The Disguiser 伪装者 - Episode 28 (Recap)

Hu Ge in green is ...... but unfortunately, his incredible beauty is severely spoilt in this episode by the immense stupidity of Man Zai and Jin Yun combined. Or rather, the writer must have temporarily lost his (her?) mind. It's so stupid I want to rip my hair out.
JoAnne: It felt very K-Drama.
Eleanor: Yes, I felt very ragey about this episode. 

Episode 28

Ming Tai is taking his leave from his sister to "go camping" - she has prepared some desserts for him and Miss Chen, awww. He is all sweetness and smiling but for how long? Because at the village, things are spiraling out of control fast! The Japanese soldiers raid the infirmary and drag out all the doctors and nurses. SHIT, somebody tipped them off?! They line them up in the street and then, they drag Tian Liang (the Communist officer) in front of the commander.
The whole 'go camping' thing was making me giggle because I could only think to myself  'yeah he's gonna pitch a tent, alright.' Then I look up and people are DYING.
Yeah, the cute latest only a few milliseconds before I wanted to cry. 
The Japanese guy orders him with a jerk of his head to look at the medical personnel. Tian does ... and shakes his head, not giving away anyone. They force him to his knees and .... shoot him. Is that what being good and not snitching earns you?! Next, they drag Liu Cang there. He stares at the dead man on the ground. The same order from the Japanese. And Liu Can points ... again and again. Yeah, he is KMT = scumbag. Several doctors and nurses are singled out, pushed to their knees.
Brutally productive. I won't say effective, because terrorizing people only causes them to say whatever you they think you want to hear. If they don't know the truth, they'll make one up. How can you blame a person for that? Our most basic instinct is just to live, even one more day.
This scene was just so heartbreaking. Terrible. Tragic. Painful. I hate war. 
The Japanese honcho offers Liu Can some cigarettes, but he turns his head away (i.e. he has some decency/shame left). Honcho puts them into Liu's pocket anyway. And then, he executes one after the other, in complete silence. It's horrible scene. 
It was very powerful. That Japanese soldier, if he lives, will go home eventually. Chances are good that if he doesn't already, he'll someday have a wife, children. Elderly parents. A job. A garden. Maybe he likes to sing. People and places and things that he cherishes and treats gently. The ability of our minds to be both this thing and that thing - it's one of my most enduring fascinations. What it costs us to survive, and at what point do we consider it, and why?
It is also somewhat of a fascination for me. But if he is human, he will also be haunted by what he has done. Perhaps only in his nightmares, or when he is afraid his children might be hurt will he will remember. Perhaps he will suppress those memories, drink a little more wine than he was wont too before, and he might enjoy his garden peacefully. But killing another human, being responsible for someone else's death, for many people's deaths, that leaves scars - even if one can intellectually justify it. 
When Ming Tai returns to the village, he finds the dead bodies in the main street - and freaks out. What to do now?! When it's dark, he goes and checks out the infirmary ... it's a horrible mess, everything is trashed. Somebody else approaches outside, but it's only Uncle Li! The prize question is this however: Where is Jin Yun? 
Oh right, her.
Ugh. Her. 
Back in Shanghai, the phone rings at the Ming Mansion: it's Liang! For Ah Cheng. And he has great news! The Japanese completely destroyed a lair of Underground Chinese near the stone quarry who were planning to rescue the prisoners. Six or seven of them were killed immediately, no interrogation. Ah Cheng's rising alarm is heartbreaking to see and it takes his immense self-control to speak normally.
It took me a minute to process, because I knew he knew that Ming Tai wasn't there - but then it dawned on me that these would still be people he considered comrades, even if he didn't know them personally.
Actually, I think Ah Cheng was NOT sure whether Ming Tai was among the dead at this moment. It could also have been Uncle Li et al., all close to him. Also, there was alarm because he did not know whether torture was involved etc. --- only when he heard that they were all shot "on the spot", he somewhat relaxes
I think Kakashi is right, he doesn't know if Ming Tai is there or not. That's why he panics even more I think. That and the whole operation going kablooey. 
True, true. And that brings up another point - if they were tortured, to what end? Were secrets shared? What's been compromised? Hearing that it was quick would be a relief in many ways.
Ugh. Torture. Don't get me started on that subject. It's despicable and most of the time doesn't actually bring any results. 
As soon as he has hung up, he rushes ot Ming Lou. He is equally shocked, but they soon realize that Ming Tai left home at a time that made it impossible for him to be there at the time of the massacre. So he must be alive! Ah Cheng wants to rush out and find him, but Ming Lou holds him back: it's too dark. Ming Lou also believes Ming Tai would give up now, but Ah Cheng knows better: he told him about the ship that's coming and tomorrow is basically the only time they have left to rescue the prisoners. Well, that changes things and Ming Lou gives Ah Cheng the order to gather a few men and go get Ming Tai out of there. Both of them must return alive, Ming Lou adds: he does not want to hear a word about "even if risking my own life". 
But they knew where he was, so this just irritates me.  
I think they are trying to balance Ming Tai being a spy and keeping him safe as his brothers. It creates conflict for them both.
At this point, there were actually all going back rather than have left! Remember, Uncle Li went back to Shanghai and back at a certain time, Ming Tai went back to Shanghai, then back to the Prison Camp, etc. No, the scare was real!
Yeah, plus - even if you knew in the back of your mind that the timing was off, you'd still panic and have to run through the details. That's just how it is.
And it's Ming Tai. As much as they are professional spies, they are also brothers - and family matters a lot to them. They really do love each other these Mings. 
I did awwwww at the bromance there at the end.
Ah! The bromance in this scene. Seriously. Guys. Staaahp. You are too cute!
Well, Ming Tai is very much alive - and so is Jin Yun (what a disappointment). They're all in green and in the forest - and Ming Tai is mighty pissed at what just happened. Pissed and grim. Guo tries to calm him down and wants them to back down, seeing how the Japanese are warned and surely more alert now. But Jin Yun is on her lover's side - it's their last chance after all, after this, the prisoners will be shipped off to Japan! Poor Guo is out of allies when Man Li also says she will just follow their leader. 
Now is exactly the time to remain cool, Ming Tai. Your little girlfriend there isn't doing you any favors. And this is just for starters. Watch once she REALLY gets going.
Ugh. She really irritated me in this scene. She is such a terrible spy. This isn't even me loving Man Li. This is just straight up an idiotic move for a spy to make. 
It's day, THE day (aka the last day they possibly can free the prisoners) ... and Guo comes back with bad news. The Japanese have indeed reinforced their protection! They doubled the amount of guards. And they'll be here in ten minutes. Ming Tai has them synchronize their watches and then gives each of them a clear task. He himself is the one who will shoot first - it'll be their signal to open fire themselves.
Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, Ming Tai. It's good advice but I can't remember from where.
Sir Andrew Agnew first, then Prince Charles of Prussia in 1745, and the Frederick the Great in 1755. However, with modern precision weapons, this no longer applies :D 
I get the desperation, but surely there has to be another less reckless way to do this? Maybe not, but it sure feels like they're rushing this too much. 
They take position. Jin Yun thinks it's a good idea to chat with Ming Tai and ask him whether he is nervous. Who cares whether he's nervous or not?! He even gets him to put his gun down and give her the silver bracelet. Lol. So romantic, Ming Tai. He says he might not survive this day to give it to her later. Even more romantic. Also, more talk about joining the Communists. I think we get it by now.
Yes. He's being led around by little Ming Tai.
LOL hahahahahahaha use your brain Ming Tai. Also, why is she so chatty? Surely chatting away while waiting for the Japanese soldiers to appear would be a dead giveaway? They're in a quiet forest for goodness sakes. Why wear camouflage and hide if you're going to chat away like you're at a tea party?!?!?!? Ugh! I give up!  
Okay, quiet now! Here they come, the guards and the prisoners. The traitor Liu Can seems to have special privileges now. Has he been upgraded to a guard? Ming Tai takes aim - he is after the Commander. He already bends his finger to pull the trigger when Jin Yun urges him to wait. Man Zai isn't there! Ming Tai doesn't care all that much, but Jin Yun is VERY upset. And Ming Tai hesitates. Everybody on our team gets super nervous.... why isn't he firing??!
Oh my God. Kill her. Kill her now before I die of rage.
Seriously. She is questioning his leadership in a moment of crisis. She is such a terrible spy. She isn't good hearted. She isn't thinking about saving the most people. I get that one person is important, but if they all die, then NO ONE GETS SAVED!!!
The succession is almost upon them and it's about the last chance Ming Tai has to shoot ... and he wants to, when the Japanese call to stop. A soldier is running from the back of the column, dragging the boy with him. The boy tried to escape! Can't have that sort of behavior, of course: The commander orders him to be executed, in front of everyone. But when the soldier lifts his gun to shoot Man Zai in the head, his own head becomes Ming Tai's target. And then, all hell breaks loose. 
I do have to admit this was very nerve-wracking to watch.
So nerve-wracking! 
Man Zai flees into the forest and Jin Yun thinks it's a good idea to scream "Man Zai" and go after him. Apart from that, it's a brutal fight. The Japanese, who are superior in numbers (like VERY superior... I am pretty sure our guys kill at least 30 of them), have grenades and use them. But our guys are starting to arm some of the prisoners at a certain point. Ah, that's why they carried so many weapons! This is pretty smart. Man Li gets a chance to kill Mr. Liu, the traitor. Some of these trees - no, actually all of them - are awfully thin to take cover behind... 
I thought the arming the prisoners scene was pretty cool, actually. Man Li should just shoot Trainwreck. Who would ever know but me and you?
This scene was pretty cool. I hope Hu Ge didn't get hurt with that stunt. That looks like they used some real explosives to get that sand to fly up. That's not all CGI. 
I don't think any of it is! See BTS below. 
Anyway, things grow quieter after a while and the rebels gather to catch their breath and take stock. It seems that a few of the Japanese got away. Ming Tai gives the order to do a head count and leave quickly, but Jin Yun appears and screams that they cannot, because Man Zai disappeared. This is so stupid I won't even comment on it. Also, the timing is off, dear drama-makers. She ran away ages ago - what did she do in the meantime? She is completely obsessed with finding this boy even though Ming Tai tells her that they need to leave right away. Fine, she just decides she will go alone and runs away. Wow. 
I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her so much it burns in my gut I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her
This is so terrible written this part. She isn't being noble at all. She could be shot for disobeying orders and insubordination. She has terrible discipline. She is a terrible soldier. A terrible spy. 
Ming Tai orders everyone to withdraw without him and runs after her. In the meantime, Man Zai has fallen into a huge natural hole and has hurt his leg. Going back up is impossible, because this hole is shaped in a very peculiar fashion. What else can he do but scream for help as loudly as possible? That's when he sees a piece of rope dangling down and climbs up. Yeah. Guess who.
Yes, I hate you too, you stupid, stupid boy.
I don't hate him as much. He is too young to know better, and it's not like he was coached by a decent spy on what to do either. 
The Japanese bind Man Zai and then force him to scream again, thus drawing his rescuers near ... right in front of the Japanese guns. But Man Zai recovers from his pain in time (Mr. Big Mean Japanese put his sword through his thigh) to yell a warning. Immediately getting what is up, Ming Tai grabs Jin Yun's arm and they run! as fast as they can. Luckily, the Japanese are very bad shots. Okay, let me admit.... when I watched this for the first time, I was kind of hoping they would hit Trainwreck.
KIND OF? Only KIND of? I was praying for it. I was begging God to let some time-travelling Korean just drop out of the sky, land on her head, and crush her skull. Then some random spark from a smoldering bush would light his incense or blow up his cell phone or burn his talisman and he'd disappear into his own world, having made this one immeasurably better. 
Hahahahahaha. I was thinking that she was going to get Ming Tai killed and that thought had me seeing red. Argh! This scene. Like I don't get why the writer wrote it this way? Did they think we would sympathize with her being an idiot? 
They don't hit anything, even though they start using grenades as well. By the way, they quite skillfully have "Jin Yun" turn her head in a way we can never see her face, but it's very clearly not Jin Yun but a stunt double. The grenades slow Ming Tai and his appendix down and they hover in a ditch. Then, Jin Yun APOLOGIZES. Seriously, AHHHHHHH! Hate her. So stupid. She also wants him to "save a bullet for her". I'm having rage-fits. Well, the situation is dire, Ming Tai is in fact out of bullets and the Japanese are drawing closer and closer.
Oh I have a bullet for you, lady.
If she gets Ming Tai killed. Argh! Let's not even think about that. Argh! Argh! Rage! Rage! 
BUT LOOK WHO IS HERE!!!! It's Ah Cheng!!! I have totally forgotten he was supposed to come ... what took him so long?! He throws Ming Tai a gun (cool) ...
Not one hair out of place. The name is Cheng. Ahhhhhh Cheng.
*swoon* like *double swoon* Why am I not surprised that Ah Cheng saves the day in such immaculate fashion. I know I'm totally biased, but dang, he is cool! 
... and soon, the battle is won. Unfortunately, Man Zai didn't make it. Jin Yun cries. So do I. Because this drama could have been SO GOOD without this woman. And at this point, I don't even mean the actress anymore but the whole stupid character.
She's just bad luck for EVERYONE.
I was sad that Man Zai died. I will try and forget she was even in the drama. 
We're back in Shanghai and Manchun is urging Ming Lou to do something against Liang - but Ming Lou calms her down and tells her to be patient. Elsewhere, Mr. Fujita is having a very bad day. Their dealings in Shanghai are seen as a failure by the top brass in Japan, because those rebels are still at large, doing all kinds of shit.
I think the color of their uniforms indicates just how shitty their outlook is.

Outside the government building, Liang meets with Ah Cheng ... he is super worried about the recent happenings. And indeed, Ah Cheng confirms that Ming Lou has been given order to investigate Liang for selling labor prisoners. And then, he scares him some more by rubbing it in that he knows very little about how things really are; meaning who is on who's side and pulling which strings. He leaves behind a very confused Liang.
I've come to view the weasel as comic relief.
You know things are tense when weasly scumbags are the comic relief. 
Jin Yun is in bed because of some "injury" - a bullet, apparently, that "went through". Obviously not through a spot that matters. Anyway, Ming Tai is very cute and very concerned. The whole thing scared him shitless ... while they fought, he thought of nothing, he tells her. But when he realized she was hurt and then, while she was treated, he realized how very, very dear she was to him. And he is afraid of the future, in which they will continue struggling in the darkness. "We struggle in the darkness in order to seek the light", she says. But will they survive until the day the brightness comes? he wonders.
I hope when that light hits you right between the eyes you aren't overcome with buyer's remorse, Ming Tai. Because she's an idiot.
I'm just going to pretend she isn't there and look at beautiful Hu Ge. 
He presses his mother's watch into her hands and with urgency, he says: "Please marry me". Who knows how much more time they have? Every hour needs to be cherished.
He just...gave her all his time. Ba Dum Bum!
Ooh! Wait! I think his giving her the watch is a drama continuity issue! 


Haha, say no to THAT, woman! As much as I hate Trainwreck in this episode, the ending with Ming Tai's desperate urgency was very sweet. And she was sweet too, always trying to see the good in the bad, the light in the dark. Yes, they suit each other well and I do hope that Ming Tai's fear of a loved one dying is not going to come true. Including her. Even though I wished in the forest that the Japanese were ... nevermind.
I'm fine if she's his starter wife and dies tragically in the war, freeing him to meet and marry a woman who can actually contribute something worthy to the gene pool.
Haha. I just wish her character had been written much better.

So, this episode was quite a ride! All faults aside (yes, there were many), the scenes in the forest were great entertainment and make sure to watch the lovely BTS video of Hu Ge doing a lot of running. 
He looks good in all that green, doesn't he?
He sure does. He sure does.