The Disguiser 伪装者 - Episode 24 (Recap)

After the excitement of episode 23, we wind down with a few explanations in this one.... only to start some next excitement immediately. No, we get no rest with this show! And we haven't even got to the worst excitement yet ... but no spoiling. First, let's see how Big Sis blows a few fuses in this episode and Ming Tai gets his pretty little tush massaged...
JoAnne: Maybe because it's been a while but I almost can't remember Ming Tai as the super observant super quick to pick up spy kills guy, and mostly only remember him as the spoiled baby brother. In my head - and I think we can thank Eleanor for this - Ah Cheng is the spy, Ming Lou is the mastermind, and Ming Tai is just sort of along for the ride sometimes.
Eleanor: Haha, well I am a little Ah Cheng biased ;P Ming Tai can be an excellent spy sometimes yeah, but he lacks the experience and maturity that Ah Cheng and Big Bro have. And it tells. Oh well, Ming Tai is adorable and funny and I love him too. 

Episode 24

Ming Lou might have told Ming Tai that he has all the answers he needs, but of course, Ming Tai wouldn't be Ming Tai if he wouldn't follow his own head and heart. And head as well as heart demand more answers. He seeks out his brother in his study later. He must have answers tonight.
Poor Ming Lou can never get a moment's peace.
Ming Tai, let Big Bro get some sleep as well. Geez. 
Ming Lou sighs wearily... and then pats the sofa beside him, inviting his little bro to sit down. Of course, Ming Tai sits in a different chair, apart from Ming Lou. And then, Ming Lou starts explaining. It all started with that watch that Ming Tai lost - and that Ah Cheng picked up in order to protect little bro. And the rest is history (and known to us). When he has ended, he tells Ming Tai to go to bed and "let the grownups sleep" (haha, he is a dick)
Pfffft, Ming Tai is a pain in the ass.
Yeah, Ming Tai hardly ever considers that he's not the only one who has been doing things all day and living dangerously. 
Surprisingly, Ming Tai gets up, bows and walks to the door ... but no. OF COURSE he is not satisfied. He turns around and addresses his brother as Commanding Officer Ming ... and wants to know whether he really thinks he is just a child. And: why did HE have to kill Nantian when Ming Lou could have easily killed her himself? What is really behind this?
But he does ask good questions.
Ming Lou gets emotional when he explains that he simply had to play it safe - there could be not mistakes related to him. His exposure would mean the end of KMT's Shanghai unit. He needed not 95, but 100% success - and that meant sending her to Ming Tai. And then .... Ming Lou adds: "May I go to sleep now?". Hahaha. Still a dick. But it does make sense, really. They didn't want Ming Tai there in the beginning, as we know: it just happened that way when Lin and his team messed up.
True. Now let the poor man rest!
Yes Ming Tai! Sleep! Sleep is important!
In the city, arrests are made ... this is Tengtian's/Mr. Fujita's doing, as they are trying to get a hold of Wasp. They also know that another operative is working in Shanghai ... yeah, not good. They do not yet know his name and are still deciphering messages, but WE know that it's Ming Tai. Fujita is quite angry with Gao Mu/Takagi for not doing his job in protecting Minamida, but Takagi says she kept her secrets close. He also mentions Ming Lou and Manchun (I think he is suspicious), but Fujita is not interested in gossip. He wants to get in touch with Lone Wolf, however.
Dumb mistake. Don't you know gossip is how all the best spies put together that last minute piece of information they need to solve the puzzle?
For reals. Takagi is smart and would probably be better at the job than Fujita, but of course that wouldn't be good for our it's okay if Fujita remains one step behind. 
The next morning, Ming Lou and Ah Cheng find Ming Tai on the couch downstairs. He cleaned everything up, too. They look at him tenderly, but of course, he isn't asleep anymore. He seems to be back to his old petulant self (that JoAnne likes so much). Ah Cheng hands him a list of things that need to be replaced, including a new picture frame. Ming Tai swiftly collects the money from Ming Lou.
I want to kick his flat tush and tell him to grow up.
Hee hee. These three. I am so glad that they are mostly all being spies together. Ming Tai of course doesn't know all the details of course. Also, I just adore Ah Cheng's reactions to all this. Haha. 
And then, before they go to work, a word of warning: Ming Tai is the only one that knows Ming Lou's true identity (Ming Lou claims Guo does not know either, I doubt that though). Ming Tai must be sure to use the proper channels to contact him - and he will use the broadcasting station too. Ming Tai understands. The most important thing for their family: pretend that everything is normal.
In other words: Mum's the word around Ming Jing!
Why do they exclude her so much? Is it to protect her? Or do they think she's not capable of keeping her mouth closed?
Yes, at the office, it's back to normal - as much as possible, despite the Boss-Boss' assassination. It seems Secretary Li has called in sick every day since his position got force-swapped (Ming Lou suggests he can quit working altogether). And then, Liang is announced. Ah, Liang ... I have missed you! He apologizes profoundly for the mess up, but a magnanimous Ming Lou says it's not Division 76's fault. No, the real problem must be right in this office: somebody who knew his schedule intimately well. That someone better watch out. I'm glad I'm not working for him. Chills.
Yeah, Ming Lou doesn't play around. Neither does Ah Cheng, for that matter. Still loving the casual way they let us know he killed that woman at the hotel.
Oh Liang. I really didn't like him in the beginning, but I'm definitely warming up to him. Remind me if I ever assemble a spy team to make sure Ming Lou and Ah Cheng are on my side. 
Ming Tai is looking at new picture frames when ... OH SHIT. He realizes that he is being shadowed (he recognizes the voice, the spy genius). And that person who is watching him is ... Secretary Li (so what, calling in sick and then sneaking around doing spy stuff! Fie!). Smart Ming Tai puts down a false address (for the delivery of the frames) and hurries away. Li grabs the address and follows him.
Li is a dog with a bone. He knows he knows something and he's bound and determined to prove it.
Hmmmm, Li. I would leave this bone alone if I were you. 
Ming Tai walks into a department store (LOVE the set). Li tells two police officers to guard the door for him and goes in himself: luckily for Ming Tai, it's very crowded and he manages to hide upstairs. That is good, but how will he get out?! Li has the Manager shut the whole store down and calls Manchun (which is good, cause ... spy!)
I love the sets for this drama in general, but then I love the time period in western shows, as well.
And not only is the set great, but it's filmed so well as well! Lurve it all!
While waiting for an opportunity to get out, Ming Tai remembers his teacher's words: if a spy's voice and back has been remembered by somebody, things get really dangerous. He must leave the premises immediately to avoid confrontation. And that he does ... disguised as a builder. In the meantime, Ah Cheng has gotten word about Ming Tai's predicament too - and they send Cheng Jinyun to help. Ah, she's still in this too, right. To give her credit, she leaves immediately, grabbing a knife in the process. (they don't tell us it's her and don't show her face ... but COME ON)
We know it's her because my Psycho Kitten would be dressed better.
For reals. 
And thus, Secretary Li gets knifed two times in front of the department store. Once by Ming Tai and once by Jinyun (quasi at the same time). Because spy-lore says this: if somebody has uncovered your spy-identity, you must either disappear ... or make that person disappear. I can't say I feel sorry, but he was a worthy opponent as well.
He was a good opponent. It's interesting that they make the good opponents so worthy that you want to cheer for them, too. Yes, I'm thinking of Manchun. Also, this entire scene was gorgeously done.
I really felt bad about Li. He should have just been a bad spy and not so good. And yes, it really was gorgeously executed this scene.
The murder is called in and Ah Cheng leaves to "help" with the investigation. Ming Lou reminds him to "not pick anything up". Ahahahaa. (Such a dick. I love him.) (He's so mean! haha) At the site, Ah Cheng learns that Secretary Li was stabbed twice, from the front and the back. Ming Tai has only left his clothes (they will not lead back to him). Well done - you deserve a treat, Ming Tai.
Can he get his treat from Man Li?
Um, can we have Wang Kai star in a detective drama and wear that trenchcoat please? 
All is exceptionally well in spy-land, finally. If only Ming Tai didn't miss his mommy so much... At least he has a portrait of her, Manli tells him and a vague impression from when he was young. They get into a friendly fight about ... not sure, just things. (That she's also an orphan, and he's lucky because at least he has a photo of his mom - and then she talks about how it's good that they are both motherless people and maybe that's why they work well together/have been stuck together) Anyway, there's a new order from the Viper: they need to collect information about a Japanese Labor Camp (oh, this is where Lin's men are, right?)
I think so, yes. I do love rescue missions! Although I'm noticing that this drama is powered by rescue missions. There's not a whole lot of intelligence-gathering missions, and those that exist turn into rescue missions anyway.
It means my heart is constantly racing with this drama. 
Big Sis' return to Shanghai is imminent ... time to get something else out of the way, Ming Lou thinks. Hahahaaaaaaa, so mean. On top of placing the withdrawal notice in Ming Jing's room, Ming Lou also orders Ah Cheng to make up a story about Ming Tai's debauchery and put it in a newspaper. The most important thing: that Lone Wolf sees it (and the aftermath). OMG Ming Tai will be slaughtered!!
Payback for being a brat to Ming Lou when he's tired.
Hahahahahahahaha. Poor Ming Tai. 
As soon as she's home, Big Sis has Ming Tai on his knees in front of her and confronts him with the "evidence" of his misbehavior. She is furious, of course. Enter Ming Lou and Ah Cheng. Ahahahaaaaaa, how Ming Tai glares at his Big Brother.
I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in a serious drama in all my life.
How is it that it can be so hilarious? It's been so lovely because of that. 
Bis Sis is so fired up she also turns to Ming Lou and scolds him massively for not knowing about this soon enough and for being too selfish, not thinking about the family enough! And Ah Cheng! He dresses like a playboy all the time, no wonder Ming Tai would get the wrong ideas!
Ah Cheng's face. Ming Tai's face. I can't stop laughing.
I've got to wonder if that was an adlib or something. So funny! Ah Cheng, please always dress like this. 
She goes through Ming Ta's pockets and finds all kinds of horrible things: cigarettes, horse betting tickets, and other stuff, like a lighter ... which is his spy-camera. Ming Lou gently but firmly intervenes at this point, before she can take a closer look, and suggests he will teach Ming Tai the necessary lesson. She insist he is "not to go soft on him". Which means ... she wants him to be beaten. Oi....
I think Ming Jing probably has a red room of pain somewhere in that house.
Haha. I can tell this that this scene is going to be hilarious. 

Ming Jing leaves in a huff and Ming Lou makes sure the two servants are occupied and then, he bends down to Ming Tai and says... "I have no choice". Oh dear, you MEANIE, you are actually enjoying this! I am not, but I cannot help but notice how nicely shaped Hu Ge's ass is. Sorry. They get a bench for Ming Tai to lie on and a rod to beat him with. To be fair, Ming Lou does not hit hard (and Ming Tai is instructed to holler louder), but then .... Lone Wolf comes back and Ming Lou HAS to hit hard.
Notice that he hits him at angles designed to reach very tender parts.
I can just imagine that shooting this scene must have involved so much laughing. 
And then, some more acting. Though it certainly must hurt even if Ming Lou does not go full out. Don't be mean, Ah Cheng! In any case... Lone Wolf is fully and completely convinced that Ming Tai just got punished for being a immoral playboy and that the Mings are strict and unrelenting. You better not anger them!!!
Now go off somewhere and die, Lone Wolf.
Ah Cheng's face. That looks like Wang Kai was really trying his best not to laugh in this scene. 


This is a "clean-up" episode.  All is explained (and accepted), order is restored. Even the Li-incident can count as clean-up, because he was a liability ever since he saw and followed Ming Tai in the Japanese Embassy. With him gone, who else is there that could pose a danger to the Mings? Well, the new Boss in town, Mr. Fujita and the underling Takagi, of course. I really like that all the "bad guys" in this are smart, and therefore pose true dangers - it makes it so much more exciting. 
Agreed - it would be so frustrating to have a good story and great visuals and then stupid villains.
Yes, we like our villains smart. Can our guys at least win at the end? 

BTS (more spanking :)