Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 47 (Recap)

kakashi: I'm always super wary when Chen Pi's in the title of an episode. And I was right to be, because this is the worst edited episode yet. Nothing makes ANY sense. The plot holes are as big as that meteorite tomb.
SakiVI: I just admired the Nose. After all, there's not much more time to spend with it, and I'm a bit sad about that, even though this drama is way too long.

Episode 47 - Chen Pi's Mental Breakdown

When Fo Ye wakes up, they're the prisoners of Chen Pi et al. What are the fishermen from earlier doing there? Did the Hei Qiao drag them there? (seems so) It's clear to everyone that they will die soon. Okay, if you say so.
Whatever finishes this show.
Because Fo Ye and Er Ye immediately plot to escape, Chen Pi decides to kill them now instead of during an upcoming ritual and has them fall into an underground cave. Convenient how they all stood exactly on that trap door.
Very clever for the Poo.
I know from some BTS material that they should have encountered a monster here, but nope, not in this version (even though one of the fishermen mentions a "ferocious beast" later). How annoying! I want my monsters!  There's just a LOT of skeletons. We watch tomb-robbing dramas and so are not impressed.  Conveniently, there is some text that Er Ye can read - it's about the meteorite. Even more conveniently, everyone just walks out of that underground prison (and that rock looks exactly like the Freezer Rock earlier. Oh well, drama. It is probably hard to find many such great looking rocks).
Production crew probably makes them out of paper.
All the others call Fo Ye a "living buddha" (because he killed a beast we never saw (show just cheated us)) and then leave hurriedly. Er Ye and Fo Ye stay, of course, to party-poop the disease-ritual. They hide from Chen Pi in an abandoned house full of treasures (how? why?) - and Fo Ye says they're not allowed to touch any of the beautiful things because they might be poisonous. Especially those hairpins. WTF - now please, goodlooking, hot Fo Ye, how do you know these things?! Fo Ye just knows things, somehow. But Er Ye has an idea ... yes, one of the trinkets looks exactly like the hairpin Chen Pi gave Yatou, the one he bought on the black market.
Seriously, there aren't a hundred hairpins exactly the same?
Chen Pi has found the house and has his men search it (so why are there suddenly no Hei Qiao men with him anymore?). No Er Ye and Fo Ye though. Off they go through the forest, chasing their prey - and they find footprints and one of Er Ye's balls. But Chen Pi is no fool! Well, he is, but not always. Pffft  He realizes this is a trap - and when our boys walk on, they find themselves surrounded. Oups. Or did they think Chen Pi would think it's a trap and deliberately ... never mind.
Our boys are not being very clever here.
Chen Pi grabs his claw, Fo Ye his gun (and shoots) - but Chen Pi quickly uses one of his men as living shield. And then, there goes Fo Ye's gun! Time for Er Ye to step in. I hope you trained a little after all the drinking, Er Ye? He takes on his (former) pupil while Fo Ye fights everybody else, Fo Ye style. After a while, Er Ye slams Chen Pi to the ground ... but in the process, the contents of the bag he was carrying and Chen Pi ripped of his shoulder spill out. It's full of hairpins. Many hairpins.
At least Fo Ye is hot and Er Ye is handsome.
And as they have planned all along, Chen Pi grabs THAT hairpin - the one that looks like his gift to Yatou. And Fo Ye goes: "What, you gave such a thing to Yatou? It is poisonous! If she touched it, she became ill from it! No wonder we couldn't cure her." Okay, this is a trick, right? They do not really believe this? Or do they?
Maybe they are saying it to mess with Chen Pi's head?  But I think they really believed it.
Then, the fishermen-prisoners from earlier come running (nice of them) and chase Chen Pi away. Then, everyone runs through the forest again. Once they stop, they explain that their homes have been destroyed by the evil Japanese (when exactly? When Fo Ye was defrosting? Let's go with that.) and Fo Ye promises to take revenge for them. Nice of him.   
He wants a fight.

In the meantime, Chen Pi's men are back at the abandoned house, greedily putting the treasure into bags. One of the Hei Qiao tells Chen Pi that the hair pin came from the sunken ship, with a whole batch of similar ones. All of them are long gone, because of the poison in them. Deadly poison. Okay, so Fo Ye and Er Ye did NOT make this up. Unless they bought and instructed this man.
And we see in a flashback how Yatou picked up that hairpin back when Chen Pi smashed it in anger and hurt herself. Her death sentence. And Chen Pi is to blame! (Once again, I'm actually amazed at how this show manages to pick this up from one of its earliest episodes, haha).
But her symptoms were close to TB, and we already discussed way back when about there not being antibiotics available, and I went and read a book on a famous TB patient, Marie Duplessis, just to learn about TB because most of the time, Ya Tou didn't even look sick, and I'm just going to stop here. #BrainFreeze
Then, we see how Lt Zhang is on his way, with truck loads full of soldiers. We see how Fo Ye is hiding behind a wall. And then, all of a sudden, Chen Pi is on one of the trucks, stammering "Yatou, Yatou". It seems he was poisoned himself (through the pin?! or the huge pot of disease?) and Fo Ye saved him. Or will save him. But Chen Pi believes it's all the blame on Fo Ye again. Or still? Anyway, Chen Pi decides it's a good idea to jump off the truck and escape. Lt Zhang looks pretty, but doesn't catch him.
Good thinking, because Chen Pi is annoying.
I will miss this face. 
Everyone is back in Changsha after that. So what, drama ... did you forget about the pot full of disease? Just like that? Fo Ye hears that Chen Pi escaped and "knows he is the source of the poison". Why? Did he drink the contents of the poison pot? Fo Ye commands that he is banned from coming into Changsha. So what, is he like a Typhoid Mary?
He is a psycho killer, so let's just go with that.  
Here is Fo Ye, smiling at his lady: 
Smile at me too, Fo Ye!
She has the brilliant idea to send Old Wu's dogs after Chen Pi. Must be all this sex with Fo Ye making her this smart! (even though he isn't even around all that often) Chen Pi is hiding in some extremely run down hut ... is this where he grew up? He seems in pain. Or just paranoid. Ah, no, there's some red stuff on his skin. Anway, here come the dogs and Fo Ye. Chen Pi is already gone when they enter the hut though.
He escapes to some men of his (those that took the fake Yatou away?), collapses and gets to do some Eastroc PPL after he wakes up. Then, he asks them to get him a bag full of metal bullets. 
That Alsatian is adorable. I want to kiss its cheek. Also, Fo Ye's cheek. 

Ba Ye is busy studying poisons. Lt. Zhang comes for a visit, but Ba Ye is rude to him. Too busy. Lt. Zhang looks sad. Awwww, he wants to be with his buddy.
But then, Ba Ye figures out the antidote! The problem is: they don't know where Chen Pi is. But Fo Ye has an idea. Ahhh, all that sex with Xin Yue made him smarter too. Or not? He wants to be the bait in order to catch the Poo. Everyone says Chen Pi will never fall for it. Okay, says Xin Yue, let her be the bait!
So cute! 
They start spreading the word that they're about to separate and that Xin Yue wants to return to Bei Ping - and make sure Chen Pi hears that Fo Ye was cheated by Xin Yue Hotel when he bought the medicine; the real stuff is still there. With glee, the two stage a marital quarrel while they giggle and feed each other fruit. 
Fo Ye giggling is adorable, but I wish people wouldn't talk with their mouths full. 
When Xin Yue leaves the city, Chen Pi falls for the trap and comes out of hiding. She lures him into a tomb (yes, I think so) and that's how they capture him. And they ... "throw" the antidote in, we are told.
He was a Poison Poo.
In agony (?) Chen Pi screams that Er Ye has to find the meteorite to save Yatou, but that's not possible. Fo Ye says so. And Er Ye says that he has already laid that matter to rest. I'm glad to hear it.


Oh well. 't was a huge mess. What happened to the ritual and the disease pot? Did Chen Pi drink the contents? Bath in it? And where was Chen Pi's mental breakdown? I think I'm much closer to one than him after recapping this.  
Chen Pi's always been a few candles short of a menora, so let's just say he's always in mental breakdown.