Descendants of the Sun - Episode 9 (a gifapalooza)

This episode has so many adorable scenes that I had trouble picking which ones to concentrate on. With a decidedly lighter feel to it, this episode delivers to the viewers the cute and heart-fluttering moments we've all been waiting for. Now that the rescue from the earthquake is over, things are falling back into place and love is in the air. But enjoy the lightheartedness while you can - things never stay calm in Urk!
That kiss was worth waiting for.

Having just broadcast her feelings over the camp PA system, Mo Yeon runs like mad to escape confronting Shi Jin face to face. But Shi Jin always has a way to capture his (wo)man.
I could not stop laughing.  She does cute very naturally, and he just freaking jumped out the WINDOW.  I'm with you, Daniel.  That was my face too.  I mean he went out pretty much head first - did he grab something on the way down?

When confronted, Mo Yeon still has a hard time expressing her feelings, even when Shi Jin says he wants to hear her say it in person. Will she do it? Nope - once again, she takes off!
He doesn't care though.  He knows.  This part is fun for him.  And I really, really love when he stalks forward that way.

Mo Yeon's confession is the topic of conversation at camp. Sang Hyun tries to convince Jae-Ae of the merit of taking advantage of the moment, as even kissing can happen in a place like this. Sang Hyun, you were doing so well until you brought up that porn file again.
Do all men really watch porn?  Like, past the age of 20? Are there men here?  Speak up!

After a teasing by her team at the staff meeting, Mo Yeon does her best not to run into anyone. Unfortunately, she runs right into Myeong Joo. Mo Yeon uses the opportunity to ask if Myeong Joo minds that her boyfriend is a soldier. Myeong Joo answers that even though his job often requires him to put his life at risk, it bothers her much more to be away from him. Good answer!
I'm glad they're sort of frenemy-ish now, but I do want to know about that guy in the past.  And thank you for putting things in their proper perspective, Myeong Joo!

After their conversation, Myeong Joo runs into Shi Jin, who is agonizing about how to handle Mo Yeon. Myeong Joo, playful as always, steals his rock, then immediately backs into Dae Young, who once again questions what the two of them are doing together. Haha.
I love his face.  He's always so serious, haha!  And it's fun to watch Myeong Joo, the type of person who would easily unsettle others, be herself unsettled by this guy she can't control.

The next morning things really are back to normal as the women watch the shirtless men, who they call the doves of Urk. Jae Ae's dove call is hilarious!
I would so be out there.  Every morning. Rain, shine, earthquake, you name it.  Our guys never ran shirtless, and I can't tell you how many times I ran behind someone who was sweating alcohol out of his pores.  This is a much better version.

Min Ji pretends Shi Jin is coming, which causes Mo Yeon to run off again, only to stop right under a window he's looking out of. What could be more adorable?
Honestly, I sounded like a bird, just cooing away in the dark watching this.

Confronting her once again about what he heard, Shi Jin tells her not to be embarrassed that he found out she likes him because he likes her more. Girl, how can you hold out from the King of the lean-in? But she still manages to get away without giving a confession. Gosh, Mo Yeon, just say it!
He is prettier than she is.  She's just letting petty jealousy hold her back. I mean look at him.  He GLOWS.

Since they both have to go to the same meeting, Shi Jin offers to drive Mo Yeon. Unfortunately, on the way back they run over a land mine. While unhurt, the car must stay while they navigate their way through the dangerous area.
Remember, please, that the landmine they hit was in the road.

A pickup truck rescues them, and as they ride in the back, Shi Jin asks if they will be parting soon due to Mo Yeon leaving. She tells him she is staying because she wants to spend more time with him. It's her confession, which he gladly accepts and then.....well.....I was pleasantly surprised at how eager Shi Jin was to plant a kiss on Mo Yeon. And she kissed him back!
That kiss was a long time coming, though - he earned it!  And I'm glad she gave herself right up to it.  That whole bit of them discovering, marking, and making their way through the minefield was cute, but beyond that, it's an experience that would really draw them together.  Even I felt it as they once again worked as a team.  But don't think I didn't notice that they hit the only landmine in the road, apparently, and never gave thought to others being there.

Back at the camp, Mo Yeon and Shi Jin say goodnight, not realizing they are leaving clues about their afternoon hayride (which, from the looks of it, was a little more than we saw.) This ties with Jae Ae's dove call for my favorite comedic scene of the episode!
I laughed so hard!  Get it, kids!

Argus and his crew meet up with Manager Jin, who hands them a slightly broken safe. Of course Manager Jin has the diamonds with(in) him and tries every way he knows how to get a seat on the plane returning to Korea. Luckily, Chi Hoon, who to me seems one step short of a complete nervous breakdown, gives his seat to the manager. Sang Hyun wants to know Chi Hoon's real reason for staying, but Chi Hoon wants to work it out himself. Do I care? No. I'm not interested in the Manager's shenanigans and am tired of Chi Hoon's whininess, but I will include this for all the Onew fans.
I just don't understand how Chi Hoon ever thought he could possibly be ready for this place.  He obviously gave no thought to the circumstances and just was going along with his friends, but even before that, he has that hugely pregnant wife back home.  Why would he even go?  That being said, I do worry about his mental state and I don't think what he did was terrible, at all.  Of all the side plots I don't care about, this is the one I don't care about the least, or do care the most, because I feel bad for the poor guy.

Back at the base, Shi Jin hears that the Lieutenant General will be making a visit, so he has his team get the place in tip top shape. We get to see shirtless guys and cute SJK facial expressions here!
While they do nothing out of the ordinary, only the things they do every day.  That little bit kept me laughing for a while.
Shi Jin, Mo Yeon, Dae Young and Myeong Joo are called in to speak with Myeong's father. It's cute how out of place Mo Yeon is to military protocol.
Also cute:  how she tries to go along with it to the best of her ability.

After hearing the Shi Jin has no interest in his daughter, Dae Young and Myeong Joo are left to express how they really feel about each other. Dae Young says no matter where he is sent, he will still hold on to Myeong Joo's hand. When alone, The Lieutenant General tells Dae Young that he may date and even marry his daughter, but he will never allow a sergeant major as a son-in-law. Dae Young must decide if he'll take the LG's "suggestion" to quit and work for his wife's company.
Dae Young gave me goosebumps.  Big ones. But somehow, I'm not sure he'll give up the military...

While stealing kisses at a gas station, Mo Yeon and Shi Jin encounter a young boy stealing medicine. Mo Yeon says it's measles, and they need to go to his village because it's infectious.
Kiss her constantly, Shi Jin.  You worked hard for that privilege!

Meanwhile, Dae Young shares the good news with Myeong Joo that they have been given permission to date. THIS may be my most favorite scene in this episode. When you have to work so hard for a smile, they are all the more worth it! Of course, he doesn't quite tell her the whole story.
He's so happy!  And her little dance of joy - so cute!  This time she runs away to confirm with her father herself, but I bet he was planning to kiss her finally, haha!

Mo Yeon and Dae Young arrive at the village, only to find it's a place for war orphans who are sold into gangs or to pimps.  Who shows up as the head of the village? Argus, of course, who has his hands in all things illegal. (Too bad he's such a baddie, because I can't quite help be charmed for an instant by his smirk.)
He looks good, our bad guy.  I hate his voice and he can't act, but physically, I've got nooooo problem here.

Things quickly escalate as a young girl, who is scheduled to be delivered to a pimp that day, takes matters into her own hands and shoots Argus. Now the real dilemma begins - should Mo Yeon let the doctor die or treat him and let Shi Jin take care of the rest? 
She wanted to let him die - how quickly the tune changes when you aren't sitting in an ivory tower, huh? Shi Jin was right, though.  He was protecting her from herself.