Song Joong Ki 송중기 - Descendants of the Sun Episode 1 (A Gifapalooza)

KLnoona/ Lafer: Mr. Song Joong Ki is back! And so am I, focusing on the lead of the most hyped drama of the year, Descendants of the Sun. It has been well worth the two year military wait, as we see a more toned, more mature actor. I'm loving how he's actually getting cheekbone definition and some forehead wrinkles in that baby face! Love is the operative word here, as in me and many others falling in love with SJK and his acting all over again.
This will not be a recap or opinion on the drama, but a run through of episode One of Descendants of the Sun as told by Song Joong Ki's facial expressions.  So sit back, relax (it may take a while for your page to load) and enjoy what I've subtitled "The Charmer."
Only 2 minutes into the drama and yes, you had me at hello! 

Friends can be frustrating!

Perfecting the smirk

Sometimes the eyebrows say it all!

Love the annoyed glare, but hey, he's cool

Getting caught in the act of becoming smitten

I've read about the controversy over this scene, but all I want to know is how many times the phone was dropped before we saw this smooth maneuver 

  Pulling the charm on his friend! I love these two together

In case there was any doubt that I wouldn't fall hook, line and sinker, this is almost too much adorableness to bear! 

The not so innocent lean-in

flirty happy

A little rejection just strengthens the reserve

Charmingly pensive

More eyebrows! This time expressing how impressed he is

Don't you just love his...uh...expression in this scene?

Is that a flash of worry and momentary sadness I see?

Seriously, you don't have to ask me twice! I'll get in the helicopter with you NOW if necessary

While we actually can't see his facial expression in this, I just want to watch him run for a bit

Comment below if I skipped your favorite scene or if you'd like more in the future! One thing is certain, I'll be continuing to watch.