Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 13 (Recap)

kakashi: Oh look, Wingkind Emperor has already moved on to his rebound girl! There is nothing that cures a broken heart better than new love.
JoAnne: I don't buy it.

Episode 13

Bi Anhua undresses on the cliff, but not because she wants sheksy times -  no, because she wants to flash her tat!
Well will you look at tat.
He is in no danger from it - she claims - because he is the Lover of the Pollen Goddess. And then, she begs him to kill her; that way, the flower will return to earth = he'll have the Yang Amulet. Die she must: because if she lives, Fuling will die (and vice versa). His choice. Gahhhhh, mean!
But why? Basically they're saying without the Yang amulet Fuling dies, but with the Yang amulet Fuling dies, too, so basically, Fuling just dies.
I recall there was something about the Yang amulet that would have this make sense, but I don't remember clearly
How could he harm her like this though. Poor Tingjun. He throws the dagger she gave him into the abyss. Okay, fine .... she jumps off the cliff. It's a long way down.
I'm laughing but it's because of the way you wrote that. 'Here, stab me. No? okay, bye. (jump)"
Hey, but she was right! Red dust appears after her death and gathers in Tingjun's hand as the Yang Amulet. What a horrible fate. But at least, a meaningful death!
Did anyone else think 'Blood, he's got bloooooooooood on his hands!'
In the Wingkind City, Princess Feishuang scolds her maid for plotting against Fuling - but she soon gloats again. She thinks Fuling won't be around for long anyway, plus she's just a commoner. Ah yes? Well, Fuling is currently searching desperately for the Gold Feather Order in the Regent's room. Ah! Is that what this is about? The Regent catches her searching. She claims she was just organizing his study. Suuuuuuure.
Aren't they supposed to be a couple now anyway? So maybe it's okay for her to be in his room.
It seems he has to forcefully restrain himself from touching her - etc. - but he is suspicious that she just lied the other night to protect Feng Tianyi. He has no interest in sleeping with a woman who thinks of another. She quite convincingly tells him she meant it: Feng Tianyi means nothing to her, he is an evil bully.
What the hell is her skirt made out of? 
The feathers of his enemies
She's not quite convincing enough though! Because, says the Regent, if there is nothing between her and the Emperor, then why is Princess Feishuang so eager to harm her? (Because she's crazy, maybe?!) Well, he is known to be a cruel mofo and a cruel mofo he is - he had cut of the hands of the servant who conspired against her and presents them to her in a box. It's a warning. Very effective, I must say. Oh, but Fuling is angry after the initial shock! She calls him a coward for going against a servant and not against who truly is behind it all: the House of Xue. Fair point.
That is brutal.
After losing his beautiful Bi Anhua, Bai Tingjun is utterly broken. He sees her around the house everywhere, but that's just in his head. It's in this state some of the Stars Court soldiers find him. Ah yes, he is still wanted for breaking that Sky Lantern! He is in no mood for a fight and tells them he will willingly come to Stars Court after he has accomplished a certain task, but they don't listen. He has no choice but to fight them. Of course, he wins - and leaves the hut, after wishing Bi Anhua a final goodbye.
Oh, who cares? No one! Go away!
Feng Tianyi ... oh Feng Tianyi. He is drowning his sorrows in alcohol and fills the emptiness of his heart with many, maaaaaany women. It's in this state that a pissed-off Princess Feishuang finds him. (Him to her: "Why is it you?" Haha). Woman, a tip: Men don't particularly like it if you lecture them about drinking, smoking and other stuff they enjoy.
Or if you insist that they belong to you when they clearly don't like you.
She likes to see that he gets angry about what happened to Fuling (because that's the "old Feng Tianyi"). He's clearly crazy though. Quite quickly, he goes from very angry to touchy feely with her and even tries to kiss her. If he is serious, she cries, he should marry her! Okay, is his response, that's not hard at all. He'll ask his uncle tomorrow. WHAT???!
Have faith. Have faith.
At Huanzheng's, Jishu talks about true love being with people you rely on the most, not how much you like them. That makes a big impression on Huanzheng (uh-oh). Fanboy is SO HAPPY to be having this conversation, but Jishu is just waiting for an opportunity to drug his wine. Simultaneously, the Queen mopes about old times. She kept an old robot Jishu made for her, to apologize. It says "Xiao Xue, I'm sorry" non-stop and carries a tiny rose in its wooden hand. That night, she goes out to practise the sword, like she used to with Jishu - and Jishu watches her from the shadows.
If these two get back together after what he did to her son and after what she's done to just about everyone No, no, no.
Regent Feng Ren is having a banquet, when a clearly inebriated nephew turns up in the hall. In a monotonic voice, he asks to be granted Xue Feishuang's hand in marriage. Why? Cause it's mutual love, he claims. Or fate. He doesn't care. Oh, says Feng Ren, are you finally ready to become a puppet? Excellent. To prove it, he dares the Wingkind Emperor to drink all the liquor on the tables. If he can do it, he can marry. Of course Feng Tianyi can do it.
I'm so thirsty now.
Haha, well, this enrages Xue Lin, which I love to see - but the Regent calms him in their secret room, by saying that he will get rid of Feng Tianyi once and for all at his wedding. Super-hearing girl hears it all, of course. 
It's her fault. She broke his heart. Sure, she did it to help him but why can't they just tell each other what they're doing?

Huanzheng finds Jishu gone, but a riddle on the table. What could it be?
Don't know, don't care. Sorry, Huanzheng. I told you what would happen if you kept on hanging around Jishu.


Wingkind Emperor is crazy!!! Why would he want to marry that witch?! Just to spite Fuling? Let's hope he'll come to his senses in time!
I'm practicing deep breathing and hopefulness.

I still love the Regent. I mean I hate him, but I love this character. He seems so unstable! Hurting and humiliating his nephew one moment, and then playing sad tunes on flutes and whatnot the next. Is he maybe bipolar?
Oh for sure, this guy is off-the-charts!