Descendants of the Sun - Episode 10 (a gifapalooza)

This episode started taking me to one of my least favorite places in kdramas, and I'm sure we all know what "ville" that is. It certainly ups the action and provides some good edge of your seat watching as long as you don't think too long or hard about the plausibility of things. There is also a lot of talk about hair washing (although her hair dirty looks ten times better than mine does clean.)
More excuses not to kiss.  I DO NOT GET IT.

With the romances firmly in place, how will our couples survive the newest crises in Urk?
With a less-than-sufficient supply of kisses, that's for damn sure.

Even though Mo Yeon wants to let Argus die, Shi Jin knows that for her sake she should save him and he'll do any killing necessary. By the time she finishes removing the bullet, without pain medicine, lol, Argus agrees to go to the hospital so the standoff is averted.
I loved that she didn't give him anything.  I loved it. And then how casually she said that he should really get to a hospital, like, right away, because she did the absolute bare minimum necessary to save his life.

Shi Jin explains to Dae Young how Argus is just another person who leaves the Special Forces to become either a mercenary or a villain. It's all about the money. Is this giving Dae Young pause about his decision to leave the army for Myeong Joo?
That's what I thought, too, but come on.  He's got a job waiting for him.  There is still the issue of whether that kind of person could ever live a regular life, though.  What if he's addicted to the adrenalin?

Fatima, the girl they saved from Argus, challenges Mo Yeon as to whether she's ever seen what a soldier in war is like. Those words, said in amazing English I might add, along with Argus's words about a man with a gun, give Mo Yeon a lot to think about.
Stop thinking.  You said it yourself, he's amazing.  Just go be with him, and if there's pain down the road there's pain.  You don't get out of here without pain, girlie.  Might as well embrace the joy!

Myeong Joo and Dae Young go back to the village to treat the rest of the orphans for the measles outbreak. On the way, Dae Young brings up the idea of leaving the army, again not telling her about her father's order.  Myeong Joo says she likes him either way, but not to turn in his uniform without telling her.
They are so cute together.  Why do I think that this doesn't end well?

Lieutenant General pays a visit to Corps Command to tell Shi Jin that Argus is providing weapons so the second in command in Urk can stage a coup and establish a pro-USA government, therefore they have strict orders to not interfere with Argus. Even though they don't show this, I somehow get the feeling that Shi Jin is putting his hands over his ears and thinking "I'm not listening."
Ugh.  Why they gotta bring us into this, Lafer?

Back at the base, Mo Yeon announces via walkie-talkie that a package came in for Dae Young from a woman with hearts drawn on it. Both Dae Young and Shi Jin know they're in trouble and run to retrieve it.
Absolutely hilarious, that race and the interrogation that followed.

While I find it interesting that the women are so upset over something that happened before they were really committed to each other, I do love seeing the men squirm. They just can't seem to get their stories straight!
For Dae Young, I'm not so sure - he and Myeong Joo really were broken up at the time, and he was the one who left, so...but for Shi Jin, it's because he'd just been protesting how miserable he was when she turned him down, how he tried all these things to forget her and couldn't...and yet there he was going out on dates.  I agree, silly - but funny.

From Korea, Chi Hoon's pregnant girlfriend keeps trying to find out any news of him. No, he's not dead, but we should have a run-off between him and Uee in Marriage Contract for the longest crying scene. He just can't seem to forgive himself for leaving that patient, even though others reassure him.
Come oooooooooon, Show, give the poor bastard a break already.

Meanwhile, Fatima has stolen drugs from the the base hospital. Of course, Shi Jin and Mo Yeon go to find her, and realize that she's giving them to Argus' gang. OK, remember that "ville" I told you we were going to? I can't even comment on this 6 guns to one scene, so I'll just show you more cute faces. Even Mo Yeon thinks this is beyond absurd.
We're just going to pretend our way through this bit, yes.  Keep moving, folks, nothing to see here.  

Mo Yeon gets a taste of the thrill of fighting the bad guys when she drives the car through the warehouse to save Shi Jin. All I can say is these guys should get another profession as they are the slowest draw in the east. Mo Yeon is quite exhilarated by her rescue, though!
Almost there, folks. Keep your eyes straight ahead, don't be distracted by anything going on over there.  Just keep moving, we're almost through it.

Myeong Joo shows up with sunscreen at the spot where Dae Young is helping clear the mind field. Will we get our kiss from them? Of course Shi Jin interrupts because his getaway car has broken down. As a side note, I love that the Chinese government warning that forcibly pulling on women for a kiss should only be done in dramas and not in real life!
The curling toes in the boots (you have to imagine the toes) is pretty cute.

Having once again saved Fatima, Mo Yeon decides to pay tuition for her to finish school. Because that's what you do, of course. That evening she and Shi Jin enjoy more cute moments together, during a blackout, where Mo Yeon admits she's being so nice to Shi Jin because now she's a woman with a lot of debt who could get dumped easily. No chance, Mo Yeon!
Yeah, this guy's in it for the long haul.  You lucky thing.

And now to one of the most disgusting scenes I've ever viewed in a Kdrama (which I will spare you dear readers from) where Manager Jin poops out the diamonds he's been smuggling and hands some over to a person who provides him with a fake passport so he can leave Urk. Of course instead of making it out of the country safely, he ends up back in WTFville, with Argus and his gang. And of course, Shi Jin and Dae Young go there to save him. So is the ninja attire because they are directly disobeying an order? No need to reveal your face, Shi Jin. I think your English would have given you away.
This is not as disgusting as the time he shat them out then swallowed them again, though.
Safely rescued and taken back to the base, Manager Jin needs emergency surgery. Apparently he re-swallowed the remaining diamonds and they are causing some problems. Mo Yeon is assisted by Myeong Joo for this operation, where each are sprayed in the face with Manager Jin's blood.
This shit-for-brains man...why can he not just DISAPPEAR?

All is not well when Mo Yeon, through her amazing surgical knowledge, realizes that Manager Jin is infected by a virus. Mo Yeon orders everyone but herself and Myeong Joo out of the operating room. Their men run to the operating room upon getting news of their possible contamination.
Our friend Enz the doctor was quite disgusted with this part.  Fortunately, she's as swoony over Song Joong Ki's face as we are, so she's still watching.

Shi Jin and Dae Young offer to take the blood samples immediately to be tested. (I'm no medical person, but can something like that be detected so quickly? Oh wait, I forgot WTFville is expanding its borders to the base now.) Not only are they told that the patient had the worst possible virus, but one of the doctors tested positive also.
Okay folks, we have just a quick little jog through here where it might be better if you averted your eyes, yes, that's it - keep going, straight ahead, don't stop 'til you get to the hug.

Back at the hospital, Dae Young runs through the door and hugs Myeong Joo. She realizes that she must be infected for him to do such a risky thing. I have to say I quite like this turn of events, but would it be too much to ask to have Manager Jin die from the virus? In any case, let's hope that Myeong Joo is as strong a soldier as she appears to be.
I love how much he loves her.