Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 10 (Recap)

This is Fo Ye. I like the work you ladies do. *winks hotly*
kakashi: Fo YEEEEEE! 
*blows french kiss*
*French kisses back*
SakiVI: Then let's talk keys and access code to the palace, QiShan dearest. But, it looks like we have some competition, and one that even a diehard fangirl can't resist, Xin Yue! Hello, Ya Tou Antidote! Lubbyu, lubbyu, and lubbyu some more, and a good part of that is for not being Ya Tou.
kakashi: She is the cutest of the cute and she spices everything up like delicious chili. We are getting to my favorite episodes now! Her in connection with the auction-action: a dream come true.  

Episode 10 - Xin Yue Hotel

Back to Bei Ping Station where our new heroine is trying, and failing, at being inconspicuous.
You know, a whole flock of rather sexy female bodyguards trying to feed you dates and other yummy things will kinda be noticed by people. Most of the time. Plus, there's a whole flock of men in hotel uniforms too. She has them change out of it (does she want them naked?) cause she thinks it gives them away. Ahahahaa, you think?
She inspects a sign one of the maids is holding that reads Qu Ru Mei. Apparently it's some sort of riddle that should get a Peng San Bian of some intelligence knowing it's his welcome sign. She doesn't know the actual Peng at all, clearly.
Haha, it's an intelligence test! If Peng does not get, she won't even bother knowing him. Good girl. Even though, seeing how the real Peng is not entirely uncultured (being an Opera Fanboy and all), who knows...people are full of surprises, sometimes.
The main maid points out that the the old master really loves Peng.
Well, I think it's more "likes him for his status". 
Urgh, this girl's dad really wants her to marry Peng. Why, dude, why? Have you seen that horrible man? What kind of dad forces their daughter to marry a man like that? 
Wanna bet daddy has never met Pengy? Good for our sassy girl to feel miffed about her being married away like this, but we also know how common that was and still is in many parts of the world. In her case, it's because her house needs strong alliances. Peng most certainly is this: strong. 
Anyway, our Miss, and I'm referring to her as Miss until someone actually states her name on this show, sorry for the name spoiler above, our Miss sees the train coming and says, Peng, don't even think about stepping into my hotel!
I can't declare my love for her enough. You go, gurl!!!
Here's the Choo Choo train coming into Bei Ping.
How large was Beijing/Beiping at that time in comparison to today? Are our Gates a bit like country bumpkins here? Awww, I will help you settle in, guys. 
We hear that Peng made his money reselling gravel, is good with a whip ("magical", they say, he is magical) - again, ew, what the heck, dad - and has a solid body with rough features. The rough features comment puts our crossdressing heroine off immediately. Lady, wait until you see the real Peng. 
Why do they massage her shoulders, ahahahaaaa. To calm her down? 
Miss says she will just have to chase Peng out of Bei Ping and then receive her dad's punishment.
What a role model!!! 
She's quite the little mafia boss herself.
You know what, I'm not often a follower, but I'd follow her! Little cute button, you. *pinches cheeck* 

But look who gets off the train pretending to be Peng!
Wow. He even looks good in emu. *fans self*
He even understands the riddle the sign poses.
And they way he delivers the lines *fans self harder*, with that cute half-smile.... OMG Fo Ye, enough already, enough! 
Wow, Fo Ye! Not just handsome and masculine and gorgeous and incredible, but well-read too!
So he actually reads the books we sometimes see him with! He really is a dream come true. (My husband isn't reading this blog, right?)

He goes over to the welcoming committee, and our heroine's posse first squeal over him, then ask her if they should start the plan, which apparently involves tying him up. Hmm, maybe you should try a little dinner, a movie, and then get to the kinky stuff. Yunno, warm him up a bit.
I don't know, Saki, I think Fo Ye would like to be tied up. I mean he would like someone to TRY to tie him up, which would of course result in exciting fighting. That would warm him up enough.
Yes, this particular "Peng" doesn't look too bad. Welcome to the fangirling, young Miss.
I'm laughing. This is actually really funny. She had all those scenarios in her head how to get rid of this horrid man who deals in gravel and looks like gravel etc. and then, this gorgeous specimen of a man steps off the train. 
And of course our Miss says it would be rude and unreasonable to tie up this Peng, that is, Fo Ye, without even talking to him first and getting to know him. Exactly. Try a date first.
It continues to be hilarious because she now tries to convince herself and the maids (who need no convincing at all) that their aggressive plans are really very rude. She even licks her lips in anticipation!
Her jaw just dropped open. Normal reaction, what?
Hmmm, yes, he makes me salivate too.
So, Miss, still pretending to be a Mister, becomes the Xin Yue hotel driver for them. 
She's a quick thinker. 
Surprisingly, despite all their talents in divination and sharp sight respectively, neither Ba Ye nor Fo Ye notice this is a girl.
This is a common illness, it seems, in Kdrama AND C-Drama characters. You should all go and have a look at Saki's rants when we were recapping Shine or Go Crazy about that fact. 
Here's a pretty Bei Ping street scene. 
Is she taking them the long route? I think so. She said the drive would take an hour. She just wants to check out Fo Ye some more.
Here's Fo Ye looking hot while being himself. 
Here's our Miss looking lovely while crossdressing.
Here's Ba Ye actually looking pretty handsome without his glasses.
The beauty in this show is mindboggling.
Our Miss notes that the Northwest is a horrible dry desert and wonders what amazing skincare regimen these two men use to look so well-maintained. (Hahahahahahaaaaa) Ba Ye says they're rich, that's why they'd didn't suffer the wind and sun. He also notes our heroine's smooth, delicate skin. Gosh, and he's still not picked up she's a girl? I'd have thought the barely concealed s-line would've given it away earlier, but apparently no one's adding 2 and 2.
I think these boys have lives that are too busy for girls. I love how Fo Ye is just being his usual, aloof self. If you're not a Zhang-soldier or one of the Gates, don't even try to get his attention.
Next, our very clever Miss asks if there are any famous sights in the Northwest? 
Haha, she won't shup up.
Awkward. So, Ba Ye tells her to drive and tosses her a tip. And Fo Ye thinks thinks this driver's intentions are not good. I wonder if he's sensing something isn't quite right, such as this is not a boy?
Maybe a tingly feeling in his stomach?
And just because I liked this screenshot, here's another picture of these two. 
They arrive at the Xin Yue Hotel. 
Looks fitting for rockstars. Could be in Las Vegas, too.
And there, that same hotel employee who met them earlier at the station comes out, having arrived ahead of them somehow. She wants to see the invitation.
See, haha, see? She took them "the long way" indeed. 
Miss continues to check out her "fiancé" with her jaw dropping slightly, because, well, Fo Ye.
I think she's making deep, throaty, rumbling noise. I certainly would.
Fo Ye and Ba Ye are welcomed in.
Oops, someone calls our Miss "Miss!" She tosses him a coin to shut up, but Fo Ye kind of hears something and turns around. Um, where are your amazing powers of observation, Fo Ye?
I think she is already confusing him a lot.
Ooh, our Miss has fallen hard. She's giggling with delight at the very sight of Fo Ye walking! 
Well, at the sight of seeing him from behind. Even in emu, even in emu! 
So, Dear Reader, you know how we've been hearing how amazing this hotel is? Here's the lobby.
Oh! Oh! Check me in! I'll work for my room, as .... Fo Ye's bed? Yes? 
Not bad, and a sort of Art Deco Bei Ping Claridges.
All the girls check out Fo Ye because hawt.
Fo Ye is like "What the heck?". And Ba Ye just smiles happily. Not sure it's because of the girls, I think he's just happy to be in such a grand place (that is not Fo Ye's palace).
Fo Ye and Ba Ye are taken to their room. Odd how no one is questioning Ba Ye's presence. They were expecting a Peng, not a Peng Plus One.  
They probably assume he's a servant or a secretary. Don't you travel with one?
Cut to a glam room.  
They really do not spare any expenses in this drama! The sets are marvellous.
Ba Ye likes it and Fo Ye says the hotel has been open for one hundred years and it's history and background have been a mystery because no matter what the situation, the Qing dynasty falling, new regime in power, the hotel has simply become more and more stable. Fo Ye says that means the hotel has unfathomable depths. I think that means he's hoping there's a tomb below it.
Damn, he's fantasizing about caves again!
Here's Fo Ye looking cool in whatever this traditional Chinese outfit is called. High collars suit him.
Did you notice that he copied Peng's red trousers too in his disguise? So meticulous! 
Ba Ye says it's just a rich hotel that cultivates an air of mystery to make money. I'm with him. The pair decide to gather information before the auction start, and then plonk down like this.
Okay, Ba Ye plonks down while Fo Ye just sits slightly casual.
I really love them. Awww. 

Cut to the Jin Tai hotel where Er Ye and Ya Tou check in.  
Right, they're in this drama too, I conveniently forgot. But look! Fur. 
Ya Tou offers to wash and brush Er Ye's hair. Er Ye says, your body is weak, I'll do it. (c o m e  on)Ya Tou says she's fine and she's home for long periods of time and excited to see Bei Ping with Er Ye. Er Ye says he's happy she likes it there, and that they can come again in the future. And Ya Tou says wherever you want to go, Er Ye. Anyone miss the point that these two are in love? No? Good.
They get the MOST.ANNOYING.COUPLE award. Seriously. I'd throw up into my mouth constantly if I had to be with them in real life!
Er Ye directs Ya Tou to sit at the dressing table and starts to comb her hair with the comb that's been left there by someone else who stayed in the room before. 
Oh, maybe she'll get lice and will get really really sick from them?
Ya Tou is worried about Fo Ye and Ba Ye. Er Ye tells her not to worry. This is all so boring, it's a cure for insomnia. But I do like their clothes and jewelry. I didn't know men wore such pretty brooches back then.
Yatou's brain: 'quick, what could I worry about? Ah, yes, those other guys. I am so worried! I am so worried!'
Er Ye remembers his conversation with Fo Ye after their shenanigans on the train: Fo Ye had told Er Ye to go stay somewhere else because there was only one invitation and their party, which included a lady, was too conspicuous otherwise. Er Ye refused, but Fo Ye told him that if anything happened to him or Ba Ye, Er Ye could then come to their aid. Makes sense, though Er Ye doesn't like it.
I think Fo Ye does not like Yatou just like us and wanted to be as far away from her depressing presence as possible. *brofist*
Er Ye then wanted to know what he could do for Fo Ye, and Fo Ye laughed, saying to give him all of Er Ye's money. 
Here's Er Ye remembering all this.
Very handsome. *two thumbs up* 
Oh noes, Ya Tou's hair is breaking off!  
Oh, I must be terminally ill too, then!
She should condition more. Anyway, Ya Tou sees Er Ye's expression and asks what is wrong. Er Ye covers and suggests a modern bob style for her. I have to agree, her face would be better balanced. And then, Er Ye takes the scissors that just happen to be there, and starts to cut Ya Tou's hair right then and there, undermining the whole hairdressing experience that I pay for.
And with scissors like this! Hairdressers could save a lot of money! (if they work for a hairdresser chain, they have to buy their scissors themselves and they are super expensive)
Oh well, I guess Er Ye has skillz.
Superpowers: amazing.
They are happy in the moment together, but Er Ye is still sad, knowing Ya Tou's hair is too dry.
Yeah, okay. She looks better this way, you got that to be happy about, Er Ye. 
Cut to whatever the heck this is. 
A Christmas tree, look! At the top! 
Oh it's this Chief Lu's house. Amazing, even the house is inadequate. 
I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! (hey, the actor is good-looking though, I'll admit that. A bit square, overall, in the face, but not bad).
His handsome aide tells him Fo Ye is unavailable. 
Wow, this Lu Idiot is just so obsessed with Fo Ye. Did Fo Ye bully him when they were little? 
And by the way, continues the aide, there's a criminal arrested called Chen Pi who is Er Ye's disciple. 
That gets Chief Lu interested. In particular, he is interested in knowing Chen Pi was arrested for hobnobbing with the Japanese. So we get Chief Lu's Thinking Face.
Yeah, okay, at least he looks 1000000000x better than Hendry.
Off he goes to meet Chen Pi. Oh puhlease, like Chen Pi is going to be any less of a Chen Poo with you, Chief Lu!
ROFL at Chief Lu et al trying to stride but scuttling forward instead. They think they are so cool. 
He doesn't get a gif. He is trying to be like Fo Ye, but he is nothing like him.
They accost Chen Pi in his cell. Chen Pi's nose looks awesome.
And yet, his nose is slowly starting to lose its power to keep me interested in this storyline. I hope he changes his hair soon, you know, as we know he will from the promo material. If I can discuss his hair, I will be fine again.
They get Chen Pi's attention by mentioning the Japanese. 
You know what I hate most about Lu Idiot: His smile.
And they get him mad by saying he's a sacrificial piece thrown away by the Ye's.
That's understandable. Less understandable, still: how did Er Ye ever hook up with this vile worm of a Chen Pi? And how does he let him stay in his house though he is nothing more than a thug? 
Chief Lu also plants the idea that Fo Ye is the one responsible for throwing Chen Pi away, and that, if Chen Pi just cooperates, Chief Lu will try to save him from execution. Here's another Chen Pi nose pic because gorgeous.
I admit that a large part of my hate for Lu Idiot stems from the fact that he has nothing better to do than to plot against Fo Ye ALL DAY LONG. I think he doesn't even take a shit without thinking about Fo Ye. What's his problem?!
Chen Pi is still holding a bit to the side of Light, since he still won't talk.
Off to torture, then.
Oh Noes! (Geddit?) 
You can do anything, but don't touch the nose!!!!

Cut to the Xin Yue hotel. I know I called it a sort of Claridges earlier, but it's quite amusingly tacky.
Still better than Granny Huo's hotel in the Lost Tomb! 
Still, I can see how people must've been impressed with the Art Deco styling. And the moon is fittingly above it. 
The whole show is a bit Art Deco! I like it. By the way, it's always and continually a full moon in Asian drama. I like that. Explains some of the crazy. 

Fo Ye and Ba Ye enter the lobby, where Ba Ye spots a famous priest. Still wearing fur coats. Must be cold there. I started sweating immediately.
Ba Ye fanboys. Fo Ye tells him to say hello. Aw, hearts to Fo Ye's cheeky grin!
Such a cute scene. First, Ba Ye's fanboying. He's just like us. Then, Fo Ye's "why don't you go talk to him?" So typical for such a butch man. And SWOOOON.
Then we get the Twins.
Lovely Twin Flowers. 
Ba Ye says to Fo Ye that they'll take off his skin.
Loved how Fo Ye checked them out from head to toe. Love that these two are after the wealthy. Love the whole set-up. Also, there are some great memes about Ba Ye touching Fo Ye's emu on weibo, but I don't have them available here.
Anyway, the upshot is that famous people are here and the auction must be amazing.
I'm so excited!!!
But our Chipmunk Hunk says no, these are all small fry. The real wealthy have yet to arrive.
Awww, come on, don't spoil my excitement, Fo Ye
That extra chin is too cute.
*pinches, then strokes*
He also notes that not many people know Peng, which why they're getting away with Fo Ye pretending to be him, and why not many are approaching him. I can't think people would want to know Peng, frankly. They go into the hall where music is playing and people are gambling.
Grand! And perfect for playing Pokemon Go, I think.
Looks like this is where the auction will be held.
It reminded me of the Lost Tomb auction hall!  
They also see our Miss still in her cosplay. And they still think she's a boy. 
Oh well.... maybe it's the hair, after all. I mean the mean hair that attacked Fo Ye's brain. It explains a lot.
He never looked better though.
Fo Ye notes that the women around in uniforms have excellent hearing. When the dice move, their ears move too, says Fo Ye. Oops, and they hear him!
They're not really wearing "green" though. Either Fo Ye and Ba Ye are colorblind, or this is one of those "is it black? is it gold?" discussion.
Which means, Fo Ye says, they've heard everything all along.
So, does this mean they know he's not Peng?
I'ts like the NSA, Saki. They collect all the information, but in the end, they don't know much, because there is too much noise. So no, they don't know he isn't Peng. They also haven't mentioned to each other that he is not. We're good. 

Anyway, Ba Ye has a solution: use Changsha dialect! 
Love you, Ba Ye. You too, Fo Ye, sorry. And of course, Ba Ye would try it out by calling out "Idiot" in Changsha dialect. Ahahahaa. 
Yep, Ba Ye, that was a good idea.
So, more gambling. 
And cheating!!! Cause of course, what to else use super hearing for than a little trickery... They let the guys win for a while until they're drunk on winning and then, the losing will start. Oooold casino trick.
Our Miss gets just as bored as me
that's part of the trick!
And the boys watch her leave...
Any butterflies yet, Fo Ye?
... before they split up to check the auction room out.
They reconnect to note there are plenty of guards with big sticks. Ba Ye says they are no match for Fo Ye and his big stick, though, but Fo Ye says not to underestimate them.
He's the kind of guy who can appreciate other guys' big sticks.
Turns out the guards' sticks have poisin needles on them. Okay, that's creepy.
I definitely would NOT want such a big stick near me. 
Here's Ba Ye reacting to that news.
He doesn't like it either. 
Since the guards keep people from going upstairs, Fo Ye thinks the treasure room is upstairs. So, he means to steal the carpesium if he can't buy it? Anyway, Ba Ye thinks that the listening servants are the main problem. But Fo Ye wisely, though still hotly, says that in this world, there are no impenetrable walls
He sounds even hotter in Changsha dialect. And not many people look good when they're eating. I bet he's a good runner, too. 
Fo Ye then hotly stares at the entertainers.
And the musicians.
Then some idea comes and he becomes hotly thoughtful.
Cut to their hotel suite where they look at the entertainment program. There's an opera troupe on the list.
Fo Ye wants to know if Ba Ye knows any of the songs. Ba Ye says, no this is Er Ye territory. So, apparently the final performance is bid upon and chosen that way. I think they mean that the songs which are performed at the finale is decided by auction.
It's such an excellent idea to make money!!! *Applauds what's-its-name hotel*
Fo Ye says he wonders if the performers would do a good job? I wonder why he cares. He did say he wanted Er Ye to stay outside of the hotel in case they needed back up.
I think he just misses his friend very much. .... NOT. Haha. Remember, he doesn't particularly care for opera. Must be something about this particular song from this particular opera.
Cut to Er Ye and Ya Tou and Er Ye remembering Ya Tou's dry hair.
It's a sad affair.
Er Ye also remembers that Fo Ye promised to get him the medicine. So, he strokes Ya Tou's hair as she sleeps. 
Careful now! Or she might wake up bold!
Honestly, a little hot oil treatment and some bone broth will work wonders. Such an unnecessary fuss.
Cut to the Xin Yue Hotel in the morning.
Looks like the twins found their mark.
Hahahaaa, good on them.
They both got rings out of him. 

Ba Ye walks in.
And I'd like to note that Ba Ye strides too. Chief Lu could use some lessons.
Or he could just buzz off forever. 
He joins some random people for orange juice.
They are discussing how the auction will be exciting. Ba Ye tells them how the highest bidder can choose the performance.
I don't think he chose that table randomly after all... 
His companions at first think that's a silly idea aimed at getting them to spend more money, but Ba Ye convinces them it's good personal PR. The twins and their new friend are listening too.
And Ba Ye tells his new friends there's a science to picking the performance so that you're always admired for your choice. The thing to do, says Ba Ye, is to choose Mu Ke Zhai! (Question: why?)
Anyway, he's convinced everyone, twins included.
Just because he says so, hahaha. Vain people are so gullible. 
Cut to Fo Ye and Ba Ye in the room listening to Er Ye's singing. Fo Ye writing it down, (the lyrics? Should have looked them up online)
and Ba Ye cutting something out of paper.
Sob! Fo Ye is using a ballpoint!
*Pat, pat*
How could he?
It's not a deal breaker, Saki.


I can't believe His Hotness uses ballpoints! I am actually a little teary right now. Then again, ballpoints is what they have in hotels, so I shouldn't be too upset, really. It's easily remedied, Dearest. Just gift him with a really nice fountain pen when you move in.

To get back to what he's writing so nicely, I suppose we'll find out next episode. But in the meantime, I'm well and truly stumped. Maybe Er Ye will end up at the auction after all.
I have a pretty good idea, but I won't spoil. The clues were this: Performance, music, opera, one particular song - in connection with one of the biggest obstacles in the hotel.

Our new heroine is so cute! But when will drama production people learn that crossdressing looks stupid except on actually androgynous people? And how on earth did our two geniuses get fooled? Oddballs, the pair of them! 
I am now convinced it must be some hair-residue in Fo Ye's brain ... and Ba Ye is generally a bit clueless until he isn't, so there's that.

Another thing I don't understand is, why is Peng the fiance for this clearly carefully-brought up young lady? There must be plenty of rich people who would make better connections than him right there in Bei Ping.
Maybe it's the gravel that impressed Daddy? 

Finally, the super-hearing people at the gaming tables and running the hotel were a nice nod to The Lost Tomb. Perhaps there is a tribe somewhere producing these incredible ears.
The auctioneer in the next episode looked a lot like the one in The Lost Tomb, too. I didn't check yet, but I even thought she might be the same actress at one point!