Descendants of the Sun - Episode 15 (a gifapalooza)

Episode 15 starts off with our two main couples doing their normal routines - With Mo Yeon and Shi Jin cutesy bickering while Dae Young and Myeong Joo are still in a stand off. We knew there would surely be sad times ahead, and before this episode comes to an end, many, many tears will be shed. Will our couples be able to find happiness or is it game over?
I like our chances for someone dying, actually.  Although I would be sad, of course.  For maximum shock value I actually think it should be Mo Yeon.
I give you props, girls. You had me crying, too.

Now back in Korea and out of the hospital, Shi Jin goes to visit Mo Yeon at her apartment, who for some reason acts all innocent and bothered by his obvious advances. (That's probably the most unbelievable part of the whole story for me, lol. I mean, come on, look at that face!)
Yeah, that's just bullshit.  And it's even worse that he's so eager to get to it - they acknowledge that adults like sex, but then STILL don't let it happen?  Come on.
Team Alpha goes to cheer Gi Beom on as he takes his GED exam. While there, they simultaneously receive calls to report right away for a mission. All except Dae Young, that is, who has turned in his resignation.
Number one, they are so adorable.  Number two, poor Dae Young, he felt so left out.

As Team Alpha packs for their mission, Lieutenant General Yoon calls for Dae Young. He would like Dae Young to be a part of this mission, so he can either sign his discharge paper now or after they find a replacement for him. Once a soldier always a soldier--Dae Young agrees to be back on Team Alpha! He leaves his dog tags on Myeong Joo's door knob.
I liked that so much.  LG Yoon found a way to let Dae Young stay in the Army without either of them losing face.

Shi Jin goes to tell Mo Yeon that he's leaving for the department store - their name for his secret missions. It will be long this time, three months, and he asks her to wait and not drink with other guys. Would this not be a logical and downright acceptable time for a kiss? Well, not much is logical in this drama, but look at his face and the emotion it portrays. This is why I cannot fault it too much. That face just does something to me.
He looks like he would like to absorb her through his skin. Sigh.

Mo Yeon waits and texts, even when she doesn't get a response from him, and wonders where he is now that the season has changed.
Awww, what a sad little lunch.

Little does she know that their mission is complete. Shi Jin and Dae Young allow the rest of the team to take the first chopper while they wait for the second. Before it arrives, Shi Jin and Dae Young are both shot, and while teammates look on from the helicopter, the area erupts in flames. Things are looking pretty dire.
You don't really seemed concerned, though.
Let the tears begin. Team Alpha returns to base and informs Lt. General Yoon that the two bodies were never recovered. It's Lt. General Yoon's job to give Shi Jin's dog tags to his father.
Okay, that was very sad.  But we all know what it means when they don't find the bodies, so we are all fine, right?  No one here is crying, right?  Right? We are all totally fine. Completely fine. *wipes away tears secretly*

Next we see as two soldiers, separately, deliver the news to Myeong Joo and Mo Yeon. They are each handed a letter from their boyfriends. I'm not going to lie, I was bawling my eyes out by this time, especially as Mo Yeon reads her letter. Myeong Joo refuses to open hers, though, as if by not opening it she can pretend it didn't happen.
Oh shit we are so not fine, not fine at all, no sir.

More crying ensues. A lot more. Over time, Lt. General Yoon transfers his daughter back to Urk as she requested, feeling bad that the last mission unintentionally made his daughter unhappy.
Well look, Dad, that's the chances.  You know it, she knows it.  Don't go feeling guilty because we are all sitting here sobbing. We knew it was coming.

Mo Yeon, having difficulty moving on, even sees Shi Jin appear to her as she asks him why he didn't come back to her. *more tissues please* She decides to go volunteer in Albania, to coincide with Shi Jin's death anniversary.
Ah, damn.  That was hard  I just want to hug her.

On her way there, Mo Yeon meets Daniel at the airport, who is protesting pharmaceutical companies. Oh, it's good we got to see Daniel again.
I do like Daniel.  I'm glad we got to see him again.  But I want to see Ye Hwa, too!

Myeong Joo settles in in Urk, where she finds Gi Beom is now a platoon sergeant. They reminisce over Dae Young, as a very unusual snow falls for the first time in 100 years in Urk.
If a goddamn snow man comes to life I will be thrilled, especially if he's possessed by Dae Young.

Mo Yeon, who has been continuing to text Shi Jin as her own way of communicating with him, heads out to the desert to hold his memorial. The rock he gave her will not stay on the pile of stones, and out of the blue she hears him on the walkie talkie.
WTF, Signal.

Can it be? Over the ridge, looking certainly no worse for the scratches, comes Shi Jin, and she runs towards him in disbelief. Drama, I think you have some 'splaining to do! But we'll have to wait till the finale to hear it.
HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA.  He found her randomly in the desert?