A Princely RAWR

kakashi: Mama JoAnne got us to do a Princes' tribute. One, two princes kneel before you, lalalaaaa, princes, princes who adore you, lalalaaaaaa, three, four and five and six and seeeeeven. Oh, actually, there are eight? It's pretty clear who our favorite is. No, it's not eight.

Crown Prince Mu

JoAnne: He seems like a nice man. A bit overwhelmed by his role and not that desirous of the responsibility or pressure, but he isn't built to go against his father. He's not built to go against his brothers, either. So we'll see how that turns out. I like that he genuinely loves So. I know that he was swayed by the arguments that So might be out to get him, briefly, but I think at this point in his life he'd still come to his senses about it
Shuk: Oh, the heartbreak of psoriasis. Still, I agree with Jo. He just wants everyone to get along and happily splash around in that milk pool forever.
kakashi: Why do they even make soft people like him Crown Prince. One look and it's clear he will either be a puppet of someone more powerful next to or behind him (or on top of him?) or he will be killed first chance anyone gets. But I'm often amazed at how tall this guy is and how much more mature he looks than the other princes
He's the eldest and the one who was born before the king became king and fought in battles with him. Send him off to be a general guarding the borders.  

Third Prince Wang Yo

Led around by his mother. Judging by the eyeliner and grandma-earrings I'm guessing he has a secret wish to be Queen. I like to think he probably would have turned out okay if it weren't for the evil Queen Yoo Suk. Ah, who am I kidding... he's a jerk.
And the whole liking his half-sister? Squick. On the other hand, I think she's ready to be...err...squicked.
He's kind of hot-ish though. He would also make a good pirate. And I hope this actor doesn't scowl like this in real life too or he'll have ugly wrinkles. 
Goryeo men wore makeup and earrings.  He is beautiful with or without.

Fourth Prince Wang So

My darling, beloved wolf. Separated from his family at an early age and after traumatic injury at the hands of his mother, treated terribly by his new 'family' for years, despised by the people he loved and missed -is it any wonder he grew up like a wild thing? But we are shown, over and over again, that what he craves is to be loved and to be allowed to love. That he has kindness and the capacity for joy within him. He isn't evil at all. He's not to be fucked with, that's for sure, but if he cares about you he tries so hard. With love in his life and a few people he can count on, he would be a very good ruler. Able to make hard decisions, but also compassionate when necessary. Smart enough to know when he needed to be one or the other. That he continues to hope, even with all his loneliness and sadness? It breaks my heart
See, I think he indeed craves to be loved and earnestly wants to love ... but I also think it's too late for him. He has been severely and cruelly damaged and no love in the world can help him. He is an utterly tragic figure and we will cry buckets over him
I don't think it's too late yet...but I think that things will happen and there'll be a tipping point and we will cry buckets over him.
Yes, yes, tortured soul and wants to be loved. Still wish he hadn't killed that horse.

Eighth Prince Wang Wook

I thought he was a man who held back from court life because he was above the petty intrigue. Now I see he's a weak man who won't do anything to jeopardize his position or his family's position, even when he knows right from wrong, even when it causes him pain. I totally bought his belated realization about Lady Hae, and I could even buy it as sort of okay that he'd fall for Soo, her cousin. But now? He's dead to me. It's not bad enough that he betrayed Soo, no, he has to show up, let her see him, and then let her see him decide to abandon her. Fucking asshole. Dead to me. I hope he spends the rest of his life picturing Soo near death, kneeling in the rain, with his brothers and So acting like men while he runs away like a coward. Kang Ha Neul is killing this role - I really think it should be a defining moment in his career. Much as I love So/Lee Joon Gi... I think the actor that shines as most impressive here is probably Kang Ha Neul. I wonder if I'll feel this way at the end?
I think he's gonna spend the rest of his miserable picturing Wolfie and Sooie gamboling in some flowery meadow while he hangs out with other rats in a vermin infested hole. That's my hope anyway. And massive props for KHN, who managed with about 15 minutes of acting, turn me from a 8th Prince shipper to someone who wants to pull out his fingernails.
Ha, you guys are cruel. He is a coward, yes, and I hate him, but! is putting family first such a crime? (KHN is amazing in this) 
It is when your family commits a crime that sentences another innocent person to death, yes.
It's not that easy though. His sister committed treason. If that is found out, the whole family will die, including his mother - they're in a precarious position as is (that's why the sister is so desperate to marry the next king). I think that he is acting responsible, actually, like a filial son would have to act. Between having your family slaughtered and having a woman you barely know killed... well. It's a very ugly thing to think about and to say, but I'd put family first too (unless I were a character in a drama).
I think I probably would too, but that doesn't make it right. I am quite certain at least some of my disgust and outrage is related to self-knowledge.
I'm okay with his choices since I find Soo a bit tiresome. ::DucksProjectileMissiles:: And Kang Haneul is so handsome, I die a bit each time I see him.

Ninth Prince Wang Won

The Forgotten Prince. Wang Won't. Won't put himself out. Won't tell the truth. Won't ever get any votes as the best prince. 
Who is this?  

Tenth Prince Wang Eun

I cannot fathom a life where a grown man of 19 or 20 or whatever he is would act like a spoiled ten year old. Younger, even. However, there were times when he was cute. Can't excuse the way he's treating the Bear Girl, though. She is a love, and she deserves much better just because she's human, anyway. I have to assume that this was a directorial choice because in more serious scenes Baekhyun appeared to do just fine.
He'll fall completely in love with her when she saves his life and princess-carries him back to the palace.
I'm so glad they've basically cancelled him. He is unfunny, unpleasant and super annoying.
I only watched the first three eps and then the latest three eps, and they have not cancelled this character out enough. Also, Baekhyun is annoying. Taeyeon, what were you thinking?

Thirteenth Prince Baek-Ah

Big strikes again! Baek-Ah is just a lovely human being and pretty, pretty prince. I hope he makes it to the end. I love that he really sees people. He didn't like Soo at first, because of Lady Hae; but he let the reality of Soo's good heart be the defining characteristic, and he's been a staunch ally when she needed one. He feels a kinship with So because they both come from weak families, but also because he sees that So is hurt and wounded, not evil and vicious. His instinct is to befriend, not betray.
Yes, so that friendship between him and So, that's a complete mystery because they never thought to show any of it to us. Haha, oh well.
I don't notice him.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung

Kind of the meathead of the group, I think. Not at all intellectual, but he is observant and friendly. I think he'd be friendlier to So if he could get it through his head that So being there didn't make his mother and brother more evil - it just brought it out into the open. I've liked Ji Soo better in roles with at least a little subtlety - but that's not his fault, here, and there's also still time for his character to grow. We'll see.
I like my guys quite a bit more intellectual. Plus, I don't like his aegyo-talk. His talents are clearly wasted in this, but that's okay, I actually don't care much about anyone else but So and Wook, to see the first become kind and the second fall into the depth of mysery.
He bores me.