Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 50 (Recap)

kakashi: Things are working our for Lin Shu and his friends and in this episode, they sloooowly, slowly edge towards the final success. There are many funny and happy scenes in this with Lin Chen and Fei Liu, and Lin Shu is seen laughing a lot. But that laughter is tinged with sadness. The end is near.
JoAnne: I hope this ends before he dies. I just want to go away imagining him enjoying his life with Nihuang, for however long he has.
Eleanor: We are so near the end. This is making me sad. I love this story so much. 

Episode 50

"Mother, you knew all along, didn't you?" and the realization that everybody else also knew... the realization that he almost recognized him, should have ... Oh, Jingyan... 
I don't understand why they wait so long after Lin Shu wakes up to have a reunion. It doesn't even happen in this episode - I'm assuming they meet up in the next.
Jingyan, don't cry, or if you must, come cry on my shoulder. 
But there is no time, no time to wallow, no time to be sad about how ill Lin Shu is. They have one goal and that goal unites them. And yet, there is some time to discuss things, like General Lin's alias Mei Shinan back then, and how they were able to fool Jingyan a little bit longer thanks to it. Consort Jing takes her son's hand and makes him promise to stay calm and not make any wrong moves. She needn't have said that though. He knows his duties. And he will perform. 
Dependable little water buffalo.
Oh my Jingyan. He looks so sad. He makes me cry. Jingyan T_____T 
The Emperor is still thinking about Xiajiang's accusation, but Gao Zhan is very adamant about not believing in them. The clearest sign is Prince Jing's behavior all those months... if he had known that Mei Changsu were Lin Shu, he would certainly have cared for him more; and would never have let him be taken to the Xuanjin Bureau, a place of death, for questioning. The Emperor seems convinced - but now, he worries about the Crown Prince's ire. He thinks he should go pacify him a little.
How 'bout you just stay out of everyone's way from now on, old man?
And these are some of the excellent reasons about why Jingyan couldn't know. He wouldn't have been able to help himself before when all the terrible stuff happened to Mei Changsu. Let's hope he can keep things together for now. 

Lin Shu has lost consciousness once again ... it looks like this is moving swiftly towards his end. Lin Chen tells Physician Yan that they "need to try it now", despite the danger. And Nihuang cries. She gets it, doesn't she. I don't. What is "it"? Nothing good, it seems.
I think she gets that he's dying soon.
Yeah, I think she knows. 
As if we did not have enough trouble already, Xiajiang's assassin starts making trouble ... she shoots an arrow with a message to Minister Cai, telling him about how Meng switched out rebel Xiadong from the celestial prison. Hmmm, what's he gonna do, our upright Minister? Of course, he is going straight to the prison! Oh no, Xiadong is not back. It's Gong Yu in there!!! 
I did sort of expect her to die.
Argh! Why can't Xia Jiang and all his crap just go away!? Like yesterday! 
Lin Shu is still unconscious; outside, Lin Chen is chasing poor Fei Liu over the roofs, threatening to bind some branches to him, so that he can perform a peacock dance. That, to Su's trusted men, is a sign that Lin Chen is nervous. Yeah, I'm getting nervous too, cause Gong-Yu crisis! Well, it's out of the question that Xiadong goes back now (nice, some more fuzzy-furry for her), but she and Meng come up with the crazy idea to go in and rescue Gong Yu. Lin Chen calls them a bunch of idiots and no wonder Mei Changsu is always too tired. Ha.
They are very simple, the sweet things. People of action, not really thought. But instead of insulting them, Lin Chen, teach them something.
This whole plan better not fall apart right now. Jin Dong looks like an elf there. 
He has a much better plan and proves he is quite useful when he stops behaving like a juvenile ... next, we see Meng and Xiadong go to the prison and be "caught" by Minister Cai, who was waiting. He is very surprised to see Xiadong there - he obviously assumed she fled for good, like anyone sensible would have. But the story he hears is this: after Xiajiang escaped (and Minister Cai already go an earful for that), Xiadong also escaped, but was captured by Prince Jing's men. Because the Crown Prince didn't want Cai to lose face, he wanted to move Xiadong back in secret and had someone else sit in prison in her stead.
Very slick, Lin Chen. I approve. I strongly approve.
Ooh! Good one! 
Hehe. Cai believes it, after checking every little detail. Luckily, our guys prepared really well for that. However, Lin Chen now wants to know who leaked the information about Xiadong in the first place? Meng doesn't know, but Lin Chen does: one of Meng's guards recently got married to a woman... from the Hua Clan. Crickey, they're everywhere!!
Trust, but verify. Words to live by.
*sigh* I guess it is somewhat satisfying to not have everything come easily to the good guys. The struggle does make it so much more satisfying when things succeed. 
As soon as Lin Shu is up, it's time to go hunt them down.
They're going to hunt Hua-bits! Ahhh, I crack me up.
If one were to see just this gif, one would never know how serious this drama is. Haha. 
Things are going well in the palace (even the Minister of Defense who was so shocked to receive work is pleased) and Mei Changsu burns his two last wooden tags, even though those ministers are still in place. They are no longer a problem because the good atmosphere is spreading. However, hotheaded Minister Cai thinks that many of the ministers are too old and untalented... he wants some fresh blood, the best and the brightest. Do we sense a reform coming? I sense a reform coming.
But won't this all piss off the emperor?
I'm sure it will. 
When Lin Shu and Lin Chen discuss the Hua Tribe (finding all of the secret agents is difficult), Lin Shu suddenly remembers something that Prince Yu told him back in prison and that he found odd at the time. That there was something he would never understand. It must be that he has a connection to the Hua Tribe! (what a leap, but seeing how short your time is, we're going with it, Lin Shu). Lin Chen grins widely when he realizes what that means: The Emperor fooled around with that Hua princess. Oh, but will the Tribe avenge Prince Yu?
Is it a tribe of just women? And how does every Hua know who Yu is? (Man that sounds wrong to say that.)
Maybe they had a matriarchal system of government? 
Gong Yu is out of prison, with a heavy heart ... she has a confession to make. Apparently, she is also a Hua Zhu-person! See! They're all women! And she is here to swear that she never did anything to harm Mei Changsu, even though she kept this from him. Awwww. Only, he has known for a long time, and of course, he doesn't care. With her help, he finds out that Pincess Linglong had a child, which later disappeared... hm. hmhmhmmmmm. He's also really curt with her, but that's exactly how you have to treat mooneyed stalkers.
Who belong to tribes that have sworn vengeance on you.  
Or maybe he just really didn't like her all this time and is finally showing it? Or maybe he has realised one has to be stern with stalkers.  
It's Marquis Yan's birthday! Everybody is going there. But ... who is this? A woman (Mrs. Han), travelling on foot and her boy make an appearance, apparently they came from quite a distance just for the occasion. When Mr. Yan sees them, his face turns somber. Hm... who could it be?
It's Mei Changsu's dad. He also has the Poison of the Bitter Flame.
Haha no. We can easily guess who this is judging from a certain conversation that took place over tea. Though I don't remember how long ago that was. 
At Su's, Lin Chen continues to tease Fei Liu, and I'm totally on Fei Liu's side because Lin Chen would drive me nuts!! There's a lot of funny stuff, but the funniest is this: Fei Liu sneaks up on Lin Chen when he speaks to Mei Changsu about Yan's birthday and dumps a full bucket of water on him, exclaiming that the older man "lost". Apparently, they played a game of "pouring water" the evening before, which Lin Chen considered ended, but Fei Liu does not. I'm glad Lin Shu gets to fill his remaining days with laughter.
That was great - Lin Chen is kind of an ass and I will always be on Fei Liu's side.
Go Fei Liu! That was awesome. Yeah, I'm also on Fei Liu's side. Oh these gifs are making my heart glad. 
Marquis Yan takes his surprise guests to a backroom, all politeness. I'll be damned! This is Xiajiang's estranged wife and child! So, not Mei Changsu's dad, then? Okay. She has come because she heard of her husband's death penalty. She wants to settle with the past and wants her son to be able to conduct the death rites for his father. Also, she has details about some of the most unexpected Hua people!
You GO, Mrs. Han.
Yay! No wonder she left Xia Jiang. It seems like she's actually a decent person. 
When Sir Su gets to the party, Yujin takes him to the side and Mei Changsu hears about Mrs. Han's arrival. Oh, it seems Lin Chen called for her, which comes as somewhat a surprise to him, but a pleasant one, because now, they can start purging the city of Hua-ers for good! They really are everywhere, like roaches. WERE everywhere, I need to say. Cause... bye, bye!
Hua-bit stew, anyone?
Doesn't this count as genocide though? *sighs* I get that they're a troublesome bunch, I do, but that reference to roaches made me think about real life genocides that used that used that exact term for people. Punish bad people, but do we need to kill everyone? 

After they have all been removed, Mei Changsu pays another visit to the prison. Yes, he's gloating as he delivers some "news" about the outside world. And yes, Xiajiang deserves it. Lin Shu is HAPPY to see the old man in deep shit. And the shit is going to get deeper... Xie Yu has died and the news of his death will reach the Capital very soon. It's the end of the end of the end for Mr. Evil.
And he really feels as though he's been wronged, that fucker. If you did what you did to Lin Shu's family, knowing that it was all lies, wouldn't you think that revenge was justified, if you happened to get caught?
I think that when one does evil deeds like that, one can always find a way to justify them. Humans are kind of awful like that. 


Okay, I'm finally ready to believe that Xiajiang is vanquished. This is it! And when that confession letter of Xie Yu is revealed, the Emperor will have to show his true colors too. I cannot wait. They're all going down, these vile creatures.
Jingyan will be really upset. I'm sure he still wants to believe that his father is a decent person somewhere deep down.
Perhaps. Jingyan seems more of a momma's boy than anything. His father has neglected and mistreated him for years, I think it's safe to say he will be okay. 

I was waiting for that confrontation between Lin Shu and Jingyan in this episode, but it seems both were really careful not to cross ways. There is no secret tunnel between them anymore and the Crown Prince cannot move as freely as he used to. And yet, I bet it took all of Jingyan's willpower not to storm over to his cousin and rage at him, then hug him, then cry with him, then get drunk together, etc. etc. Epic sadness, okay, I can do without it.
It's just weird. Not even a message back and forth? Come on.
They're making the audience suffer like they have to suffer. 

All those funny Lin Chen - Fei Liu scenes were actually really sad too, because Lin Chen is bonding with the little one for the time after Su gege's death. He may be super annoying, but he has a kind heart, too. 
I know, I know.
Oh, now you made me cry with that comment T_______T