Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 43 (Recap)

kakashi: Fo Ye and Xin Yue finally get married, but then, the drama decides to start a completely new storyline. Why.
SakiVI: I'm happy they got married but totally annoyed we're not wrapping things up now. So, conflicted.

Episode 43 - Fo Ye Proposes to Xin Yue

Lady Huo announces that she is resigning as head of the family - the men of the Nine Gates don’t seem overly sad, but manage to look apologetic nonetheless. Then, it’s time for Fo Ye’s grand speech (it's a bit short though). The future is uncertain, but under Fo Ye’s leadership, the Gates and all of Changsha will be perfectly well positioned to weather the storm. They all agree! Fine, that’s settled then.
Historically, Changsha always successfully resisted the Japanese invasion, so Yay, Fo Ye In Advance!
And then, we’re in Fo Ye’s mansion and he seems nervous. He is serving food to his lady … what, he cooks?! Of course he does, he's perfect.  His anxiousness is cute but suspicious. When asked by his lady why he is doing all this, he says it’s because she’s been here for so long and he never did anything for her. Xin Yue suspects he must be ill. Haha. Come on, Fo Ye, what is this really about?
Well, it’s true that he is very grateful for her support. But there is more - it’s not that he wants to chase her away (as the poor soul suspects next), no! He has a huge bouquet of roses set aside and a ring and he asks her whether she wants to marry him. He has to ask her more than once, because she thinks he must be pulling her leg. But he is very sincere, very cute, almost shy.
He was adorable. 
He wants to be with her for the rest of his life. Awwwwww, he is so insecure, so earnest … of course she says yes after a while, who wouldn’t. They seal it with a kiss and they are SO CUTE together, it’s hard not to ship them in real life too. 
Me too! They made me want to meet and kiss someone Fo Ye-like in real life.  
Anyway, the wedding is held quickly after (no time to waste, really) and we next see a somewhat drunk Fo Ye being brought to his bridal chambers by a chipper Lt. Zhang and Ba Ye. No Er Ye, weddings make him sad.
Selfish of Er Ye. 
As soon as Fo Ye has entered the room, a broad grin spreads all over his face (he looks very sober now) - and Xin Yue smiles in return.
They play around with one of his guns for a while (hmmm, sexy), I’m sure that’s exactly HOW you get Fo Ye hot. The cutest moment is when he admits he fell in love with her the first time she called him “husband” - that was when he went to save her from Peng in that train. 
But right after he takes off his dinner jacket and bends down to kiss her and get serious, she demands the lights need to be turned off - and we are left with their cute giggles only. Booo, show. I would have loved to see the tattoos flare up!
Her makeup is gorgeous.  
Cut to Er Ye, there’s nothing cute about him. He is extremely drunk and very sad, because Fo Ye just got married and he himself has no Yatou in his life anymore. He sings her some opera and we get some more flashbacks. Always hated this couple, will continue to hate this couple, can it stop?! At the end, he collapses, but he isn’t dead, just crushed.
There was like ten minutes of Er Ye being drunk and sad.  I can hardly wait to recap his side story because drunk, sad Er Ye got really old, really fast and never picked up.  (Sorry, Lay fans.) 
Fo Ye and his missus care as much as I do about Er Ye (= not at all) and are enjoying their new nuptial bliss. They seem to have spent some quality time together, because she gets up in the middle of the night (hungry? exhausted? Why even get up?) and smiles shyly to herself. Fo Ye joins her, clearly naked underneath his silk robe. They cuddle and talk about getting married again and again in different locations. Haha. Yeah, rub it in.
Time jump! A year later, a weird parasite virus (what is that supposed to be?) started spreading in the outskirts of Changsha. It makes people itch a lot. And there is Uncle Three (aka Xu Lei, the writer of the Daomu Biji series)! Cameoing as doctor at that village.
Oh, that's him! Hi, Uncle Three!
Xin Yue and Fo are still totally lovey-dovey … but it seems the security situation in Changsha has deteriorated further. Also deteriorating, Er Ye. Well, not really, but Mo Ce is with him and lectures him on living unhealthy. But he thinks he has nothing else to do than go and drink in establishments. Oh dear. Still no eyes for Mo Ce either, even though Xin Yue is trying hard to play matchmaker. It’s just awkward because he only talks about Yatou, all the time.
Couldn't he at least sing opera?
We cut to Hendry, who is still in bed / crazy. The doctor has said he will get better and better, but it has been a year, right? And he says “no, no, meteorite, meteorite” still. Ryouko Tanaka also still wears the same dress, the red one.
Does it smell?
At the hospital, Mo Ce learns of the strange virus from Uncle Three doctor’s reports. Contrary to what some previous reports say - that it’s nothing special - she feels it is. She wants to get more people in order to go investigate. Guess from whom …… from the higher-ups!!! Currently on mountain ledges.  Her boss says no way will you get more people, we are busy enough as it is at this hospital and forget about the parasites, it’s surely nothing.
She is so bored. 
Only when she mentions she will go report to the higher-ups does the hospital director let her go investigate. On her own. Kinda dumb when Fo Ye has men he can send with her.  There is some snow at the village (none here :((((() when she gets there on foot and with only one doctor’s bag as luggage. The village seems deserted. She locates the doctor’s office and goes in after knocking… Uncle Three comes jumping out from behind a curtain.
Lub You, Uncle Three! Get the rest of your books translated, yeah?
She introduces herself, but he is acting strange - or maybe he’s just a very bad actor. Anyway, he takes her to the latest virus patient. The guy is sitting on his bed, half-naked and stares into a mirror. Suddenly, Mo Ce sees something we don’t see and screams! Someone (I guess Uncle Three) grabs her from behind — and in Changsha, Hendry wakes up from his stupor. From the conversation he has with Rouoko afterwards, we learn that they are planning something evil. And they need someone to kill decisively. Where is Chen Pi?
Chen Pi is a literal tool.
Just then, they get word: He has been sighted! What a coincidence! And such perfect timing! Chen Pi is living with some girl who calls him "Ge", catching fish for a living. He seems stable. But I'm guessing that there is more trouble heading his way...
Maybe, deep down, Chen Pi is really a nice person. 


A parasite virues? Really, show?! Just end already, as long as you have any dignity left.
There's no dignity with a parasite virus and actor contracts.  I wonder if we will see more Eastroc?