Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 31 (Recap)

kakashi: Pacts are made and Fire Princes look pretty all of a sudden ... Shi is almost crowned, but not quite yet - and Kasuo mopes. A normal day in Ice City, really. 
SakiVI: A possible Fire Prince looks gorgeous.  
JoAnne: The silver eye thingie looks very dull next to his epaulets.

Episode 31

Li Luo meets Lan Shang in front of Kasuo's chambers ... it's time to discuss a few things, it seems. Lan Shang tells Li Luo that the Sword Fairies cannot be removed from Kasuo's body - he is dying. She also tells Li Luo that she knows Kasuo loves her very much. That's Twu Lurve par excellence! Very good second lead behavior!! Lan Shang loves Kasuo so much she only wants to see him happy.
And yet she won't back off, either. Lan Shang is really rather sneaky. 
She's not willing to just step aside. It's very annoying.
There is only one thing Lan Shang demands to know: does Li Luo also love Kasuo more than her own life? would she be ready to sacrifice everything? Li Luo does not think she needs to answer this, so Lan Shang gets annoying ... until Shi packs her in a magic bubble, lifts her into the air, and drags her away, to scold her for her rudeness. Hehe. 
See, Shi is awesome.
That does win him a lot of points. I agree. Lan Shang is that person who makes everyone's personal drama about herself, somehow.
Well, guess whether Li Luo is ready to give everything she has for Kasuo or not ... Three guesses!
We don't actually know yet! I guessed she would, though. She's even gone to barren cold lands for him.  But she does bring "The Will of the Fallen" to the Ice King. And remember what that dead guy with the bad hair said about it? It's ultra dangerous. And no, Ice King. It's not "just a legend". What is it with these things and everybody thinking they're "just a legend"?
It's disingenuous of these people who are obsessed with and live by magic to dismiss anything as a legend.
The thing is, I don't think that it's just a blind yes or no for Li Luo. I think she'd sacrifice herself for him, yes, if it would mean something actually beneficial for him. But I don't think she's just going to foolishly do whatever just because she loves him.
Back to the "library" Li Luo goes - the Will of the Fallen is triggered by one of those non-existent books there. At first, it doesn't work, but then, a spirit being appears. I'm little surprised to hear that it only grants wishes if given something in return. Basically, it's: "If you want to save a life, you have to risk one". Of course, she offers hers. Put up your hand if you are surprised.
Mine are down.
So are mine. This fits her bill 100%.
Lady Lotus is preparing a gift for her son ... she wants to give him her Teardrop Charm! But when she inserts the gem into the ... brooch? not sure what it is, she gets a flash-message, which apparently means "Fire King wants to speak to you".
How tiresome he can be.
But it's not the Fire King waiting in their underground meeting place ... it's the horrible son, Shuo Gang! He got a Teardrop Charm from Daddy (otherwise, he couldn't move underwater) ... who steps out of the shadows as well. Wow, Lian Ji really hates this man, that much is obvious! He gloats about the future Ice King being his son and then tries to blackmail Lady Lotus. Either Shi cooperates with him or he will expose his true heritage. Charming.
Why is Shuo Gang the only Fire Prince who can show himself as a humanoid? Maybe the rest are worse, shudder.
Witness my complete and utter lack of interest in the internal rules of the Firelings.
He walks away laughing, which leaves his horrible son with Lian Ji ... and she knows how to take out her anger on whoever gets in her way! She rips the Teardrop Charm out of his hand and blasts him out of the water. Heheheee. Sadly, the ugly prince doesn't die. But Lian Ji definitely gets her power back!
The more Shuo Gang is beaten up, the better.
Yan Da has of course noticed that something to do with Ying Kong Shi is up - she ambushes her brother when he returns from his ocean adventures to find out what. Shuo Gang is too stupid to keep his mouth shut, of course, and he almost spills the beans on who (they think) Ying Kong Shi is. Poor Yan Da remains hopeful, cause she does not yet know she's in fauxcest hell.
I feel so bad for her.
That would have to feel pretty awkward, yep. I wonder if you have a crush on a guy and then find out he's your brother, does the crush immediately wither and die? I hope so, for her sake.
Coronation time! Shi looks splendid. Oh yes, sigh. But before he is crowned, everybody is to show their magical talents (for spy identification, that is). Huang Tuo presents "The Healers' Evergreen Bottle". With the tonic that is in it, you can turn any withered plant into a living plant again. Chao Ya gives him "the Wind Glider Cape". It's a coat that can ... uhm ... fly around by itself? Oookay, I guess there are certain scenarios in which this could be useful? Shi is fly. Baddaboombaddabing! So far, nobody has shown any sign of the spy-powers. Xuan Ta guesses correctly that this means the spy is from among the royal family! 
Oh, look who's dressed up too!!!! Beautiful.
She is so gorgeous.
This is some high end designer outfit in real life. I read it on the FB page.
She hands Shi his Teardrop present and it glows in his hand ... until it suddenly starts burning and ultimately explodes. Oups. 
Wasting a perfectly good jewel like that!
Fire Tribe treachery!! (What, did they exchange her Charm for a fake one?! And shouldn't she know her own Teardrop Charm because magic and all?) They seal off the city and search everywhere, but all they find is something hairy and very fast. Qin Chu follows it outside - and soon finds himself in the middle of an animal cemetery. Someone was hungry, it seems. And then, the hungry thing attacks him! But what is that?! Why is Li Luo there too?! It's a mystery.
Yeah, that's right, a mystery.
A good looking Iceling tries to get into Ice City and lies about where the fire spy went. Wait a minute. Does he look vaguely familiar?
Oh he IS nice looking.
OMG! It's Shuo Gang! You should have been born an ice-man, prince, you look so much better!! Seriously, the Fire Tribe ruddiness does not work with his features. Anyway, he almost gets in, but Xuan Ta recognizes him in time and he gets locked up. Naturally, Shi is quite concerned the Fire Prince might say something about someone's fire magic and makes sure he's the only one getting access to him.
Kasuo is sad he hasn't seen Li Luo around (maybe should have talked to her? Just saying)...
Kasuo just needs any old excuse to be sad.
I'm beginning to think Kasuo makes decisions based on how sad he'll get to be, after.
... while she wakes up with bloody fingers in her tent. Qin Chu is super happy he gets to care for her ... and he doesn't care at all she has become a BLOODTHIRSTY BEAST! As per pact with the Will of the Fallen. After sunset, every day. 
How uncomfortable for her. Does her clothing turn into the fur, then, and then turn back? That's what it seems like.
Wait 'til Kasuo gets to be sad about THAT.
Hm, Shi must be busy elsewhere, because it's Xuan Ta who is investigating torturing Shuo Gang! Xuan Ta is in his crazy element. Lian Ji comes in and tells the Saint off for all kinds of things ... mainly, she is pissed he took the remnants of the exploded Teardrop Charm as evidence. She kicks the Saint out, but rather than torturing the Fire Prince, she hears what almost happened and was prevented through the little explosion: she being exposed as the spy! Shuo Gang overheard the chatty fairies talk about the plan to expose the traitor by the magic showcasting and then switched out the Charm.
Wow, look how crazy he looks.
You know, I always take a lot of care with my screenshots
The Iceling disguise can't hide his crazy smirk.

Of course, Lian Ji wants her real Teardrop Charm back now, but Shuo Gang refuses. After a tiny bit of torture, he says it's in his pocket. It ain't. More torture, and he scream it could be that Xuan Ta took it.
Xuan Ta is so annoying! Stop interfering!
Hint: He won't interfere for much longer.....


Yes. So .... what to say? Li Luo is a beast now. I'm laughing so hard.
I basically skipped over the beast bits as much as possible because they were too stupid for me even with things like "The Will of the Fallen" and that weird library around.
Yeah, I, uh, skipped those parts too.