Rants and Weekly Raves #116 (RAWR)

kakashi: We have a new heavyweight on our list this week! It's Goblin, of course.
Shuk: Are we gonna do Best of / Worst of posts this year? I was thinking about this as I untangled Christmas lights and raked leaves.
Of course! 
SakiVI: After all the excitement, let's hope Goblin is good.
JoAnne: Good? Pfft. Why aim so low? Goblin is gooooooodgoodgood.
1.5 hours each episode, though...
Supposed to be only the first two that are super long but we'll see. Other than needing to make the time commitment though, the 90 minutes flies by.
Trotwood: Finally getting caught up after traveling for business.Still not sure what new thing I'm going to take on right now with the craziness that is the end of semester.


That Delicious Dumpling-Making Man in Our House

The trial is over, the marriage was upheld, and Nan Gil and Na Ri are living as stepfather and stepdaughter, so...yay? They're both miserable. And DaDa finance is just being a massive pain in the ass, but at least we all know that Na Ri's dad is still alive - I hope Na Ri shares this info with poor Nan Gil soon. I have a tiny bit of a hard time accepting Nan Gil as some fearsome fighter, how about you? I mean, okay, fight scenes. He's got reach and the legs to kick your ass to the moon without even being in the same room as you, but he's always just such a sweetheart, and KYK is just not there with the mean face, you know what I mean? There's a little clarity on the land issue with regard to how Mom GOT it...but not one mention of how exactly marrying Nan Gil protected it. I continue to hope.

Night Light

Did anyone watch? I saw Alexe tweet that she liked it, but no mention from anyone else. I don't really have plans to check it out, not really in the mood for that sort of plot.

Legend of the Blue Sea

I will only comment on the positive things! So, here is one thing: Lee Min-ho is doing quite alright. I'm glad he gets to smile and be a little silly from time to time. That's a slight variation of his usual role.
I've seen him in more appropriately-aged shows/movies a few times now and always like him much better as a man than a boy. I'm sufficiently pleased with how this is going, too - it's pretty and easy, and while I wouldn't want everything I watch to be that, I'm fine with some of it being that. Jun Ji Hyun makes everything better than it would be, too, so that's a plus. (But I do still start laughing during the romantic scenes when 'this is love stooooory' starts booming through the speakers.)
Seriously, why. I go around singing "this is love stooooory" just to randomly amuse myself. 

Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Ah, the cute. Bok Joo is caught between a rock and a hard place right now and so is Joon Hyung, with his slowly developing awareness of his childhood friend as both a woman and someone who likes his older brother. Thankfully, he's making progress on the swimming front. I will never not be grateful for scenes of him in swimming trunks. Never. I'm enjoying everyone in somewhat atypical roles - mostly happy and cheerful despite their individual struggles. I have less than zero interest in Shi Ho, though, and now that she's done the BSL thing and ratted out Bok Joo, I have no sympathy for her troubles.

Oh My Geum Bi

Couldn't bring myself to watch episode 6 because it seems too sad.

Father, I'll Take Care of You

None of us are watching this right? I was going to try, but the viewing situation is sketchy and now I'm hearing it's not very good, anyway. I'm sorry, Giant Puppy. I'll catch you next time.
It's on Dramafever now.
And just like that, Giant Puppy sucks me back in. Update:  Have seen two episodes.  As predicted, Puppy is an enjoyable watch and I like him paired with Park Eun Bi.  There are a LOT of family members and I'm not entirely sure how everyone is connected, but - as with the other weekenders I've watched - there are plenty of story lines to enjoy so even if you don't like some, there'll be others. 

Goblin (new!!!!)

New and gorgeous and FUN and *gasp* omg Gong Yoo, Gong Yoo, Gong Yoo, Gong Yoo. I almost am going to hate watching this live because I want to in hale it. Please let the goblin be happier than my wolf, please.
I really fear to press play on this, haha. I generally can't stand KES' dramas, after initially loving them. In particular, I HATE how she writes the women. A 7.9% rating for the 2nd episode though, on a cable station! Wow, you have to give it to her. She's a ratings-queen. 
Are you going to wait for a few more episodes to go by to see whether we are all still amazed at its fantabulousness?
Fear not, I have started. And I like it! But I think I liked DotS too, for the first few episodes :D So let's see how this goes. It's sad that I cannot trust a good Kdrama ... this one is almost too good to be true. Or not? Also, a small thing: 도깨비 = Goblin seems a horrible translation. This is not at all the same as a goblin from European folklore.
I LOVE Gong Yoo. I'm probably the only person on planet that didn't hate Big because of him and his ability to kiss so well and to make me cry. I love his hair. However, I don't know if I have the emotional energy to watch this show. I don't know if I have the emotional energy right now to watch a show that requires a lot of emotional energy.
It's really good! They could've made the main female lead a bit older because having someone who looks 35 have a romance with a 19 year old feels a bit icky, but otherwise, I love their interactions. Loving Lee El in this too. I wonder what sort of creature she is supposed to be?  
Right? I'm curious too. Fairy godmother? Something all-knowing and powerful though, because it's her that tells the Goblin's story at the beginning


This one, on the other hand, has a 0.7% rating.
Well, like I said - I can't imagine why they thought Korean ahjummas would be interested in this.
We say the same thing every week :P 
Like the rest of the world, I'm just going to forget about this when making up next week's roster.

Not Korea

The Princess Weiyoung

It's still good, but I'm getting tired. It's over half over and our Princess is still not married to Our Hero, and is going through the same shenanigans with all her enemies. By now, she ought to have been living in the palace, fighting for her position as Crown Princess against all the consorts. I've also watched ahead raw to episode 39, and it's the same sort of situation. I think I can skip a few episodes for sure with this
Update: no, I can't skip a few episodes with this since the story keeps moving along unlike, say, a Korean daily drama.  But I still wish the main couple would hurry up and marry, and that the second lead couple would do the same. 

When A Snail Falls in Love (Final)

Hmmmm..... what up, ending? Whatever is, this was an excellent drama and one of the better police shows I've ever seen. Some people have asked whether we might not recap ... might we? I think I'm up for it.
I'm in - I was thinking I'd need to rewatch to fully understand what happened, anyway! Trot has to do it, too - for Husband, what can we not do?
Trotwood: I think this was an excellent police show that teased us with Romance. What the heck was with that time jump, and now the Husband is really a husband? We don't get ANY of that story. Don't think you made me feel better because I got to see him in a tux for a hot second even though that moment was HOT. I'm also not sure how I feel about a 2nd season especially with the hint of illness we got at end.
I didn't watch it, based on the comments that it was confusing to watch. But if someone squeecaps, I might watch and tag along.


Next to Snail, this is the show I look forward to the most every week. I don't know when and how that happened (maybe they changed the writers?) but it is doing it quite right for my taste! Booo, hiatus until January 16th though.
So, we know why Chloe is so special now, and it came out of nowhere - they'd seemingly dropped that bit since last season. I wish it wasn't going on haitus, it's just really rolling along now and I hate to lose that mommentum! For me it doesn't feel much different than last year, but this kind of thing I watch much less critically than you do - all I know is I've always liked it and I like it more and more as time goes on.

This is Us

I like these people more and more, warts and all.


Oh please, oh please bend space/time so you can catch up, Kakashi. Episode 10, which aired last night, is the season finale.
I will, I will, I will! Currently busy watching 3 hours of some show on tvN

Gilmore Girls Redux

It was good to revisit a bunch of places and re-see a bunch of faces, but Lorelei and Rory became irritating people. The end.

Behind Your Smile

Somehow, our clueless heroine is sneaking into my heart. She's appreciative and grateful without being a suck-up, and her friendliness is charming. Our handsome devil, poor guy...he really wants to make her life miserable and his plan is to put her in bad situations, then rescue her, over and over - 'til she falls for him, I guess, and then he will really lower the hammer. The trouble is, she keeps being nice to the people he puts in her path and they fall for her and don't want to help him, and then she doesn't ask him for help, so he's forced to show up and volunteer it, which really burns his britches. Plus, he keeps being surprised by her niceness. Then there's the BSL; I don't like her, of course, but I sort of feel sorry for her, too. That could change, we'll see.
I am really enjoying how this naive infant manages to stump the expectations of our revenge-driven HotFaust. And I look forward to the antics of his Personal Assistant who is already doubting his boss's strategy in dealing with this girl. Next week, she starts to work for our 2nd Lead, who also appears to hate her mother's guts. Watching him change as he gets to know her will be almost as fun, I think. What did her mom do, though? The entire world seems to hate her: our immediate group of characters, strangers in the streets, dogs, cats, sheepcows. Can she really be this bad and have a lovely daughter like this?
My assumption has been no. Pretty pretty Devilboy falls for daughter, discovers he was mistaken about mom, sacrifices himself to redress his wrong, we all cry, the end.
This is definitely a "where did my panties go" kind of show.

Back to 1989

I've seen 10 of 16 episodes, and it's a breeze to watch. Chen Che is thrilled to have a chance to get to know his mother and the rest of his family in happier times, and his awkward friendship with the rest of the gang is pretty sweet. He's trying hard not to get involved with Ye Zhen Zhen because he's aware that he doesn't actually belong there, but he's trampled over so many things in his own past already, I'm not sure what's left of the future to protect. In his defense, he's not a scientist and he ended up there by accident and without a plan. I think he's doing better than I would be doing, but he's not really thinking about it in much depth other than to be thrilled that his grandfather might have a way to send him back to his own time, and trying not to fall completely in love with the most adorable girl in the world. Shit. This won't end well, will it.

I Married as a Job

Somebody squeeeeed about a kiss.
Sweetest kiss she'd ever seen, I think she said?
Wait? Is anyone watching this now besides me and other tlist people who don't write here? Yes. there was a kiss. And episode ending surprise kiss after a fake honeymoon. These two literally are thinking the same thoughts, but just like I learned teaching literature for over twenty years, just because you read the same text doesn't mean you have the same conclusions, so the kiss was a joyous surprise, but the backpedaling was so annoying in next ep that I was pulling out my hair. I love them. I love them together. And this closing segment with the cast members is perfect. It just makes me happy. It's sung by the main lead guy. 

Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko; Pretty Proofreader

This is the another Japanese show I am watching (I'm watching four; don't tell my Korean teacher!), and this is another great show with a completely different feel. Satomi Ishihara plays a fantastically dressed (and I mean her clothes are so excellent and so believable for work that I pause to look and they actually encourage that by doing a full circle view each time she has new outfit) who has always wanted to work at a specific fashion magazine as an editor--to the point that she applies every year and gets rejected every year. The show opens with her getting a job at the publishing company but in the proofreading department while an old friend from school gets the coveted job. It is a show about what happens when one's dreams don't come true but when this might actually be a gift. I love the heroine here and her relationships with her co-workers. They are even planning a brief spin-off about two of them. I think she is going to be my favorite female character of 2016 after Kim Hye Soo's Soo Hyun if that tells you anything.
I started this, and yes, her clothes are great. I'm getting some loungewear inspiration, actually. But I don't think I'll have any trouble dropping it after 3 episodes, since that's all the subtitles we get.