Noble, My Love - Episodes 13 to 14 (A Squeecap)

Shuk: Hi there! We are still plugging along with this one, much like the plot is still meandering its way to where we REALLY want it to be: lots of one-on-one time for our couple. Which can't happen until all the pesky outside influences (with maybe the exception of our Exceptional PA Kang--practicing doing the wave all by myself for this man. Go, Kang, Go!) finally disappear, locked outside the doors of their place. If we can only get her moved in!
Jaehyus: But where she's willing to move in, not be forced to move in.
JoAnne:  Tomato, tomahto. Just get her in close proximity (and PJs) to Kang Hoon.
Quirkstine: Are we there (cohabitation) yet? *impatiently stomps one foot*

EPISODE 13: Truth In Wine - I Like You

“Move in with me.”
'Already called the truck, babe. They should be arriving any minute.'
Too slow, Jo. I already got my things moved into the master bedroom.

Spoken with the same expression as when Kang Hoon asked Dr Cha to be his girlfriend. Can he be surprised that her reaction would be precisely the same, except tempered with the bitterness of that very public lip-to-lip mistake?
Seriously low EQ.
He follows her out to a nearby playground (where are all these playgrounds? In every drama, people walk across a street and there's a playground? Clearly, I didn't stay in the fun part of Seoul), where she verbally regrets ever saving him in the first place. He crowds into her personal space, but she doesn’t flinch.  He asks, was it really that much of a bad thing?
If I were her, I'd say yes.  At this stage, I'm as done with him as she is.

She fires back at him. Why does he want them to live together? He basically shrugs and says just because. Really, CEO, that’s your best answer? I think we need to poll the audience.
(walking around taking votes. "Dumb answer" so far is winning by a landslide)
Dumb answer.
Dumb answer, Dumb Ass.
Epically dumb answer.
Dumb answers abound.
Even though she is the “Sub” according to the contract, this is different and she won’t agree. He scoffs, wondering if it’s her delicate sensibilities that she can’t handle sharing space with a man. She sets him straight, though. She has no problems living with someone, as long as they have feelings for her.  Does the great and vaunted “Dom” like her enough for that? He pauses, his brow furrowed in thought.(He is kind of slow isn't he? So sexy and so slow) (Thinking is hard.) Yep, that’s why she won’t do it.  She turns to leave, but he calls out to her, what if HE still wants her to move in? She just glares.
It must feel to her like she's being toyed with. Also, this Dom-Sub thing is not sexy.  For sexy, it would require a humourous touch.
I agree. I sympathize with Dr. Cha and I badly wish that I could intervene and give Kang Swoon a crash course on wooing women.
I volunteer to help him practice.
It's kind of funny what a dumb ass he is.
In an all-too-predictable reprise, she continues to look for a place of her own  PA Kang wonders if he should start buying up all the buildings she is looking at. CEO Hotness just smirks and figures she’ll get back to him just like she did with her clinic.

That doesn’t stop him from seeking her out at the bench in front of her business, where she is looking at real estate listings on her phone. (I liked that apartment) He loftily tells her that all is for naught, as he will close off any option but his place.  Especially since he’s starting to have feelings for her, he tells her unfeelingly.
The only reason we are convinced is because we get to see the way he looks at her when she isn't looking, but if I were her, I wouldn't be convinced. If I was in it for the body; I'd go. But she realizes she is in a dangerous predicament--falling hard for someone who seems like he will easily throw her away when he doesn't find her interesting anymore. ( I was going to say "falling for someone hard" and then realized that the misplacement of the modifier would take Jo to all sorts of distracting places)(Yeah, thanks, too late.)(Pfft. Jo is easily distracted.)
Exactly, to her, it seems like he's just playing her, and she'll end up hurt.
What? Her face registers her confusion, so he explains. Why do you think he keeps doing all these crazy actions, when he doesn’t gain anything from it? And, by the way, are YOU having feelings for ME? She doesn’t admit to anything, and he continues. Given his social status, though, nothing can be public about the two of them. Wait, he’s thinking this now after that sizzling hot scandalous kiss??
*In my best Hermione voice* What. An. Idiot.
He's hired her to play Girlfriend, so why can't things be public?
Dating is one thing, living together another.

Even with that, he still wants her to stay with him, to maybe help him shake off his attraction to cute pet-saving types.  She snarls at him to get lost, but he gets the last word. He doesn’t have the patience to wait for long. With that, he turns and strides away on those long long legs. She throws her trash at him, but he’s already outside her aim.
Call his bluff, stay in the hospital, and see him go crazy trying to get you to move in.
Ooh yes! Or she can go femme fatale on his ass. Seduce him and then ruin him, that (hot) jerk.
At his home, Kang Hoon has already set up a nice little bedroom in shades of pink and white. He brushes imaginary dust from the bedspread, thinking it’s so pretty she will love it. I dunno, but Dr Cha has never struck me as the frills-and-flowers type of girl.
This is what I thought, too, but then I remembered the frilly lampshade in her office (see Squeecap for ep 5) and all those girly stickers in her date scrapbook (see Squeecap for ep. 10).
He took real notice of that lamp, at least.
That bedroom and his setting it up was all pretty hilarious. Finally, I liked him again!
I shuddered and recoiled at all the pink. I thought Cha was going to hate it but then I remembered she scrapbooks with heart cutouts. Many girly girls like pink.
It’s late at night and Dr Cha has closed up shop when she receives a phone call. The woman states her mother’s dog is lethargic and hasn't eaten all day.  Since she’s out of town, she asks for assistance. Dr Cha enlists the help of Weaksauce to ferry the animal to her hospital. Not surprised, but Weaksauce gets Sang Hyun to help. She’s useless and helpless I guess.
And because she is a major instigator--hate her; She has to know that Sang Hyun is 2nd lead guy. If she's friends with him why put him through this? Oh yeah. She's a horrible friend.

Anyway, he carries the dog in, closely followed by Weaksauce and the owner. Um, Weaksauce is a vet with a practice too, right? Or does she ever do anything?
I hate her. I know I said it before, and it won't be the last time;she's a waste of cytoplasm that one.
I hate her too. The Mean Girl Vet is a better plot device than Weaksauce. Plus, since it's a big dog, Dr. Cha could simply have called Sang Hyun in the first place since it's for work.
Weaksauce had a book dedicated to her,
Dr Cha gives a thorough exam to the retriever, but the prognosis is grim. Out in the waiting room, her cell phone rings. Sang Hyun answers it, which shocks Kang Hoon (who by the way is laying on Dr Cha's bed in his house when he makes this call). What is his rival doing at his woman’s place of business? Dancer Boy explains it’s a pet emergency, and then hangs up on the CEO.
Is this a thing? I NEVER answer someone else's phone. Ever. But I see people do it in shows all the time. Am I just old?
Nope, no one answers someone else's phone without express permission. Phones, tablets and laptops are all personal items. Also, there's voicemail.
I answer family member's phone sometimes, especially if I know the person who's calling. Voice mail isn't common here.
In the Exam Room, Dr Cha has explained to Dog Mom that there is little to be done except make the animal comfortable, and apologizes for not being able to do more.

Once the bereft owner leaves, the pair takes Dr Cha out for soju and snacks. She quickly gets wasted, and wonders if she made the right career decision, watching animals die and not even making a lot of money at it.
So it would be cool to watch animals die if she was at least making bank for it?
She can’t date or marry when she’s this pathetic. He phone rings again, and this time Weaksauce picks it up.
What's with answering other people's phone?!?--Please someone explain this to me.

It reads “Super Lunatic Dominant”.  She answers it anyway.
She seemed to be doing financially okay in her country practice.  I would've written this drama to have CEO base himself out in the country where her practice is, and have countryside Hijinks instead of this boring, empty city practice, but that's me.
I prefer your version too, just don't forget to throw in cohabitation hijinks.

We are now at five empty soju bottles at the pojangmacha, and Dr Cha is mainlining the sixth.  But before she can tip it back, a hot and angry man yanks it away. Yay! It’s the Super Lunatic Dominant!
SLD is pretty pissed that his girlfriend is totally wasted but her two friends are perfectly sober. He slams the green bottle on the table, and rounds on Sang-Hyun. How could he let her get this far drunk? Dancer Boy just looks down and says there’s no stopping Dr Cha once she decides to drink.  Kang Hoon wants to argue further, but Weaksauce agrees that her friend is determined to drink no matter what.
Also, legal adult. Bad friends if they let her drive, or left her alone. But nunya as far as how much she drinks on this one particular occasion. It's not like she's got a problem.
Both of them are bad, wimpy friends. Why doesn't either of them tell of him about the dying dog? Despite his crazy, I doubt Kang Hoon would've been as mad if he knew about that. Haven't they ever had to make an excuse for anyone before? 
Got nothing except agreement. Awful friends.
They're not friends, they're college classmates--awful ones.
Each one of us could've come up with a good excuse (*cough lie*) without a dying dog in the mix, but they had a true, good story and didn't tell it. Oh yeah. Neither are the writers. They are living on the how fetching Dr. Cha is and frying bacon on my chest hot hotness of Kang Hoon. Not a bad strategy, but not a good one either.

Kang Hoon sighs, fed up with both of these so-called friends, and orders Dr Cha to get up so he can take her home. She’s still whining for more soju, until he bodily pulls her out of the chair and ‘assists’ her out of the p’macha. As usual, Dancer Boy is unhappy but impotent while Weaksauce swoons. Ugh.
However, even I squee a bit. Piggyback ride! Dr Cha is ready to fly to the sky, at least at first. Then she feels him up (Atta girl! Go cop some more feels for the rest of us.) and marvels at his chest definition. Except that she seems to think that Sang Hyun is carrying her. CEO is mad enough at that to stop and dump her onto the sidewalk.
Why wouldn't she? He hasn't done anything for her that would deem him to be this "nice"? But she does get a good feel in, which I enjoyed tremendously even if it was just a virtual feel for me.
Exactly. If anything, he's acted as if she's a bit disgusting to him.
He places a premium on self-control. Getting drunk would be disgusting to him.
I think it's because she called him Sang Hyun. Remember that he was kind of okay when she was stroking his face, until he realized that she didn't realize he was real.
He’s ready to just leave her there, but when a strange, inebriated man offers her a ride, he comes back.  His glare is enough to send the other guy scurrying away. This time when she looks up at his scowling face, she smiles and calls him by his real name, for the first time that night. She’s glad it’s the real Lee Kang Hoon. That goes a long way to smooth the lines from his forehead.  She passes out just in time for him to catch her. He reaches out to touch her hair, but places his hand on her back instead.
What a nice, peaceful moment. Then the heaves start. He tries to stop her but nope! Retching noises from her, a look of disbelief for him. And a heartfelt “SH**!”
As a person who has been thrown up on a lot (older daughter used to projectile vomit quite a bit--record distance was five feet), there is nothing romantic about acrid smelling vomit. [Although it does wonders for the skin--like an acid chemical peel, skin is really soft after] I didn't feel that much love even for my own kids after the chunky stuff came out of their mouths on me, so I can imagine Mr. Persnickety. Still, he's been mean, so . . .justice?
Total Justice! I felt much better about him knowing he got actual vomit on him.
It's not enough. He needs to be punished some more for his douchebaggery; preferably with something far less disgusting.
As a person who gags just because you're having this conversation...

How he manages it, I don’t know, but Fuzzy watches as he dumps her on her tiny sofa. Once there, though, the smell finally gets to him.  He takes off his soiled clothing and swears that they will have a conversation the next day. Oh yes they will. She peacefully sleeps on, and his anger melts as he stares at her and ruefully admits that she drives him crazy.
So, try talking to her as a person.
When she's awake.
The next morning is bright and happy outside.  She slowly wakes up and turns over; a moment later she sees our CEO slumped over and fast asleep, his chest peeking out of his unbuttoned gentian shirt. She takes a moment to peek (she's no fool) before she turns over (and smiles to herself--who wouldn't?), looks at the t-shirt loosely draped over her own chest, and starts screaming.  That wakes up our disoriented but adorable Sleeping Beauty.
She probably thought she was dreaming, and then realized how bad things looked.
Oh please. The scream is unwarranted even if he did see her ta-tas.
Yep, an internal freak out would've been more realistic. Besides, she got to ogle his ta-tas. Tit for tat and all that.
Better than that, she got to fondle his ta-tas.

Episode 14: A Man Whom You Can’t Help But Love

After waking up a Dr Cha’s scream fest, Kang Hoon clutches his heart. She demands to know why is he at her clinic? And why is she missing her shirt? He’s surprised. Does she not remember any of her shenanigans the previous night? And the hell she put him through?
He really doesn't get that everything isn't all about him.
I do think that it was justice that she threw up on him, but having had to deal with drunk people as an RA, I was always super annoyed that they got to forget all the dumbass things they did, while their acts were burned into my mind.
I will leave your stupid drunk ass on the street. If you throw up on me, I am going to throw up on you.  Not for revenge, but because I can't help myself.  But it does work out nicely on the revenge scale.
It doesn’t matter, he’s through. She’s broken the contract and it’s time for her to get the heck out and return the money.  He stomps away, realizes he’s still clutching the kitty pillow, and throws it back on the couch. Dr Cha leaps up to follow him, still clutching her kitty shirt.
Such a weird contract. Oh wait, webdrama. Subsiding...
I thought the kitty pillow was a nice touch. He can blame her for his being there, but no one forced you  to sleep with a stuffed animal, my friend.
He wants that...ahmmm...
Kang Swoon and kitty pillows are giving me ideas. WHY IS THIS SHOW SO SUGGESTIVE?
He’s on the phone stating he plans to sell the hospital. Is there anybody on the other end of the line? We don’t know because a now-shirt-wearing disheveled vet grabs the phone from his ear and disconnects the call. When he turns to look at her, she asks for another chance, since she doesn’t remember the night before. He doesn’t say anything, just plucks the phone out of her hand and turns once more to leave.
Aw, poor Dr. Cha getting manipulated like this. She's too naive to know better.
I actually think he was going to sell in a fit of pique, and then would have regretted and tried some way to get her back in his clutches--though technically, if she had to move out, she would really have no place to live.
Dr Cha screeches out his name.  He stops, turns and stares as she demands to know what she did that was so wrong. After all, hasn’t she been doing everything he wanted as his ‘girlfriend’?  He decides to tell her. How dare she get drunk with another guy!  She stops for a moment as her drunken memory gives her flashes: calling him names and feeling him up. She has a minor freak-out as he watches, but still begs for one more chance. After all, she had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
Again, he is so full of himself!  He deserved every bit of that vomit.
This is when clearly her focus on the money is not helping her strategy. The first thing I noticed about this conversation was his jealousy. She doesn't explain that bad friend called Sang Hyun (look at the mess that stupid friend created!). She also doesn't figure out that what she needs is to tell him that he hasn't been making her feel like he would help her. That would've got him where it hurt.
She really doesn't know how to deal with him. What a waste. Kang Swoon needs a woman who can go toe-to-toe and manhandle him well. I volunteer as tribute.
Kang Hoon’s teeth grind. If she was having such an awful day, why did she call Twinkle Toes and not him?  He turns on his heels and strides away. She’s left alone to collapse in a puddle of hangover and self-hate. And hunger.
She called Twinkle Toes because you are consistently rude to her and dismissive of her while Twinkle Toes is polite and nice and listens. Remember when she called all happy about how she handled the Spoilt Brat and you just told her to hang up? Yeah, that's telling her not to call you with her matters, you dummy. 
She called twice while he was in a meeting and he picked up both times. That is saying something
Kang Hoon not only took her calls but talked to her both times. The first time he actually encouraged her, said she was tough, and made her feel like she could take on Nightmare child. In middle of a meeting, mind you. Second time, he really noticed how everyone was looking at him (in the middle of the same meeting) and told her to hang up. I only found this cute because it was Sang Hoon.
Abs Uber Alles

Beginning of rant about phone calls during meeting (feel free to skip): I do not answer my phone if I'm in a meeting unless it is one of my kids, and they have to call twice. First time, they let it ring; if I don't pick up, they know I'm in a meeting and should NOT call me unless it's an emergency. If they call right back, it means it's an emergency. I find people who take phone calls in meetings rude because for the most part they are not surgeons on call, volunteer firefighters, cops, or someone waiting for an organ transplant (and I have been in meetings with all of the above and I was perfectly fine with it took calls & left early).  If you take a call during one of my meetings, it better be because someone is in the hospital, on fire, or on the verge of mental collapse. I hate meetings; most people do. Don't waste our time talking to a person with whom you should have arranged a meeting. End of rant.
He also told her not to bother him with these things and has been harassing her in one way or another since they met, and been continuously rude.  From her point of view, he's not a reliable person. 

Beginning of Rant About People's Expectations When They Don't Fulfill Their End (Sorry, Trotwood, You Created A Monster!):
I had a "friend" who would always talk about her issues and concerns and get my advice, but, when I needed help or advice, she would sneer, "You're a lawyer, you'll figure it out."  So, when I was ill for over a year, I didn't tell her.  Actually, a couple of times she had called in the first part of that 18 month period, and I did tell her I was still sick, but she never called back to find out how I was, or to offer any help or anything.  Fast-forward several months as I was getting back onto my feet, and, surprise, she needed help.  I met her, helped her out, and explained my situation.  And wouldn't you know it, she was mad that I hadn't told her I was sick.  Even though I had, twice, and she hadn't followed up while I'd been, yunno, working on getting better, coping with work et cetera.  But the biggest reason I didn't keep in touch were her prior brushoffs: "you're a lawyer, you'll figure it out." End of Rant, and Why I Have Zero Sympathy For Kang Hoon Because He's Pushing Sore Buttons.  (Also, Jaekyung Is My Bias In This Show.) 
Telephone calls during meetings simply do not happen at my work. Texts, on very rare occasions. But I cannot remember a phone call, not once in six years.

All that she can do is slurp down some ramyun noodles and cry. She’s just getting her first mouthful (and I’m assuming it’s only been a few minutes since he walked away), and he shows up. He commands his girlfriend to either cry or eat, but not both.  She snarls that the contract is over; he casually shrugs and does his third (fourth? Fifth?) Exit Stage Left routine that morning. This time, he finally gets the response he’s been waiting for.  Dr Cha calls out that she is willing to do anything to keep the contract going. Anything? He smiles to himself before schooling his features and turning back.
Total manipulation. And he knows it.  She is pretty funny in how she's slurping her ramen and wailing, though.
 I actually think he's that slow. I think he walked away in a huff, and in the time it took her to make instant noodles, he realized he could manipulate her into moving in with him and came back. Mood completely different when he came back.
I agree, he huffed off and turned back later to salvage the situation. Sometimes I really do wonder at his IQ. He's supposed to be a CEO so I was expecting a shark when it comes to making deals--fast, decisive, goes for the kills, etc. But here he demonstrates for nth time his slow response and dumbass decisions.
 She frantically nods her promise. The deal is struck. He steps closer. Time to pack up and move in with him! Her eyes grow wide as he inexorably explains there are consequences for all actions. She’s expected at the house that evening; right now he has to get ready for work. Finally, he leaves, all smiley and stuff, while she yet again yanks on her hair and rails against fate.
You could also rail against your own stupidity, Dr. Cha. But then again, at least the story is moving forward.
Hurrah! Let the Cohabitation Hijinks begin!
About freaking time.
While she is deep into ramyun and recrimination, CEO Hotness is looking at her shiny snapshot and smiling. PA Kang pops in (he is magic) and remarks how nice it is that his boss is happy. But he has bad news from his family living in America, namely his mother.
That's one way to scare everyone!
Maybe she'll get amnesia.
Or get run over by a Truck of Doom.
With a deadpan face, PA Kang perfectly mimics his mother’s inflections. HAHA! (he is multitalented) She’s upset at not hearing from him and not knowing his location. So he had better call her while she’s still being nice. Kang Hoon sighs. But wait! There’s more! She’s upset at the kissing media scrum, and demands that he go on matseons with the girls she has chosen. Willingly. A headache starts pounding in his head.
I don't understand Kang Hoon's plan.  Didn't he want to show everyone he had a girlfriend to avoid matseons?
That was the plan, but he is trumped by his mother who clearly does not care about his plan.
Plus Mama's not going to be pleased about shacking up shenanigans.

And his first blind date? Why, Dr Biatch-1, of course! Because the world (and WriterNim) conspire like this. 
I assumed she was part of this plan. I assumed that because she hates Dr. Cha and can't stand the thought of Dr. Cha having anything good, she got on his matseon list.
After watching a lot of lakorns, I have no doubt she had her parents contact his mother and arrange it. #ManipulativeBiatchesAreUniversal
She unsuccessfully tries to catch his eye, but he is watching his watch and biding his time until he can unshackle himself. He gets a text message and excuses himself. All she can do is nod.
I love that she gets nothing from him. 
It's not just that he isn't interested, but he clearly can't stand her. He knows who she is--at least connected to Dr. Cha. He practically oozes scorn.

It’s Dr Cha, and the conversation flies back and forth. She whines that she doesn’t want to do, but he’s firm that she must. Yes, no, yes, no. Don't wanna, you hafta. She feels tricked; he calls it negotiation.
Dr. Cha was so funny here!  But I also think she is quite a big baby.
I also thought it was fun to see Dr. Biatch watch him be so animated with someone else. She sees he isn't cold; it really is just her.
Finally he looks up, almost surprised to see Dr B1 sitting there. I confess to a bit of a mean smile here (I had a mean grin--I replayed the scene several times); clearly, there is no room between our bickering pair for any useless side characters. Still she tries.
I can think of women I'd like to see this happen to because they're so full of themselves and so determined to interfere with other people's relationships.
I haven't known anyone who ever thought 'gee, I think I'll break them up' in my entire life.  I think. I've known some cheaters, but it's never like that.
I don't personally know anyone like that but some of my girlfriends experienced/are having trouble with interfering 3rd parties. What's funny is, the guys being ardently chased are nowhere near the hotness level of Sung Hoon. They're average-looking guys, with average income and normal physiques (ie, not buff). Suffice it to say, I do not understand.
Dr B1 is happy to see him without Yoon Seo, and offers herself as a better alternative for a dating partner. He looks incredulously at her: she DOES know that he is dating her friend already, right? She brushes off such a tiny little annoyance. After all, she is ever-so-much better than that mousy cowtipper. Wrong thing to say there, missy.
If nothing else, it makes her look really disloyal and a backstabber. 
Umm because she really is a disloyal backstabber. I say this according to Dr. Cha and weaksauce friend because for some reason, they still see her as a person in their group of "friends," which I never did. 
It amazes how big her ego is, that she can make that kind of offer even when he's been nothing but dismissive of her since the start of their "date."
You can almost see the hackles on his back raise when Kang Hoon responds. Through gritted teeth he snarls at her, hating unethical people who stab their friends in the back. (Yes!) She would do well to never darken Dr Cha’s doorstep again. She goes into prairie dog mode as he heads out, his hand already calling PA Kang. His promise to his mother is done, and there had better not ever be a repeat of this experience.
Yay, Kang Hoon!
Yup. I replayed this entire scene more than once.
At the tango bar, Dr Cha quaffs a restorative drink but nearly spits it out when Dance Boy mentions CEO’s anger the night before. Oh well, time to swing dance! It’s not long, though before Kang Hoon shows up, and swiftly/smoothly disengages his woman from the clutches of the evil dancing instructor. Sang Hyun snaps out that dance etiquette requires a full dance with the same partner. But Kang Hoon doesn’t care about etiquette; he cares about another man within a half-kilometer of the veterinarian.
Sang Hyun is useless.
Don't even see his point at all anymore in narrative. (he is nice to look at)
He's boring and I don't find him attractive.
He spins her against his chest; in a low voice he commands her to concentrate on him. The swing music segues into a buckle polisher as the two make their way around the floor with light filters and flashbacks of their various encounters with each other. At the end, both are breathing heavily.
Cool, if a bit caveman.
My, what a big club you have.

She wants a serious discussion, so he takes her back to the clinic. She is straight to the point; she will only pack once she hears his answers. First, what will happen if at the end of their contract he doesn’t want her to leave? He gives a slight laugh, as if such a thing would never happen. In a softer voice, Dr Cha looks up at him. What is she doesn’t want to let him go? The smile slides off his face as he looks into those vulnerable eyes. He answers honestly. (finally!) Nothing can be decided right now, but he wants to give this a try anyway. And shouldn’t she think about it frankly as well. As her face grows thoughtful, he tilts his head like a dog sensing a change in the air.
So, they're living together as a way to develop their relationship and he's admitted to wanting her there.  Yes!
She takes a deep breath and gives him a small but genuine smile. Let’s go pack! He is relieved. As we are too.
Because it dragged on so long!
The original 15 (hundred) minute episodes.
I'm just glad it finally happened.

It’s daytime, and she’s wearing different clothes and carrying a small suitcase and cat carrier. Did the two of them take the whole night to pack? (There's probably a delivery truck coming.) Where they engaged in anything…err…not packing related? Who knows, but Dr Cha is definitely in awe of the house. Daebak!
They look remarkably well-rested for having packed all that short summer night.
She is another one of those heroines who can move with one suitcase. It's like they sell Mary Poppins bags in South Korea, or they all know the Undetectable Extension charm that Hermione Granger uses in Harry Potter.
They're so tiny, that's why.  I need a moving van for my underwear.
I'm tiny! (I'm only 5'5") I'd need at least 2 big suitcases just for my clothes, towels, bed sheets, etc.
On the second floor, he stares out the window at the figure below, a grin tugging at his mouth for a moment before he moves away and heads downstairs.

By the time he rounds the corner, she is already inside and clearly impressed with the interior. But his eyes draw immediately to Fuzzy and his pack-n-play. And why is that creature here, when she knows how much he hates fur and stuff? She won’t budge: love me, love my cat. It’s really no contest.
That's right. Anyway, he actually likes Fuzzy.
Yeah. I don't even know why he wastes energy pretending that he doesn't like that cat.
Fun to mess with her, I'd say.
I think he's in denial.
She also is surprised at the room. How did he get it ready so soon? He puffs out his chest to answer. Did he not tell her he is industrious? He leaves her alone to unpack and explore her new surroundings. Which she clearly likes, by first bouncing and then rubbing all over the bed. She is on her back in a more or less provocative pose, when he walks back in. Hey, buddy, shouldn’t you knock on a woman’s boudoir door? Whatever he was about to say dries up in his head as he slowly backs through the door and closes it. Dr Cha is left pounding the mattress in humiliation.
I would have been rolling around on that bed, too, if I had been spending the last month or so sleeping on the waiting room couch of my office.
That night, rumbles of a thunderstorm echo through her bedroom. NoShe’sNotScared-She’sNotScared-She’sNotScared (although, seriously, is there anybody out there above the age of seven who is this freaked out about bad weather?)
Storms can be scary if they're really huge and you're in an airplane...
But she's not, so...
She yelps and screams at the bursts of violent noise and light. Kang Hoon, working in his office, hears Dr Cha yell for her mother. He leaps up and runs to her door just as she rushes out and leaps into his arms. His eyes grow wide at the amount of flesh pressed against him like a clinging vine, his fisted hands stretch out and not touching anything. Or her.
Only in this particular scenario would I recommend climbing a (very handsome, well-built) tree during a thunderstorm.
Totally worth the climb.


I want to sing "At Last" by the great Ella Fitzgerald. Finally our couple is together and alone in a big house with lots of comfortable furniture, yunno, in case they want to get comfortable or something. [cough cough]

Even before the cohab, though, we already have sparks on honesty and awareness. Despite the ever-present bickering, they are gradually both becoming more at ease with each other. Both of them recognize certain traits; Dr Cha is not surprised or particularly upset at his heavy-handed attempts to force her into his house. And he recognizes that honest discussion will help with her stubbornness.
I did feel like we finally got somewhere beyond the heavy-handedness.  Now, it all feels more a level playing field between the two, without his being so nasty, and instead being more genuine.
If this were Full House that building would have been sold ten times by now.

61. Chaebol Jerk confesses his attraction and Candy is surprised.
62. Candy gets (hilariously) wasted.
63. The classic piggyback ride…but with a side of groping the Chaebol Jerk's sculpted pecs of glory.
64. Miss Lush projectile vomits onto Hero. (This is disgusting but oh so satisfying comeuppance.)
65. Hero takes care of Miss Lush and he falls asleep near her.
66. The Morning After Freak Out.
67. The Interfering (Future) Mother-in-law. She hasn't showed up yet but she's already causing headaches for our Chaebol Jerk.
68. Hero goes on a matseon as per the matriarch's order.
69. As fate (or cliché) would have it, his matseon date is the evil second lead.
70. Grown ass woman is freaked out by thunder. Seriously.

And because it bears repeating:
60. Cohabitation! At long last!!! Hijinks, here we come! *throws confetti, does the conga*