Rants and Weekly Raves #98 (RAWR)

kakashi is not currently watching anything, hello goodbye!
Jaehyus: I may be able to write more this weekend. I hope to start Ice Fantasy then. Uncontrollably Fond will have to wait for a holiday weekend.
JoAnne: Ice Fantasy is never going to happen in my world. Never ever ever. Ever. There is one that I'd like to watch, but no subs - Wanderer at the Edge or something like that. Sigh. Update: It's now called Border Town Prodigal - it's on Viki, but not subbed yet. They're looking for people, so if you like Wuxia with at least one pretty, pretty man - they want you!
Trotwood: I'm only watching Beautiful Mind and W. Trying to catch up with Old Mystic Nine, but I'm excited about the new Kim Hee-ae and Ji Jin Hee in 2nd Last Love. I really (really) need to be able to watch a show with 40somethings having a life at least once a year (Do you hear me drama gods--we don't go from sweet 20 to sassy 60s with nothing in between!)
becca: Choi Ji-woo and Joo Jin-mo have an upcoming drama, too, which I'm looking forward to. I'm still not watching a lot of shows, but I've managed to catch up on a couple. And I'm excited about them!
Darlings, the Waterstones' free Wifi thinks we're "inappropriate". Can't take moobs or what?
He has nice moobs.

New East

Second to Last Love

I watched the first episode - it was a bit...frenetic? shall we say?  But I think when this settles out it's going to be a lot of fun to watch.  It will be really hard to go wrong with Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hee Ae, that's all I'm saying.

Age of Youth

I'd heard this was boring, but I don't agree. In fact, in just the first two episodes we cover ground you rarely see in a Kdrama - sexually active young women, for starters. It just builds and builds from there, adding layers of complexity as it peels back the curtain on each woman's life.  It's frank and has a good feel to it - emotional without being maudlin, bold without being trashy. The women are all likable once you give the characters a minute to flesh out, and I am very curious about their stories. For those who complain about the restrictive characterizatons allotted to women in KDrama, this should be a welcome antidote - it takes the archetypes and then gives them flesh and bones and blood. I'll be sticking with this.
Okay, so after reading the above, I tried it, and within the first ten minutes, I threw up a little in my mouth.  I was eating dinner, and one character gets on the toilet and goes plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, and the damage was done.  I'm sure this is a lovely show, but I cannot look at it without feeling sick now.

Old East


SOMEbody learned how to KISS. Hot damn! A thought occurs to me: what if Park Shin Hye has historically been the most terrible of terrible kissers because she is, in fact, a very good kisser? *scans the horizon for fans*

Beautiful Mind

This show is so good, and I'm not just saying that because I'm already missing it and the idea that we have only two episodes left. Jang Hyuk is excellent in this and it really uses these "patient of the week" stories to show character growth and change. I loved, loved, loved, the Nurse Jang subplot. Not just because I always love this actress but because the story is so true and real. It is a fact that many hospitals in Korea "request" their nurses to take turns getting pregnant so as not to disrupt the rotation. It is fact world over that many companies still try to remove or hide away or force into retirement or downgrade a woman's job position once she gets pregnant. She is and has proven to be throughout series a really good nurse--not just because she knows her stuff but because she knows her patients. Anyone working in the medical field knows that nurses make up the backbone and often the heart of any hospital. Ironically, the man without emotions gets that. And Min Jae. Oh Min Jae. How I want to punch your "I am the victim and full of pain and even though I betrayed you in the worst way I want to start over with you so I will try to make you feel better by making you hate your father more than you hate me" face. Go away. Just. Go. Away.
Not that I'm not enjoying the twist and happy that there's a chance for LYO and his Wi-Fi, but, ummm...what about the test results showing damage to the lobe?
becca: I love this show. There's something rather soulful about the way it treats its characters and explores their relationships. Well, except when hospital politics are going on without LYO around, but even then it's pretty easy to ignore. I wish the show hadn't been cut - those two extra episodes would have been nice to flesh out some of the side characters and conflicts a bit more. As for the ending of episode 12... I was tired, so I feel like I missed something. Did the other doctor do the damage or was LYO truly "normal" before his father's "training"?

The Mystic Nine

OH my, it did get a little warm in the room when Fo Ye had his shirt off. And when he smiled. And when he felt awkward. And when he was frustrated. And when he fought all those guys to save Xie Yue. Other stuff happened. Ya Tou died, I think. She wasn't really sick, it was all in her mind.  If she'd thought, "look at all the walking and stitching and gardening and noodling I do, I'm fine," she'd have survived.  I'm sure of it.  They all forgot about Chen Pi for a really long time and I think that will probably be a problem later. But Fo Ye. Damn. I now actually LIKE him in emu. I'm thinking we should institute an emu test for future puppies: Would we still be into him if he was wearing head-to-toe emu? For the record: I would like Woobie in emu. And probably Rain.
Let's be honest. Is there anything that you wouldn't like Rain in?
becca: I'm pretty sure Rain has made worse fashion choices than emu, and JoAnne still loves him, so that answers that question. (^_^)
I need to go watch the shirtless scene again, though.
Fo Ye Foyever. 

Bring It On, Ghost

The newly formed Blood Sausage Soup Club really warms my heart while I'm laughing at them, how about you?  And I'm dying to know what kind of demon the professor is, especially now that we know he's there specifically because of Bong Pal.  We've now confirmed that the monk and Bong Pal go way back and may even have a family connection, and I'm curious still to know why the monk can no longer sense ghosts - although he DID pick up on the professor's aura, didn't he...and then, of course, Bong Pal and Hyun Ji just kill you with the sweetness and the youthful innocence and the growing attraction, don't they?  I like this little drama a lot.
I tried this after the failed AoY attempt, and I'm loving it.  Only in the middle of ep 2, but it's really good. I especially like these two boys. 
Rang and Sang are the best, aren't they? SO FUNNY.

Ice Fantasy

Not even if you promised me a night with William Chan would I watch this. I think. Well, I might if you promised me the night with William Chan. I need to go watch that shirtless scene again...he's so damn STERN it's just too sexy.
Told you so last week, and you went "lalala Woobie is much hotter lalala"
Who knew that was coming?  I mean, I'd seen him shirtless.  It's not that impressive.  But wow, the total package is something for sure.
Saw episode 1.  Was amusingly crazy.  I'll continue for now.
Wonder Woman's Midlife Mustache

Uncontrollably Fond

*sobbing* I love him so muuuuuch!  She's going to feel so bad that she wasted any time pushing him away!  Next recap will have to be 4-8...maybe 4-7 and then 8 on its own because it deserves a LOT of squee.

W-Two Worlds

This is fun. I need fun. Strife at work, home, country, and world. I can't take much more. Need fun. If this keeps being fun (unlike Squad 38), I'll stick with it.
becca: I'm in love. All throughout each episode, I can't stop giggling and gasping, and when it's over, my heart has that tingly, fluttery feeling that only my favorite dramas can give me. It's a feeling that I will forever associate with Queen In-hyun's Man - and that is a very very good association in my book. Song Jae-jung jakkanim! Saranghaeyo!! *shoots hearts*
I'm not squeeing with everyone, mostly because I do find it hard to accept a puppy as an action hero (those fight scenes don't help) - but the story is first-class and I can't wait for episode 5, especially now that he's gone to HER.
I can't help thinking that Lee Jong Seok was a casting misstep, too. If I think about what manhwa characters look like, it makes sense, but still.... I'm hoping that he steps it up on the acting front soon, so that I won't be distracted thinking about his puppy-looks. Han Hyo Joo, on the other hand - I find her absolutely adorable in this. Her freak-outs are hilarious, and I'm enjoying her quieter moments as well. All that said, it's honestly the writing that really has me excited. I want to know what happens next!
His acting is weird this time.  He's better than this.  Someone said it could just this first portion, when he's actually a manhwa character, and that when he crosses into her world it will change.  I hope so.

Whirlwind Girl 2

I am so painfully bored that not even Wookie's amazing arms can hold me to this show.
That was the problem I had with the first Whirlwind Girl, and thus I'm not in a hurry for this one.

Five Children

Anyone watching this still?  I gave up, I think for good, finally.
Hell yes, still watching.  I still have one ep to watch for this week's run, but it's been picking up a lot of speed on the brothers front with that deceitful mom, and Mi Jung is handling her 'extra' in-laws with her normal brilliance - man, I love that lady.  I'll be sorry when this ends, honestly, I like (most of) these people.
Aaannd, now I think I'll go back to it...

Squad 38

The bromance is still alive!  YES!  This is the longest of long cons, I swear - two years in the making, but could have been TEN if Jung Do hadn't gotten parole.  And now So Hee is in the mix, too? YES, finally. Take those badgood guys down hard, my goodbad guys.  I love you all!

Prince of Wolf

I'm going to push the little sister off a cliff, but I'll watch my little Wolfie adapt to village life happily. Man, what a cheesy show!  So much fun.  Episode 3 recap probably later this week?  


Stranger Things

This was a good, quick, marathon.  Kakashi I think would like this, too. For me, it's a combination of things: a nostalgic look back at what my world looked like when I was 20; an homage to King, Speilberg, others - all of whom I enjoy, AND an absorbing paranormal/sci-fi mystery, well-acted by a cast of talented people who include actors I've liked for years. I've watched the whole first season (8 episodes) and enjoyed it quite a bit. There's no word on whether there will be a season 2, and the first season is complete on its own although it does leave bread crumbs for future exploration. It's not that scary, although you will be startled at times and a bit anxious at others. There's not much blood at all, either, but there is occasional violence. The monster is effective and The Upside Down is creepy as hell. It's a Netflix show, so if you have access, check it out.