Rants and Weekly Raves #82 (RAWR)

Kakashi: Yes, I'm newly in love and that basically means that I'm only watching him in everything he's ever been in and I don't know when I'll surface because he's an ahjussi who's been in a lot of things. Including many movies. And you know, Korean movies... Goodbye for now, I leave this RAWR in JoAnne's very capable hands.
JoAnne: This RAWR is very red. You are all making me look very sad, like I'm a cat lady but for dramas.
I am so glad to have you for this blog. Without you, the RAWRs would be very sad thin creatures. 
Jaehyus: You are lucky, kakashi. When I fell for Yang Yang, I could hardly find anything he was in subbed into English, except Whirlwind Girl, a show too awful to keep watching.
bcook: *slides into RAWR, bumps into Kakashi's ahjusshi* Woah...well hello!
Kakashi's new man
Haha this is the one I almost put up!
(Trot) I know I have this saved from ages ago and was looking for it to send to Kakashi, too.
Hands off, MINE
I think she means it.
But I like him too...


Pied Piper 

Watch it (and read our recaps). Best thing coming out of Korea I've seen in a very long time.
Well, that's subjective. But it is very good. I kept telling you! You don't trust me...
Trotwood: This is the only show I'm allowed to watch (long story). It's almost making up for my Signal withdrawals. Almost, but not quite. I do love it though.
ugh..I tried I really did. Best sleep I've had all week. I also wrote a letter to tvN offering my english editing services coz those were some doozies.

I think you're scaring him, Kakashi
I'm already afraid of her.

Brain (2011)

I'm also watching Brain, yum. Biggest surprise: Korea knows how to make medical dramas in which the medical side of things isn't just treated like a bad prop! Shin Ha-kyun's character is VERY interesting. He is this "arrogant and cold" surgeon, super ambitious, and hated by most people. But WOW, within a few episodes, we start to feel deeply for him, as we learn more about the difficulties he has faced in life and start to understand why he acts the way he does. And then, those assholes trample all over him so badly and it hurts so much to see how his pride is stomped on again and again and again. And yet, he will not bend. And he grows as a human being and starts to listen to the right people. It's one of those drama you can't stop watching, which is not having a good effect on me *yawns*
Oooh! I see other faces I like, too. *adds to the F***ng List*
sceptical....oh so sceptical

MINE (the one in the middle)
all this mining makes me want to pat his ass just to see your face
(wait. Is patting his ass an option?)
Can you run fast?

Lawyer Jo

Just tried it. Really boring. I like Kang Sora's handbag, though. 
SO not boring, but I understand why you might be impatient with it. For the rest of you, here's the thing: I wouldn't trust this drama for thirty seconds as a guide for how court rooms operate in Korea, but as long as you keep that in mind it's a very satisfying show (4 episodes in, anyway.)
Jo Deul Ho is the original boy who came up the hard way. He's doing very well as a prosecutor when a case comes along that causes him to lose everything and even go to prison. Once out he's living as a homeless person, but fate is such that he runs into that person he couldn't help, years before. He decides to work as a lawyer, and while the show will have him taking on neighborhood cases, they all lead eventually back to the man who ruined his life three years before - Chairman Jeong of Dae Hwa Corporation.

Jo is helped along the way by his office manager Ae Ra, his buddy Dae Soo the loan shark, Dae Soo's two muscle guys, and Lee Eun Jo, a young lawyer working for Geum San, the firm that helped bring him down. (Which happens to be led by his former father-in-law.) The show is by turns exciting, unbelievable, and funny, but it always has heart and it's chock full of actors you love to see, so if you don't mind them bending procedural rules in favor of emotional impact, check it out


Question: why are Korean dramas so obsessed with memory loss and Alzheimers? There's Memory right now, and off the top of my head I can think of Wonderful Mama, and that recent Bubblegum show, and the father who is losing his memory in Come Back, Ahjussi. And in my current daily drama crack, Heaven's Promise, there's memory loss for the main character. Plus, it keeps happening, to the point where I think, oh no, the character has lost her memory. Or, yawn, another Alzheimer's case storyline
Answer: It's a typical "soap"/telenovela plot devise to either bring in drama (someone is going to die) or heartbreak (someone is slowly dying). Also, it's like a reset button. They get amnesia/Alzheimers and then, the slate is clean.
All that, plus I'd think that with such an emphasis on children caring for their parents AND people living longer due to better health care and living environment, this is coming up more and more in actual fact. However fantastical the story, you can't get away from the fact that people like to see the things they experience happen in stories, too.
I think Memory is a good show. I find it interesting that it is flying under the radar, just like Pied Piper. The majority of KDrama fans are really just interested in romance, or am I wrong? 


Kang Ji Hwan looks way better after the make over, I hope
Um, played it in the background but wasn't too interested.
I'm going to stick with this for at least a while because it's so incredibly melodramatic.  I will have plenty of opportunity to poke a stick at it, and you know I love that.


I'm not sure why - plenty has happened in the establishing episodes, although the pace does feel leisurely. I think it's because they get a lot of info out to us very economically, so there's time to spare for playing out a scene without rushing. It's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - almost dream-like, at times, and I feel as though I'm watching a fairy tale, or a folk story. Something without the saccharine influence of Disney, though, for sure. I'm always looking forward to the next episode.
Sadly, recapping and Hakyuning is taking all my time, so I will have to pass on this one


KLnoona: You know, I love doing the gifs. But even I am at the point where my neck is starting to hurt from shaking my head too much. This week we see Dae Young put a car on auto pilot on a busy Seoul street not once, but twice, and the second time was for a fairly long kiss. I'm sure any police officer, seeing this, would just accept that hey, the car drives itself, so no problem here. Maybe next we'll see them cooking a meal and drinking champagne while driving. Then we see Shi Jin get gunned down, and it looks like he's hit at least 3 times on various parts of his body, but all he needs is a cast on his arm? I mean, hello, do you want to get the bullets out or not. Aish. Good thing he's so pretty when he's asking Mo Yeon's help sneaking behind the government's back that you just forgive the writer for whatever stuff she throws our way.
So the scoop on the arm thing: he got hurt doing that awesomely cool car slide. Like, seriously hurt. But after two weeks he came back to do more filming because he's so awesome (this is actually what they said in the news release) and so sometimes he has a cast because he really had a cast. And I guess no one gave enough of a fuck to worry about going back to maybe edit scenes for continuity because they already damn sure made all their money and then some, and they should get a pass because look how awesome Joong Ki is. (well, he is...they got that part right.)
And no, although I wish it were true, I don't believe the pictures from Song Hye Kyo's Instagram account (which yes, I am now following, lol) mean anything more than they are close comrades. I won't fall into THAT trap again!
Now that we've seen the episode, it's very clear that they're mimicking parts of it.  They are cute as buddies, though Joong Ki looks a bit like a chicken in that pose on the right.
You guys will cry next week if the spoilers are true
THERE WILL BE NO CRYING!!! I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!  Now back to regular programimg. That car slide was just....* shivers and then takes deep breaths* I want to gif it and use it for everything. Car slide is life. Lafer I thought we already agreed that kdrama medicine is not real life. of course getting shot 3 times with a gun then sitting up right after having your heart stop for 2 minutes is feasible! This is kdramaland! And that car driving was the best bit of PPL I've seen yet. baksu!!!!  

Come Back, Ahjussi

Take all of my heart forever. All of it. Seems like Young Soo's in a good place now as far as having to leave his family, because they're mostly in a good place. What remains is to deal with the threat of Noh Suk Chul against Han Gi Tak's people. This was never as compelling a story to me, so I feel a bit disengaged in comparison to Young Soo's family - but it's true that I love the Gangster Ducklings, Giant Puppy in particular, and his confused love for Hong Nan, and the clearly toying with us love between Yi Yeon and Hong Nan. So I'm still very much onboard..especially because I really like that the Yelling Secretary turns out to be a mole for the real Jae Hoon, and I so want to know how they get off that island!
It's so, so good!  
Wait! Is that an ET?!?! Call Shuk, now! But she's on vacation. Sigh.
No, I alerted her to this when the episode aired.  We're covered. (There's actually two on that shelf.)

Goodbye, Mr. Black

I just never get here, and it seems no one else in PotUp does, either. But Lee Jin Wook! And Rim! I want to at least get to the Rim episodes! Ahhh...I'll keep it on my list a while longer. If you're watching this, readers, help me drum up some resolve!

Five Children

He knows he likes her, but thinks he isn't allowed because of his loyalty to the dead wife and now the dead wife's parents. She knows she likes him, and can't understand why he's suddenly so cold to her. Her face crumpling kills me.
I really like this couple. I'm glad that Director Son and his first love have finally told each other the truth about their lives, and I love where the whole Sung Min/Yeon Tae story is going. I continue to give not one flying f*** about the cheater family. I want our main couple to stop being apart NOW and I want Sung Min to pursue Yeon Tae hard. Now.
Jaehyus: what Jo said, and I find this guy very cute.
He looks like someone but I can't think who. Also: looks like I start getting my wishes fulfilled now!! I'm not sure how that works since we still have 40 some odd episodes to go...
They've got 39 episodes of pure opposition to get through.

Refresh Man

I really like the new love interest - he seems like a nice guy.  He also seems a little familiar...I'll have to look him up.  (Update:  It's Leo! Leo of the terrible hair and silent love for what's her face in Love Both of Me! This is a whole reunion thing because that nasty ass secretary was the foster brother, too.) Wen Kai isn't even trying to pretend he doesn't have a thing for Yu Tang anymore, but she still does not get it.  Come ON, girl. Since he's no longer very effective at hiding his feelings, I hope that this doesn't mean Ai Sha starts being a bitch.  I mean, she was going to confess, right?  And he's not going to show up because he's going to go to the Secretary thing...

Vampire Detective

This might be the first time when everyone else knew someone was a vampire (and was totally cool with it) before the actual vampire knew it. I don't like only having one episode a week, but this isn't terrible. Yet. However, I heard someone I respect saying it was actually good and that sort of made me worry about them a little bit. I would say the acting is decent but the story is a little iffy and the cinemetography can get cutesy. So 'good' is... it's a stretch. It's okay. And you know that I LOVE Lee Joon and Oh Jung Se and so I wish this all the best.
Was it me? You respect me?! Oh Jo! I actually really like this show. The episode stories aren't completely ridiculous. He's totally in denial about being a vampire which is hilarious and annoying at the same time. I think they're going to do a bait and switch on THE BIG BAD so I'm looking forward to that. I usually hate flashback stories but this one is kinda interesting (how does she go from sweet to betrayer?)

Marriage Contract

Dislike, despise, dislike, loath with the fire of a thousand burning suns, love, love, love, love
Crack. Crackity crackalacking crack. They love each other, but she's acting like she doesn't because she's got that pesky brain tumor to deal with plus she doesn't want him kicked out of his family. DAMMIT. Consequently, they are KILLING me. Who would think they could go through the treatment for brain cancer alone? While raising a child as a single parent? And resisting the tearful entreaties of an adoring, broken-hearted man? DAMMIT. And all those whiny gossiping bitches everywhere talking about the two of them, damn them, too. And his father, that disgusting piece of shit wearing a suit and thinking it makes him a human. Man, I love this show.
This one definitely kicks up the must dust on twitter. I have yet to hear someone who does NOT love. A good sign

Page Turner

This ended well enough - on a positive note for all three kids, but with one major detail left hanging that has a lot of my T-List a bit irritated. Ji Soo's Cha Shik was a big-hearted goofball who worked hard all the way through and always had the smarts to see into people just enough to realize the truth of things; So Hyun's Yoo Seul stayed prickly until the end, which I liked; and Jae Ha's Jin Mok was a surprisingly likable 'enemy' who, I think, never really wanted to be one in the first place. Of the three kids, So Hyun's the far more experienced and talented actor (even if lately she seems to choose roles where she's just cranky all the time), but Ji Soo continues to develop at a quick pace and Jae Ha, who is the least known to me and had the smallest role, probably was the one who brought out the most emotion for me in the long run. I never had a sense that Cha Shik wouldn't be okay, or Yoo Seul. Jin Mok, I worried about. His happy ending meant the most to me, because of that.

Western Shows

Only some shows aired this week (YES! More time to watch and recap Pied Piper!).

Lucifer (didn't air)

Didn't air but got renewed for a second season. Don't ask me why. This could very much mean that Sleepy Hollow gets the boot. I hope so, you stupid show! (see below)
I like this show. I don't understand what's so terrible about it.  
It's not at all terrible. But also not great.
Maze and Trixie are friends, which is going to be pretty awesome, but as if that isn't enough, Maze and the Therapist are going to be, too!  I kinda am more interested in Maze's very reluctant but resigned efforts to acclimatize to life on Earth than I am Lucifer's, right now.

Jane the Virgin (didn't air)

I guess someone was bored:

11.22.63 (End of Series)

I liked the resolution of this. Good show. Nice length, well done. I am very glad that he made the decision he did, and I loved the odd little references to other King stories, which became more apparent to me as the story drew toward the end.
Haven't seen it yet due to Hakyuning. In any case, I can most certainly warmly recommend this series to everybody. 

The Magicians

I did NOT see this coming. Well, I did suggest the collaboration but that wasn't exactly a big leap, but there's a twist that I did NOT expect. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU HURRY BACK!!!!
There is one more episode next week, JoAnne. I tell you what's amazing: the series is actually much better than the books. When does that ever happen?!
Never. Never ever. And OH THANK GOD I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet. But it did end at a spot that would have been okay for a season ender. What do we have to do to prevent Sleepy Hollow syndrome?

Shadowy Tools (End of Season 1)

Well, if Magnus and Alec aren't kissing or making out, this show is just very bad. The lines! The delivery! All the draaaaaama.
I'm sorry. I keep seeing him as if he's dressed for Glee, and remembering Godfrey Gao's Magnus Bane, and I'm just so not impressed.
Yeah.... I'm saying goodbye, because I won't tune in for season 2.  

Sleepy Hollow (the last of the last)

*Spoilers* Yes, I continued watching this and now, I feel utterly betrayed. All those hours! Forever gone! For such crap. They seriously turned Abbie into a 2nd character, bascially just there for the greater glory of Crane. I hope these writers never get another job. That said, and all horrible things set aside, the wrapping up in this season (series?) finale wasn't done too badly. This is to you, Abbie! Nicole Beharie ... I hope we see a LOT of her in the coming years. I understand that you wanted to leave this sinking ship.
I am sadly happy then, that I did not start season 2 when you first reported problems. But oh, I will always miss the Ichabbie of Season 1. The witty repartee! The crackling chemistry! Sigh.