng! 
An ambulance is called for the wounded Ah Cheng. He is muttering something about a trap and how Wasp was obviously planning to kill Minamida, using him, Ah Cheng, as the means to get to her. He tells her to take his car and drive to Wu Tong Road - that is where one of Wasp's contact points in case of emergencies is. It's probably their last chance, because after this, he will be even more elusive.

Before she takes off, she tells the ambulance driver to take Ah Cheng to the military hospital and hands him a passbook of sorts ... inside the ambulance, there is nobody else but Miss Cheng in the back and Uncle Li up front, next to the driver. After giving him the right password ("Hunting"), Jinyun shoots Ah Cheng as full of pain killers as she possibly can and puts bandages on the wound. It's a "clean" shot-through, so no need to take the bullet out. Ming Lou is a good shot, isn't he. Let's all appreciate his skill while we curse him for hurting poor Ah Cheng. What a bunch of idiots.
What if she hadn't gone to the window in the first place?
The scriptwriter wouldn't have allowed it. It was part of the plan! 
Making their way towards the sentry post: Ming Tai and Man Li, posing as lovers on a bike. Screw you, Writer-nim. Seriously. The bike breaks down and Man Li starts complaining loudly about his misuse of money. A lovers' quarrel ensues. One of the sentries comes out to tell them to quiet down, but Man Li snuffs him and walks sexily away ... towards the other sentry. And SLAM, one guy is out with a roundhouse kick ... and the second one two. Sentry post successfully seized. Part two of the crazy plan can begin.
She is so good. She deserves any Ming she wants! All the Mings for Man Li!Yes!
Except for Ah Cheng. Ah Cheng is mine! 


Clever, clever, clever, oh so damn clever! Or isn't it? So many things could go wrong, timing, positions, material, get-aways.... people. People deciding to do something unexpected. OMFG, you Ming-bastards!! You're crazy!! Now we also understand what Ming Lou meant when he asked Ah Cheng a few episodes back whether he could really go through with it and that it would cost him "the most". He has now been punished enough for picking up that watch, I would say.
This was a very stupid plan. The fact that it might work does not prove me wrong.
I think it's a crazy plan, but if it works, it will achieve many things. Play big to win big?

And then, we have Ming Tai. Currently at the sentry post, waiting to kill his own brother. So horrible. Ming Tai, you deserve to be a brat for this forever and nobody can ever again scold you.
Still do not understand how this could possibly be anything but a disaster.
I'm still super worried, let's just push play already for the next episode. 

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