Jin Dong in Switzerland - 17th March 2016 (Part 1)

No, I couldn't go to Basel. But hey, let's just pretend I did go and I did see him, okay? Also, we're getting more Jin Dong goodies, this time, in the form of two videos! (Many thanks to Joyce for making them available for me) Documenting him strolling around in Lucerne - and him packing his suitcase. I must say, I'm mighty impressed by his packing skills. And he's so very handsome...

Jin Dong enjoying Lucerne

Video No 1, Jin Dong in Lucerne (probably recorded on the 15th and maybe 16th of March?):
Some explanations for you (see locations on the map below):

1) From 00:05 until 00:28, you see Big Bro at the Lake of Lucerne, quasi in front of his hotel. He walked a few maters towards the city center for some of the shots though (the dogs sniff him in front of the Casino). He reads the New York times and gives us a closer look at his watch! Also, I notice he is not wearing socks. It's an epidemic!!!
It's not the Jaeger LeCoultre I thought it was. I think it's in fact a Longines. This one. (By the way, it's far cheaper than the LeCoultre, "only" around 2000 CHF)
2) From 00:30 until 00:35 he briefly visit "Friedli's Markthalle" (in a completely different outfit!) and then goes and checks out a "Heissi Marroni"-booth. It means "hot chestnuts" :) They also sell sweets, like Magenbrot (it's a gingerbread type pastry) and roasted almonds. The bridge you see is called Rathaussteg.
3) and WOAH! We're inside. An almost empty restaurant. He eats Breatzel and cold meats and cheese. And a Weisswurst! Ahahaha. This is not Bavaria! This gives me some hints to find out what restaurant this is though. It's the "Rathaus Brauerei".
We then get a brief glimpse of the "Sepp-Ebinger Gässli" (at 1:00) and then, he takes a pictures of the famous Kappel Bridge. At 1:04, they try to confuse us by quickly transporting him to the ship quais at the lake (4 on the map - nice try!) and then, he's sitting down outside (even though it was FREEZING) at the Rathaus Brauerei again.
He drinks their self-brewed beers. The white building in the background is the Jesuitenkirche.
5) At 1:44, he's at the main station. Hiii, Jin Dong! Take the train and come to Zurich! Yes, the one right behind you!

Jin Dong packing

Video No 2, Jin Dong packing, showing AMAZING skills:

Comment: We have the same McBook Air (Awwww), he has packed Euros (I wonder whether he did not know that we don't use Euros of whether he has plans to go somewhere else?!) and he is very neat. At least in the video. He is putting on another watch, but it's hard to identify it. 

I'll post something else a bit later, because footage of him in Basel is also emerging. And Wang Ou has been sighted!