The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记 - Season 1 Episode 10 FINAL EPISODE (Recap)

We are at the Season 1 finale! Which basically sets us up for the next season, whenever that comes out. And, I have to say, it's been so much fun recapping this, I didn't want to do the finale because it would've ended things.
kakashi: The finale is like the whole show: batshit crazy. I'm going to miss this hot mess! 

Episode 10

Okay, so we are back to Wu Xie deciding to sit in the throne, er, seat of honour by Granny Huo. Everyone is shocked at Wu Xie sitting there.
It is a bit of a bold move for someone so young. By the way, Wu Xie (or rather Li Yifeng) looked quite pale, if not to say sick in these scenes. Poor baby
Either he was sick, or that was some seriously good acting.  
Wu Xie tells Granny if she doesn't speak to him about the snake-eyebrow copper fish, all four of them will kneel in front of the hotel.
Is this meant to be a threat?
Yes, I'm not impressed.
Granny snaps at Wu Xie that no one says he could sit there, and orders handsome Da Cheng to get the gang - and they are acting like a gang - out. Okay, no one can say she didn't try. Fatty, naturally, gets rude with Granny and picks on the Huo family as aristocratic snobs.
He's rude a f***, but he has a point
After all his "Us Old Beijingers like Opera," posing, I think he really wants Granny's position so he can act exactly the same way.
He also threatens to smash up the place. Charming, Fatty. Luckily, he leaves. And Xie Chen speaks up for Wu Xie.
Why? Were they lovers in a previous life? He is eyeing him strangely all the time too.
Wu Xie continues to insist he won't leave. So, Granny Huo tells Wu Xie to sit in the seat until 4:30, and then she'll tell him.
By the way, granny is holding something like prayer beads in her hand. I wonder why. What does she know that we do not? 
I've seen elderly Buddhists hold prayer beads like that in other shows, though usually sageuks.  It's probably a matter of custom and age.  Of course, they could just be her lucky beads.  
The auction is about to begin. Wu Xie knows something is wrong.
I expected an axe to fall on his head, to be honest.
What could it be? Oh, it's this.
this is one weird auction, I'm telling you
Were snake-eyebrow copper fish some kind of ancient fad? Unlike his friends, Wu Xie has the correct shocked fear reaction. 
In case anyone is really, really confused (I assure you, I was): this is NOT Wu Xie's snkae-eyebrow copper fish, but a second, identical snake-eyebrow copper fish
I lost count as described below.
Then, finally, Wu Xie and friends notice that, in all the boxes, no one is sitting in the second seat. 
Oupsie, indeed.
Is it the seat of doom?
The waitress even asks Granny Huo if her friend is sitting in the wrong seat. Granny just laughs it off and tells her to give Master Wu the brochure and to serve him well. No one else has dared sit in that seat for decades, after all.
Er, Wu Xie? Waddya think? Leave? Now?
Ooh, Little Master!
Without any lines whatsoever
He just had to look good.
Then a lantern is raised. This is A Very Bad Thing.
I was expecting blood and curses, even Corpse Eaters to come out of there. But that's not it. 
Xie Chen looks speculative, and Xui Xui looks a little regretful at this.
And then everyone applauds Wu Xie. He even applauds himself, poor kid.
This scene gave me the chills. I seriously thought something horrible was going to happen. And I felt really sorry for Wu Xie. 
Ooh, Little Master!
I think he looks concerned? 
Maybe just a little?  If so, the actor is very good at subtle expressions, then.
Fatty pops his head around to tell Wu Xie to leave that seat now. Granny says no one has dared light the lantern of heaven (this is a thing?) for ages, and what Wu Xie is doing now will enhance his family's reputation. Everyone in the It Crowd of Antique Dealers will know who Wu Xie is. But Granny sneers that everyone in the Wu family will burn down from the lantern Wu Xie has lit. At that point, understanding hits Wu Xie.
Nothing hits me at all, but I like all this.
The auction has begun!
For ... let it sink in! The snake-eyebrow copper fish! All of this for a piece of fish!! 
The auction setup and process looks really cool, though not the snake-eyebrow copper fish, which is ugly and will never be cool, no matter how hard it copies the popular crowd or the emo Goth kids.
Saki, I think I want one. In fact, my kid has a dolphin on a magnet that looks kinda similar
Oh dear, Kakashi.  This show has really gotten to you.
Each bidder rings a bell on the table, and the auctioneer hears it and gestures to them.
She has superpower hearing, this auctioneer. How useful.
I imagine she complains a lot about her neighbours.
Granny is amused at Wu Xie's tension.
She is really nasty. 
These old grannies can be. Then again, she did tell Wu Xie to leave several times and was clear about there being unfinished business between herself and Wu Xie's grandmother, so I'm not unsympathetic to her.

The price of the fish goes up to 100 million yuan because there's no end to bad taste. Each time they bid, the price goes up 2 million.
100 million yuan are around 15 million Dollar. WTF. For a piece of fish?
Seriously?  I can make that thing for them if they want and they can give me the 100 million yuan and I can go to a China T-ara concert!
to about 5000 of them at least, right?
I could party with the group, and go to all Block B's Japan concerts, and have Jaehyo pour my tea all evening.

Back to reality, such as it is on this show. Fatty notes that the auctioneer, whom he not-so-charmingly calls a little girl, can hear every single delicate bell and where it comes from and that she never makes a mistake
She probably comes form a long line of auctioneers, one of the five important families in the trade (spin-off potential)
We'd still have that stupid fish as the surprise main character.  But I do like the idea!
We learn from Xie Chen and Wu Xie what lighting the lantern of heaven means. The person who lights it, i.e. sits in Wu Xie's seat, has to buy the item bid at the highest bid. Xie Chen says it's just like high stakes gambling. And if the one who lights the lantern of heaven can't pay that price, it goes to the highest bidder, and the lantern of heaven person will have to pay, possibly with organs and limbs.
I do wonder whether this makes sense to anyone. Because it doesn't to me. Where's the gambling element?! Every dick in the room can bring the price up as much as s/he wants and in the end, one guy has to pay? Who would ever consent to that?
Wu Xie just did. 
He has a snake-eyebrow copper fish of his own that he could trade in.
With stakes like these, it doesn't seem worth all these shenanigans to know what the snake-eyebrow copper fish is about, Young Master Wu, but everyone has their priorities, I suppose.
Situations like these make me think that whatever they're all smoking in his family isn't good for the brain after all

Wu Xie notes that Granny is determined to get that snake-eyebrow copper fish, and that his whole family fortune will not be enough. High Jr suggests that they run away. But!
Don't get it. Granny hasn't bid yet. Wu Xie will have to pay the highest price. If he does, the fish is his. If he can't, then the highest bidder gets it. So she will just make sure she's the highest bidder, I guess. However, if nobody in that room really needs to pay a thing for the fish, because the guy in the lantern seat bears all the risk, the price should theoretically go up forever? Or is that why there is a time-limit? So it's just about who can hit the bell quicker and more often? 
This lantern of heaven business is a waste of time and I bet it doesn't actually happen at any auction anywhere in the world. 
Of course, Fatty, being irrational, then says, nah, no way she heard you, even though he noted her incredible hearing less than 5 minutes ago.
It was a little bit funny though.
That gets the guards set on Fatty, hahahaha!
There's a lot of them.
Ooh, Little Master!
Still no lines.
Being handsome is enough 
So Swoony! 
They make to run, but Chastity reminds Wu Xie of his deal with Granny Huo and he stays in place because only 5 minutes to go.
Only someone incredibly stupid would have stayed in that chair! 
Yes, and that's what Wu Xie, our Young Master of the Wu Family, did.  The Wu Family might want to consider having more children. 
Wu Xie has high determination!
Fatty goes out to fight everyone, because yunno, he's Fatty Wong.
Okay, I have to say, I'm relieved Fatty kept his shirt on.
Fatty hurtles headlong into the fray and he takes quite the beating while High Jr and Chastity aim to keep the door closed on the other side. Like I said before: reality such as it is on this show.  
Somebody was dying to do some fight scenes in this drama, but only got a green light when they were doing the finale! 
There were fight scenes between Little Master and Blood Zombies.

Granny asks Wu Xie if he knows the consequences of offending the hotel's owner. Wu Xie is insouciant which, fair enough, he's in too deep to care much now, and says the hotel's owner has too cushy a life, and Wu Xie will excite him for a change. 
Who is the hotel owner? A blood mummy? Why should Wu Xie care about the hotel owner? 
I wonder if the owner is actually Granny?  
Fatty is still fighting. Chastity is still squealing. Granny Huo and Xui Xui, however, are calm and still. I really like them both right now.  
Granny drank tea, haha. She did close her eyes though. I thought because she was a bit annoyed about the ruckus.
All the people try to pull Wu Xie out of his seat, though why, considering the deed is done and he's the person liable, I don't know, while
Ach, Saki ... logical questions. We have so many. But it's possible they wanted to save him! Get him out of the chair before the auction is really over? The other explanation is that they knew about the deal between him and Granny Huo and wanted to pull him out so that she would not need to answer any questions about the copper-headed fish.  
the Huo Family just chill while Granny drinks her overpriced tea.
Ah, here is the scene where she drinks this VVVVVVIP tea. 
Maybe she's a secret fan of Big Bang's Seungri
I'm beginning to think Granny Huo is some secret martial arts master who can knock all those people out with one glare.
I'm not entirely sure what they point of her character is, but I am SURE that this show will tell me (NOT).

Ooh, Little Master!
Still looking at things a bit concerned.  
Saving Scenes.
Then, Granny, that Bad Girl, says, "Da Cheng, do it now." Da Cheng goes to pull Wu Xie out of his chair, and Wu Xie complains about Granny playing dirty.  She says he smashed the place, so she can beat him up.
She really does not want any copper fish secrets out!
Honestly, the troublemakers throughout have been Wu Xie and his gang, so I can't disagree with Granny there. But, time's up! And Chastity, who actually made me dislike her more, does this:
NOT his pretty head!!! >.<
Wu Xie coolly tells Granny he'll ask her next time regarding the fish, and Granny looks puzzled, Xiu Xiu looks concerned, and Xie Chen looks impressed. 
So... what a let-down!!!! All this and we don't even get any answers?! How much money does he owe now?! Why has Granny Huo not bid?! 
Maybe she is selling. 
The gang try to run away, though Fatty's still knocking out guards. 
See, more fight scenes just because. 
Someone grabs Chastity, and Xie Chen knocks them away. Seriously, Xie Chen, why?
He's secretly been in love with chastity forever?
There's no way that could be it.  
Wu Xie thinks Xie Chen looks familiar. Hahaha Just going to throw a gif of Xie Chen because he looks cool. HMMmmmmmmmm yes.
Ooh, Little Master! 
The Protector of silly grave robbers.
The gang keep running. And yet more thugs come!  
I know.
Fatty is happy to fight them off. 
Seriously, a fight choreographer was really eager in this episode
He's really vicious with those nunchaks.

The remaining trio keep running. Then they escape into some abandoned building. It was like they just skipped into another dimension... This time some grey-suited people are after them. Weren't the auctioneer lady's guys grey?  Yes, you're right!  
When it seems quiet, the trio walk carefully down the stairs, thinking they are probably safe. 
Then Chastity whines she lost her cellphone.  She says if the thugs find it, then they'll know everything about the trio. 
BULLSHIT. That's so stupid, they already know everything about Wu Xie, obviously
It's such an obvious point that they know everything about Wu Xie already, yet both Wu Xie and High Jr miss it completely.
High Jr and Wu Xie decide to go back to look for it and as their backs are turned, Chastity stabs High Jr in the neck and chloroforms Wu Xie. I guess she could only carry one doped syringe at a time.
Okay, I was truly surprised though. I did not at all see this coming. And neither did they. 
Wu Xie wakes up first. 
Cause he's better than High
He and High Jr are tied up. Chastity comes in and sits in front of them. Wu Xie tells her to untie him. Yeah, I don't think she's going to listen. So, we now have Mean Chastity, who is marginally less annoying than Childish Chastity.
She completely fooled us into thinking she was completely useless. That's some skills though. I think I'm a bit impressed
Just wait.
Still dumb though. Instead of just shooting the pair, she has to talk instead. They always do this, the baddies. And she tells them she is not Chastity Chen. Chen Wenjin, a grave robber connected as part of the Nine Grave Robbing Families, has a niece, but it's not her. And, I'd like to note, this is why Not-Chastity didn't tell the other grave-robbing scions who she was because they would've known she wasn't her. Interestingly, Wu Xie is mad she lied about losing her cellphone.
Wu Xie is a bit dumb sometimes, isn't he.
She's sending Uncle Three a pic of Wu Xie all tied up.
At least Li Yifeng still looks good.
Why? Because Not-Chastity finds him as stupid as Wu Xie for just blindly believing she was Chen Wenjin's niece. I have to say, at least on this point, I agree.
Poor Uncle Three. 
Not-Chastity is also really stupid. She actually wants that ugly snake-eyebrow copper fish along with all the other villains in this story. Frankly, why she just didn't take the one from Wu Xie and disappear with it is a mystery. She complains that her perfect plan was ruined by the self-righteous Young Master of the Wu Family. Okay, whatever. Basically, she wants Uncle Three to bring the snake-eyebrow copper fish to her in exchange for Wu Xie. Now, either she wasn't able to get the snake-eyebrow copper fish that Wu Xie has, or she wants the specific one that was up for auction.  
I am sure Uncle Three won't be this stupid, right?
Wu Xie doesn't seem to care that Not-Chastity will kill him, but that she lied when he trusted her. 
Awwww, poor pure soul
Wu Xie says to her that Uncle Three really cares about her and not to get him involved. But ... not like THIS cares for her, right?! Instead, Wu Xie will get the snake-eyebrow copper fish for her. Okay, now I'm super-confused. Which fish does she want? It's the one that was up for auction, right? The other one was already with Wu Xie, and she could've just taken it.
Anyway, she threatens Uncle Three with Wu Xie's life via text.  
That does not seem like a very effective way to threaten someone
High Jr protests saying Chinese people think highly of mutual affection!  
Just shut up, High, you annoy me
People usually do, High Jr. It's not just the Chinese.
Not-Chastity brushes this off, saying she's not like Ning.
What's that supposed to mean?! 
Ning was a team player and cared for her team members.  It's what made her a good leader. 
Then, Wu Xie gets a clue and notes Not-Chastity and Ning work for the same boss. Not-Chastity sneers at this, saying they may work for the same boss, but never bracket her with bold, foolish Ning. Urgh, Not-Chastity is probably just jealous Ning is prettier.
Saki, this is really stupid :(
So, you see why I was crying about the editing in this episode?
High Jr pleads with her that they have had so much fun together and eaten together. 
If this were an American drama, they'd also have slept together. 
I'm so glad this wasn't an American drama because it would've wasted so much time on all that. This show stuck to its tomb-raiding point despite everything crazy that happened. But, even so, I found it weird that a girl moved in with two boys so easily.  
That makes them friends! Not-Chastity pooh-poohs this. And now, I'm wondering if that's why she kept insisting on them all eating together, to make them think she was a friend.
I suspect you are giving this drama too much credit...
Ha, I even thought, is this Red Wedding Ultra-Light? Except no wedding guests or wedding, everyone paid their own share, and no one dies.

Wu Xie wants to know why her boss keeps hunting him. She tells him to ask Ning. Uncle Three calls. Like a true incompetent villain, she asks Wu Xie if she should talk to Uncle Three or Wu Xie should. This such an Evil Gloating trope.  
Hahaha, of course Uncle Three would call first instead of rushing somewhere with the snake fish
They hear motorcycles outside. Some suited men come searching the building.  
They find Not-Chastity playing damsel in distress.
The suits help her up and out of the building. Wu Xie and High were left bound and gagged right near broken bottle pieces that they can use to cut their bonds.
This is too stupid to be true.
Not-Chastity is yet again a stupid trope! She beats up the two guys helping her, but when she goes back, she finds the boys have disappeared.
Cut to Wu Xie and High Jr running away when pink car stops in front of them! It's Xui Xui to the rescue! Yay!
Excuse me, but she rode a completely different car when she went to the auction. Oh wait, could this be Xie Chen's car? <3
Chastity leaves the abandoned building telling her boss that the plan is completed and it's time to start the game.  
What game? Pat-a-cake? I'm only half-joking since we never know in this show. Also, why walk away when two perfectly good motorbikes are there?
This show might be too smart for me? Cause it was all planned and deliberate and we are the fools.

Cut to a view of Huangzhou 
and Wu Xie, High Jr and Uncle Three all at high tea or breakfast, or something.
I read "Wu Xie, High Jr and Uncle Three are all high at tea or breakfast".
Uncle Three is annoyed at himself for not verifying Not-Chastity's identity. I'm annoyed with you for not doing that too, Uncle Three. We had to suffer because of your lapse!
Nooooooo, don't be angry with him!
Wu Xie explains Not-Chastity worked for Ning's boss, and that's who actually owned the Warring States Silk manuscript. But wasn't that manuscript a fake? Someone help me in the comments. Turns out the boss's name is Qiu Dekao. 
Must be a different manuscript, cause why should he own it? They have it. 
I think he's a Westerner who lived long enough in China to get a Chinese name. Wu Xie wants info on this bloke, and Uncle Three tells him to forget about it.
Uncle Three SHOULD share a bit more, don't you think? 
If only for the viewers' sake, yes.
After scolding Wu Xie and High Jr, 
Uncle Three gets up thinking about how it's been years since he saw Qiu Dekao. and like every dumbnob ever, he talks to himself loudly! Wu Xie asks Uncle Three again who this person is, and Uncle Three just moans about Not-Chastity's deception. Listen, dude, she was an imposter. You don't have to feel hurt about it. I'd understand if she had been Chen Wenjin's niece and then deceived you. But you've no connection to her whatsoever. Anyway, getting mad about the deception is how Uncle Three deflects Wu Xie's questions, hee.
She hurt his uncle-y feelings. 
Cut to Wu Xie and High on the computer looking at an old photo. Random. Wu Xie takes it to Uncle Three and asks him who one person in particular is. Uncle Three names Little Master as Kylin Zhang and says the person in the photo looks just like him. Actually, it looks like him.  
Yes, it toally does. When was this photo taken? 1930s? 
Wormhole alert!
Uncle Three admits the two look similar,
but he doesn't think someone who went to a tomb under the sea twenty years ago could look exactly the same.
Twenty years ago? This photo is only twenty years old? Oh man, it really had it rough
Like Pan Zi did in the Vietnam War. When he wasn't born yet.  
Uncle Three and Chen Wenjin had gone to this undersea tomb to see how to enter it. But the project was derailed by the political climate at the time.
Who is Chen Wenjin?! 
It's actually been explained in this episode and the last one to the extent this show explains anything. The Chens are a Middle-ranked Grave Robbing Family. Chen Wenjin is Uncle Three's contemporary. But she disappeared, as we were told without knowing her name in episodes 1 and 8. Not-Chastity joined this group on the pretext of looking for her.
Ah, the Aunt! 
Then he says, "As for the Four Lions Copper Head Box, I suspected it had been brought into that tomb by some tomb robbers." What box? When did anyone ask about it?  
They're confusing us again, Saki. Vicious, vicious show! 
Anyway, his team had trouble entering the tomb, and so eventually, they handed over their research data to the government and quit. Wu Xie is annoyed Uncle Three never told him about this, and then, Uncle Three randomly - this has got to be from the editing and writing! - says nobody knew how to use that snake-eyebrow copper fish. Er, what? Then, the snake-eyebrow copper fish (is it a third one, since we're talking snake-eyebrow fish in the water tomb) was given to the government.
There must be a hidden message somewhere in this!!!   
Then, Wu Xie wants to know if Uncle Three went back to the undersea tomb.
Cause who wouldn't!  
Me. Undersea tomb sounds especially suffocating. 
But why does Wu Xie want to know? Anyway, Wu Xie swears not to tell anyone, but Uncle Three refuses. Then, Wu Xie tries to manipulate Uncle Three by saying the matter should be settled for Aunt Wenjin at least.
Ah, THAT Chen. I get it. Actually, I don't, because why does she suddenly matter?  
Uncle Three's contemporary in this Nine Grave Robbing Families business.
Is she 40 as well? They all don't age a bit, do they
Uncle Three agains deflects, wondering how Little Master could look similar to the person in the picture. Then, he jumps up, saying, I've got it!  
Oh, you do?!
He pushes Wu Xie and High out the door. Oh, High Jr changed his shirt and put on glasses. Okay, then. 
WOW. Look at that dog head
He still doesn't look tough.
I kinda want that shirt
So, what does Wu Xie do? He calls Fatty. Fatty says Little Master must be a mummy. Wu Xie pooh-poohs this comment, saying Little Master is alive. And Fatty and Wu Xie note that there was the same snake-eyebrow copper fish in two different tombs, one underwater in Xisha, and in Lord Shang's tomb, and that the tomb robbery conducted by the Nine Families also had something to do with a snake-eyebrow copper fish. Okay, but is that 2 or 3 snake-eyebrow copper fish? Which one was up at auction?
One too many if you ask me.....
Anyway, Fatty and Wu Xie decide to find out about all of this. Wu Xie decides to return to Uncle Three's house the next day. When he enters with his own key, he finds the shoes at the doorway all messed up, the house a mess, and Uncle Three gone.  
We end with Wu Xie's thoughts just as we started this season. He thinks of Little Master leaving without a goodbye, Not-Chastity's turning against them (we did establish that she was never for them, though), Uncle Three disappearing and all the mysteries driving him on. He says that Lord Shang's tomb was not an end but a beginning. And off he goes to the vast sea. 
Season 2, Season 2, Season 2! 


Okay, we have our set up for the next series, assuming that comes out this year. Any LiYifeng fans, or just Chinese speakers, who can research if he's filming this show? I'd like to be emotionally prepared. 
I think I'll take drugs to view the next season. I assume it might help

And so many questions! For one thing, how many of these snake-eyebrow copper fish are there? I know of two for sure: the auction and from Lord Shang's tomb. What about the one in the underwater tomb that Uncle Three mentioned: is it the same as the one up for auction?  
I know what will be in my nightmares this week: the snake-eyebrow copper fish. What an ugly creature! 
I kind of want to free it from the snakes.

And what happened to Wu Xie's debt at the auction? Running away didn't stop him from incurring that debt. And he sat there all the way until 4:30, though I don't know what that time limit was about, unless it cleared his debt or ended the auction, so he should be committed. At any rate, he has another snake-eyebrow copper fish he could trade in. But, instead, he appears to have kept his snake-eyebrow copper fish, and is sitting pretty. 
I think he has forgotten about his own fish. Or maybe he misplaced it and somebody threw it in the garbage. Hey, these things happen! 
Another thing I didn't understand was Wu Xie's determination to know about the snake-eyebrow copper fish and the undersea tomb. It just looks like annoying curiosity now. However, now, as in the books, Wu Xie will go on tomb raids to search for Uncle Three who goes missing, as well as to assuage his own curiosity, so there's a more serious and understandable point to his constant searching. But here? I don't understand it. If he really wants adventure, he can go cross-country skiing or something. On the other hand, and I just thought of this, maybe he's writing a thesis?
Hahaha, what an insult to us academics :D. Okay, nothing much made any sense in this show. Whenever it did, I got surprised. 

And this last episode just had fleeting views of Little Master! Still better than nothing, though I hope there's lots of him in the next season and some explanation for why he is the way he is, long fingers, smooth skin, tattooed.
So remember our reader telling us about the fight between his management and the production company and how so many of his scenes were cut? Would it have made sense? We will never know, will we.  
That's true, but in the books, we don't get much of his story until the later books.  So, perhaps there wasn't much to cut. 
Also, how did Ning not know Not-Chastity? Or maybe they just pretended not to know each other? I'm pretty sure Liu Tai didn't know Not-Chastity at all.
They're all in on this secret and fooled us together. 

Finally, some random thoughts on this show: first, when looking up tomb robbery in China, I found out jade burial suits are a real thing. Second, grave robbing happens all around the world. Apparently, some grave robbers in the US even tried to steal President Lincoln's remains. Weirdos. Third, the antiquities trade is big business! I wouldn't have thought there was much to rob or trade left, especially if you have family businesses to keep up, but it's still going on. Who knows what the equivalent of the snake-eyebrow copper fish actually is in real life? I hope it's something prettier than what we got shown.  
I hope you're not getting ideas? But yes, I know about the antiquities trade. We know a few people who specialize in ancient weapons and occult stuff. It's highly fascinating. My husband also befriended a professional trader in one of the permanent fleamarkets in Paris and I tell you, the stories! But that's for another time..... 
I would like to meet the ancient weapons specialists and that professional trader for research reasons.