Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 42 (Recap)

kakashi: Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet? Sacred Snow Mountain is only a hope away, but it takes f o r e v e r to get there, apparently.
SakiVI: All we've heard about this entire time is Sacred Snow Mountain. It's why Mermaids get used, and why wars are waged (I think) and yet, is it really worth it? 
JoAnne: Let me go out on a limb, here, and say no.
go away, you annoying fairy.

Episode 42

So, where were we? Ah yes! Here!
Here is good. We like here.
I could live with this. Just saying. 
Meet Yuan Ji (Yan Yi Kuan) in his true form. This is all of us, making this face (Yep) (So much yep):
They're talking about killing the Ice Queen but I have to admit to being a "bit" distracted by his face. And his eyes! Like a dangerous but beautiful reptile.
I drooled so much. Correction: I am drooling so much. 
I...what? Stop bothering me. I want to sit here and stare.
Apparently, Lian Ji's soul was shattered when she fought Kasuo's mother (oh, does that hurt? Eh...), but she was saved when Yuan Ji possessed her (sure, why not?). In the process, she also acquired Ice Flame powers. He says "I am now you and you are now me". Hmm... is there a sexual meaning here I don't quite get? Jo would know. Currently unable to use my words. Anyway, they might be one-but-two, but his powers are just trivial in comparison to what they were once before. They need to wait for the Veiled Lotus to bloom for him to return to his true form. Once he has it, he will kill and torture Kasuo. Or the other way round, I guess.
Just keep him alive as long as possible, show. I need this. 
We all do.
The Hunk God then takes Lian Ji outside and shows her Sacred Snow Mountain... he says stuff like (see below):
Dammit. Why does he have to open his mouth and say stupid shit?
... and I don't get a single word. But I think the bottom line is: the winner takes it all.
Umm... how many times does the winner get to take it?

In another realm, Healer dreams about catching and then kissing Luna. Oi, how embarrassing. In the realm world, he was actually trying to kiss the Bear and they are all in each other's dreams. It's a dream gathering! By invitation of Mr. Bear King. Even Mermaid Saint turns up, wow.
We need cleansing: 
I feel better, thanks

So they're all quite concerned about Kasuo, who is trying to dissuade all of them from coming to Snowblade City. It looks like he wants to go after Yuan Ji all by himself! What a hero! Emo Hero. Hemo. The Scooby Gang does not like this! They just want to go on holidays, and not do any work for their own tribes. And poor little Xing Gui has a premonition nightmare in which her brother says goodbye to her because he is going "far away with his Majesty". He leaves her in charge of the Dream Tribe. Again! She is quite upset about it (in real life and in her dream).
She reminds me of someone. Doesn't she look like that anime character - it's this tall black blob with a white face and minimal features... can't think of the name?
Kasuo mopes about losing so many people he loved. I mean, he has a right to it, actually. It's really everyone he ever truly cared for. He must be so damn lonely...
He has his dad, and the Scooby Gang. 
He takes off his kingly regalia, refuses to take the Deicide with him (even though everybody knows he will need it to defeat Yuan Ji (frigging emo)) - it's because he hates the sword for being the tool that murdered Shi and now, the sword is totally like Kasuo's dog, thinking he is its owner! - and leaves.
Maybe there are some tiny little fairies left somewhere that can help, I don't know.
Let's have a little quiz! What does Kasuo (et al.) need if he wants to go to the Sacred Snow Mountain?
That's right!! Teardrop Charms!! Yay, I was right! Mermaid Saint convinces some of her deep-ocean dwelling kin to lend her theirs. When Kasuo gets to the island to ask for one, all his friends are also there. They jokingly threaten him that they will destroy all the Teardrop Charms if he won't let them come with him. Good! That's settled then.
Annoying people. 
Time for another dose of medicine, yay!
Thank you, Shisus
And off they go, huiiiiii, into the whirlpool (senza Mermaid Saint, who is put in charge of sealing off the Infinity Ocean in case Kasuo's mission fails). Don't worry, nobody mixed anything into your drink, this is really what it looks like. On the other side, poof, they're out.
The best line of the episode is Eagle Man's today:
Or is it Bear King? He really needs to go pee after being in the water for "so long". Before anything is released though, Bear finds some weird objects in the snow. Oh! There are other worlds in there! It's one of the mysteries of this place! And no longer important because everybody forgets about it immediately.
Apparently, Bear forgot to pee too, which suggests possible future accidents. 
He's got the whole world in his hands?
Thanks to She Mi's memories in his head, Kasuo knows where to go and he leads his gang to ... huh? Isn't that Snowbland City?! Oh, so this is the first version, and the Ice Tribe version is just a copy. Got it. If it ain't broke... They want to get in, but oups! They're caught in a loop, where they always walk the same bit of the way, without ever getting closer.
Proving the old adage true: you can't go home again.
Then, a tree demon of sorts appears and claims to be the guardsman of this place. I don't know, he looks a bit dodgy. Totally.  He says that the entrance is guarded by the Imperial Priestess. If they want to go in, they have to solve a problem for her. Why on earth? Argh, I'll just ignore it. 
So... they're caught in some virtual reality loop but everything else is real there?
In the meantime, Yan Da practised her shape shifting skills. That's what the subs say, but she's more doing merging-with-other-objects stuff? Daddy is impressed and because this is exactly what is needed at Sacred Snow Mountain, he gives her Lan Shang's stolen Teardrop Charm and sends her after Kasuo, to gte her hands on the Veiled Lotus before everyone else. Yay, the more the merrier.
They both regretted that she was a woman and thus couldn't rule. So annoying. 
Yes, I decided to not even mention it, that's how much it annoyed me


Okay, this episode was totally crazy. I'm just glad they've finally arrived. Let's kick some Yuan Ji ass, shall we?
I don't want to kick Yuan Ji's ass.  I just want it nearby. 
We could maybe pat it, though.