Ice Fantasy 幻城 - Episode 48 (Recap)

kakashi: We continue our crazy journey through/around Sacred Snow Mountain and honestly, I think I enjoy these episodes the best. The writers stop at nothing. I really couldn't stop laughing.
JoAnne: I wonder if that's the effect they were going for?
SakiVI: Production is already spending the money, so might as well go all in!

Episode 48

Xing Gui is in very bad shape after being beat by the North Guardian, but Huang Tuo has a healing concoction for her (Of course he does) - and huiiii, she's feeling much better already. Amazing. But ... he collapses (against Luna)! The idiot used Injury Swap again! It means Luna sees a need to protect him now and ... handcuffs herself to him. Yes, this really happened.  (She's quite kinky.) And then, Kasuo "commands" that absolutely no one is going to die on this trip. Sure! Everybody was going to, but now, they won't.
Well he did command it. But tell me please, how does handcuffing yourself to an injured person help them? Did they all get hit on the head or something?
Now that they have a map (= a floating glowing ball, coolest navigation system ever!), they stroll into the maze with eager confidence. They're already in deep when Xing Gui feels faint - Xing Zhuo's (aka the North Guardian) power field is too strong! It is uncomfortable for her. Fine, she gets to rest under Pian Feng's wings for a bit. Awesome. Actually, he just carries her in his arms with his wings out, but details.
And with that, a new ship appears!
The eagle needs some love.
Suddenly, the earth shakes. What devilish thing is this now?! Oh, an elevator!
I wonder if there's a special word for an elevator whose primary purpose is to go down?
A downer.
They're all like "Woah!" and then, Huang Tuo, just sitting on the edge, dangling his feet, thinks it's a good idea to try to kiss Luna. Yes, this really happened - and she actually doesn't pull back!!! (She's all relaxed after handcuffing him.)  However, the block they're sitting on moves again menacingly, so everybody decides it's safer to jump-fly to another block. Because there's an explosion (there just is), Luna and Huang Tuo almost fall off and deeeeeep down, but he manages to hold on with one hand (has he secretly been working out??!), and they can be saved because they're handcuffed together. I'm sure there's a Life Lesson in this.  
What. the everloving. fuck.
I don't know, I don't care. 
Okay, next, they get to a group of massive towers - is this where the North Guardian dwells? After getting permission from his Queen, Pian Feng tries to fly up, but they're force-shield-booby-trapped and poor Eagle crashes.
Tell me please that Xing Gui rushes to his side?
Next, Xing Gui gets possessed by the North Guardian and delivers the following message: The Guardian is awaiting them on her Thunderbolt Altar and by the way, she let them pass through the maze and the lava stream (which lava?) deliberately. Because killing them earlier was too easy! They leave Pian Feng in charge of the now back-to-normal-but-very-weak Xing Gui and climb up the tower. It's good none of them has vertigo.
'I totally meant for you to do that!  I'm still the boss of you!'
It's a really cool scene.
On top, must be the Altar - Kasuo gets there first, why, did he run that much faster? (he has all of Shi's power in him) - the North Guardian is waiting. She says:
hahahahahaahaha omg you better put that thing away, boy. Nobody got time to play with you.
Details aside, she has foreseen each and every move of his. Yes, also his ice spear. I'm dying. She calls this situation "the end of his destiny" and I wonder ... since she has foreseen that she will be pierced by the Deicide, why is she that cocky? It doesn't seem logical, but then, logic is not really one of this show's forte. She also manages to dream-spell everyone. Oups.
Maybe there's more coming after the piercing that she hasn't shared?
Under her spell, they walk to the edge of the tower and are about to jump off (all while dreaming) when Xing Gui appears (Eagle carried her up and the Guardian didn't notice or pay attention since she was tricked by Xing Gui into believing she was out) and throws her dream animal at the Witch. The spell is broken! Nobody falls off! And they're through the North Guardian's Manipulator Holy Hall! What The Holy Hell! But she laughs evilly and says they will never, never, NEVER get through the West Guardian's territory, because ....
Impressive, Xing Gui, that you can be mentally controlled by someone at a moment's notice, as demonstrated, and yet...she can't tell if you're awake or not?  Were you letting her control you?
Xing Gui is meant to be extremely powerful magic-wise.
I'm dying to know why! I really am, but the one dying is Xing Gui. It's because she used Gradational Black Ice Magic. Shouldn't have done that.
Black ice is always dangerous, and you never see it coming.
In the Ice Kingdom, Xing Jiu sees a shooting star and hears his sister's farewell message. She is happy she got to live for a bit and had some adventures. In Snowcap Mountainpart, Chao Ya plays sadly on her harp and everybody puts flowers on a pyre. Bearman lights it and that means it's time to say goodbye to Xing Gui. 
Dammit, what about Eagle Fairy and my new ship?
Eagle must be forever emo.
Oh, but as she burns, there's "a phoenix" (I only see some colorful stuff drifting skywards, but the Scoobies said it) - that means she is reborn. "She must have gone home to look for Xing Jiu", is the consensus. 
So he gets a new little sis, same as the old little sis?
I don't see how with their parents dead. 

In Yuan Ji's hall, Lotus (she's very blurry, is this a dream?) is praying to the Veiled Lotus to resurrect her son Shi. He appears, looking like a hologram and she is so happy to have him back! All her sacrifices - worth it! "Thanks, mum", he says, "but I have to go see my brother now". Haha.
No one ever appreciates their mother until they become one.  Reason number one to not have sons.
Because they leave you for the men they love more. 
Lotus jerks awake (gloomy chamber, lady) ...
I don't think they have electricity. 
... but Yuan Ji appears, like this:
... and is all like "don't be scared, woman, I will always protect you!" Oh, but Lady Lotus is in no mood to humor him. Actually, she is pissed off he still hasn't done anything against Kasuo! He takes her to the country of lotuses next - she's still pissed off.
'I know you want revenge, honey, but first let's go on a little vacation!  It'll be great!'
Still, he looks hot. 
Only until he mentions the Veiled Lotus, which is also here. But not ready yet. I don't know, Lian Ji ... be careful of this one. He's a smooth talker, but are you sure you can trust him?!
I know, right?  Just a moment ago I thought, 'oh, he does really like her?' and now I'm back to 'snaaaaaaaaake'
He does really love her.  But she only loves Shi.  
Even LianJi?
We're then cutting to Healer and Luna, all alone in the night and Healer looking at her longingly from the side. They're sad, because Xing Gui is no longer and because they could be dead tomorrow too. Healer says he will turn himself into moonlight to follow her forever if he dies and kisses her hand. She turns all shy and giggly on him - and then, he asks whether they can be together if they make it out of Snow Mountain Hell alive. Just says yes, woman!!! But she isn't. She says let's discuss once we're out. Silly Healer smiles at this ... it's more than he got previously, so I guess he's happy.
I hope they do. He's more capable than I thought at first, and she's just so lonely it breaks my heart.
On the harp-ship, Queen Chao Ya consoles a drunk and very sad Pian Feng. Bear, who sees it all, isn't all that jealous, but sad himself, I guess... he goes on deck, to listen to some Queen Fairy Music from a pendant he has.
See, Eagle Fairy did like her.  *sobs*  but what's this?  Bear, did you like the queen?  did I forget about that, was it something mentioned 900 episodes and 47 plot twists ago?
Only that Eagle Fairy was her lover but her mum wasn't okay with it, that he left, and found her Bear's fiancee when he returned
He shouldn't have left. 
Cut to .... FLAME! Wow, haven't seen you in a long time, buddy! He is trying magic, but nope, he's still not recovered. His wicked alter ego in the mirror tells him to get his powers (and more!) back: kill gods. Non-mirror Flame says he can't do that, it's taboo, he will be cursed for life! He changes his mind very quickly though. Souls for breakfast! Yum!
I would like to see Yuan Ji and Flame duke it out. Anyone else?
Oh yes. And I do love how crazy they both are while being totally fabulous. 
Back in Snow Whatever Mountain, Kasuo et al. are puzzling over how to break the North Guardian's enchantment shield. Oh, but Xing Gui sent Pian Feng three dreams last night (did he spend it with Chao Ya?! Woman, you've got skills) and one of them was a hint! Uhm, isn't she dead? Phoenix.  Never mind. Chao Ya uses her dream staff and whatdoyouknow, they're in a different world. It looks like a village in the mortal realm!
But it's not the mortal realm and Luna can sense a "powerful aura of malice"! Many of the peaceful looking villagers are skilled assassins, she claims! (and saves Huang Tuo from being killed by one of them, posing as a pinwheel seller). Luna takes them to the "most dangerous place" to hide. Er .... never mind. It's an inn. Kasuo says: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" and that the West Guardian could be in there.
Well, they always say it's darkest directly under the light or some such nonsense.
Why would the West Guardian be in Xing Gui's dream?
They go in and search the place. Nobody is there, but there are self-lighting candles, steaming bowls of tea for each of them and room keys. Yes, I'd say: stay. Chao Ya wards the place and Luna adds her evil magic to it too. 
Great, so whatever magic was in the place that wasn't suspicious at all to the idiots is now locked in with the idiots.
Kasuo mopes, since the mortal realm reminds him of Li Luo. Out comes Fairy Shi, all angry about Kasuo's "sadness stink". He wants happiness! Awwwww, looks what happened to the Deicide Sword Fairy ... it's all cheery now! Kasuo follows Fairy Shi outside and realizes that it remembers the smell of burnt fish. Oh! Does that mean this Fairy has real Shi memories?!
Tiny Shi is hilarious.
And adorable. 


Hint, hint, does anyone think Xing Gui is really dead? But who knows, maybe dead Dreamweavers can still send living people dreams. Who knows.
I don't think she's dead and I hope she kicks Chao Ya's ass for messing with Eagle Fairy again.
I think the dead can send dreams in this show. Isn't that what Shi did to Kasuo?  

I liked the Dreamweaver Guardian and was quite disappointed how easy it was to vanquish her. Oh well. I guess we have to move on! The Lotus might start blooming any minute!
I would like a bouquet of the lotus and cluster lilies, please. 
She's in that new show by this same director, General & I.

There was a strong focus on some of our other pairings in this episode, Healer and Luna mainly (I like them, so I don't mind, but I think they could speed up things a bit), but also the love-triangle, which seems to turn into a happy threesome as things progress.
Nope, I want Eagle Fairy to kick Chao Ya to the curb now.
If Chao Ya takes both men as her consorts, I'm okay with that, but not with stringing along Eagle.