The Man (That Should Be) Living at My House - Episode 6 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Ratings are dropping for this show and I know why: Not enough Kim Ji-hoon! The less he is on screen, the less people watch.
JoAnne: Despite that cute Kim Ji Hoon smile, I believe it had something to do with (shudders) Romantic Doctor. I just.. that name. Ugh.

Episode 6

Kwak Kwak stuff, more Kwak Kwak stuff and then, some drunken Yeo-Joo "comedy" (what is she even doing there?), accidental skinship, more Yeo-Joo (no, definitely not funny) and then, at 13 minutes and 28 seconds, a mention of Kim Ji-hoon! Apparently, Dong-jin will transfer to the Hong Kong head office. Nice, that will probably mean an end to me recaps. Yeo-Joo is afraid no one will come to her wedding if Na-ri does not publicly make up with her. WOW. In the process of all this, she learns that Kwak is Na-ri's stepdad. Wait, this is not at all Kim Ji-hoon related ... fastforward!
If you are watching this show, like discerning folk in need of light entertainment do, the Kwak Kwak stuff is getting interesting - he is a complete love and basically has been since birth, but he's had a SHIT life: abandoned without even a name, he's given regular attention and affection by Na Ri's mom who volunteers at the orphanage until he's adopted as young teen by a loan shark who is basically raising home-grown thugs. Ugh. Actual Flower Boy is another one and may be more similar to Nan Gil than we thought at first. Duk Bong the Sleezy Lawyer is also turning out to have a bit of a softer side, although he's mostly still an alien when it comes to genuine emotion. Duk Bong's sister Duk Shim, though, she just gets crazier and crazier.

Here he is, in the flesh at minute 49 and 22 seconds. He is sitting on a bench and there is some weird-ass sculpture. It's kinda cool though. 
It's gorgeous. Imagine it in the snow.
I like his star sweater and I also like her knitted dress.
The dress is cute on her but I'm not a huge fan; if I saw it hanging in a store I wouldn't look twice. The sweater, on the other hand, I love to bits.
Yeo-Joo tells him she went to see Na-ri and apparently, she sent him a picture (of them together?). She says she feels better (for what) and all of this makes him happy.
Ugh, she pretends to him that she cares about Na Ri's feelings. I think she wants him to feel like they were swept away by true love, couldn't be helped, and that everyone should just smile fondly in the face of such passion.
She talks about Na-ri's new guy (Dong-jin says he's not a "guy") and then about the other guy, Kwon Duk-Bong, whom she suspects of being Na-ri's new boyfriend next. She even claims it's likely Na-ri cheated first. And he totally cannot go back.

She needs to shut her mouth. Soon.
Is he on drugs? He just smiles happily. First, he has no intention of "going back" and second, if Na-ri says someone is a friend, that someone is a friend.
He is the weirdest thing ever. I think he sees right through Yeo Joo's crap but somehow likes her anyway. At least he does think highly of Na Ri and won't stand for her being maligned.
on drugs
She complains about how badly her colleagues treat her for stealing Na-ri's man - which she TOTALLY did. He tells her to stop talking about Na-ri now. It's all good. He likes her, the snake - as she is. Not the other woman he spent nine years with. 
Forget drugs. He's insane. Or had a frontal lobotomy.
Aaaaaand she leans in to "kiss" him and it's the lamest of all ever kisses. Disgusting.
For a minute, I thought he was not going to respond. Up to this point, I wondered if he was thinking of ending things. It was here, this moment, when I decided for sure that he sees right through the Snake but loves her anyway. I think he'd rather she behaved better but I guess he's willing to overlook it for the most part. And now I'm thinking that she genuinely loves him, just because he's him, and that her awful behavior is just how she acts regardless. She might not know any other way to act toward a man - she sure piles it on with Nan Gil and Duk Bong.


Did this seem like a good-bye scene? It probably was. Poor Kim Ji-hoon. Poor, poor Kim Ji-hoon. Not even a proper kiss! And all those borderline-ugly sweaters!
I thought it was right up until that last second. Look, he closes his eyes and leans in. He might leave her for a while, but I think they're end game.