When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 11 (Recap)

kakashi: The real monster is revealed in this episode and yes, it's unexpected. 
Trotwood: Most things are unexpected in this show except for how attractively shot everything is and how by the end of each episode I crave pancakes.
JoAnne: Mmmm, pancakes. I like mine thinnish, and I don't mind the occasional crispy edge. Not crepe-thin, but thin.
Shuk: [shaking her head at everyone's pancake obsession] So far I've really enjoyed the ride, whoever the villains turn out to be. Just give me more SnaiLion!
Eleanor: I'm not sure if I found it completely unexpected, but the villain is much crueler and nastier than I supposed they could be. Ugh. People like that are so horrid. 

Episode 11

Intro: Shiyong arrives at his place (I guess) and parks his Porsche. Two guys jump over the wall, knock him out and drag him away. Huh?! How unexpected! As so often, the drama does not fill us in as to the timeline.
They're fed up viewers.
Ji Bai and Xu Xu are at the morgue, the dead Zixi before them. The coroner informs them that he indeed found injection marks, tiny, which he did not notice before. It is possible that iced saline water was injected after she fell unconscious. That would have put her into an artificial low-temperature sleep condition, which would have delayed her time of death. Gruesome. It also means she was alive after her killer left, lying there for a long time - bleeding to death.
If she wasn't really conscious she probably didn't feel a lot of pain, at least?
My impression that was that she was conscious but paralysed and unable to say or do anything. Sort of lying there silently screaming while bleeding to death. 
It would be like people dying of hypothermia in the Artic regions: gradually falling into a 'sleeping' state until your heart stops beating. But I imagine ZiXi probably had some feeling of her blood exiting her body, as well as any injuries from the fall. Of course, if her spine was broken, she wouldn't feel much of anything below the injury.
So they're looking for someone with great medical knowledge, someone who knows how to use a syringe.
Hmm. I remember wondering if this was a crime of passion after all. Did the killer really hate her that much like we've all been postulating or was this a stone cold killing made to look like it was a crime of passion. She did have enough people with reason to hate her to make crime of passion believable and throw people off.
Plot twist: Her death has nothing to do with anything. She was murdered by a psycho serial killer. No?
It seemed to me that the killer was trying to make it look like a crime of passion. If this were anyone else other than Ji Bai and XuXu, they might have gotten away with it and it would have left the people in custody guilty, convicted, and eventually prosecuted and jailed.
I agree with Eleanor. The whole thing smacks of setup.
That's definitely not Ye Ziqiang (whom Ji Bai calls "not smart enough". They went to school together, he knows. who didn't he go to school with?) (snort). And Ziqiang clearly has other issues as well. He looks awful! And he rages pointlessly about Zixi being "a bitch" also directly addressing Ji Bai - whom he expects behind the one-way mirror - to smear her name, calling her a whore who would sleep with anyone for money.
Wow. He really hated her, too. I wonder why? Was she the forbidden love of his life and she wanted Ji Bai? Was he mad at her for his sister's sake? Was he jealous of the attention she got from his dad? This can't just be about the embezzlement.
Hahahahahaha my first thought was that she slept with him and then left him.
He's just a person who probably feels entitled to belittle or get angry at anyone he doesn't like. I think he might also have been jealous of the attention Zixi received from his father. 
Or were those histrionics staged?
Ji Bai takes Xu Xu with him to talk to Ye Qiao again. She looks awful too. She admits somebody told her that her family's financial info had been leaked - and thought it was surely Zixi. So she went to discuss this with her brother, but he wasn't home. She called him... (and we see him sitting upstairs, in Zixi's house, clearly in shock), but he said things were okay and hung up. She got really worried after that. And somehow, she knew he had gone to see Zixi. That's why she went there immediately too.
Oh man. This isn't looking good! 
And found Zixi dead. She ran out in utter shock ... she was certain her brother killed Zixi out of rage. Because he is the type that would have the nerve to do it. Imagine living with people volatile enough to kill in a fit of rage. Terrifying. But then, she thought it could have been Shiyong too, who could be feeling betrayed over that agreement she had signed with the Yes. So she wanted to test him and sent that message from Zixi's phone. Him coming there was proof that he didn't do it though.
Man, all these possible culprits running through her mind. Is it bad to say I like the handcuffs though?
He went home and was depressed over Zixi's death. That's where Ye Qiao found him. She ripped off her necklace (the one he gave her) and threw it at him, but he held onto her, telling her that Zixi was not as pretty as her, and that Qi o also has a lot more shares. WTF, you bastard. And then he hugged her close and told her it's okay. He is awful. But I'm with Ji Bai, who tells Qiao that she cannot blame other people for "ruining her life".
To me, this is one weakness in the character development of this show. Shiyong has absolutely nothing going for him that should make us believe that these two women would find him attractive. Okay not Zixi; she probably just had an affair with him to screw over the Yes. But Ye Qiao's feelings for him make no sense. At least show us that he can be a real classy smooth person that could've really convinced her that he loved her at one time.
She said earlier that she married the handsomest man as her revenge. We don't find him handsome, but maybe we don't see him the way others do. His character is set up as man who likes to make conquests, and I think a woman with low self-esteem like Ye Qiao would take it as a point of pride if she could 'capture' the man that could have any woman. (Just not us women, because we think he's sleazy.)
Maybe he was just the best casting choice or something. He comes off super sleazy to me. But then again, I've seen friends go after this type of man and not see how scumbaggy they are. Humans are weird. 
I still can't see him as a woman's dream of a man, even in that culture. He's not even cultured, if you can pardon the pun. Average height, average looks, and clearly willing to whore out for material goods.
Daddy Ye can go home - but his son has a complete meltdown in the investigation cell. He's sweating and shaking uncontrollably, ultimately screaming to be released. He's a drug addict and alcoholic. Ji Bai decides to let him stew - to interrogate him again when he feels weakest. And they do.
Smart move by Ji Bai, but I feel the tiniest, infinitesimal bit of sympathy for him and his DT's.
A real charmer.
This family...wow. 
He tells how enraged he was when he heard about the leak. How he drank. How the rage built. How he drove to Zixi's house in the mountains. How they had a fight - especially because she had not transferred the promised money. And she told him she'd actually never do it. So he followed her upstairs ... wow, ugly fighting. She says all she wants is her dad back - and she right-out blames Papa Ye Lanyuan for her father's death.
Interesting. I wonder what she knows or at least what she thinks she knows. I'm actually more interested in that than in her death at this point.
Oh, so she made the agreement to return the embezzled money that would save the Ye family, except to the son she admits that it's all lie - at the last minute she'd hang them out to dry? I mean, I'd probably push her over the balcony at that point, myself.
Though I also totally get her being so angry if she thinks that Ye Lanyuan murdered her father. Maybe she's been plotting this as revenge for a long time. She had alluded to this when she talked to Ji Bai at the racetrack much earlier I think.
She started to walk away, he grabbed her again, saying she couldn't go anywhere ... she struggled - and then, she fell. Over the railing. Of course, for all his cursing and raging, this man was and still is utterly terrified of what happened.
Of course he is, this was not his intent. He should have just called the police.
I wonder if the police would believe him. But he is also not the brightest tool in the shed...and he's probably pretty flustered at this point as well. Also, isn't trusting police something very few people have the privilege to enjoy? 
So the balcony dive was done in anger, not passion, but would she have died if she hadn't been 'tampered with'? She's not moving, which meant she was probably paralyzed, but still breathing, since she was frozen later on. Hmm, this gets more interesting. And this ass should have called 119, even if he did it anonymously.
He says he didn't mean to kill her. Why did he torture and stab her then, Ji Bai asks? When she was still alive? Ziqiang murmers "she didn't die? She was still alive?" over and over after this. And we see that Zi Shan came to the house then. Ziqiang calls him "Uncle Hu". He checked her pulse. And shook his head.
Uh huh. I smell a rat.
Eep! Ziqiang. You should have checked to see if she were dead, not Zi Shan. Crap. Crap. Crap. 
OMG, How many people tried to kill her? I think I'm feeling sympathy for her. [checking my own pulse]
Oh fuck. Uncle Hu?!
Nope. Didn't see that coming.
Yeah, neither did I. But his obsequiousness during that earlier conversation with Daddy Ye did immediately come to mind. It felt weird then, and now I know why.
Freak! He looks so creepy here! Yikes!
Even if her neck was broken in the fall, the fact that she was breathing on her own meant that she still should have control over her facial muscles, even if she were unable to move her limbs.Still, this is very very disturbing.
He accompanied the traumatized Ziqiang out, telling him he'd take care of things. And we see him go back in, put on gloves and a hat, a raincoat, switch off the light ... cut to the present, and Chairman Ye asking for his secretary, who is missing ... and a flashback to Hu Zishan doing all those little things like making Zixi and Ziqiang signing those agreement papers. In the here and now, Monkey and Husband are at the company, to make the arrest, Uncle Hu isn't there.
(interrupting the tension to do a little finger wave at Husband. Hi, honey. Did you eat breakfast?) No surprise that Uncle Hu is gone.
He smells like melted butter, Trot. Melted butter and maple syrup. The good kind. (I'm sooo hungry now. Mmmm. melted butter)
Hahahahahaha. You are adorable you two. Hu Zishan, it's always the seemingly quiet ones.
Bet he smells like burnt hair and evil.
And we're back in Zixi's house, with Uncle Hu opening the fridge - these scenes are intermixed with the police officers storming Uncle Hu's house; but he's gone - with Uncle Hu preparing a syringe and the phone. At the company, Daddy Ye realizes that all the managers of their 12 storage facilities have been exchanged in the last two years. Uncle Hu injects her with the ice water. Her fingers twitch. She is still alive - and he knows it. (Ugh, that little glove-spinning flourish when he plants the cellphone on the table. Ugh.) Then, he brutally stabs her and lets her bleed out. Ye Qiao got there just when he left, but only saw his tail lights. 
I wonder what would have happened if she'd gotten there a little earlier. Much as she hates Zixi I have a hard time imagining her just standing by, somehow.
You have got to be either incredibly cold-hearted (pun not intended) or somewhat psychopathic to do what he did to Zixi. That is one terribly cruel way to murder someone. 
So, "Uncle Hu" is missing, and they can't find him. No plane, no train tickets, and no use of social media. He only uses the company car. Everything electronic that they have is work related. The last time he was seen - was actually when he ran into Ji Bai and Xu Xu at 5 in the morning, to collect some of Zixi's clothes. They send out arrest warrants to all provinces, but Mr. Hu is long gone. We see him arriving by boat in Myanmar.
He either thinks fast on his feet or he's had this planned for a long time. What else is he responsible for? I wondered if he was just the loyal henchmen cleaning up a family mess but...he's too creepy.
If he's been doing crooked things (and it seems like he's connected to all the trafficking cases in Myanmar etc) for such a long time, there would most definitely be some sort of escape plan in place. Maybe he also intended to murder Zixi as he had all those papers prepared. I wonder if he's the one who orchestrated the death of her father then too.
Yeah, snakes always have bolt holes with secret exits. All that would have been in place long ago, just waiting for the 'start' button. What other horrible activities was Uncle Hu involved in? And those needles he used are too big NOT to have left noticable puncture wounds. Just sayin'.


I don't even know what to say ... to see him do these things, was horrible. Why? What has she done to him?! When I rewatched it to recap, I suddenly got the impression that he might also be the one behind her father's death. But why?
That's what I immediately thought once I found out that he was the one who did all the stabbing. He is a professional. I wonder if he has some training in some special forces in torture and/or disposal-- the body kind. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the person using the company to make money off of smuggling and her father found out.
Is he some kind of closet psycho?
Haha. I just commented along those lines above. He has to be involved with all the major trafficking stuff going on I think if he's headed to Myanmar. He's certainly no newbie to this murder game either.
Nope, too practiced and smooth for that. Plus, coming up with this elaborate scheme is the ability of a quick-witted psychopath.
Both Xu Xu and Ji Bai got it wrong and that is interesting. But there was NO WAY they could have known. He is like a grey mouse, always there, very quiet, never noticed. Only when they brought in Ziqiang did they get the clue that was needed to put all the pieces together (though I'd like to note that at this time, we do not know who sent the message to Ji Bai! We only know Qiao texted her husband).
Their clues did lead them to the brother, but there were no clues to lead them to Uncle Hu. Absolutely none. There is no clear motive here.
Ah, this drama is clever. 
We likes it. We does.
So well done!
He stumped the best experts out there. That gets him a black glitter star on his arrest warrant.
But not enough husband in this episode. However, it did give me time to replenish the glitter supply and do the final payment on the highway billboard.
Looking forward to stroking seeing it.
Already have fingerprints on my screen.