Descendants of the Sun - Episode 8 (a gifapalooza)

Lafer: Once again, Shi Jin puts it all out in the open, but once again our heroine is remaining silent. This episode provides a lot of opportunities for Mo Yeon to realize how much she cares about Shi Jin, and slowly but surely Shi Jin is feeling more hopeful about Mo Yeon's true feelings, especially when a twist of fate at the end intervenes. Luckily, this episode gives us a lot of what we're here for in the form of plenty of adorable Song Joong Ki expressions.
JoAnne: It's fortunate that this is all we really care about. Well... this, Dae Young smiling, and just sort of ogling Daniel. And maybe the occasional shirtless platoon run.  Those don't hurt.  We could go back to that lagoon, too. Actually that McInnis guy isn't bad either, but he should not speak or try to act.  Just stand there and look pretty and slightly menacing.
Shi Jin approves of our interests
After Shi Jin confesses (again) Mo Yeon.....wants to go with him to make a phone call? And we don't even get to see that time together alone? She calls the wife of the manager who died, as Shi Jin watches. Again.
Awww, look at him look. He's so good at looking. When I see him looking, I just want to keep seeing him looking. I would like to see him do other things, too, but I don't want to be greedy. This is already so much more than so many people have in this world.

Seung Joon and Jung Yeon spend a quiet moment together as Seung Joon holds the wedding ring of a man who lost his arm. Jung Yeon makes a necklace for the man to wear his ring.
When they get married, she'll be the one to fix the leaky pipe in the kitchen, too.  You watch.  Also, I never knew their names before.  I don't think he looks Seung Joon-y, do you?

Daniel is now back to fixing cars. Operating room one minute, car mechanic and general Mr. Fixit the next? Chi Hoon remembers that he recognizes him as a wealthy Canadian who can do whatever he wants because he has the money to do it.  Yeah, but how many people would have the skill to do both?
Yeah, Chi Hoon, you weenie. I don't see you fixing cars, and you're rich. All you do is cry and stagger around looking like you're two Xanax short of a nervous break down. Don't knock Daniel! I've decided he can't be a bad guy or mixed up with the bad guys, by the way.

Shi Jin steps in to comfort a crying Mo Yeon. He shows her the stars, but she says it's not the stars that comfort her, but him.

Meanwhile, horrible manager is getting the crap beat out of him by David McInnis, who plays his Argus role a little to the extreme. As much as I am happy to see manager getting his due, these scenes don't deserve gifs.
I agree, but am secretly cheering for the ass beating because my GOD if anyone ever needed his ass beat it's THAT guy.

As the search and rescue continues, Chi Hoon is put to the test when an aftershock hits as he is pulling someone out of the rubble. Fear overtakes him as he lets go of the man and runs. I get the feeling Chi Hoon has lived a cushioned life and can't handle this kind of stress.
He's not a bad guy - he's cheerful and he cares about people and he doesn't try to lord it over anyone with his wealth - I even admire that he continues to try to push past his fears, really.  But he sure is a wobbly fellow. I figure not everyone is cut out for this kind of thing; it's just unfortunate that you can't really tell who IS until you put them in the situation.

Once again it's Shi Jin to the rescue!  Mo Yeon wants to help, but he assures her he knows how to handle first aid. These little looks from Song Joong Ki are what makes this worth watching!
For us, at least. *high fives you, then pats the tv and coos at the pretty man*

Meanwhile, crazy manager takes things in his own hands + decides to do a little excavating, right over Shi Jin's rescue operation of course, causing debris to collapse on them. Will he survive? Be crippled or maimed? Or just cause more anguish for Mo Yeon?
Please, someone, kill him.

Shi Jin is fine! Except for his arm, which he lets Mo Yeon treat. More adorable faces. No wonder all of China is in love with him.
He's OUR muffin.  China cannot have him.  Where was China when he was a sexually confusing scholar? Where was China when he was the world's youngest OB/GYN?  Where was China when he thought he was a dog? Where was China when he was making a fool of himself in variety programming? Where was China when he was the worlds best bad guy or the worst good guy or whatever we decided he was in that black jacket and those skinny jeans and those clunky boots? I'll tell you where China was.  China was fussing over Lee Min Ho.  So go back to your Lee Min Ho, China, and leave us our Song Joong Ki.

This scene I will include! Dae Young has had enough of the manager's shenanigans. Go Dae Young!
That was very, very, VERY satisfying.  Someone give that man some nooky!  Errr...a cookie!

Mo Yeon admits she was terrified when she couldn't contact Shi Jin, asking him if he always puts his life at risk. He said even though it's part of his job, he trusted her to save him. Awww.
I liked when he said he was a man who is good at his job, and part of his job is to stay alive.  Oh hell, I like everything he says.  Or does.

Later on, feeling buoyed by Mo Yeon's caring of him, Shi Jin asks if she'll be on the plane leaving in a few days. Mo Yeon says it will be her turn to abandon him. Ouch! Has he read her wrong? Mo Yeon, look at that face! How can you do that to him?
He always screws with her so I guess he had it coming but still, let's give her the cold shoulder for a while, shall we?

Mo Yeon informs her team about the plane to home. When Jung Yeon decides to stay (along with Mo Yeon, of course) Seung Joon, who can't wait to get home,  reluctantly decides to stay, too.
Fussing every bit of the way, haha.  Leave my seat empty for my soul!

Chi Hoon goes to check on the patient he deserted. The patient questions how Chi Hoon can call himself a doctor, which just adds to Chi Hoon's dive into the pit of self-doubt.
The thing is, do you really think it was the wrong decision for him to leave?  I think he could have done it with more grace, perhaps, but I don't think it was wrong of him to leave.

Looks like Jung Yeon is more interested in Daniel. He always seems to pop up for some comic relief. Seung Joon, who just gave up his seat on the plane to be with her, is not happy about it, though.
Why are men and women in the same place!  This is not allowed!  He had me laughing.

Awkward moments ensue as Myeong Joo runs in to tell Shi Joon that his "father-in-law" is on the phone without first realizing that Dae Young is there. When Shi Jin leaves, Dae Young fails to take advantage of their alone time once again, frustrating both Myeong Joo and us!
He was just mean.  That girl practically begged for a kiss!  I love that he's had no idea that her dad wants Shi Jin to marry her, though.  I always thought he knew.  Or maybe he just didn't know that they joke about it.

Mo Yeon asks Daniel to play music from her phone over the loudspeaker for all to hear. Unbeknownst to her, the confession to Shi Jin that she recorded when she thought she was going over the cliff comes on after a song. While she runs to stop it, the look on Shi Jin's face says it all. Is this the confession he's been waiting for?
I would say yes.  There's no point in her putting off giving in to him now, really.  This particular 'mistake' never ever gets old for me, either, so I was laughing pretty hard. Can't wait to see what happens next!