Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 15 (Recap)

kakashi: And just like that, the honeymoon is over. Damn! If one day in heaven is one year on earth, than one minute in heaven is a bit above 6 hours in the mortal realm. That means that two hours in heaven are a months for mortals. You get the drift.
JoAnne: So I wonder, does he feel like he's on speed when he's with her on Mount Junji?

Episode 15

It's Su Jin's wedding day and she is talking to her maid about how she is doing all of this just that she can marry Ye Hua. No! You are NOT ALLOWED!!! >.< The Heavenly Lord comes in to tell her that a) they are married in name only (he means they will not have sex) and b) she may continue to live in her place. That just means she is closer to Ye Hua, doesn't it!!!! >.<
Gah I just want to punch her and her stupid maid
And she has made other plans too: best is she returns to her clan-land's the next morning to worship her ancestors and visit her uncles (so there are people still alive in her clan after all?) They did say everyone was dead but her. Guess they lied. She especially requests the Crown Prince to join her on this trip. With her marriage to Heavenly Lord and Crown Prince with her, the visit will seem important enough and Ye Hua can meet the people he will later have to rely on when they go to war against the Mermen. It is totally reasonable, but ...
Gahhh I just want to SMASH
In the Ghost Realm, Yan Zhi receives Li Jing's military seal from Xuan Nu. And lookie what's in the foreground there ... that's definitely a Si Yin outfit, isn't it. And shame on you, Yan Zhi. It's not true you have "no choice". You always have one (is the Golden Lion sincere or is he using her?) So the Ghost King won't notice, Xuan Nu dons the outfit (and later Si Yin's face) and goes and seduces poor Li Jing, who is drunk and lonely and sad.
Suuuuuuuper creepy of you, Xuan Nu. I think the Lion is sincere toward the Ghost Kids.
Up in the Heavens, Bai Fengjiu is in for the embarrassment of her life *chuckles*. She sees Dijun standing there in the court yard and thinks that's a perfect opportunity to come clear about the fact that she really wants to repay his kindness, as she has been taught by her aunt - and her feelings. She really feels "that way" about him. Dijun turns around ... and behind him are the Heavenly Father and the horrible cousin. Oh dear. Mortifying.
His smile is sort of sympathetic maybe a little? Come on Dijun loosen up! You two will be so cute together.
She scurries away and Heavenly Lord is all "ho, ho, what a funny maid". Dijun tells them who she is and the annoying cousin is all annoyingly annoyed that Fengjiu is a princess too and a future queen. 
Stupid twit.
Down in the mortal realm, Ye Hua wakes up with a start ... Su Su is gone, but the hut is full of smoke. Oh no! The woman has managed to BURN DOWN the hut! (He, once safely outside: "Su Su ... what have you done this time?" :) The silly woman wanted to roast chicken for him after he has been cooking for her all the time. She wants to run in to get the beautiful wedding outfits out, but he holds her back. The hut is gone, but she only wants to live here. It's time for a godly intervention.
This is a useful skill in a significant other. And dear God, never have I ever found a man bun sexy but somehow...
After he restores their hut, she naturally believes he's a monster. Rawr. Maybe even that Golden Lion. No matter what he is though, she has vowed to love him for all eternity and she will. And she says: "Here, in this world, no matter when, no matter where, as long as you do not betray me, I will never leave you". Goddamnit, they're telling us he's going to betray her.  Or that she will think he did. Good thing he isn't a monster then. He explains he's just a mortal who wants to achieve immortality through cultivation and knows some minor tricks. If this was minor, I wonder what major is :D
And where do you use these major tricks, I would like to know.
Oh shit. Up in the Heavens, Heavenly Lord and Dijun are on the way to see Ye Hua at Xiwu Palace (that's where he lives) about that Mermaid trip and about Su Jin's wedding banquet to which he should go. Uncle Three happens to see them go in and is major alarmed. Of course, our Crown Prince isn't IN ... but only Uncle Three knows! He runs to intervene and lies about how Ye Hua is nursing his injuries... like what injuries?! Dijun interjects. Idiot! Just shut up.
Dijun, start paying attention to the romance budding at your door and stop being a dick to others.
Heavenly Father insists someone call him out and it seems like Uncle Three manages to alert Crown Prince ... the drama isn't clear on how exactly that worked, but Ye Hua, who is in the forest with Su Su, shooting arrows, suddenly disappears. Poor Su Su.
He couldn't yell 'BRB!' ?
Ye Hua is in, after all... but he does seem agitated, the poor boy. And I get immediately nervous af. He covers it all up well though, even if he and Uncle Three exchange all kinds of glances. I love how Ye Hua has found a friend in him.
Uncle Three is the best.
Grandpa thinks Ye Hua looks "exhausted". Haha, too much time spent in the sack? And come on, Dijun totally notices something is off. Anyway, Heavenly Lord has come about the wedding. And for the first time EVER in his life, ultra-filial Ye Hua speaks up against his Grandfather to say he does not want to be rushed into this marriage. He believes that he needs to experience more of life to become a wise ruler.
Who knew that being so wise could make you even MORE handsome?
Oh.... careful, careful! Heavenly Lord seems suspicious. He tells Ye Hua how much time and effort he has spent on grooming him and the won't allow any mistakes. Especially not with regards to women. Fortunately, Dijun agrees it's all a bit rushed and Grandpa tends to listen to him, so it seems Ye Hua bought himself some time.
I could kiss you, Dijun.
Grandpa leaves ... but then, suddenly remembers that Ye Hua showed his dragon form in the mortal realm. He demands to know why. Luckily, Ye Hua is a quick thinker (or maybe he prepared for this moment), anyway, he pulls the Jade Purity Fan out of his sleeve and tells them about how he got it from Li Jing. This fan could help them find Mo Yuan, they all agree. Before he really leaves, Heavenly Lord orders Ye Hua to have a drink with Su Jin to congratulate her on her wedding. And tells him about his upcoming business trip to the Mermen.
Well I WAS in a good mood but then he brought up that evil witch.
Once back inside, both Ye Hua and Uncle Three sigh in relief. And then it's time for a "talk". Uncle Three reminds him that Heavenly Lord will not approve of him marrying a mortal. And he cannot bring her to the Heavens. Did Ye Hua want to go missing for two months to spend a lifetime with her? Oh my poor boy ... of course. But not only two months - much more. And that can only happen if he DOES bring her to the Heavens. But everyone knows he has to marry the Fox Queen! This is Second Uncle's mistake all over again. Only worse, because the Crown Prince is the Heir. Su Su's life would be in danger if they were found out.
Ye Hua, have you bitten off more than you can chew? (Great, now I'm thinking of Ye Hua nibbling...)
Our boy is desperate to return to Su Su, but he can't! They're all getting ready for that trip to the Mermen. At least, Uncle Three manages to get himself a spot on the expedition too. Su Jin has organized for an overnight trip. When he hears that, Ye Hua's face falls. In the mortal realm, Su Su still searches for her Ye Hua. It's heartbreaking.
It's so painful it's sort of funny, actually.  He's dying to get back there, you can practically see him vibrating with anxiety - and every time, he gets thwarted.
In the meantime, Dijun has told all the other maids that Fengjiu is actually a Princess. She doesn't like that much and goes to see him. He says he won't stop her from living with the maids. Plus: did she really come to pay him back? Does she know that "even a small favor must be repaid double?" So how will she repay a life debt? By ... serving tea and water? she answers. Haha. He says she'll have to stay at his palace for 100'000s of years then.
Dijun stop playing with her, she cannot keep up.
The tricksy man tries to get her to talk about her aunt and her connection to Kunlun, but she realizes right before she reveals where Mo Yuan's body is. Careful, woman. You may be the fox, but he is the sly one.
I think at this point, this information is really his only reason for wanting to keep her around.
And then, she accidentally breaks the teacup he got from Mo Yuan. God, I cringed so hard. Such a valuable item!!! That's the most pissed off we've ever seen him. And will this debt be added to the already existing life debt?
Does Su Jin deserve to be humiliated publicly?
Does the bear shit in the woods


It is hard to hide the fact that you're in love. Actually, it's probably impossible. Ye Hua pulls it off impressively well for now, but for how long? Uncle Three is helping him a lot, but will this suffice? I'm scared. Every breath Ye Hua takes up there must weigh so heavy on him, thinking about this woman he left all alone in the forest.
He really is worried, poor thing.

Dijun, I think, is pretty sure that Yi Sin and Bai Qian are the same person, but he cannot prove it - yet. The little fox feeling "that way" about him is very convenient. He will keep trying to get her to admit it, that much is clear. Since I still really like their interaction, I don't mind. Keep trying!
Oh he will fall for her, but when? Soon, I hope.