Thumping Spike - Episode 6 (A Squeecap)

Trotwood: I know this episode is called “Crisis,” but I think of it as the team history episode. We do not get a definitive answer to Kakashi’s question about why they are all in this house together as high schoolers, but we do get the background about what has happened to this team and the conditions they live under. We also get some more of the history of the bad blood between Jae Woong and Woo Jin.
kakashi: Go for the tree! Climb the tree, Se Ra!
JoAnne: I like that. I want her to have both. Since I can't have either, you know.

Episode #6: Crisis

Episode opens with a shot of Se Ra leaving her house and showing up at the training house to a surprised Han Sol. ("Chicken! Chicken! My chi.... WTF?!") Another shot of Jae Woong putting things into a laundry hamper (because he’s moving out of the room?—how did she automatically get his room?—I remember thinking that it was an efficient way to use the set—we see no other bedroom in entire series).
We see the bunk-bed room though? Where everybody else sleeps? Haha, no, I don't know who sleeps where but it took me a while to realize she had moved into Jae Woong's previous room. I think he had a single room because he's the oldest.
That was my conclusion as well.
Se Ra walks in, gives him money, saying she’s not a thief and asks for her phone. He gives it to her, and she’s curious as to why it’s not working. (not charged - it's also a miracle phone because didn't it get soaking wet?) She also asks if he looked at her phone. He guiltily and defensively asks her, “Who has the same passcode for phone and for house?” Just like I thought, she does it so she won’t forget.
ahhhh, so snooping is acceptable if it's possible to be done?
(putting that new rule aside for future use)
Before he can tease her anymore. The others, like a passel of puppies, show up at the door.
Sang Gyun: You’re not living here are you?
Hyung Sung: (to SG) Why are you being like that?
Jin Ah: (excitedly) Jae Woong! You can come stay in my room!
Yong Young: Ooh. You’ve got your couple phones!
Passel of puppies! Awwwwwwww.
We do love passels.
I won’t do this (quoting lines of back and forth dialogue) very often, but I find it amusing and strategizing the way the writers dole out the lines to everyone to make it even and to keep up characterization and to also make it clear that they are side characters.
I like basically everyone. That doesn't happen often, bravo, show
Yes, they're all endearing in slightly different ways.

And to top it all off, the king of puppies shows up in the back, grinning from ear to ear and inviting her to have chicken. Please gif a shot of all of them in the doorway of her room.
Well, the king of these puppies. The actual King of Puppies isn't in this.
Unfortunately, they left Han Sol to the chicken, and there’s nothing but bones left. I’d be pissed that all that chicken is gone (one of my favorite things about South Korea was its fried chicken), but I couldn’t help wondering how come they’re all surprised. Even I know not to leave Han Sol with food, and we’re only on ep 6.
I have never had Korean fried chicken before. And I WANT IT so badly every time they eat it
I order fried chicken from the Chinese restaurant down the street. It's not the same (as described) but it's still different than ours, and I like it.

Next scene shows Se Ra sitting down to a meal set out by Yong Young (wearing an apron and running off to get more banchan). Woo Jin sits across from her, and she asks why Yong Young is cooking and don’t they have a maid. What I find interesting is that she has particular expectations of such a house and is generally surprised at what they don’t have. It’s particularly helpful for a person like me who never lived anywhere that had a dorm mother or in group housing with anything other than maintainers who came in to clean bathrooms.
I know you guys can't tell me why they're all living in a house together as high schoolers - but could we not safely assume that even if something like this happened, they wouldn't have an ahjumma cooking for them?! I mean ... who'd pay for this?
Most of the houses I know like this do have what they call a "house mother" who basically cooks and sometimes cleans for them. I know some sororities have this as well. Some will even pack lunches.
Yes. One of the things that surprised me very much about the Korean system of having groups live in a house together is that they DON'T have someone to cook/clean.
Woo Jin tells her about how they got rid of all the really good players when he first got there, and then that year they got rid of the maid. (Wow, they had one??) You can tell none of this makes sense to her, and she asks him why he even plays volleyball when the school doesn’t support the team. He tells her again that he plays because of her. He wants to know why a man’s role model can’t be a woman. (You tell ‘em, you adorable tree puppy you—needing to pause to appreciate the cuteness)

She genuinely thanks him, but wonders how they were able to keep the residence. Woo Jin looks guilty and says he has to go home. It looks like he really does have to go home, but it also looks like he’s happy not to have to answer her question either. She is surprised that he doesn’t live there, but he says (as cryptically as someone with a shining smile like that can), “In order to protect this place, I have to go home.”
So... why does he stand no chance with her?! He is so damn adorable
I think age, maybe, although I don't care about that so much if it works between the two people. Not when it's so few years like this.
But instead of wanting to know more about this (since I know I will find out), I want to know why no one else is eating since it was clear they were all hungry?
Cause they needed him and her alone to give us second-lead syndrome? 
*Looks around* That rice cooker is in every drama.

Cut to Yong Young and Jin Ah doing dishes (why is she not helping?) and responding to Se Ra observation that Woo Jin’s dad being the __ as a good thing with matching shrug sighs. They explain to her that Woo Jin is living with his enemy because his father wants to get rid of team. Woo Jin has a deal with his father that he is captain and they keep the team residence but he has to live at home, abide by a 10 PM curfew, and remain in the top five of his class academically. Se Ra is impressed that Woo Jin is able to do all this. They agree, but Yong Young admits, gloomily, that despite this, there are people who have problems with “our captain.” Of course Se Ra assumes they are talking about Jae Woong, and they don’t deny it. They even understand it.
I'm doing okay with my anger management today, but I feel a stirring of annoyance again. 
Under the circumstances how on earth could Jae Woong object to this kid? Seriously.
They explain how Jae Woong associates Woo Jin with his father and that before Woo Jin, the team had real athletes, but after Woo Jin and getting rid of the good athletes, they just took anyone who asked to be on the team. This is the reason why Jae Woong thinks he is the only real volleyball player. There are so many things wrong with this assumption that I won’t begin to list them here. I’m assuming my commentators will discuss.
In other words, Jae Woong is a stuck-up idiot. Take the puppy-tree, Se Ra.
Jae Woong is an idiot. There's nothing to discuss.

What Se Ra really wants to know now is why Jae Woong took time off. Yong Young and Jin Ah are freshmen, so they don’t know. (so what does that mean with regards to their age? I don't get it.I think it is because they weren't there. As freshmen, they'd be new to school this year) (Korean HS in brief: starts in 10th grade, not 9th. Students are already 16-17 in western age. By the time they graduate they are 18-19, almost 20. In contrast, most American HS students graduate at or close to 18.)

She goes to find some of the others who might. Outside Hyung Sung and Han Sol are (awkwardly) lifting weights. She asks them. Han Sol doesn’t remember, but Hyung Sung remembers Jae Woong collapsing during a match. He doesn’t remember much else. San Gyun comes out with a bag of garbage and fills them all in, berating Han Sol for forgetting the incident when he had caused such a ruckus because he was so excited about seeing someone going away in an ambulance. Sang Gyun, speaking to her in extremely polite speech (I know this because I recognized all the endings that I never remember during my Korean lessons) and as though he is reciting from a news article, tells her that it was Jae Woong’s pleura (had to look this up: He was already sick before the match, but he didn’t feel he could stop playing since he is the best player. This makes Hyung Sung remember that even then, when Jae Woong wasn’t playing they never won. It makes sense now how they can be in last place—with Jae Woong's time off . . .
Will he die? No? Not that kind of drama? The exposition stuff from smart-ass San Gyun was a bit clumsy. And I didn't get why nobody knew or could remember. Was it supposed to be funny? 
Perhaps it's just meant to emphasis the gulf between him and them, to make our acceptance of her and him easier. They are haksaeng. He is namja.
I've been on teams, and I don't remember everyone's injuries. I might remember that they were taken by ambulance, but often the other players aren't told details. I would only know if the other player was a specific friend of mine.
Se Ra goes to find him, wearing another pair of incredibly high heels (why?) (She wants to show off her legs and entice them) (She's also crazy short, isn't she?) He is at the school’s track field doing pushups. I’m going to forgive show that he has his jacket on. It is at night, and now I know he has had lung issues in the past. (oh, I'm glad I have you, I didn't get this convo when I watched it) She tells him that the night air is bad for his lungs (why?!)(damp, they say it here in the states too), but of course—like every conversation they have—he responds to her not by replying to what she says but just to her presence. He wants to know why she is there. He knows she is a player, so why is she coaching? He doesn’t want her to coach them if she is just going to leave. He basically asks her to go before they all get attached to her and perhaps this dream. He is actually making a good point here, but he says it in such a snarky way, that I don’t blame her for getting riled up.
I forgave him at the push-ups. Those were very nice, very smooooth push-ups
I'll forgive him anything if he wears shorts.
Shallow. You two are so shallow.
On the way back, she is still pissed, mumbling to herself about why she should bother being worried about him when he’s just going to talk to her like that. Jae Woong follows behind. It’s a good thing, too because she is so busy mumbling about him that she doesn’t see the car coming. He, of course, grabs her out of the way (where is Quirkstine when you need her to keep track of all these tropes?). He asks her, “Do I have to keep my eyes on you all the time?” (I nod yes eagerly, but of course he can’t see me.)
She really isn't very competent at life, isn't she
I never understand the cars that drive like they have no idea anything else is in the road. Plus, her face is too shiny.  Dewy does not equal smothered in Vaseline. In general, though, I approve of her styling.  This is what I'm thinking about.
The next morning she wakes up in Jae Woong’s bed a bit disoriented. Okay, of course that is not the way it sounds. I just wanted to write that once. The next morning she wakes up in her new room, which used to be Jae Woong’s room. She has to think about where she is for a minute, and then she remembers that she is at the training house. She looks up at the ceiling and clearly is curious about what she sees there.
I thought she was staring up at the room over her head, thinking about the boy who sleeps there.
But before they let us see what she’s looking at, we cut to Han Sol coming out of bathroom in his towel again. The whole following scene deserves a gif. I’m wondering how much they practiced and how much is camera cuts. #1Se Ra comes out of room saying good morning before they realize that he is half nekkid. #2 She is shocked. Shocked! And he is completely embarrassed and tries to cover up and then run #3 Right into Hyung Sung and in the process of trying to avoid not bumping into him again his towel comes off #4 Se Ra’s eyes get even wider #5 Jae Woong calmly walks in and puts his hands in front of her eyes. All the while cartoon music is playing in the background because it is clearly slapstick here. Hyung Sung eyes them all suspiciously.
Needs to be giffed. I don't know why he is so embarrassed about this later, by the way. So she saw your dingdong? So what? 
Especially since she seemed kind of impressed.
At practice that day, Se Ra watches them through the bright sun. Even though she is wearing a hat, she is still shielding her face so she can see (she needs sunglasses). Woo Jin notices and runs off, turning up a few minutes later with an umbrella for her to use. He’s apologetic because they did not have any parasols only umbrellas. I’m pausing at the cute.
Take the tree, Se Ra. CLIMB it.
Yes.  CLIMB IT.  He is SO CLIMBABLE. His trunk is sturdy.  His limbs are perfectly positioned.  HE HAS RIPE FRUIT.  Climb him! Climb him!
Se Ra grabs his hand to get him to come down (she is so tiny next to him) and hear what she has to say. She wants him to watch Han Sol and Jin Ah and how they both play the same position but Han Sol is excellent at offense while Jin Ah is a really good receiver. She asks, wouldn't they make a good pairing on court? He just nods, but he really hasn’t been paying attention to what she is saying. He has been overwhelmed by the pretty. Let us pause for a vision of our tree puppy under that umbrella because in the next scene we get more of Soo Bin.
I think I like Han Sol best.
Han Sol is pretty darn cute, yes.
I think he deserves MUCH better than Soo Bin. What does he see in her?
Soo Bin arrives at the residence with container upon container full of homemade food (okay, maybe that is what Han Sol sees in her?). All the boys are sitting around the table and are, as they should be, impressed. She takes out a shrimp and tries to feed it to her oppa Jae Woong (I hate when subs translate that as the person’s name—completely different connotation), but he takes her hand and feeds it to Han Sol, who is more than eager to take it in his mouth because a) he loves food and b) he’s crushing on Soo Bin. His happiness is short lived because Jae Woong tells him to eat as much as he wants but if he catches him walking around in the house again in only a towel, he’ll make him do laps in the neighborhood.
Hehe. Why? Don't hide your assets, boys. 
I'd institute an automatic ban on wearing clothes into the shower area.  So unsanitary!  Towels only.
He chokes, and Sang Gyun (who is reading a book while eating) automatically thumps his back (all the while not taking his eyes off the book). Yong Young says, "Of course, we must protect our women," eying a completely clueless Jae Woong. Both he and Hyung Sung clearly think something is going on with him and Se Ra. It’s like they are watching this show with us instead of just being in it. They are misinterpreting the clues, but they aren’t wrong just premature. Of course, this makes Soo Bin suspicious and jealous.
Can she go away already? 
Turns out that Soo Bin didn’t show up on her own.  Her father, the “real” coach, has shown up as well. He wants to talk to Se Ra about the President’s Cup. He’s got the papers ready for her to sign. She is still incredulous that he wants to do it. They only have a month, and the team is on probation. But the coach wheedles, and she signs saying that they have to go first thing to the principal to get him to lift the probation. The conversation doesn’t go well. The principal isn’t interested. He not only doesn’t want to undermine his authority—the students misbehaved, why should he lift the punishment—but he tells them not to worry so much about practice since the volleyball team will be completely disbanded anyway.
I vote Trot for principal of that school! 
And we come visit!
You wouldn't like me. I'd establish a "No grabby hands rule."


I always felt a little sorry for Woo Jin because he tries so hard and his father is so slick. Despite his cuteness, I knew from the beginning, that he was destined to be 2nd lead. However, this ep was the first time I actually felt bad for his poor heart. Up until now, I’ve seen him merely as Se Ra’s #1 fan, looking up to her as a role model. Here, it is clear under that umbrella, that he is also seeing her as a person—still in an idolizing fan way—but also as a pretty girl. I wondered at Se Ra’s obliviousness to his proximity because I literally looked up climbing gear ( right after this scene.
I feel very, VERY sorry for him. He is a hundred times cuter than the sour WhatsHisName Rimbutt and he is such a sweet guy. I hate 2nd Lead Syndrome...
We all have it, too.  My sweet Giant Puppy wins all hearts, every time. I'm not sure he'll ever be a lead, though.

I wanted to write about the comical practice scene with Han Sol trying to practice while trying to hide is (now clothed) private parts from Se Ra, but it wasn’t necessary to the plot. I figured I’d let Jo comment on the whole troubles from what’s in one’s pants thing.
What a sissy. Be proud, boy!
I actually wonder why men don't wear a bra-type thing for their junk, like we wear for ours.  Put it out there front and center, make it look good.  Like Aaron's pants in Refresh Man.