ET Sightings - 2nd Quarter 2016

Shuk: As we approach the warm summer months in the northern hemisphere, it's time to add in yet another post of that strangely addicting pastime of Eiffel Tower spotting.
First up, two spotted in real life: A mini-metal one in a restaurant in Bangalore, India; and a trendy little eatery in Los Altos, California, USA.


Annd this one, from  my unni Trot, who found a printable pancake maker with an ET example. Who comes up with this stuff? Plus I would have rather had a NASCAR #18 pancake. ^^

Now on to the shows!!

Our Number One winner of this post is the mainland Chinese hit My Amazing Boyfriend (2016), which managed to tally at least seven ET's. No telling if I caught them all. Here are a few:

She's smiling because she doesn't have to look at it. ^^
Bussaba Rae Fun 2016 (Thailand)

Sometimes I feel like I'm being bashed in the head by this thing.
The Entertainer 2016 (South Korea)

This one I didn't catch on the bookshelf until almost the last episode. Darn it, I was so close to NOT seeing one...
Mon Rak Asoom / Love The Monster 2015 (Thailand)

Come Back, Ahjusshi 2016 (South Korea)

How about little teeny ET's embroidered on a shirt? It does give one an excuse to stare at Aaron Yan.
Refresh Man 2016 (Taiwan)

Rewatched an older show and found a few more.
Maya Tawan 2012 (Thailand)

Another Oh Hae-young 2016 (South Korea) 

Jao Ban Jao Ruen / Household Deity 2016 (Thailand)

Even Viki's Dramaworld had and ET on a shelf. Coincidence? Meta? Based on the script, I'm guessing complete and utter coinkydink.
Dramaworld 2016 (USA)

Pretty lowkey, but an ET is an ET, even on the spine of a binder.
Five Children 2016 (South Korea)

Puer Tur / For You 2015 (Thailand)

And the Most Unsubtle One Of All, an industrial-themed joint with an ET bar. Does the bartender speak French? Is he annoying? I don't know, but since I am only 5 episodes in this one, no doubt there's a few more ET's lurking around.
Tawan Tud Burapah / East Cuts West 2015 (Thailand)

And there you have it for another couple of months! Au Revoir!