When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - Episode 13 (Recap)

kakashi: The team moves against the human traffickers, and I want all of the criminals to BURN in the deepest depth of hell.
Trotwood: Tell us how you really feel, Kakashi. Don't hold back.
JoAnne: What's the opposite of glitter, Trot? Can we shoot them with a glitter can full of tiny burning nail points or something?  Little pieces of a black hole that, when it hits them, immediately shoots right through their bodies?
Eleanor: What about burning hot nails? *tries to restrain myself* I guess though we have to treat criminals justly otherwise we're just as guilty *sigh* I really hate human traffickers. 

Episode 13

Intro: The Police Commissioner sleeps ... fully clothed. It's 4:23am when he gets a text message. It's in code, but one he knows how to decipher! Not even fifteen minutes later, he is connected with the border patrol in Burma. The coded message gave him a location. ~ end of intro.
Oh no, is he bad too? He seems to have a close relationship with Ji Bai but it wouldn't be the first time a mentor turned out to be a traitor. *quietly remembers Paksa*
Paksa! *cries* I had the same thought: I really, really hope he isn't bad. Maybe he's communicating with a spy they have on the inside? Please let him be a good guy! 
It's night, and Zhao Han walks home with Yao Meng. He calls her "quite amazing" because of how she arrested Guan Nan that day. She might even get a reward! He is so cuuuuute and a bit awkward, but not fully. He is not making a fool of himself, but it's soooo obvious he likes her for anyone who is looking. He tells her to be careful. And gets friend zoned by fist-pump.
I love the way the back of his head is so flat. Notice how I am calmly watching these two gifs without losing control.
That means his mother didn't turn him enough in his crib and left him lying on his back a lot.  At least, that's what my grandma always said.  
Not sure if that's the case with him because most often when a baby does have flat heads from being left on their back a lot, they have major developmental issues and often some brain damage because the brain doesn't develop properly if the skull is misshapen. It's very sad. It needs to be caught early to stop it. 

That is one lovely, lovely, good night look, I say calmly to myself. I slowly get out my wallet and start ordering glitter by the pound (http://www.bulkglitters.com/craft-glitter-by-the-pound/ and http://www.bulkglitters.com/holographic-polyester-glitter-by-the-pound/). The reason why there are two links is because I've learned that I need two different kinds of glitter to fit my purposes. Craft glitter we can use for regular posters, my giant placards, and for the glitter cannon. I need the more expensive polyester flake glitter for the sandwich boards and the various billboards because it holds up better in the heat and in rain. (no flailing or squealing here folks. Research keeps me calm)
This quiet is frightening, to be honest. Also, I am ordering edible glitter. For none of the reasons or uses above, just to be clear.
Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Trot is becoming the world's foremost expert on glitter. This is awesome. 
Our other couple is also experiencing some quality time. Ji Bai gets himself a coffee from the machine in the common room - but Xu Xu tells him not to drink coffee that late at night. With his nervous constitution, it's like poison before sleep. He should drink milk! As soon as she's left the room, he just pours the milk she gave him into his coffee. Pffft.
At least he drinks it.
She didn't tell him HOW to drink the milk.
Haha. Poor XuXu. Has she not figured out that Ji Bai probably doesn't like people telling him what to do. 
Commissioner Zhan has arrived at the station. (How come there is always a parking spot right in front of the station? Is it because he's the commissioner? I'm pretty sure though that others have been able to park there, too) (I notice this a lot in dramas.  People always pull right up to the door, everywhere, except for their houses. Those, they have to park down the hill and a flight of stairs away. I would HATE grocery shopping in Korea, for example.) (Meh, people park wherever they want to in Korea from what I've seen - even across the zebra crossing or the middle of the road) He stands at the foot of the stairs for a bit, but then turns to the right and goes to the sports field to do a bit of martial arts. And then, the memories come ... of him and a buddy, fighting against each other. The buddy is Zhao Lang - Husband's father and Ji Bai's tutor. He was the best of the best. Then, he went undercover in Burma, to find Golden Python. And never returned.
Wow. Everyone's personally connected to this sad story.
It's really terribly sad. Ji Bai, it's going to be okay. Do you need a hug? I'm here for you/ 
When Ji Bai leaves the station with Xu Xu, he sees the Commissioner's car standing there. He sends her away and goes have a talk to his boss. Both are still looking for Golden Python (and have fought against the human trafficking gangs for ten years already). The Commissioner thinks Ji Bai has a grudge against him - but that's not true. Ji Bai only disagrees about the method used back then - the one that sacrificed "Uncle Zhao". Whom we see flee in a car, which later goes up in flames. The Commissioner fears that the same thing that happened to him could happen to Ji Bai - having someone on the team die. Let's hope not!
How come I suddenly want Husband to be wearing a Kevlar helmet and a bullet proof vest to bed?
That will look odd with boxer briefs, just saying.
Yeah...probably not so comfortable. Perhaps a bulletproof glass structure around the bed? 
Now in her bed, Xu Xu cannot sleep. Thinking of Ji Bai will do this to you! But Yao Meng cannot sleep either. They talk about Ji Bai and his reasons for becoming a police officer, which is something Xu Xu puzzles about. It seems that Ji Bai has always been Yao Meng's role model, way back when - he is the paragon of police virtue, "born for it", as Yao Meng adds. PS: You know what, ladies? Switching off the lights helps against insomnia. Just saying.
What I am curious about is why the Ye family had him as a marriage prospect since it's clear that everyone seems to think that he was born to be a police officer. (have you seen him?) (for real!) Do you think they thought he would overlook things? Or do you think Papa Ye really doesn't know about the shady part of the company?
I think he doesn't know about the smuggling (ha I wrote snuggling first) connection.
Ahahahahahahaha. I think one cannot help but think of snuggling when Ji Bai is involved. 
Xu Xu decides to go for a run instead. And look who is still on the sports field ... Ji Bai. He lies down and tells her to ignore him; he can sleep anywhere.(Me, too. If I'm tired, I can fall asleep anywhere. In the last two months, I've fallen asleep twice riding in car with my university president. Everyone else was shocked. He now just tells people to let me sit in the backseat since he knows I'll probably fall asleep anyway.) (I once fell asleep standing at parade rest with an M16 in my right hand.) (That sounds a bit dangerous Jo!) Occupational hazard. She sits down next to him and asks to talk about things, her brain is too excited. But he doesn't want to. That doesn't bother her too much, but she takes her jacket off ... and after a bit of hesitation, puts it over him, before running away. 
Awww. I really love them. Also, I wonder about him. He's probably had women crushing on him forever, but have any of them really taken care of him? Did they try and get intimidated and stop or were they not able to just be and let him be which seems to provide him the comfort he needs.
Aaaawwwww. They are so cute! 
And then, it's the day they've all been waiting for! At the very same time, a big anti-drug operation is taking place in Myanmar, based on the information that Commissioner Zhan got. In China, Yao Meng is taken inside a compound, to meet with Big Boss. Ji Bai is on a roof, with Xu Xu. He has the sniper team and his men move closer. They are ready.
It's damn creepy when Big Boss enter the room that Yao Meng - stupid smile plastered on her face - is waiting in. He is tall, with a pot belly... he looks brutal. Guan Nan is visibly concerned for her and lingers after he closes the door. On the roof, Ji Bai calls everyone into action - it doesn't take long for them to jump the walls. Inside, Yao Meng tells the guy in front of her that he must be the son of "Brother Lu". Yes, he looks young. He halfway confirms he's not him! And then, he grabs her. But not with Yao Meng! Haha.
I love the fingers in the nose bit. That really works guys! (Don't ask me how I know)
But ewww.
Yao Meng! She is so awesome! I love it! 
Now, the criminals open fire and our police officers plus squad team members shoot back. Husband rushes to Yao Meng's defense and ... finds her in full control of the situation. Awww, darling. Who knows, there might be a situation where she needs saving from in the future?
I LOVE THAT LOOK and the head scratch!! Jo, I just found a place where we can buy maple syrup in 55-gallon drums. The same place also sells maple syrup in 220-gallon totes and by the tanker, but I figure we'd start small. We don't want to wear out that pancake arm.
Good thinking, Trot. I'll look for a place we can get industrial size containers of pancake mix.
Ahahahahaha. My guess is though that you don't want him to only make you pancakes for all eternity ladies...how quickly does maple syrup expire? 
The gang members - including "Brother Lu" - are all arrested (or carried away in body bags). And then, they search for the trafficking victims that they know must be hidden somewhere. They find a hugely traumatized woman half-hidden underneath a bed - she's been kidnapped from some noodle shop in the provinces - and a whole room full of abducted women and children. 
The kidnapped women and children are helped by medical staff, but the Noodle Shop woman has a complete break-down on the stairs. She refuses to be touched and refuses to go anywhere. 


I hope these human traffickers all go to that special place in hell reserved for the most wicked of the vile. 
I hope so too!

Commissioner Zhan is an interesting new character. He seems upright, but also to be carrying a heavy burden. That burden is obviously the death of his friend and colleague, Zhao Han's father. We know from an earlier episode (4) that "Old Zhan" is not taken seriously by the police force much ... maybe as a result of how much he changed after he lost his friend. 
I got the feeling that people blamed him for what happened even though there was no official blame and that he feels guilt so he doesn't fight the rumors.
That seems likely.
Poor man. 

I really liked that Ji Bai is not holding a grudge against this man. He doesn't fault him because he must know that Uncle Zhao acted on his own will. Stopping somebody like this is impossible. And yet, there is a certain fear in Ji Bai. He is working on the same larger case, and I think he dreads the possibility of losing someone from his own team.
I would, too, in general, but especially if I were him. None of us wants to create a bad pattern. he recognizes the ripple effect, too.
It would be dispiriting, not to mention bad PR, to be working on a case for more than 10 years and only have the death of policemen to show for it.
Yeah, very disheartening. Probably fairly realistic for many cases in the real world.